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Video: 1theK’s Fun and Cute Interview with 2NE1 ~ Favorite Songs, Costume Concepts, Superpowers, and… Chicken-Inspired Hair?!

Super duper cute! I kinda love how they did this interview, it’s very unique and the girls seemed relaxed and were having fun answering the questions and teasing each other! <3 Find out what their favorite song in the album is, what their favorite food in YG cafeteria is, what superpower they want, etc. etc!


Credits: 1theK (former LOEN MUSIC)

Interview: Noisey – An Interview with K-Pop Favorites, 2NE1, and their New Videos for “Happy” and “Come Back Home”



There’s no doubt that Korean pop phenoms 2NE1 are entering the most fascinating phase of their career. Rapper CL, dancer Minzy, and vocalists Bom and Dara first stormed the scene in 2009 with the barnburner “Fire,” then cemented their international renown with instant classics like “I Am the Best” and “Lonely.” They earned the respect of everyone from Diplo to Jeremy Scott, enjoyed accolades like MTV’s “Best New Band in the World” award in 2011, and built a fanbase empire with foreign legions as far-flung as France and Brazil.

But in the olympiad since their debut album To Anyone, 2NE1 have seemed reticent to release a proper follow-up against mounting pressures worldwide. That’s all changing this week, however, with their new Crush album finally out now, and the premiere of their their $470,000, CGI-ballistic double video for the genre-bending “Come Back Home” (and its acoustic cousin) as well as the video for “Happy.” They’re also kicking off their “All Or Nothing” world tour in Seoul in a matter of hours on March 1st, their first proper shows in well over a year. We caught up with Asia’s fiercest four to mark the occasion, discuss the new album, and find out more about why this is the most pivotal moment 2NE1 will ever face.

Noisey: Let’s talk first about your lead single and video, “Come Back Home.”
CL: “Come Back Home” is the name of one of the biggest Korean songs from the ‘90s, by Seo Taiji & Boys, which YG [Yang Hyun-suk, YG Entertainment’s CEO] was a member of. We thought it would be cool to shout out [the original] “Come Back Home” in dedication to YG.
For the video, the entire process was very different. We shot two versions at the same time and it’s more like a movie than anything else you have seen from us.

Crush is your first full-length record in four years. How have you grown musically during the time inbetween, and why did you wait this long to put out another album?
After our last mini-album [2011’s 2NE1 EP] we went on our first world tour, which kept us away from recording. For this album, we pretty much locked ourselves up in the studio and gave it 100%. We’ve also grown a lot as women since our first album, and you’ll be able to hear that on this record.
Also, since I wrote a lot of the music, it’s even more personal to us than our previous records.

What are some of your favorites?
Bom: “Gotta Be You,” because I really like the hook and the sad lyrics. [And yet] it makes you want to rock out.
Minzy: “Come Back Home” is my favorite to listen to.
Dara: “Chakhan Yeoja (Good To You).” I love the lyrics and I feel this song represents me well. I also love CL’s rap at the end.

CL, you wrote the music for three songs and lyrics for five. YG has said he was so surprised to hear you write for the first time that you’ll be following Crush with a solo album, right?
I woke up one day and suddenly felt like I had so much to say…I ended up making ten songs in about two weeks. In 2NE1, you mostly see just one side of CL. I have other sides of myself that I can show to the world, and this solo album will show that…it will be a lot more personal.

“All Or Nothing” is your second world tour of this scale. What can your fans expect this time out? How will it be different from previous 2NE1 concerts?
Our last tour seemed more catered to the image we felt that the public had of 2NE1 – it was fun and high-energy. For this tour, we wanted to bring about other elements that are more pure to what 2NE1 is…it’s more graceful. We really wanted to challenge ourselves and show the other sides of a woman.

In the video announcement of your album and world tour, you seem at a crossroads — a bit self-doubting even, talking about a “do or die attitude.” What feels especially immense about this moment in your career?
“All or Nothing” refers to our world tour and [the fact that] it’s been four years since our last album…four years is an especially long time in Korea. So each one of us personally has that “do or die” attitude. We are giving everything we have into this album and tour…We have never released an album full of all new and previously unheard material.

Credits: Noisey

Instagram: Lucky @angelpilgrim Shares a Backstage Picture with Dara After One-On-One Interview ~ “Sweet and Candid”

Wow! @angelpilgrim got to have a one-one-one interview with Dara (what for, we don’t know yet, but she promised to share when she can already!) fifteen minutes after the soundcheck for their concert! She said that Dara is very sweet and candid! She even got Dara’s signature after and when she showed Dara a beanie that she got from her yard sale last year, Dara exclaimed, “Wow, that’s mine!” Aww, so cute and sweet! Lucky Angel! <3





Source: angelpilgrim

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News: Sandara Park, “I Think About my Role as a 2NE1 Member”

Sandara Park, “I Think About my Role as a 2NE1 Member”


Sandara Park revealed her worries as a 2NE1 member, with an honest heart.

On February 27th, 2NE1 revealed their rehearsal site for their second world tour “ALL OR NOTHING,” through a live video. On that day, Sandara Park said, “I worry about my role in 2NE1,” she confessed.

On a separate interview prior to that day, Sandara Park had revealed, “The 2NE1 members are friends who excel in different fields. I always worry about what I can contribute, what I can do. For this concert, that same worry remains,” she said.

Sandara Park said, “I felt that in 2NE1′s first concert. So with that thought in mind, I worked hard to improve my vocals, rap, and dancing even more,” she said with a determined mind.


Source: Newsen Via Nate 
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Interview/Info: Yoo Min Kyu Names Dara as his Ideal Type Once Again ~ Wants to Star in “Romantic Drama” with her

Yoo Min Kyu was Dara’s partner in the first series for Nikon 1 J1 CFs! He was the cute “candy man” who gave Dara his sneakers when her heels gave her trouble. <3


TV Report interviewed Yoo Min Kyu, a model-actor who has been gaining attention from his roles in “Last Night” and “Master’s Sun.” In one of the interview’s segments, he mentioned his affection for the show, “Infinity Challenge” and gag man, Yoo Jae Suk in particular, and Sandara Park.

◆ This Man’s Affectionate Love, “Infinity Challege” and Sandara Park

* Yoo Min Kyu said that he was a big fan of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” and that he wants to meet Yoo Jae Suk.

Aside from his praises for Yoo Neu Nim (T/N: a combination of the Korean word for ‘god’ and Yoo Jea Suk’s surname to mean ‘Lord Yoo Jae Suk’), he also reveals that his strong ideal type exists in Sandara Park. Near the end of the interview, the reporter questioned him about Sandara Park and sniffed an embarassed shyness when the question came up. Certainly, Yoo Min Kyu has been hit by the “Sandara Park love-sick syndrome” and he wishes to film a romantic drama with Sandara Park featuring an older-woman-younger-man romance. He laughed when he realized that he had already decided on a specific role for himself.

*omitted parts not related to Dara


Source: TV Report

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Video: 2NE1′s Interview for Yonhap Television News

Credits:  ziine89 via @the2NE1hour

Interview: 2NE1 Gets Candid for 10Asia Interview – Part 1 “Falling In Love, Reggae, the Beach, and Snoop Dogg”


2NE1 has been considered ‘different’ from the moment they debuted in 2009. They weren’t sexy or cute like other girl groups. And one of their strengths was that they could pull off the ‘style’ of Hip-hop. There is nobody you can compare them to in Korea. They may briefly remind you of black girl groups like Salt-N-Pepa, En Vogue, or TLC but there is something that is still different about 2NE1. So what it is? Their style? Fashion? Music? Or boldness? One thing for sure is that they have become a group that is like none other – that is ‘special.’ 2NE1, back in the music scene for the first time in almost a year with song “Falling in Love” talked to the media on Tuesday.

Q. This is your first song in a year. 

CL: We released “I Love You” a year ago but it’ll be close to the first time in two years that we’re fully resuming our activities. We had craved to go on stage with a new song. While working on our new songs, we said we should try to work as hard as we did before we released “Fire.”

Sandara Park (Sandara): It’s almost feels like we’re debuting again. It’s exciting.

Gong Minzy (Minzy): We’ve waited for a new song as much as our fans have.

Park Bom (Bom): We were craving the stage so much to the point that we had to beg our CEO Yang Hyun-suk. And I’m not usually the begging type (laughs).


Q. You went on a break after going on your world tour last year. How have you been?

Bom: I went back to being like a trainee, taking lessons from a singing teacher, and I also bought different items.

Minzy: Sandara and I worked out a lot.

Sandara: I was trying to make pretty abs but I worked out so hard that they’re starting to turn into manly abs. I shouldn’t have worked out as hard. I’m regretting it now (laughs).


Q. Minzy, you’re 20 now (Korean age).

Minzy: I’m the youngest on the team so the fact that I’m 20 hasn’t hit me yet. I made an attempt at being cute in the music video for our new song “Falling in Love” to show that I’m 20.


Q. The pink wig you wore in the music video left a strong impression.

Minzy: I told my stylist that I want to try wearing a pink wig. I have a habit of collecting photos of things I want to try out. And pink hair was one of them.


Q. “Falling in Love” is a reggae tune that fits the summer.

CL: It’s a mix of reggae and hip-hop. It’s dynamic. And while the verse that Minzy sings is easy-going, the hook is lively. There’s the most hip-hop to the rap and the part that Sandara sings has the most reggae. Reggae is a new genre for us so it was fun coming up with the dance for it as well.


Q. The songs you’ve sung in the past are far from singing about songs that other love songs usually do. But the lyrics to your song this time are cheerful and lovable. Doesn’t it feel awkward?

CL: For us, it actually feels like it’s the first time we’re singing a normal love song. There was “I Love You” as well but that was about a woman who is clingy. We mostly sang of songs telling the guy to back off so we’re finally singing a normal love song.


Q. A lot of other girl groups go with lovable images. Have you ever imagined yourself doing that?

CL: We’re trying to be lovable in our own way. So you saying that hurts (laughs). We tried hard to seem more cheerful this time.



Q. I understand that Teddy made the song. What was your first impression of it?

CL: To be more precise, it’s a song that Teddy and Choice37 made together. Choice37 is the person that made G-Dragon and Lee Hi’s songs. We originally did some rapping using “Falling in Love” as the intro to a performance we gave for “I Love You” last year.

Sandara: I got hooked to it as soon as I heard it. Minzy’s part in particular made me feel like I’m at the beach.

Minzy: I’m the type that dances upon hearing music so the song made me want to dance.


Q. Your new song is like a song for the beach. Have you been to the beach recently?

CL: I suddenly feel sad. The last time we went to the beach is… When?

Sandara: It’s been over a year. I went to the Philippines for a photo shoot so I got to work and play as well then but I haven’t been able to go since.


Q. You recently went on stage for Snoop Dogg’s concert in Korea. And he recently released a reggae album titled “Reincarnated” under the name Snoop Lion. Have you listened to the album by any chance?

CL: Snoop Dog made the album by learning reggae directly in Jamaica. And I’ve liked him for a long time. It was fun getting to perform with him and it was good because we got to talk to him a lot.


Q. Of the numerous girl groups in Korea, you probably differentiate yourselves the most in terms of style. Is there anything in particular you did this time around as well to differentiate yourself?

CL: We’ve been true to ourselves rather than trying to be different. And we’re returning [to the music scene] for the first time in a while so we just want to stay true to ourselves rather than trying to show a new side to us. We recorded a lot of songs whenever we have time, during the past two years so we can’t wait to have you hear them. Our style and wardrobe will depend on the song.


Q. How many new songs do you have so far? I understand that you’ll be releasing a new song every month and then release an entire album in the end.

CL: It’s the way in which we released our mini-album last year as well. We started with “Lonely,” then “Ugly,” “Hate You,” and “I Am The Best” before releasing the album itself. As of now, we have enough new songs to release two studio albums. We’re planning on releasing a new song every month and releasing an album in October. We haven’t decided on whether it’ll be a studio album or a mini-album.


Q. What did the rest of you think of CL’s “The Baddest Female”?

Bom: It was like a new world to me. She pulled it off so well that I became a fan.


Q. I think the energies that you experienced on your world tour must’ve influenced how you worked on your new album. 

CL: We wanted to release an album with the energy we got from our concerts as soon as we were done [with our world tour] but we weren’t able to. There’ll be a lot for us to show once we get on stage since we’ve been holding ourselves back.


Source: TenAsia

Photo: 2NE1 Goes Back to Black for Joy News 24 Interview

Our girls look rocking! going back to their roots in basic black clothes. ^_^ Still looking awesome and fierce! <3



Source: Joy News 24

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HQ Scans: Fiercily beautiful Dara for Japanese Magazine Zipper

OMG!! This shoot also is so great! I love how fierce yet totally stunning she is!


In the interview, Dara mentions some of her favorite items are her vintage HERMES backpack and the knit hat she had bought at Garusogil.



Source: ilovegd21

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Article: 2NE1 Dara’s Ultimate Fanboy Aziatix Rapper Flowsik Talks About His Crush

2NE1 Dara’s Ultimate Fanboy Aziatix Rapper Flowsik Talks About His Crush



Flowsik and Dara sitting in a tree, T-W-E-E-T-I-N-G… wait… that doesn’t really work, but you get the point.

Aziatix rapper Flowsik is not shy about his little crush on 2NE1′s Dara - well, not to the rest of the world – face-to-face is another story. But now that the two follow each other on Twitter, could this finally be his in? Or perhaps the start of something?

If you Google “Dara Flowsik” over 25,000 results pop up, proving this little one-sided love has been gaining the attention of Blackjacks and Aziaddicts for quite some time, at least since Aziatix’s debut back in 2011.

In a recent interview with KpopStarz, Flowsik was asked about his new Twitter relationship with vocalist Sandara Park – and at the very mention of her name his ears turned red and he was rendered speechless.

A smile and some giggles were about all that came out of him for a little while as he tried to regain composure. A feat that proved slightly difficult as he was being teased by his Aziatix group mates Nicky Lee and Eddie Shin.

Giving a big grin and wave to the camera, Flowsik managed to get out a cute, if not completely embarrassed-looking “Hi, Sandara.”

An unapologetic fanboy, Flowsik has mentioned Dara on many occasions in the past, and the topic now seems to be a given anytime an interviewer has a chance to speak with Aziatix.

And Dara, the object of affection for many a fanboy, seems to be okay with the public attention from Flowsik. They have been tweeting with each other since late March when she sent him a good morning message. His response? “Oh my god…. what’s up girl!

So far things have been very professional between the two – an exchange of “nice to meet you,” a hopeful collaboration suggestion, and a congratulatory tweet about 2NE1′s four-year anniversary. But Flowsik’s crush is egged on my his group mate Nicky, who appears to find the situation endearingly hilarious and retweets the rapper’s messages to Dara.

Nicky is either the best wingman in the world or just gets a big kick out of embarrassing Flowsik – either way, fans are paying attention!

In a USTREAM event last year with fans, Flowsik recounted when he saw 2NE1 (and specifically Dara) in person at the airport after an awards show in Singapore. “I just choked. I didn’t know what to say,” he said. After a sigh he added, “It’s okay. My time will come.”

Maybe his time will come soon. Aziatix is about to release their latest album and go off on a worldwide promotional tour starting in Asia. Sandara’s group 2NE1 is also preparing their highly anticipated comeback, so paths are bound to cross at some point.

We just hope that Flowsik doesn’t choke!


Source: KpopStarz


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