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Instagram+Twitter: Foodie Dara Shares her Yummy Meals~ Roasted Clams, Sinigang, and Samgyeopsal

Food, food, food! Dara the foodie who never seems to gain weight no matter what.. XD


I’m gonna eat everything!!! #조개구이 #태종대#roastedclam


The sinigang my friend cooked for me during my birthday was so delicious!!! She left the pack of sinigang mix, but I don’t know how to use it 😂


samgyeopsal (bacon) with mang tomas sauce!!! So yummy!!!


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Instagram: Sweet Actress Sandara Park Shares Shots from her Photoshoot with Bae Jung Nam for “Maison de Jasmine”


@yg_stage #parksandara#baejungnam


@yg_stage #산다라박 #배정남


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Photo+InstaVid: Da-rummer Shares her Drums Cover for 2NE1 “Missing You”


Dara-mmer is back! <3 And she’s doing so well! Can’t wait to hear her play a full song.. ^^

Her drum teacher uploaded this.. So this video was probably taken during her visit to the studio for lessons.. ^_^


Superstar-nim’s hat is really cool so I want it.. Originally, it showed a finger curse, but it was personally painted on.. So now it’s a craft…


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Photos/Feature: YG STAGE pictorial for Dara X Bae Jung Nam~ Plus Behind-The-Scenes Photos!

YG STAGE pictorial for Dara X Bae Jung Nam

The representative brand of YG Entertainment actors and the channel to check their activity, news and planned contents, YG STAGE ( has released the new pictorial for the third project ‘MAISON DE JASMINE’.

Followed by the pictorial released last time and became a big issue with Dara’s feminine features, in the ’MAISON DE JASMINE’ PART.2 the secret male actor in the teaser image has been revealed that many people wanted to know. It was a model as well as an actor Bae Jung Nam. Bae Jung Nam who appeared at web drama “We Broke Up” recently with Dara took the STAGE pictorial again with Dara. Maybe since they already worked together before, they carried out the pictorial shooting naturally.

The first STAGE pictorial for male and female actors ‘MAISON DE JASMINE’ PART.2 will reveal the behind scenes for pictorial shooting, Bae Jung Nam’s individual pictorial, Bae Jung NamXDara’s joint pictorial along with the exclusive cuts, behind cuts and autographed Polaroid photos all.

The ‘MAISON DE JASMINE’ planned with pure and white flower jasmine as a motif means ‘The house of jasmine’ in French. Like its title ’MAISON DE JASMINE’ it contained Dara and Bae Jung Nam’s natural look in the ‘house’. The shooting started at the entrance of that house.



Pure Dara and sensitive Bae Jung Nam. They matched the color of clothes as white and showed warm and clear image to suit ‘The house of jasmine’.



Photographer JDZ Chung for the ‘MAISON DE JASMINE’ captured natural and sensitive chemistry of two by using natural light. He tried hard by taking digital and film camera alternatively to show better pictorial to the public therefore the great pictorial has been created.





After finishing the shooting with Dara, Bae Jung Nam’s individual shooting has been started at comfy bedroom. Bae Jung Nam brought staff’s admiration by revealing fit muscles as he took the top off as if he’s in his house naturally.


What comes in your mind if you think about Bae Jung Nam? Thick eyebrows? A man who looks good with classical clothes? Bae Jung Nam not only released the attractiveness that he showed before but also his original soft and natural sexiness as well . We could peek his intelligent and matured allure through him reading a book on the bed.



The force as a model that cannot be hidden! As he is the actor who is a former model, he appealed with drastic poses and direction in front of the camera. We can also feel the wild manly allure from the topless Bae Jung Nam lying on the bed by revealing fit muscles.



You can enjoy the behind cuts of STAGE pictorial only at NAVER Entertainment Special. Here are the behind cuts of ‘MAISON DE JASMINE’!




Bae Jung Nam holing a cup of coffee on his one hand and trying to read a newspaper. The other sensuous allure released from him with the unbuttoned white shirt. He makes people not to take the eyes off from the barely seen abs. Photographer JDZ Chung is taking photos of Bae Jung Nam posing naturally. Bae Jung Nam finished the work by showing various poses as a professional model.

The STAGE pictorial project is working with best staff always to show the best result. Many staffs couldn’t take their eyes from two actors while caring their clothes, makeup, hairstyle and the angle of the chair as well. Although they were wearing thin clothes in the cold weather, they kept smiling and made the mood happy.



We will give away Dara’s polaroid photos to the people who wrote the comments about YG STAGE pictorial ‘MAISON DE JASMINE’ Part.2 Entertainment Special, so please leave a lot of comments.



“I was great honor to shoot pictorial with Dara and good staffs. I think it was the best shooting in these days!! “-by BAE JUNG NAM


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Photos/Official: Bae Jung Nam Joins Sandara Park for Warm and Enchanting Maison de Jasmine, Part 2 Photoshoot

OMG YAAAYYY! I expect BTS pics from this shoot as well! <3 Fighting, fighting actress Dara! You and Bae Jung Nam look good! Strangely enough, why do I get a “siblings” vibe from you guys and not a “lovers” vibe? O_O

However, I really love this photoshoot! It’s so nice and warm, it gives off a comfortable feeling! <3 I really like the picture where Dara shaved Jung Nam! Which one is your fave couple picture? ^^


Instagram: Primo Jordan Shares a Picture Collage of Dara’s Visit to their Store~ “All of the Shop Staff’s Favorite!”

Dara so cute! And I can just imagine how the staff act like when she’s there, kekeke! XD The shows she bought are the ones in her picture with the managers! <311356571_1622855197964252_1995955333_n

Very pretty, cute, and friendly
#SandaraPark ❤️
All of the shop’s staffs favorite…😀
When we see her, she gives off really a good energy😍
Dara-ssi thank you for visiting again today~😘

#JORDANMANIA #Jordancollecter#kickstagram
#SandaraPark #2NE1 #YGFamily
#DB8 #SupremeXJordan5
#primo_Jordan @primo_jordan


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Translated by: Hannah@WeLoveDara

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Blog: Dara Shares her Cute, New Hello Kitty Polaroid Camera on her Japanese Blog, Adventures of Da~Rabbit

Dara is so pretty~!!! <3 And I love her new Polaroid! Hello Kitty! <3


Dara~bbit “Polaroid”

A cute, new Polaroid camera!!!
Since I couldn’t go to Japan recently, I asked my friends that went there (to get the camera).
I also have a lot of Polaroid films.
I’ll take a lot of cute photos!


Translated by: RingoESP

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Instagram: Dara Shares a Picture with YG Managers ~ “Fashion People”

So fashionable! <3 And Dara’s proportions are certainly no joke! ^^ And I love all of their shoes OTL


Fashion people 😎✌️

패피들 😎✌️

A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on



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Instagram: Sweet, PR Director Dara Confirms CL’s “HELLO BI+CHES” for Release on the 21st

CL leadah-nim is the next one! <3 At least it’s been confirmed that it’s CL, so we can have an end to all the speculations.. XD Fighting fighting leadah-nim! <




A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on



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Official/Photo: 151117 Pretty Maknae MC Dara Goes Chic and Casual for Sugar Man Episode 5

Pretty Dara! <3 Watch out for Episode 5 of #SugarMan later! ^^



Source: JTBC Sugarman Website

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