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News: 2NE1 Wins PopCrush’s 2015 Battle of the Bands ~ Congratulations Blackjacks!

2NE1 Wins PopCrush’s 2015 Battle of the Bands

After weeks of tireless voting and relentless social media campaigns, the winner of PopCrush’s Battle of the Bands has been crowned: Congratulations to K-Pop quartet 2NE1!

Let’s take a look back at their journey to the top, shall we?

2NE1 first faced off against fellow K-Pop group, Girls Generation, who proved to be formidable contenders. And while it was a tough race between the two, 2NE1 ultimately pulled through at the end, earning 50.78% of the votes, resulting in one of the closest margins throughout the length of this competition.

2NE1 were then thrown into the arena with X Factor-formed U.S. girl group Fifth Harmony. And while Fifth Harmony have their fair share of vocal and dedicated fans, they proved to be no match for 2NE1, who came out strong with 74.75% of votes.

Finally, 2NE1 faced off against One Direction, perhaps their toughest competition throughout our extensive Battle of the Bands competition. Both groups are known for their fervent fan bases, and a winner was never clear cut, as both groups inched past each other throughout the week.

But in the end, only one group could be crowned the winner, because that’s how polls work. And 2NE1 managed to surpass One Direction with 50.1% of votes (so close!), ultimately earning them the PopCrush Crown and all the prestige that comes with it.

So congratulations to 2NE1, and congratulations to all you fans who did the hard work. Your dedication, perseverance and constant page-refreshing helped earn your faves the title of Best Band!

Source: PopCrush

InstaVid: Short Fancams of Dara and CL Arriving at WKorea’s Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Event

Fancams of Dara and CL arriving.. ^^

The uploader said that she shouted “Hi Dara-unnie, it’s been a long time!” and Dara looked at her and smiled, and the uploader said she seemed surprised that a Blackjack was there.. ^^ Uploader then said that “We 2NE1 fans are not dead, we’re just around..” Aww.. <3

_ #2NE1 #산다라박 @daraxxi #CL @chaelincl 어느순간부터 긴장?혹은 당황스러운 상황일때 혀가 나오는 달옹👅 내가 "언니 오랜만이에요" 라고 하니까 다라언니가 웃었다😊 사실 블랙잭 한명쯤은 있겠지 하고 나오면서 슬쩍 훑어봤죠? 어디에나 투애니원 팬은 존재하니까 기죽지말아요!🙌🏻 그리구 오랜만이라는건 둘다한테 말한건데.. 옆에서 혼자 웃지 말고 팬좀 봐줘요 채린언니ㅋㅋㅋ 정말 보고싶었어ㅠ 오늘 뜻깊은 행사자리에서 멤버 두명이나 보니까 엄청 좋았다. 원더걸스 공연 볼때는 저 무대에 우리도 섰더라면 좋았겠다는 약간의 아쉬움도 있었지만.. 어느정도 각자의 시간을 보내는 것도 좋다고 생각해요. 너무 오래만 아니라면🙈 두 언니의 솔로활동 기대할게요😉

A video posted by 2⃣Ryu3️⃣® (@venusgd) on

#Wkorea #Loveyourw #투애니원 #씨엘 #산다라박 위풍당당 💃💃 씨엘 포스🙈🙊👍

A video posted by 세희(吴世喜) (@happyosh0121) on


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Instagram: Dara, CL, W Korea, and Eungkyoung’s IG Updates from W Korea’s “Love Your W” Event

Dara’s updates! <3


With Chaerin after a long time~ >.< with my baby rin 😄 @wkorea #loveyourw #cl#dara


Breast cancer awareness charity event #loveyourw

CL also uploaded a pic from the event with her unnie. ^^


@wkorea #fuckbreastcancer#breastcancerawareness

Here are W Korea and YG Kplus CEO Eunkyoung’s update with our ladies as well.. ^^




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InstaVid: Adorable Dara and CL Wishes Everyone a “Good Day”~!

Awww, Dara and CL forever sweet and cute together! <3

좋은 하루보내세요~ Have a good day!!! 👀😉

A video posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

Have a good day!!! 👀😉


Source: daraxxi

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Photos: 151027 Press Photos of Lovely Dara and CL Attending ‘The 10th Annual W Korea Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign’

DarLin/ ChaeRa couple went to W Korea’s event for breast cancer awareness last night.. ^^ They look so cute together! Kekeke! I’m sure Dara is happy to be with her “Baby Rin” and CL is glad to spend time with her Dara-unnie. ^^ 

Though I am a huge fan of them both, I am not as enthusiastic with their outfits.. XD What do you guys think? ^_^








On October 28, fashion Magazine W Korea held ‘The 10th Annual W Korea Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign’ at Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul.

Held annually in October, which is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, W Korea’s campaign emphasize the need for early detection and improved diagnosis with the slogan ‘Love Your W’. The donations fund free examination, treatment and cure for low-income group.

So far, the donations helped women recover their beauty and health by funding free examination for 5,000 women and breast cancer surgery for 68 of them.

More under the cut~!


News: YG Life~ “Fans are Missing 2NE1 for Hot Summer Season of Girl Groups, YG’s Response ‘Yes'”

Fans are missing 2NE1 for hot summer season of girl groups, YG’s response “Yes”


[스타뉴스=길혜성 기자] This summer stages literally a battle field of Korean girl groups. The season is crowded with hottest girl groups’ come-back such as GIRL’S GENERATION, SISTAR, GIRL’S DAY, APINK, MAMAMOO, 9MUSES, AOA, MINX, STELLAR, SONAMOO, HELLOVENUS. WONDER GIRLS and GFRIEND will soon join the scene.

Each group, true to form, marks a great score on music charts and shows. It cannot possibly be more entertaining for fans.

However, one top girl group, much awaited, is missing: 2NE1 with CL, DARA, BOM and MINZY.

Since their debut hit single “Fire” in 2009, the group has left countless hit songs such as “I Don’t Care,” “I Am The Best,” “Go Away,” “Lonely,” “Ugly,” “Can’t Nobody,” “In The Club,” “I Love You,” “Clap Your Hands,” “Hate You,” “Gotta Be You,” “MTBD,” “If I Were You,” and “Come Back Home” by 2014. 2NE1, born as a hip hop group, covers a wide range of genre such as pop-dance, ballad, electronic, and rock with Teddy, their mentor and one of YG Entertainment’s main producers.

Being a girl group, they also perform songs easy on the ear of those over 30 as their songs are mostly melodic pops.

The group’s performance is also charismatic when they perform on the stage with “Fire” or “I Am The Best,” exuding charm of “strong and independent woman.” They set the tone of their own.

“CRUSH,” the album released last February, is also benefited from the band’s strength as it still maintains the record of ranking 61 on Billboard 200, U.S. main album chart, the highest feat ever for Korean male and female singers combined.

It has been 17 months that the group has not released any new song due to various reasons such as the members’ individual schedule. However, they are still very much missed by fans who recently made a SNS page dedicated to BOM to upload her recent photos.

Starnews asked YG Entertainment about the group’s comeback to which the company responded that they are positively considering presenting a new song by next year at latest.

2NE1, uniquely positioned with their distinctive color, would surely enrich the music scene this summer only if they joined it. This is why we are longing for their return.

Credits: YG-Life


News: YG Life – “Why the Rumors on 2NE1 Break-Up? Anticipation Up for Comeback”

Why the Rumors on 2NE1 Break-Up? Anticipation Up for Comeback


[TV리포트=김예나 기자] Rumors for the break-up of 2NE1 have surfaced. This is the second time since October last year.

As the rumor resurfaced this afternoon, YG Entertainment commented on June 6 that there is no truth to it. The comment was made one hour after the rumor-related article was published.

YG Entertainment initially responded to this by saying that “the rumor is not even worth responding to,” avoiding an immediate and direct comment. This made many believe that the rumor was true.

After much hype, YANG HYUN SUK and personnel from YG Entertainment strongly rejected it by saying, “There is absolutely no truth to the breakup rumors of 2NE1. This is not even worth responding to. We don’t understand where this is coming from. 2NE1 will be back with a new album this year.

This is the second time following the one in October. The rumors were triggered by MINZY deleting her social media accounts and also making an account private. She changed her account name from “minzy21mz” to “minzy_mz”, deleting the “21,” and also changing her introduction to “official 2NE1 minzy” to “official minzy”, again eliminating “2NE1.” When the rumors spread quickly, MINZY changed her Instagram setting from public to private, and retrieved her original ID.

YANG back then commented, “The breakup is not true. BOM is still reflecting on her action and other members are preparing some solos. 2NE1 will come back with a good album.”

But the rumor surfaced once again in June. This time the rumor apparently spread from one personnel from YG. CL goes to the US, DARA will be doing some acting, while MINZY and BOM have no plans yet.

It has already been a year since 2NE1 halted all activities in South Korea. BOM was victimized for the suspicion of drug smuggling last June and she is still reflecting on her action. 2NE1 are carrying out musical activities overseas, and only a limited number of members appear on official stage.

The rumors seem to have resurfaced as there was no imminent comeback for the four divas. They also seem to have been backed up by the fact that 2NE1 did not appear in the recent party of YANG’s launch of the restaurant the “3rd Street Butchers.”

However, YG stepped up once again to reject the rumors. They even hinted a comeback this year. With the rumors resurfacing, it in turn heightens the expectations for the divas’ comeback.

Credits: YG Life

Photos: HQ Scans of Blackjack Nolza Magazine Featuring 2NE1’s Fanclub Event 2014






Source: spice-candy Tumblr

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Instagram+Weibo: Beautiful Dara Shows her Love for “Dr. Pepper” as she Continues to Support CL

Dara’s all out support for CL’s featuring in Diplo’s “Dr. Pepper” ~ Forever supportive and kind and awesome friend, Dara! <3


Good morning


Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper #DOCTORPEPPER 


Source: @daraxxi on Instagram + @daraxxiCN on Weibo

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Twitter: PR Director Dara Shows her Support for CL’s Featuring in “Doctor Pepper”

Fighting CL! Fighting Doctor Pepper!


Looking forward to DOCTOR PEPPER!!!


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: HANNAH@WeLoveDara


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