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Instagram: Sweet Dara Shares Pictures of “#TeamDara Philippine Version” During her Birthday in the Philippines

Awwww, Dara really had a lot of fun during her birthday celebration in the Philippines, among friends and colleagues.. <3 They say that “home is where the heart is” and I truly believe that Dara considers the Philippines as her second home.. <310843900_1511806935758479_10158979_n

phil version aka


If I have Jjangmae in Korea, then I have Ana in the Philippines! (Watch KBS Human Theater) With my reliable manager ^_^  ^_^ jjangme in korea = ate ana banana in the phil. Jjangme’s loveteam partner @anatabatina

Jerry Telan, Dara’s road manager also uploaded a “Wacky version” of the group photo! So cute~!


Who is the wackiest among the Krungerz? Not 2NE1 but pambansang Krung Krung is keeping the fire burning amidst invisible walls @daraxxi @budingding@anatabatina @nhilanhils partly hidden @cherrypineda@brattynellah photo credit @budingding


Sources: @daraxxi and jerryvoyage

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Instagram: Eun-Jin and Min-Sun Share Photos with “Pretty Dara-Unnie” at Joross’s Wedding ~ “Congratulations!”

Kim Min-Sun and Kim Eun Jin are the two staff that came with Dara to the Philippines for Joross and Katz’s wedding.. ^_^ 

10817973_662831127171921_1557933103_n#philippines #Back to the Philippines #We look like octopuses next to pretty Dara-unnie #Dara-unnie who travels to the Philippines

10838454_580332855431205_1910444731_n@jorossandkatz wedding party ^^ joross congratulation ㅋㅋㅋ


Source: minsyoning + eeejin44

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Instagram: Adorable “DarBie” Posts #LatePost Photos from her Time in the Philippines, Celebrating her Birthday ~ #TeamDara

Seems Dara is sorting through her photos! Woohoo, more more more pics DarBie! <3


Darbie with

10844274_882906728395465_989336090_n # carrousel



Source:  via daraxxi

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Photos: 141127 Pictures of Friends with Dara Confirm that she’s Back in the Philippines ~ “A Cheerful Visit from an Old Friend”

Dara is in the Philippines again! I think she came to attend the wedding of her good friend, Joross Gamboa.. <3


My super lucky nieces with their idol  Thank you for making their day!!  


Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh 2NE1! With the pretty pambansang krungkrung after taping. I love her! ❤️ #SandaraPark #2NE1


“A cheerful visit from an old friend @daraxxi #SandaraPark”


 “nu ni nu ni nu….”


Sources: @myrefrigeratordoor and @anatabatina on Instagram

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Instagram: Sweet Dara Shares a Totally Adorable Photo with “Awesome-Cute” Cats she Met at Pagsanjan

Awww, this is so so so cute! <3 Just think about it, Dara was so terrified by Dadoong, a domestic pet kitten, several years ago (like super terrified of him), but now she’s petting strange, stray cats that she just saw~! Dara conquered her fear of animals and embraced it, turning it into an act of genuine “sesame seed” sharing with how much she cares for them.. <3


Cute baby cats that I met in Pagsanjan Falls  Also had a lot of fun swimming in the valley that morning (T/N: She probably meant the Hidden Valley in Pagsanjan) ㅋㅋㅋ I had to go and pat, pat these awesome-cuties, as they gathered around me. This place is really pretty and also full of love…


Source: daraxxi on Instagram

Translated and Re-uploaded by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Instagram: Happy, Care-Free Dara Gets Over her Fear of Flying Because of Palawan’s Spectacular Scenery ~ “Short, Sweet Flight!”

Okay so seriously, Dara’s latest Instagram photos from her trip in the Philippines look straight out from a photobook! So so so pretty! And I love her care-free, happy expression.. <3 Daraaaaa, I wanna travel with you too.. T_T10755856_712665398830287_1534778432_n

To get to the resort from Palawan, we had to ride a light/small plane~ Nature and the scenery were all too spectacular that I forgot about my phobia of flying and enjoyed the short, sweet plane ride 


Source: daraxxi

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Photos: Marshall Bang ang Halmoney Share More Pics with Dara in the Philippines ~ “K-Poppers Having a Grand Time!”

Yay! Moreand more exclusive photos! Kekekeke, so happy that they enjoyed their trip here.. ^_^


Group selfie at Pagsanjan Falls~!!


The K- poppers having grand time .. Pagsanjan falls achieved & survived .. Thank you


Our living Barbie !!


Thank you very much to Gerry’s grill for the party & endless support to our bday girl ‘sgrill


WELOVEDARA:  i love your header..Dara with Marshall,Jjangmae and the rest (cant recognize coz your DP covers them) ..^.^

HALMONEY:  .. Thank you .. Here it is ..


Sources: @marshallbang @halmoney888

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Twitter/Instagram: 141115 Dara (@krungy21) shares envy-inducing photos from her “Healing Vacation” in the Philippines


Trans: “: I think I’d immediately say yes if I was proposed to somewhere like here. The view.. The atmosphere.. photo by sssssunjae 




Source: @krungy21;

Translated by: @ kristinekwak

Twitter: Marshall Bang Shares Another Group Picture at Pagsanjan Falls~!

Oh my, they look so so so happy! And the view of the place! Stunning! <3


Group selfie at Pagsanjan Falls~!!


Source: @marshallbang

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

News: Dara Among Celebrities who Shared “The Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Done in the Name of Beauty”

‘The most ridiculous thing I’ve done in the name of beauty’


Celebrities live out half their lives in the public eye and have to put their best face forward at all times.

So it is no surprise that vanity in the showbiz industry is almost a given.

So just as they are a treasure trove of beauty tips and tricks, celebrities make their fair share of mistakes as well.

Actress Michelle Chong freely admitted in an interview with Urban that she has tried Botox, but regretted it after.

Said Chong: “In my first movie Already Famous, I had to act as a girl in her twenties, and my skin doctor convinced me that Botox would make me look younger. I think he gave me too much and I ended up looking perpetually evil and wide-eyed.

“Someone even commented on my Instagram photo, “Why does Leticia look like Michael Jackson?

“Luckily, most of the effects of the Botox jabs faded by the time I started filming my movie about three months later.”

K-pop star Sandara Park (better known as Dara) from girl group 2NE1 shared that she drank a cup of vinegar every night for about three months because she heard it could maintain her fair skin.

“It is not easy to drink a cup of vinegar every day and I wasn’t sure if it worked, so I stopped. It’s hilarious when I think about it now,” said the 29-year-old.

Here are some of the most ridiculous things celebrities have done in the name of beauty, according to Urban.




What is the most ridiculous thing you have ever done in the name of beauty?

Sandara Park: While growing up in the Philippines, where the climate is hot and sunny, I was always worried about having tanned skin because I like to be fair. I heard that drinking white vinegar can help to keep skin looking white, so I drank a cup every night for about three months.

It is not easy to drink a cup of vinegar every day and I wasn’t sure if it worked, so I stopped. It’s hilarious when I think about it now. 

Credits: Asia One


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