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Video: Goddess Dara’s Breathtaking CF For Clio’s “Salon de Cara” Mascara

OH MY GOSH! Dara is really so beautiful!!! I mean, I see her always but she never fails to make me stunned especially when it comes to her beauty! I swear, every look fits her perfectly! She is just mesmerizing! The perfect endorser! <333

Credits: Clubclio

Photos: Dara Goes Chic and Classy for Clio’s Pre-Launching Event for “Salon De Cara” Campaign

Ahhhh, Dara looks so so so classy and gorgeous and chic in the new campaign! Thank you, Clio! This is for the pre-launching of the “Salon De Cara” product campaigns! Basically, it’s like a salon for your eyelashes, keke! Thus the campaign with the mascara and the hair.. ^_^ 

Again, she looks so so so beautiful.. T_T


Hello there updo! Love it! Love her dress too, showing off those long legs! <3


Look 1 for Volume X Volume!


Look 2 for Volume X Curling!


Look 3 for Volume X Long Lash!



Photos: More Unseen Pictures of Goddess Dara for Clio from Previous Campaigns

Aigoo, more pictures from the old campaigns, and more pictures from the new ones too juseyo! <3

66960200_1e7259eb-55ea-4214-b75a-e729023f8be8 ass12



Photo: New Photo of Beautiful Dara in Rollers for Clio’s Beauty Class ~ Salon de Cara Mascara!

Oh hello there gorgeous goddess! <3 Finally, a new pic from Clio! <3 She looks so very pretty in this campaign picture! Cannot wait to see more from this photoshoot! <3 FIGHTING DARA! FIGHTING CLIO! <3



Source: Oy Trend Holic via 

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: Unseen Picture of Cute, Pretty Dara Endorsing Clio’s “Virgin Lips” Lipstick

Pretty Dara! <333



Source: Clio珂莉奧台灣粉絲團

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: Pretty Dara In A Clio Shop In Korea

Dara looking like a live doll! ♥_♥ She looks even younger with her bangs!


Credits: As Tagged
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Photo/Endorsement: Poster Of Beautiful Dara For Clio’s Gelpresso

Kyaaa! Dara unnie so beautiful! T_T Wish there was a HQ photo!



Source: @2NE1SG
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: New Pics of Beautiful Sandara Park for Clio’s Sunscreen Lotion Endorsement

Dara looks soooooo pretty! I need more pictures from this photoshoot in my life! T_T




Source: Olive O’Young

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: Pretty 2NE1 With A Clio Staff in Malaysia

This was taken during 2NE1’s AON Tour in Malaysia. The girls smiling brightly! ^_^



Source: Clio Malaysia Facebook
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Instagram: Cutie, Eye Make-Up-Less Dara Visited “Clio Dara” in malaysia ~ “The Staff Didn’t Know It Was Me XD”

Dara, Dara, pretty Dara! <3 I like her fresh-faced with barely there make up because she looks so young and pretty! But I also like her with full make-up on because it makes her look mature and alluring.. <3 Sandara Park who is a chameleon! <3


 I met Dara at Malaysia #Dara #Clio #Malaysia ps. Looks like the staff didn’t know it was me-dara… Probably because I don’t have the eye makeup-dara ^^;;;



Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Translated by: 


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