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Photos: HQ Pics of Chic Goddess Sandara Park for Elle magazine, March Issue – “Say My Name”

HQ pics, HQ pics, HQ pics of our goddess Dara! Oh my ghad, beautiful, flawless goddess! Chic, modern woman!~ Gaaahhhh! /dies spazzing









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Magazine: “Say My Name” – Stunning Sandara Park for Elle Korea










Twitter: Dara Tweets Elle’s Photoshoot BTS Video – “The Other Side of Sandara Park”

Weeeee! Dara tweeted her BTS photoshoot video! And yes Dara, this is your other side, and we love ALL of your sides! You are equally sweet, charming, flawless, beautiful, amazing, gorgeous in all turns! <3




Source: @krungy21

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Screencaps: Stunning Dara for Elle Magazine (BTS) – “Say My Name”

I really really wish I could find adjectives that would do justice to the glory that is Sandara Park. But I can’t…. So why don’t we let these screencaps do the talking.

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ncd_130220002_084436 1940

ncd_130220002_084436 0333

ncd_130220002_084436 1225

ncd_130220002_084436 1406

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Sandara Park - SAY MY NAME @ ELLE Korea Photo Shoot! 1583


Video: Gorgeous Dara’s Flawless Behind-The-Scenes Video for Elle Photoshoot – “Say My Name – Sandara Park”

Oh. My. Gawd.  Yes Elle, I totally forgive you for giving us only one official cut of Dara from the magazine. Thank you so much for this beautiful BTS video! Good Lord, Dara is so flawless! My feels when I first saw the video!!! Dang, Dara is just so so so perfect, and she looks like a goddess, and I love this photoshoot so freaking much! She looks so so so chic!!!

Sandara Park for Elle Korea – “Say My Name

Credits: gilbakk0221

If you want to see the video in Elle Korea’s website, here’s the link:

Dara BTS for Elle Korea

News: WG Sunye’s Marriage Stirred Something in 2NE1’s Sandara Park

Dressed in a white dress with flowing ruffles, 2NE1’s Sandara Park participated in a photoshoot with fashion magazine, Elle.

Looking so pure in the shoot, Sandara Park commented, “Usually fans aren’t surprised by any of my concepts, but I bet it’ll be more shocking than the half-shaved concept because today’s is so innocent.


Appearing like a bride, especially with her 100-carat diamond ring that she wore during the photoshoot, Sandara Park talked about Wonder Girls Sunye’s recent marriage, describing it as something that strangely stirred her heart.

“I personally have no relationship with her, but for some reason, I felt fidgety and nervous, and my heart felt really weird,” said the singer. “She looked very beautiful.”

On her own future endeavors, she replied that she wants to challenge herself in acting. “I want to leave as many images of myself while I’m still young.”

The full interview and pictorial will be released in the March issue.

Source: eNewsWorld

Holy Guacamole: Dara’s 100-Carat Diamond Ring for Elle Photoshoot

Holy guacamole is right guys!!! Dara wore a 100-carat diamond ring for her Elle photoshoot! According to @k1ae, the Fashion Editor for Elle Magazine, Dara’s ring was 100 carats and that she was really pretty and kind. Her new look will be revealed this March!

From the looks of it, the ring  is most probably Pink Diamond cut into a Pear? ^_^

WOW! JUST WOW! *Sings* “Shine bright like a diamond…”

This magazine is truly a must-have. It looks like Elle went all out in this photoshoot for Dara!


Now at Elle, discovering Sandara Park’s new look. Her new look with a 100-carat diamond ring will be revealed in March. She is so pretty and so kind.



Source: @k1ae via @sandara_fashion

Translated by: Ouley_Soleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara

News: Sandara Park Transforms Into a Beautiful, Charismatic White Goddess for Elle

2NE1 Sandara Park, Pure Goddess With Innocent Charms


2NE1‘s distinct personalities would be revealed in their solo pictorials.

On February 16th, YG Entertainment revealed that Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL, and Gong Minzy will each have a pictorial that would be featured in different fashion and beauty magazines in March.

The 2NE1 members each love a different style and are unique in their personalities, quite evident though they are in a group; this would be showcased through the solo pictorials. Sandara Park will feature in Elle, Park Bom for Allure, CL for Bazaar, and Gong Minzy for Marie Claire.

In the photo cut from her Elle pictorial that was revealed to the public, Sandara showed a pure, feminine charm, exploding with a different kind of charisma that she usually shows. Through the group’s activity as 2NE1, she has sported and made famous the palm tree hairstyle and Vegeta hairstyle among others, and features distinct and bold make-up and an eccentric outfit style. The pictorial showed a refreshing side of Sandara Park.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 is expected to have a comeback with their new album during the first half of the year after being busy with their would tour concert last year.


Source: Nate
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


Some netizens comments from the articles:

“Since Sandara Park is so pretty in this photoshoot, I shall buy Elle magazine” [+341, -63]

“Park Bom and Sandara Park are beautiful as always, while Minzy and CL are unique.” [+116, -19]

“Heol, Sandara’s thighs when she sits like that..” [+5, -1]

“The curious case of Sandara Park.” [+3, -1]

“Ah really, Sandara Park is seriously so so so pretty……. Ah really beautiful!” [+6, -1]

“Really… She has an actress force.” [+9, -1]

“CL’s force is daebak, Sandara seems like an actress” [+32, -21]

Note that these are the articles’ comments, found if you scroll towards the bottom. I’m not translating from Pann Nate, like what Netizen Buzz is doing, because I don’t want to be redundant.. XD

News: 2NE1 Members Strike A Pose For Solo Pictorials In 4 Different Fashion Magazines

I can’t contain my feels after seeing all these photos! T__T They all look so fab and chic and stylish and gorgeous, I can’t help but cry… T___T I missed them so much and I hope this is their first step to an explosive and wonderful comeback! T_T

2NE1 members strike a pose for solo pictorials in 4 different fashion magazines


Fans will be able to get quadruple the dose of 2NE1 pictorials in the upcoming month as the members have individually featured in four different magazines!

YG Entertainment shared some of the photos you can expect to see on the upcoming issues of the fashion editorials, exciting fans already for the month of March!

Dara looked stunning and refined in her ‘ELLE‘ magazine preview photo, while Park Bom showed two different makeup looks for the beauty magazine ‘Allure‘. CL went bold with an eye catching pictorial in ‘Harper’s Bazaar‘, and maknae Minzy kept it fun and funky with photos for ‘Marie Claire‘.

The March editions of the magazines will be available starting later this month on and offline, so make sure to look out for more photos from the girls, who are reportedly making a comeback within the first half of this year.

Check out more of the revealed cuts below!


Photos: 2NE1 for Elle, Allure, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar Magazines (March Issues)

YES! Our fiercesome foursome are finally gracing the pages of different magazines!!! Thank you! They are looking so beautiful in different concepts! Do I smell a comeback sometime soon? Yes please!




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