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Video: Pops In Seoul Does a Throwback to September 2009 – Dara’s Kiss Featured!

Arirang’s “Pops In Seoul” did a throwback featuring the events that happened during the second week of September 5 years ago. And wowwww, it’s been 5 years since Dara released Kiss?! Crazy to realize, huh? ^^ But yes, I remember that Dara’s “Kiss” really caused a stir, it went to number one in the chart when it was released, and even overtook G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” for a while.. ^_^


OMG Fancam: 120902 Hot Hot Hot Dara for KISS at “New Evolution” Osaka, Japan

OH MY LORDY!!! Where did Dara learn to be so flirty, cute and seductive at the same time?!? She is such a cute flirt! So wholesome but seductive at the same time! Can you see the fanboy taking big gulps? He’s trying so so so hard to keep it all in! Oh my god Baby Girl! Its like I’m having a mini heart attack while smiling so wide at the same time! Wow! Wow ! Wow!

Source: OH MY GODDESS, @ohmygoddessDARA, @OMG_SANDAR

OMG Fancam: Hot, Hot, Hot Like Fayaahhh KISS Fancam from “New Evolution” Osaka, Japan (D-3)

DARA OMG YOU GORGEOUS GODDESS YOU! Where did you learn to flirt like this, UNF JUST UNF! OMG~! She just sat on the fanboy’s lap! And then held his neck and shifted his cap to the side, and THEN leaned her forehead on his temple, and THEN kissed him! WHY AM I NOT A FANBOY? T_T 

Come and die with me and don’t forget to leave your spazz comments on the post itself! 

Warning! The video is even hotter than the measly caps my over-spazzed mind came up with.. 



Source: @Frolicker_21 of Oh My Goddess

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Fancams: 120824 Dara – Kiss at “New Evolution” Los Angeles

OMGGGGG!!! Ok seriously! I have seen this performed live and I have seen this in fancams over and over again and I still get goosebumps and tingles whenever I watch Kiss! ^_^ Come on join me and spazz! Watch the video! What a lucky fanboy!

But before anything else, here’s an imprint of Dara’s KISS on the lucky fanboy’s cheek!!!


Fancams: 120817 Dara Performs “Kiss” at “New Evolution”, New Jersey

I already uploaded some Kiss fancams in the other posts but I figured I’d make a special one and continue to upload new fancams here! ^_^ If you need more Kiss fancams, check out previous posts!

This deserves a special mention because you can see Dara kissing the lucky fanboy here! Kekeke! The fanboy is so cute jumping up and down! Kekeke

The fancam below is truly a must-see especially for the fanboy screaming in the background! I swear! I love it so much!

Sandara! Sandara! Noo! Nooo! Sandara!!!!! Oh my god! Noo! Sandara! Come here!!! Noooo! What? Did she pick? Where?

This is what the fanboy, @Zeushero, wrote in the description box:

SANDARA! She wanted to pick me but she couldnt find me! She was trying to find me and I kept yelling out to her so she could pick me. Sandara my love!

I’m sorry Sandara! I couldnt be in VIP so you could choose me! :( 
Come back again and I’ll be sure to be there so you can choose me

Source: LuvSuJuSHINeeB2ST@YouTube, Zeushero@YouTube, foreverTAEMIN9192@YouTube

Fancams: 120817 Sandara Talking in English for Kiss

Waaaa! ^_^ Dara speaking in full english! So adorable! Dara has very good english. Her vocabulary is extensive and her english is proper. I think she just gets shy by her really strong Filipino accent. ^_^ But its really cute! I really wish she would speak more in english! <3

Talk + Kiss

Source: onetwo@YouTube, xxfamevania@YouTube

OMG Fancam: 120728 New Evolution Concert – Dara’s Kiss

WOW! WOW! WOW! Oh My Goddess has finally made this fancam public and thus we can now post it! ^_^ Watch it guys and die many times over! <333 Dara is so sexy and that fanboy is so damn lucky! I remember that I was squealing and jumping up and down during this time and that fanboy had such a huge smile on his wife! Like extremely huge! 

Source: OH MY GODDESS, @ohmygoddessDARA, @OMG_SANDAR

Vid: Sweet Dara And Minho For Kiss Note Episode 4, Breathtaking Pink!

OH. MY. GAWD. This is just.. OMGGGG! Watch and then spazz with me alright?! XDDD I swear, the CFs are just so so so cute! More Kiss Note episodes please!

Sandara And SHINee for Etude’s Kiss Note, Episode 4! With Minho for Breathtaking Pink!

Vid Desc:

Dara & SHINee’s KISS NOTE #4. The Story of Pink Color Lips Calls Stuffy Love in Mind

Episode 4 : The breathtaking love story of the pink lips
Oh this feeling of being swept away, what color is this? Breath taking pink?
24 emotional stories of 24 lips! Dear My Lips-Talk


OH MY GAWD!!! AFOSJIEGFLSGNSRLGPGSGLSKDAW!!! I DIED!!! They are sooo close to each other! Minho, you better run away from the jealous Dara fanboys and fangirls! XDDD

I think that the first kiss is an angle shot, and I really think the second one is too; but there are strong opinions on Twitter saying that the second one is real! Haha! So what about you guys, what do you think? ^^ Angle shots or real kiss? Keke! But either way, the CF is just so so so adorable and cute! Dara’s cute face when she was looking up and pouting! XDDD /dies

News/Video: SHINee, Sandara Park, Which Member Kissed On The Lips?

SHINee, Sandara Park, Which Member Kissed On The Lips?

Idol group SHINee members, Key, Taemin, and Jonghyun reveals their kissing scenes with 2NE1’s Sandara Park.

On the 29th, SHINee’s Key, Taemin, and Jonghyun, attended the beatyy class event held for Etude’s “Dear My Lips-Talk” campaign, at the Garden Place in Gwanghamun.

This day, the web drama “Kiss Note” would be revealed, including the kissing scene between Sandara Park and Jonghyun. “Where did you kiss (Sandara Park)?” he asked Key and Taemin.

To this, Taemin and Key answered with, “On the cheek,” Jonghyun then added, “Only member, Minho, kissed her on the lips,” he revealed.

Kiss Note,” starring 2NE1’s Sandara Park, and SHINee’s Minho, Jonghyun, Taemin, and Key, is a web drama, which according to Etude House, would be showing four different kinds of love feelings and would also show different kisses. Previously, Etude House released the “Kiss Note” teaser, showing Sandara Park‘s different kissing scenes, which became a very hot topic.

Cosmetic brand, Etude House, conceptualized this campaign for their new lipstick line, “Dear My Lips-Talk,” which would show the concept of “saying your feelings through lip color.” That being said, the series of CFs would show a girl’s different emotions, like “breathtaking pink,” “shy coral,” “exciting red,” and “fun orange,” which would show 24 different kinds of colors.

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Vid Source: jujutaem@YouTube


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