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Photo: 140630 HQ Fantaken Photo Of Pretty Dara at Incheon International Airport

This was the taken when Dara got back from Singapore, I think. ^^ Those are the Kiroitorii bouquet our admin, @darliciousx, gave her. <3



Source: @21SweetNovember
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Photos: More Unseen Pictures of Goddess Dara for Clio from Previous Campaigns

Aigoo, more pictures from the old campaigns, and more pictures from the new ones too juseyo! <3

66960200_1e7259eb-55ea-4214-b75a-e729023f8be8 ass12



Video: Arirang’s “Star VS. Star” Names Dara and Thunder As “Kpop Siblings With The Best Genes”

Weee! Dara and Thunder won! Kekeke! ^^  I agree with the hosts of this show. Not only are they the best siblings because of their looks, but also because of their genuine show of support for each other. Park Siblings jjang! <3

Credits: thunder mblaq

Info: ABS-CBN’s New Drama “Hawak Kamay” Names A Character After Sandara Park

Ohhh! How cool is this? They named a character of a new drama after our very own Sandara! Keke! ^^ The title of the drama is “Hawak Kamay” (Hold Hands), named after a very famous song in the Philippines which is also one of Dara’s favorite songs. This is so awesome! <3


TRANS: Dara was named after Sandara Park, who was really famous, at the time she was born. She likes accessories and colorful clothes. She is like Kuya Kim (T/N: Kuya Kim is a famous for his intelligence and for being a “walking encyclopedia”) because of her endless curiosity about things, and also because of her vast knowledge about things.


Translated by: GallyTheSnail@WeLoveDara/OhItsLai@OhDara

Photo: New Photo of Beautiful Dara in Rollers for Clio’s Beauty Class ~ Salon de Cara Mascara!

Oh hello there gorgeous goddess! <3 Finally, a new pic from Clio! <3 She looks so very pretty in this campaign picture! Cannot wait to see more from this photoshoot! <3 FIGHTING DARA! FIGHTING CLIO! <3



Source: Oy Trend Holic via 

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Photo: Unseen Photo Of Chic And Gorgeous Goddess Dara At A Flea Market

Unseen pic of Dara! I’m not sure from what event this is but what I’m sure of is her looking oh-so-gorgeous! She’s dressed casually with not one clothing that is considered “girly” but she still manages to look like a freaking GODDESS! ♥_♥

“10 on 10 Shopping Night Out #2ne1 #fleamarket #sandarapark #donation #cosmopolitankorea #10corsocomoseoul #seoul #10corsocomo”



Source: 10corsocomoseoul
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Video/Caps: 140719 Stunning 2NE1 Performs “Crush” On Japanese TV Show “Music Dragon”

OMG! The girls nailed this performance! Crushed it! <333 Dara’s close-ups killed me, I swear! And I don’t know how she does it but 01:08-01:10 of this video proves how she can look adorably cute to uber sexy in just a second! *hyperventilates* Bommie really looks good too! She was so fierce and was oozing with confidence! All of the girls do! Chaerin was, as usual, so full of energy! Minzy’s sexiness was up a notch! My poor fangirl heart! T_T Gahhh! I MISS SEEING THEM PERFORM!!! *waves pom-poms everywhere, flails, dies, goodbye*

Before the performance, CL and Minzy talked about “Crush” album, and CL also talked about her cats. Park Sisters’ reactions to these are so adorable! Too cute! ♥

Here are some caps of the girls!




More caps below! ^_^


InstaVid: Gorgeous Dara Behind The Scenes of Meg Magazine Photoshoot

Gorgeous Dara doing all kinds of poses for the Meg Magazine photoshoot~ Those abs though…. ♥_♥


Source: anatabatina
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 140714 More Fantaken Pics of Hip-Hop Dara at Kansai Airport Going Back to Korea

Cute hip-hop Dara! <3






Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 140706 More HQ/HD Pictures of Dara and 2NE1 at AON in Yokohama After Party

Yaaayyy, and here’s more pictures! ^^











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