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Photos: 141017 Beautiful HQ/HD Pics of Chic, Edgy, Gorgeous Dara at the Airport Headed to Macau

Oh maaannn, HQ photos, thank youuuu! <3 Love love love everything even more in HD! So she was wearing thigh-high boots! She looks so fierce and edgy with her get-up, but then she smiles and her prettiness and cuteness come out.. <3 



Everything is on point! Hello there my gorgeous fashionista! <3







Sources: OhMyGoddess + @2NEV1A+@21SweetNovember

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Admin Post: Pre-Order for OhMyGoddess “A Special Day With U” 2015 Dara Calendar is Now Open!

It’s here! We’re doing a bulk order for OMG’s “A Special Day With U” 2015 Dara Calendar for the Philippines.. The purchase will include 3 unseen photos and an unseen video DVD… ^^ Please note the poster for details.. ^^


For inquiries, please post on the comments section and we will reply to you ASAP.. Or email us at Thank you! ^_^


Please Note!


1. Php 900 already includes the shipping fee.

2. Please email so we can finalize orders. We will only count an order if it is made through email.

3. You can order multiple calendars if you want.

4. We don’t do shipping outside the Philippines. Please email OhMyGoddess directly at for inquiries.\

5. Deadline for orders and payment is on October 25th.

Thank you <3

Photos: 140623 HQ/HD Oh! My Goddess Pictures of Glowing, Hip-Hop Dara at Adidas “All In Arena” Event

OH SO SO SO PRETTYYYYYYY! And young and fresh and beautiful! Gah! Thanks OhMyGoddess for always taking such wonderful pics of our goddess! <3






Source: @ohmygoddessDARA

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 140612 OhMyGoddess’ HQ/HD Pics of Adorable, Hip-Hop Dara at Incheon Airport Coming Home from Japan

Hi there cutie! <3 





Source: @ohmygoddessDARA

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: 140607 OhMyGoddess HD/HQ Fancam of Gorgeous, Simple Sandara Park at Incheon Airport Departing for Indonesia

Dara is so freawking cute! <3 How adorable was her smile in greeting to Minzy? ^^ And it never fails to warm my heart whenever I see her smiling, waving, and acknowledging the fans.. <3

[직캠] 140607 Incheon Airport Departure (DARA ver)

Credits: OMGSANDAR21·

Videos: 140527-29 OhMyGoddess HD/HQ Fancams of Dara Being the Adorable, Kind Goddess at “Volume Up” Recording and Departure

Smiling and waving, giving hearts, blowing kisses, giving chocolates, even stopping the car so she could take selcas with fans who wanted a photo with her! Dara is seriously one of the kindest and most down-to-earth celebrities I’ve seen.. <3 Queen of fanservice. <3 And how polite she is with the staff and guests.. Awww! <3

[직캠] 140527 Yoo In Na’s Volume Up (DARA ver)

[직캠] 140527 Yoo In Na’s Volume Up – Departing (DARA ver)

[직캠] 140528 Yoo In Na’s Volume Up (DARA ver)

[직캠] 140528 Yoo In Na’s Volume Up – Departing (DARA ver)

[직캠] 140529 Yoo In Na’s Volume Up (DARA ver)

[직캠] 140529 Yoo In Na’s Volume Up – 퇴근길 (DARA ver)

Credits: OMGSANDAR21

Videos: 140526 OhMyGoddess HD/HQ Fancams of Sweet DalD on her First Night Working as Special DJ for “Volume Up”

Here’s pretty Dara at the studio, being very polite and bowing to the staff.. I laughed when she blew out kisses to everyone! Kekekeke! <3

[직캠] 140526 Yoo In Na’s Volume Up (DARA ver)

[직캠] 140526 Yoo In Na’s Volume Up – Leaving Work (DARA ver)

Credits: OMGSANDAR21

Videos: 140521 OhMyGoddess Fancam of Sweet Dara at Incheon Airport Arriving from Manila

OMG prepared flowers for Dara at the airport to celebrate 2NE1’s 5th anniversary.. <3

[직캠] 140521 Incheon Airport FULL (DARA ver)

Credits: OMGSANDAR21

Videos: 140517 OhMyGoddess Amazing, HD Fancams of Ecstatic Dara Giving her “All Or Nothing” in 2NE1’s Concert in Manila!

Now that I’ve seen OhMyGoddess live in action, my respect and admiration for their dedication and hard work have increased a million times over, and they were already high to begin with.. ^_^ So I do hope that we ALL respect their rules not to make GIFs, screencap, or re-upload their fancams. Please. T_T

Okay, so seriously, that concert was awesome! I mean, the energy level was so high from both 2NE1 and the fans, it was a crazy party ever since the moment the girls went out to the time they left the stage.. Props to all the Blackjacks for screaming out so loud that every song because like a noraebang. XD The Korean Blackjacks were so amused, kekeke! We were jumping up and down so hard during the songs that the platform we were on was shaking like mad, and there were a couple of moments that I genuinely felt a bit terrified that we were going to seriously crash our platform. Kekeke! Anyways, Dara is such a pleasure to watch, if albeit hard to catch on camera (thus the respect and admiration for OMG’s mad, mad, mad fancam-ing skills!) since she is such an Energizer bunny! <3 I met some “old” fans of Dara’s from when she began her career in the Philippines in 2004, and they said that she’s improved leaps and bounds with her dancing and singing and general performance! Seriously, her dancing is so on-point already! And her singing is great as well! Her voice, though soft, carries out really well! <3 

Gaaahhh! For those who haven’t watched 2NE1 in a concert yet, please do so when you get the chance! These girls are amazing, amazing performers, and their concert would surely leave a lasting impression! Did you catch 2NE1 in Manila? What do you think of their concert? Share your thoughts! <3


Oh my gosh, the screams were DEAFENING during this performance. I think our screams could be heard from a 10-mile radius! Haha! When Dara said she has some special guests, I already had an inkling that there’d be celebrities involved. But honestly, Sam Milby came as a (VERY pleasant) surprise! <3


Awww, I remember yelling out, “Dara, don’t cry!” during this part. T_T I think she was feeling so much emotions really.. <3


Okay, why am I crying while watching this fancam?! XD I guess it’s because I’m happy seeing Dara so so so happy.. She really looked super happy, especially when 2NE1 sang with her, the dancers danced with her, and the ENTIRE stadium sang with her during her song! I’m sure she felt overwhelmed that this song, from 10 years ago, is still in the minds of all her fans and supporters.. <3 I know that the KBJs looked really happy because this was the first time they saw her perform this, and they were amazed that EVERYONE was singing along.. XD Bommie did really really well with the Tagalog parts! Bom, Minzy, and the (very manly, it was cute seeing them dance such cutesy choreography) dancers doing the chorus choreo perfectly! CL looked so lost, kekekekekeke, she said that she was sorry she didn’t learn the dance and she promised that she would! <3


The “Boom Panes” killed me every time they did it. XD And how cute is “menboong” Dara version?! And she looked so surprised and happy to see OMG there! We kept yelling “Dara-ya!!!!” every time she passed by our section, and finally, she looked at OMG and pointed! They were so so so happy! <3

140517 AON in Manila – Preview + Boom panes + MTBD (DARA ver)

Credits: OMGSANDAR21

Video: 140506 OhMyGoddess HD Fancam of Adorable Dara at Outside Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook Recording Venue

So casual, but so beautiful.. <3 One of the few people who could make (extremely) baggy clothes look good. XD And when she got back wearing her outfit for the perf, GAAAHHH, I died! She makes a suit look so good! I kinda remember and miss “UGLY” promotional days.. XD And wow, she’s so nice, stopping to take a picture with that man who called out to her.. <3

[직캠] 140506 Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook – Preview (DARA ver)

Credits: OMGSANDAR21·


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