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Photos: 150730 More Fantaken Pictures of Gorgeous Fangirl “VIP” Dara at BIGBANG’s 2015 World Tour “MADE” in Manila ~ #BBMADEinManila

CLMCVJ8WwAA1QK3CLLSfVPVAAAyMtXFireShot Capture - Daserie Cortez on Instagram_ “When #Seungr_ - https___instagram.com_p_5xnTsXPtBs_FireShot Capture - chefjonphilchua on Instagram_ “@daraxxi sa_ - https___instagram.com_p_5wr2JdMsI8_CLLucbgUkAAbxBu CLLkyRlUwAAc2CO

More pictures after the cut!


Video: 150730 Fancams of Lovely Fangirl Dara at BIGBANG’s 2015 “MADE” World Tour Concert ~ #BBMADEinManila


Here’s a few more videos wherein Seungri mentioned Sandara’s name on stage!

Daesung dancing while SeungRi @seungriseyo is saying Hi to Sandara Park @daraxxi #BigBangMADETourInManila 💋

A video posted by 미셸 산나단 (@michsann) on

MABUHAY! Hello, SANDARA PARK!!! 😍 @daraxxi @seungriseyo #BBMADEinManila

A video posted by Haidee Hags (@xxhagsxiv) on


Source: taekga + xxhagsxiv + @erin_jiyong + @abbeeygail + issayxoxo + michsann + @hassmine

Photos: 150730 Pretty Dara Poses with Some Filipino Celebrities Backstage During BIGBANG’s 2015 “MADE” World Tour Concert ~ #BBMADEinManila

Picture picture pag may time

A photo posted by bernardcloma (@bernardcloma) on


Source: bernardcloma + vivaartistsagency

Photos: 150730 Photos of Gorgeous and Sweet Dara at #BBMADEinMAnila

CLKluPDUYAQfDdT CLLFVaaUMAA_U0uCLKWnX9UcAAHBE0 CLKWndnUAAACvrw CLKzeAjVEAA-5nO CLKzeBaUwAQt5Qj CLKahmWUkAA_8bd CLKuwziVEAA9FS0 FireShot Capture - PEPalerts on Instagram_ “#PEPSpotted_ Sand_ - https___instagram.com_p_5w64JuoWtt_ CLK3QDrUMAEMXtq CLK5yWtUAAAh28eFireShot Capture - B on Instagram_ “With @daraxxi at BIG BANG_ - https___instagram.com_p_5w7rTXAWnn_


Twitter/Instagram: Marshall Bang Upload Pictures with Dara while at the streets of Makati



FireShot Capture - M Æ R S H Å L L I 방마샬 on Instagram_ “Jeeee_ - https___instagram.com_p_5vqzVVAcOg_

Jeeeeeeeepney life

*Jeepney is a public transportation in the Philippines


Instagram: Pretty Dara Greets Everyone A Good Morning ~ “On my way to work good morning!”


On my way to work good morning!!!


Photos: 150429 Lucky Fan Gets to Snap Stolen Pictures of Dara at Gerry’s Grill

A lucky fan saw Dara eating at Gerry’s Grill last night! XD



Source: @charlesvallo9

Re-uploaded by: Ohdara

Instagram: Tourist Dara’s Series of Updates while in the Philippines ~ Mabuhay! Plus the Appearance of Poor Sebastian and “Darammer” at the Arcade!




Business trip that our staff like the most~ Philippines!!! I will do Dara tour with utmost sincerity this time too >.< Eating Sebastian… Yummy! ㅎㅎ Sorry Sebastian ㅠ.ㅠ

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “_Darammer_ in _ - https___instagram.com_p_5uVWpmCS6D_

Darammer in arcade


Twitter: Marshall Bang Shares A Picture with Dara ~ “Last night vibes”


Last night vibes

FireShot Capture - M Æ R S H Å L L on _ - https___twitter.com_MarshallBang_status_626226056442220544


Source: @MarshallBang

Capped and Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 150728 Sweet and Thoughtful Dara Spent Time with Old Friends from the Philippines

Sweet Dara never fails to meet up with her old friends whenever she goes to the Philippines! And she brought/gave them some “pasalubong” (sort of a homecoming gift) too! Kekeke! <3

FireShot Capture - Jerry Telan on Instagram_ “annyeonghaseyo _ - https___instagram.com_p_5r2KkoB0nx_ FireShot Capture - ana melissa yambao 🐷 on Instagram_ “i wea_ - https___instagram.com_p_5r04ERKhSA_



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