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Photos+Translations: 2NE1 Celebrates their 4th Anniversary of Japan Debut ~ Leaves Heart-Warming Messages for All the Japanese Fans

Happy 4th Anniversary ladies! <3 I’m sure the Japanese fans miss you all, as much as we do… T_T Thank you for the warm message! <3



It’s been 4 yrs since being with BLACKJACK NOLZA. We made many memories until now. From now on as well let’s make a lot of memories. I’m missing you all.

Dara also prepared a special event for Blackjack Nolza! Another signed Polaroid give-away event! <3


Check out the cut for CL and Minzy’s messages! <3 P.S: I feel super super bad that they didn’t let Bom leave a message as well. TT


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Blog/Photos: Ssancoustic Shares her Memories of “We Broke Up” Mini Concert with Blackjack Nolza Members + Dara’s Special Polaroid Giveaway

Awww, I wish we could see you have a reunion with Blackjack Nolza too, unnie! <3 I’m sure they miss you.. ^^





These photos were taken during “We Broke Up” mini concert.

When 2NE1 held our fan meeting in Japan last year, I was able to meet everyone in BLACKJACK NOLZA closely. But this time, the fans were even at a closer distance when we did our performance and interview. I had such a great time. And I was about to show acoustic DARA. If there is a good opportunity to meet in Japan, I would really like to go and show this kind of stage as well ^^ Though it’s still a hot summer, let’s spend it cheerfully~! ^^

And here are some polaroids that Dara gave away to the Blackjack Nolza members!





Source: Adventures of Da~Rabbit blog via  

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Photos: Dara Shares More Pictures from her recent “Dara Tour” on “Adventures of Da~Rabbit” Japanese Blog

More photos of Dara with the “We Broke Up” during their vacation in the Philippines!

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Source: Dara Japan Blog via @yodonsen1993

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Photos: Lovely Dara Updates Her Japanese Blog with Pictures during her “Dara Tour” in the Philippines



Source: Dara’s Japan Blog via @yodonsen1993

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Blog: Dara Shares her Japanese Food Experience in Hawaii ~ “Ramen, Dumplings, and Teppanyaki”

Dara has been into Japanese food lately.. ^^ Yum yum yum!



I ate so many Japanese food during my Hawaii trip. There many Japanese tourists there as well. Some of them noticed me. I was so happy ^.^ I ate some ramen, dumplings, and teppanyaki in Hawaii. The food was delicious. I want to eat more delicious things next time I go to Japan



I tried to do my best for Blackjack Nolza, but Jjangmae took the photos like this ^_^ Jjangmae has failed a lot.. LOL


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Blog: Foodie Dara Now Eats Sushi ~ “Please Tell Me Where I Can Eat When I Go Back to Japan!”

Dara updating her SNS accounts across different platforms to update all her fans around the globe.. <3


I was not able to eat the sashimi, but I learned to eat sushi at last. Before, I could only eat prawns and a salmon, but I want to eat a lot in future. Though I went to Japan a lot already, I never ate sushi… When I go there, I’ll immediately eat‼︎! When I can go? Please call me early~



Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: Scans of 2NE1’s Magazine for Japan Fans ~ “Special Thanks to Blackjack Nolza”

Blackjack Nolza are so lucky, because they have this awesome magazine.. <3 I love it! I love the cover photo.. T_T I so so so miss the girls.. T_T







Source: @2NE1_chisa

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Instagram: JorossAndKatz Shares Another Photo-Vid with Dara Having Fun in Japan

And the updates about their vacation just keeps on coming! Kekeke! XD

#rideallyoucan #jorossandkatz + @daraxxi 👍🎢🏰

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Photos: Adorable 2NE1 Thanks Blackjack Nolza for Attending their 2nd Fanclub Event

I think this is a package given to the Blackjack Nolza members who went to the fanclub event last December.. ^_^ So nice! <3




Check out pics after the cut!


InstaVids: Joross Shares Cute Moments in Japan with Dara ~ The Honeymooners + Dara!

Joross, thanks so much for all the cute videos of Dara! Kekeke! Dara’s cute expressions are always daebakk! <3

😂👋💦 @daraxxi

A video posted by Joross Gamboa&Katz Saga-Gamboa (@jorossandkatz) on


#harrypotter #jorossandkatz with @daraxxi 🏰❤️🇯🇵

A video posted by Joross Gamboa&Katz Saga-Gamboa (@jorossandkatz) on




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