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Twitter/Photo: Dara Uploads a Photo from Oh My Goddess – “Photography skills are getting better!”

OMG!!! Dara looks ethereal in this photo! She looks like an anime who came to life! This photo is so so so beautiful, it makes me want to cry. She is so beautiful, she makes me want to cry. T_T I haven’t spazzed properly about her hair yet (coz I haven’t been online for a while now T_T)  so I just want to let this out: BLONDARA IS GORGEOUS BEYOND WORDS!!! This hair is probably in par with her shaved look. I love it so much. T_T

Anyway, how cute is Dara ‘stealing’ another Oh My Goddess photo yet again? Kekeke~ And she says their shots are getting better! LOL Dara! ^^ But just so you know, any photo with you in it is beautiful. <3

1 UntitledDARA: Your hair flutters flutters flutters!!! (T/N: Fire lyrics) ^_^v (Blackjacktographers’ photography skills are getting better~ Clap clap clap)


Source: @krungy21
Translated by: @siJONESSAni

Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) Asks Fans, ‘How are my bangs?’

Dara is just too cute!!! She used her Korean fansite’s ‘Oh!My Goddess’ picture, to ask what people thought about her bangs ^^

You look gorgeous, Dara!!! Though we now know it’s just a wig, keke.


Sneaky Unnie!! We’ll just wait until you reveal your new hairstyle/color!!!



“How are my bangs? BGM ‘She bangs’. Photo source: oh my goddess”


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: OuleySoleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara

OMG Photos: 130615 More of Lovely Dara at Ajou University Festival



OMG Fancam: 130430 Happy 4th Anniversary of OMG! (DARA ver)

Here is a multi-angle fancam of I Love You from different events! This is a special gift from Oh My Goddess as they are celebrating their 4th anniversary today. ^_^ Happy happy anniversary OMG! <3 We are all so thankful for all the Dara goodies you share and of course, for your unending love and support for Dara. Thank you so so much! We love you guys! ^_^

Guys, let’s all drop by at or at @ohmygoddessDARA to congratulate them for the 4 years of endless Dara loving! ^_^ Weee! ♥

[FANCAM] 130430 happy 4th Anniversary of OMG (DARA ver) *multi

Credits: @OMG_SANDAR + @ohmygoddessDARA + @Oh My Goddess!

Press Photos: 130413 Smexy, Gorgeous Dara at PSY’s ‘Happening’ Concert

OMG!!! We finally now have HD photos of Goddess Dara in that oh-so-smexy dress!!! I think I went to Dara heaven for about 10 minutes after seeing the photos! DARA IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! She looks gorgeous in all angles!!! I see shoulders, collar bones, arms, legs….. So flawless!!! She is just so smexy in that short dress!!! I can’t even express my feels well right now. T__T I am speechless. TOTALLY A GODDESS, SANDARA PARK!!!! <333333333

I’m so sorry for all the exclamation points. I just…. Gaaaah! Dara-ah saranghae!!! T__T I think her dress is shorter now compared to when she first wore it at GD’s concert? I am not complaining one bit. Nope! And look at her~ She is LITERALLY G L O W I N G! ♥_♥ 





OMG Photos/Link: 130307 More Gorgeous Photos of Goddess Dara at the Love Sharing Concert



Source: @DCmyminzy + Oh My Goddess!

OMG Photos: 130317 Gorgeous Dara at Incheon Airport Back from Thailand

Gorgeous baby-faced Dara! ^_^


Check out one more picture at OMG! Don’t forget to leave comments!

Source: As Tagged + Oh My Goddess!

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

OMG Photo: 130315 Gorgeous Dara at Incheon International Airport



Source: @littlestone_

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Twitter: Dara Tweets and Thanks the Different Fansites of San Union

Oh my gawd. T_T Dara is just…..!!! T_T She is so sweet, always remembering her fans. You are welcome Dara! We are more thankful for you! T_T THANK YOU!!!! T__T San Union forever! <333


I’m guessing Dara is talking about San Union’s recent project to celebrate Dara’s new endorsement, Clio! Here is a photo of what the project was all about! ^^


Source: @krungy21 + Oh My Goddess!

HQ Photos: Two More Fan-Taken Photos of Beautiful Dara at the ‘2NE1 x Gummy Charity Concert’

Our pretty Goddess with her lovely smile~ ♥ Oh and cute! Looks like she’s holding a ‘Dara’ banner~! ^^



Credits: As Tagged

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara


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