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Instagram: Cutie “Fan” Dara Shows her Love for the 2NE1 “Unnies”~ “I Also Love You, Blackjacks!”

LOLOL why’d you call the girls unnies?! XD But yeah, you could totally pass off as maknae with Minzy.. XD We miss you and we love you too! <3


I love you unnies~ 😘  I also love you Blackjacks~!!!

언니들 사랑해요~ 😘 블랙잭도 사랑해요~!!!

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Instagram: Happy, Giddy Fangirl Dara Found Yamapi in Japan

Fangirl Dara is the cutest! Kekekek! Don’t worry Dara, if I found Yamapi’s picture like that, I’d probably fangirl a lot too.. XD


It’s Yamapi!!! 😍

ヤマピーだ!!! 😍

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Instagram: More and More Pictures with Dara and the Gang in Japan~ “Great Weekend!”

So so many updates from Dara’s old and new friends in Japan! <3


Tokyo souvenir 🎠 xx


greatweekend at#disneyseatokyo
@xxxibgdrgn @daraxxi @soojmooj@99percentis @soonhoc@junskeyamasaki @shogo_yanagi


@yoon_ambush @daraxxi@junsukeyamasaki @xxxibgdrgn@___xin___

More after the cut!


Instagram: Cute, Fashionable Dara Shares Pics from her Japan Trip with Friends~ From Cafe Kitsune, Fake Tokyo, Robot Restaurant, and All Over Tokyo

Not entirely sure of Dara’s itinerary while in Japan.. But looks like they went to Tokyo Disney Sea on Friday night, then Cafe Kitsune and shabu-shabu the next day and night-out, then at Fake Tokyo, Robot Restaurant, and walk around Tokyo the day after.. XD But nonetheless, I’m glad Dara got a chance to enjoy and relax and spend time with friends, specially since Crank will start filming soon, if the news are to be believed.. ^^ She’s with Xin, Bajowoo, Shojo Yanagi, Soo Joo, Masahiro Nakajima, 


Cafe Kitsune 🍵☕️


Good bye abs!!! 😂👋🏼 I’ll send my abs on vacation for a while again~!!!#sukiyaki #shabushabu #oishii


Woah~ Its Christmas… Its Christmas… 🎄


Robot Restaurant was fun! It was a new experience 😁


^_^ Good night 😴


Instagram: Dara Shares a Fun Photo with the Gang at Tokyo Disney Sea ~ Adorable Mini Mouse Dara!

A lot of people were pretty sceptical that it was really Dara in GD’s pic.. Dara uploaded this a few minutes after GD.. ^^ Practicing her Japanese, so cute! Our adorable Minnie Mouse! <3


Fun time with friends 😆

良い友達との楽しい時間 😆 #disneysea #tokyo

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Instagram: G-Dragon Shares a Cute Group Pic with Dara, Xin, and Friends at #DisneySeaTokyo

Dara along with GD, Xin, Soojoo, and some other friends went to Tokyo DisneySea! Dara went to Japan after coming home to Korea from Hong Kong.. ^^ Was really surprised by this for some reason.. ^^ But so happy that she is relaxing with friends.. ^^


Last night at#disneyseatokyo 💅🏻✨💕

Last night at #disneyseatokyo 💅🏻✨💕

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Photos+Translations: 2NE1 Celebrates their 4th Anniversary of Japan Debut ~ Leaves Heart-Warming Messages for All the Japanese Fans

Happy 4th Anniversary ladies! <3 I’m sure the Japanese fans miss you all, as much as we do… T_T Thank you for the warm message! <3



It’s been 4 yrs since being with BLACKJACK NOLZA. We made many memories until now. From now on as well let’s make a lot of memories. I’m missing you all.

Dara also prepared a special event for Blackjack Nolza! Another signed Polaroid give-away event! <3


Check out the cut for CL and Minzy’s messages! <3 P.S: I feel super super bad that they didn’t let Bom leave a message as well. TT


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Translated by: 


Blog/Photos: Ssancoustic Shares her Memories of “We Broke Up” Mini Concert with Blackjack Nolza Members + Dara’s Special Polaroid Giveaway

Awww, I wish we could see you have a reunion with Blackjack Nolza too, unnie! <3 I’m sure they miss you.. ^^





These photos were taken during “We Broke Up” mini concert.

When 2NE1 held our fan meeting in Japan last year, I was able to meet everyone in BLACKJACK NOLZA closely. But this time, the fans were even at a closer distance when we did our performance and interview. I had such a great time. And I was about to show acoustic DARA. If there is a good opportunity to meet in Japan, I would really like to go and show this kind of stage as well ^^ Though it’s still a hot summer, let’s spend it cheerfully~! ^^

And here are some polaroids that Dara gave away to the Blackjack Nolza members!





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Photos: Dara Shares More Pictures from her recent “Dara Tour” on “Adventures of Da~Rabbit” Japanese Blog

More photos of Dara with the “We Broke Up” during their vacation in the Philippines!

CLx7dznUEAEuR7G CLx7e4rUwAA2CwX CLx7ey3UAAAss0y CLx7eTzUAAAU7pL


Source: Dara Japan Blog via @yodonsen1993

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Photos: Lovely Dara Updates Her Japanese Blog with Pictures during her “Dara Tour” in the Philippines



Source: Dara’s Japan Blog via @yodonsen1993

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


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