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Video: 2NE1 Reveal their “Crush” to Associated Press ~ “It’s a Big Turning Point for Us, as 2NE1″

Nice interview! ^^ Leadah CL-roo steps up during English interviews, and I like how she speaks for 2NE1 as a group. “We prepared for a very long time, so it’s definitely a big turning point for us, as 2NE1, and we have all kinds of song in there: we sing, rap, goes from hip-hop to electro to RnB to everything. If you just check it out, if you just hear it, listen to it, you’ll know it.” And yes CL, we really do love the album, even at first listen! ^_^ “I think it’s been two years since our last tour. We didn’t have our album out, but we still went on tour. And we’re all about having fun, and when we’re on tour we love to meet our fans from all around the world, because we stay in Korea most of the time, so that’s what we want to do.” Hooray for more countries to meet new fans! More countries please, YG! <3 And how cute is Dara’s soft and sweet “I love you” in the end? <3

2NE1 Reveal Their ‘Crush’

Credits: AssociatedPress

InstaVid: Amused CL shares a Vid of Dara Being all Crazy ~ “mygzbztheyallcrrrazy”

OMG Daraaaaa! Hahahha, so so so cute!  And CL laughing so hard while taking the vid. XD She’s singing and er, dancing, to CL’s part in “I Love You.” XD

Check this crazy lady out #mygzbztheyallcrrrazy

And for those who, like me, cannot seem to watch IG videos, here’s a YouTube link:

Of course, Dara just had to comment and like her video on CL’s instagram! <333 #ChaeRa

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 10.17.14 PM


Sources: chaelin_cl + frolicker21

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Instagram: CL Shares a Picture of Crazy Fun Dara Being “Full Out Excited” For “Missing You”

OMG what are you doing?! XDDD Chaerin’s “crazy little unnie” doing her crazy stuff when she gets excited.. XD


Dara jus full out excited for our new single#missingyou that drops in 4hours


Source: @chaelin_cl on Instagram

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: Pretty Dara, Minzy, and CL with Crazy Dancers in Jeju

Pretty girls in Jeju! ^_^



Source: @RarmG
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Video: 130802 Fancam of 2NE1 Leaving The ‘Do You Love Me?’ Party

We can see the girls waving at the fans as they leave Teddy’s Twosome Studio~ ^^ We can also see the Crazy and Hi-Tech Dancers at the first part of the video. ^_^

Credits: Danni Ge

Video: 130802 Fancam of Pretty 2NE1 Arriving at Teddy’s Twosome Studio For The DYLM Party

This is a fancam of Dara, Minzy, and CL with Harin (CL’s younger sister) arriving at Teddy’s Twosome Studio. Bom came a bit late so she isn’t in the fancam. ^^

Credits: Danni Ge

Videos: Dara and CL Guesting in Hwasin, Episode 2

And here are the videos! The heartwarming story of Dara and CL-roo! <3 Loving these two! 

Hwasin with Dara and CL – Part 2a

Hwasin with Dara and CL – Part 2b


Source: entertainmentSBS

Twitter/Photo: Dara Poses with CL – “I am the best out of all the CL fans!”

Sweet ChaeRa photo! T___T Indeed you are, Dara! You’re the best CL fan! Waking up early, watching CL’s pre-recording, and staying to watch her live perf, you are indeed the best!!! ^__^

Allow me to cry over ChaeRa sweetness. T___T 


DARA: I am the best out of all the CL fans!!! ^_^v


Twitter/Photo: Dara and Bommie Monitors CL’s The Baddest Female Performance at Inkigayo

Park Sisters all out supporting the baddest female! <3 Look how cute their expressions are while watching CL. Kekeke! ^_^ Wooo baddest female fighting! ^^


BOM: Our leader is the best…ㅠㅠ She was nervous before going on stage… So I watched it nervously But! CL is really  The Baddest Female! It was the best ㅠㅠ


Me2day: YG On Air Finally Updates with 2NE1LOVES – “What Kind of Collaboration is this?”

OMG! FINALLY! YGE has uploaded the 2NE1Loves video teaser links on its official me2day! And whoa! Check out the tags! So does this confirm that this indeed is a project for a collaboration? Or is YGE trolling us to keep us guessing? Kekeke! Tell us your thoughts! ^^


[2NE1] 2NE1LOVES.COM 에 공개된 CL과 다라의 영상. 2NE1LOVES.COM 홈페이지를 계속 지켜봐 주세요!!

Tags: 과연 어떤 콜라보 일까요?

[2NE1] 2NE1LOVES.COM Released on , CL and Dara’s videos. Please continue to check out http://2NE1LOVES.COM ‘s homepage!!

Tags: What kind of collaboration do you expect this to be?


Source: YG Entertainment me2day (

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

They also uploaded a picture of CL from the first video teaser! Check it out after the jump!



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