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Photos: 141220 HQ/HD Oh My Goddess/ Sweet November Pictures of Gorgeous, Radiant Sandara Park at Nagoya Fanmeeting

HQ pictures, yay! <3 Again, much love and a lot of kudos to all the Dara fansites for giving us these wonderful pictures.. <3 They travel a lot to go to where Dara goes, it takes a lot of effort, time, and money, but they do it to show their support for her, and for that, we are grateful.. <3







Photos: Dara Fansites Share Cute Pictures of Adorable, Beautiful Sandara Park ~ “Merry Christmas!”

Happy, happy holidays to all the amazing Dara fansites too! More power to you guys and we are all indeed very grateful to all of you! Let’s all continue to support Dara in all her endeavours in the coming years! <3 





Sources: @ohmygoddessDARA @21SweetNovember @TreasureDARA

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

OMG Photos: HQ Photos Of Goddess Dara’s Departure To & Arrival From Myanmar At International Airport

The queen of ageless beauty, Sandara Park! ^^ Simple hairstyle suits her best. I’m in love with the first photo! So so beautiful! <3




Source: @littlestone_ + OhMyGoddessDara
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Video: Goddess Dara’s Breathtaking CF For Clio’s “Salon de Cara” Mascara

OH MY GOSH! Dara is really so beautiful!!! I mean, I see her always but she never fails to make me stunned especially when it comes to her beauty! I swear, every look fits her perfectly! She is just mesmerizing! The perfect endorser! <333

Credits: Clubclio

Photos: 140630 HQ Fantaken Photos of Fresh and Chic Dara at Incheon Airport from Singapore

I really like this fashion style of Dara! It’s just a casual look with a shirt and denim jeans but she makes it look so fab. Pretty pretty goddess! ^_^





Source: @OhmygoddessDARA + Oh My Goddess!
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

HQ Photo: 140607 Goddess Dara At Incheon Airport Heading To Indonesia

Ahhhh~ She looks like a doll. ♥_♥



Source: @OhmygoddessDARA + Oh My Goddess!
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

OMG Fancam: 140607 Fresh, Smiling Dara at Incheon Airport Heading to Indonesia

I know Dara looks good with just about any hairstyle, even with the most ridiculous clothes, but with a simple, casual, white shirt on, her beauty stands out even more! Her smile can really brighten anyone’s day! Oh my goddess indeed! T_T

At 1:08, we can see Dara stopping, looking back, and smiling because apparently, a fan wanted to take a photo of her and so she stopped. So kind, Dara! T_T

140607 Incheon Airport Departure (DARA ver)

Credits: OMGSANDAR21

Photo: 140530 Pretty Dara With Fans After KBS Volume Up Recording

Awww! Dara taking time to take a picture with fans~ ♥ Always so sweet, Dara-ah! ^_^


Source: @littlestone_

Video: 140302 Oh My Goddess Dara-Focused Fancam at the “All Or Nothing” After Party

Dara so cute!!!! Her partying is cute and tame compared to the people around her, but I love her that way. <3 

140302 AON After party (DARA ver)

Credits: @ohmygoddessDARA

Photo: Oh My Goddess Reveals Unseen Pic of Gorgeous Ssancoustic At The Airport

/le gasp Be still my heart! Dara is so very pretty and her skin is so very perfect. T_T/dying from the envy

This is when the girls left for their Japan fan showcase last October 15. ^^


Source: @ohmygoddessDara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


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