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HQ Photos: Sandara Park Shows off Hot, Sizzling, Mature Side for Clio’s New “Virgin Kiss Tension Lip” Campaign

OH MAAANNNN! Dara looks so hot, hot, hot! <3 I am loving this kind of make-up on her! ^_^ Parallel to the Salon de Cara promotions is the Tension Lip campaign! <3 Dara looks so very gorgeous.. T_T Such a vamp! 



She’s wearing “Some” and “Chu” variant!



Source: Club Clio

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


Photos: HQ Screencaps Of Gorgeous, Smiling 2NE1 From Nylon Magazine BTS

Here are HQ screencaps of our gorgeous ladies from the Nylon Mag Photoshoot BTS! The girls are looking so fab as ever, with their refreshing smiles and adorable poses! <333 Goddess Dara was as always looking so young and fresh and bright and really really pretty! ^_^ Leader Chaerin was oozing with swag and fierceness! Bommie is so adorable and it was so nice to see her smiling face! ^_^ And of course, Maknae Minzy is sooo beautiful! Her poses were totally cute!!! Watch out for 2NE1’s maknae’s charms! <333

Precious OT4! ♥



ChaeRa and Bomzy! ^^


OMG Minzy’s tongue! So sexy! <3


Baby-faced goddess!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥





Sneaky eyes~~~~ heheheheheheh! ^_^


More caps of the girls below! ^_^ (more…)

Twitter/Photo: Marshall Bang Uploads Photo With Dara And Hwangssabu – “Summer Bicycling Is The Best!”

Aaaaaaand here’s a much closer photo of Dara! I’m so happy that she’s out and spending time with her friends! <333 Thank you so much Marshall and Hwangssabu for letting us see our favorite goddess! T_T

“한강 !! Summer bicycling is the BEST~~~~ ”



Source: marshallbang
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: 140729 Hwangssabu’s “The Loneliness Of Self-Discipline#555″ Features Dara On A Bicycle

OMG! We finally get a glimpse of what Dara has been up to lately! It’s been so long since we last saw a recent photo of hers and boy am I so glad. I’ve missed her so much! T_T Thank you so much Hwangssabu! T_T



Source: hwangssabu
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 140728 Fantaken Photos Of Dara Spotted In YG Building

Finally! A recent sighting of Dara. T_T I miss her so much. T_T




Source: As Tagged
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: HD Scans Of Gorgeous 2NE1 For Nylon Japan Magazine

Here are HD scans of 2NE1 for Nylon Japan Magazine! Beautiful OT4! <333


Gorgeous Dara scans! ^^ That smile….. ♥_♥





More scans of the girls below! ^_^


Photos: More Press Photos Of Goddess Dara At “All Or Nothing” in Singapore Press Conference

Yay to more and more photos! Dara looks absolutely divine during the press conference! <3

OMG Dara, stop seducing me with your lipbite. T_T



That side profile! ♥_♥


Gorgeous, baby-faced goddess! <3



Photos: Dara Goes Chic and Classy for Clio’s Pre-Launching Event for “Salon De Cara” Campaign

Ahhhh, Dara looks so so so classy and gorgeous and chic in the new campaign! Thank you, Clio! This is for the pre-launching of the “Salon De Cara” product campaigns! Basically, it’s like a salon for your eyelashes, keke! Thus the campaign with the mascara and the hair.. ^_^ 

Again, she looks so so so beautiful.. T_T


Hello there updo! Love it! Love her dress too, showing off those long legs! <3


Look 1 for Volume X Volume!


Look 2 for Volume X Curling!


Look 3 for Volume X Long Lash!



Video: 140726 Full Video of 2NE1’s Fun Interview with Tim Yap for “The Tim Yap Show”

Wahhhh! After almost two months of being here in the Philippines, here’s a new interview with 2NE1! Kekeke, the girls are so cute! And whoa, Tim Yap asked Dara the “fanboy” question and Dara looked a bit awkward, and said she doesn’t know why she’s being linked to those guys because they’re just friends. ^^ I love how the girls were relaxed and Bom even answered some questions. ^^ Dara so cute when she translated what she said in Tagalog to Korean for the girls! Translations will be up for the full video soon! <3

140726 2NE1 – The Tim Yap Show

Credits: samecut123jez

Video/Trans: Sandara Park Congratulates Star Cinema On Their 20th Anniversary

OMG! Yes please! Another movie with Dara pleaseeeee. T__T I still can’t believe how fluent Dara is in Tagalog. <333 Because of this vid, I suddenly missed her movies! I hope YG allows her to make another movie with Star Cinema. Kekeke! ^^

I remember my movies with Star Cinema. I really miss those times. Of course, the movies were really good, the stories, the directors I’ve worked with… I hope I can make another movie with Star Cinema. ^^

In my very first movie, “Bcoz Of U,” we had our shoot in Tondo, near the trains/railway, I still remember that. At first, I got really scared, but now I miss those times. I improved a lot when I shot my three movies. I was happy [acting] because I can be somebody else, who is not me, and that’s what makes it really interesting. 

To the Star Cinema family, how are you? This is Sandara, do you still remember me? I really missed you all. I hope we’ll see each other again and hope we’ll make another movie. ^^ Happy 20th anniversary Star Cinema! I love you all!


Source: ABS-CBN Star Cinema
Translated by: OhItsLAI@WeLoveDara/OhDara


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