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OMG Photos: HQ Photos Of Goddess Dara’s Departure To & Arrival From Myanmar At International Airport

The queen of ageless beauty, Sandara Park! ^^ Simple hairstyle suits her best. I’m in love with the first photo! So so beautiful! <3




Source: @littlestone_ + OhMyGoddessDara
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Video: Goddess Dara’s Breathtaking CF For Clio’s “Salon de Cara” Mascara

OH MY GOSH! Dara is really so beautiful!!! I mean, I see her always but she never fails to make me stunned especially when it comes to her beauty! I swear, every look fits her perfectly! She is just mesmerizing! The perfect endorser! <333

Credits: Clubclio

Photos: 140630 HQ Fantaken Photos of Fresh and Chic Dara at Incheon Airport from Singapore

I really like this fashion style of Dara! It’s just a casual look with a shirt and denim jeans but she makes it look so fab. Pretty pretty goddess! ^_^





Source: @OhmygoddessDARA + Oh My Goddess!
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HQ Photo: 140607 Goddess Dara At Incheon Airport Heading To Indonesia

Ahhhh~ She looks like a doll. ♥_♥



Source: @OhmygoddessDARA + Oh My Goddess!
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OMG Fancam: 140607 Fresh, Smiling Dara at Incheon Airport Heading to Indonesia

I know Dara looks good with just about any hairstyle, even with the most ridiculous clothes, but with a simple, casual, white shirt on, her beauty stands out even more! Her smile can really brighten anyone’s day! Oh my goddess indeed! T_T

At 1:08, we can see Dara stopping, looking back, and smiling because apparently, a fan wanted to take a photo of her and so she stopped. So kind, Dara! T_T

140607 Incheon Airport Departure (DARA ver)

Credits: OMGSANDAR21

Photo: 140530 Pretty Dara With Fans After KBS Volume Up Recording

Awww! Dara taking time to take a picture with fans~ ♥ Always so sweet, Dara-ah! ^_^


Source: @littlestone_

Video: 140302 Oh My Goddess Dara-Focused Fancam at the “All Or Nothing” After Party

Dara so cute!!!! Her partying is cute and tame compared to the people around her, but I love her that way. <3 

140302 AON After party (DARA ver)

Credits: @ohmygoddessDARA

Photo: Oh My Goddess Reveals Unseen Pic of Gorgeous Ssancoustic At The Airport

/le gasp Be still my heart! Dara is so very pretty and her skin is so very perfect. T_T/dying from the envy

This is when the girls left for their Japan fan showcase last October 15. ^^


Source: @ohmygoddessDara

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Photos: 131031 Awesome Oh! My Goddess Fantaken Pics of Ethereal Goddess Dara at Gen Y Concert

Whoaaaa! Dara looks so so so good and these pictures were captured magnificently! Kudos to the hard working team behind Oh My Goddess! ^^

That being said, I do hope we can all cooperate and respected OMG’s rules. They do allow re-posts of certain pics (nothing in the Level 7 posts though), they do NOT allow any form of editing. Much worse, when the person editing takes off their logo! If I were them and I worked hard getting the pictures, risking the threat of expulsion from the event, I’d be pretty pissed off if I find that other people stole my hard-earned pics. Who wouldn’t, right? ^^ So please, a little respect for them would go a long way! Thanks everyone! /bow




Credits: OhMyGoddess

HQ Photo: 130728 Gorgeous Dara Leaving SBS Building

So gorgeous!!! T___T Yes Dara, we love you so much!!! T___T


Credits: As Tagged + Oh My Goddess
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara


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