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Instagram: Ji Hyun and Eun Seol Share Polaroids, Selcas, and Group Pics of the “North Korea Trio” ~ “Missing Korea” Shoot has Ended!

Awww, I really hope you girls had a fun time during shooting! And that you stay connected even after the shoot.. <3


#MissingKorea #LastFilmingDay #Polaroid #LeeJiHyun #HaEunSeol #SandaraPark 💕💕 All of us put in so so much effort into this 😘😘


#NorthKorea’sTrio !! Yesterday we held our #farewellparty.. And now #MissingKorea schedule has officially ended!! So why do we remain like this and not doing something we like.. It’s because everyone is still digesting the tough and tight work schedule that we just had^^!! My ball now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ #SandaraPark #HaEunSeol #LeeJiHyun #MissingKorea #KBS #WebDrama 


#MissingKorea end!! ^^ #MissingKorea #KimJungHoon #SandaraPark #HaEunSeoul #KBS #WebDrama


Sources: ha_eun_seol + jihyun824

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Instagram: Actress Dara Laments on the Hardships of Becoming “Miss Korea”~ “It Takes a Lot of Effort and Patience!”

Beautiful, beautiful Dara! <3 Just look at her pretty face.. T_T Fighting, fighting on “Missing Korea”~! We can’t wait to watch the fruit of your hard work.. <3


Becoming Miss Korea is too hard ㅠ.ㅠ It’s difficult to become pretty~~ It takes a lot of effort and patience.. Please watch my transformation in the drama


Sources: daraxxi

Re-uploaded and Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


Instagram+Weibo: Pretty, Casual Actress Dara Shares her Tattered Script After Filming

Fighting, fighting! Her script looks so tattered already.. XD


Good morning ^.^ Had a really fun time at the shoot today~!!! With this now-tatttered, life-altering script with me, dope dope~ I want to be dope ^^;; Fighting!!


Working~ [Yawn] missing korea 😊


Sources: daraxxi + daraxxicn

Re-uploaded and Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Line+Twitter: Sweet Pet-Lover Dara Misses her Cats as she Works Through the Holidays

Awww Dara misses her cats.. <3 Fighting hard-working Actress Dara! <3


Where is this.. Who am I?!

Everyone spent the holiday by going back to their hometown, meanwhile, I have to return to our filming in the province after Chuseok. I can’t even go home *sobs*… I miss Dadoong, Bambi, Oreo, and Haneul.

Everyone enjoyed spending their holiday, right?!

I honestly like working on holidays or special days, so it’s okay~ ^^

Anyway, it’s hot, I’m hungry and sleepy, and it’s cold, I’m hungry and sleepy, and it keeps on repeating like that, but I also told you that my stamins is quite good *laugh*… Let’s do this!!!


I picked up this chestnut in the forest while we were filming~!!! A real chestnut!!! I should give this to Bambi as a gift~ 😸 


Sources: daraxxi + Dara Line Play via 

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Instagram+Twitter: Dara Celebrates Getting 3 Million Followers on IG and Twitter with Cute Photos of her Cats

Congratulations Dara for her 3M followers in both Twitter and IG! <3 I bet she misses her cats so much, that’s why she uploaded them.. XD


Happy 3 million followers!!! Thank you!!! 👏👏👏😘


Happy 3 million followers!!! Thank you!!! 👍👍👍😘


Sources: daraxxi +

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Twitter+Instagram+Weibo: Dara Shows her One-Of-A-Kind “I Am The Best” Jacket from 99%


Making this one-of-a-kind jacket  🎨 #10corsocomoseoul #SFDF#99percentis #bajowoo


Awesome-cute!!!!! Super QT!!! 😍@10corsocomoseoul @sfdf_official @99percentis


👍👍👍 Thank you @99percentis#10corsocomoseoul #SFDF #bajowoo


My QT jacket 👏


I’m the best jacket!!! 👍👍👍


My friend, fashion designer Bajowoo👍


Sources: daraxxi + daraxxicn + 

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Twitter: Sweet Dara Uses the Gifts from San Union During her First Shooting Day for “Missing Korea”~ “Wise Blackjacks!”

Awww Dara using the things that San Union gave to her the last time! <3 Kekeke, so nice and awesome! <3 Thanks for using them Dara-ya! We appreciate it.. <3 We can feel your warmth, love, and gratitude.. Fighting on your first day of shooting! <3


Ah today was very hot 😂🔥 To all the Blackjacks who became my umbrella for a sunny day like this.. Thank you.. . 💕 




Our cute managers Hong&Jin 😁  It would have been problematic without these fans today. Ah~ Didn’t expect it to this hot .. My sweat just jeureuk (sound of sweat dripping).. As expected, these fans weren’t just made for nothing! Wise Blackjacks are.. Daebak!!!



Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara + @21TASTICBABY

Instagram+Weibo: Smiling, Pretty Dara Shares Pictures with her Friends at Defaye Launching~ YGKPlus Models + Key!

Good to see Dara with her new and old friends! <3 Two of the guys in the first picture are the male models she worked with during Esquire Korea photoshoot.. <3


With the cool guys of YG KPlus~~~ Shy, shy ☺️ It’s been a long time, Hyeon-wook oppa and Youngie!!! >.< #드페이


With the very cute and good girlsKPlus dongsaengs~~~ Seongyi and Seungmi!!! 😄👍 Kkyaakkk~!!! #defaye


With Key-goon🔑 Nice to see you~~~!!! 😀 with Key!!!

And from her Weibo account! <3




With Key!!!


Project: Support WeLoveDara/OhDara’s Fund-Raising Project for San Union’s “Movie Shooting Support Project” for Dara’s First Korean Movie!

Hey guys! We are joining San Union’s project for Dara’s first ever movie in Korea! <3 We’re all excited for the movie, right? We plan to give a big food support for Dara, the cast, and the staff. And also gifts for Dara and everyone.. Like the ones we gave her during “We Broke Up” shooting, but on a grander scale.. ^^ We want to convey to the staff and cast that we Dara fans stand strong and united in our support for our goddess… <3


You might notice that we don’t often ask for donations on projects, most of the time we admins shoulder the cost.. However, we feel that this time would be a great opportunity for everyone to help out in any way.. The amount we’re trying to raise is slightly ambitious and quite hefty, so any amount would be a great help! <3 If you have any questions please feel free to fire them in the comments section below! Looking forward to everyone’s support! <3

News: 2NE1′s Sandara Park Cast as Lead in ′Missing Korea′

2NE1′s Sandara Park Cast as Lead in ′Missing Korea′


Sandara Park has been cast to play Miss Korea′s North Korea representative in KBS′ Missing Korea.

Missing Korea, which is set to air on KBS in October, is a romantic comedy set in the fictional year 2020, in which the North and South are working towards unification through non-governmental exchanges and economic cooperation, leading to the first-ever ′North-South Joint Miss Korea Pageant.′ Hereafter, the drama will be broadcast as a web drama.

Sandara Park is currently practicing the North Korean dialect in order to faithfully act out the role as Miss Korea′s North Korean representative.

In the scenes capturing the contestants′ camp and final competition, the actual sponsored dresses, tiaras, costumes, hair and makeup team will be used in order to add authenticity.

Kim Jeong Hoon, who is gaining popularity in China through various broadcast activities, has been cast opposite Sandara Park to play the head of the pageant′s organizing committee.

The production team stated, “October, which is around the time when Missing Korea will be broadcast, is when inter-Korean reunions of separated North and South Korean families will be taking place at Mt. Kumgang. We hope this drama will send a meaningful message that will be a forum for diverse exchange of inter-Korean relations in the future.”

Meanwhile, Sandara Park′s successful transformation into an actress has been displayed through web dramas Doctor Ian and We Broke Up, and she is set to make her big screen debut through film Crank.

Credits: Mwave

Additional info: Dara will play the role of Lee Yeonhwa, who is Miss Namp’o.. ^^ Namp’o is a city and seaport in South P’yŏngan Province, North Korea. The drama can be watched through KBS World, Daum, and YouTube, and is set to be broadcasted in China and Japan as well! ^^


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