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Instagram: Togawa Takashi Nylon Japan Editor in Chief shares a photo “2NE1 Three years ago…”



Trans: 2NE1,  three years ago taken in Seoul for the first time. 2NE1 featured in the NYLON JAPAN’s ♪ issue that is release on 7 / 28”

Credits: @togawatakashi


Photos: 140705 Press Pictures of United, Excited 2NE1 at “All Or Nothing in Yokohama” Concert

2NE1!!! It’s so nice to see all the girls united.. And I’m so happy that they are showing their unity and support for each other.. Props to Bommie for standing up on stage and confidently showing her that can’t nobody hold her down. Fighting 2NE1!








Photos: 140628 More HQ Fantaken Pics of Power Performers, 2NE1, at AON in Singapore

More pics, woohoo! <3


This picture is just full of cuteness! <3 Minzy and Dara going all MENBOONG! while CL and Bom are standing there like, “We cool like this.” Kekeke! <3


Haiiiii girls! <3





Photos: HD/HQ Scans of Philippines’ Sparkling Magazine Features 2NE1 for July 2014 Issue ~ “Homecoming Queens!”

Yaaaaayyyyy! Sparkling magazine is finally out and our girls are looking fabulous! <3 The interview and article is completely in English, so enjoy you guys! <3



Here’s their feature article! ^^





Photos+Translations: HQ Scans of Colorful, Lovely 2NE1 for Japan’s Pop Teen Magazine, July Issue

What a colorful feature! ^_^ Hoping for English translations! <3


I like hat/cap so much, so I have different colors.

In the morning, I often beat pots and the members will be awakened.

Q1: What kind of character do you think of yourself?
A1: 2ne1′s PR Department ____ manager. I manage everyone’s schedule. I always carry things such as medicine, tissue and daily necessities. When I’m worried, a mother-like person helps me – Minzy.

Q2: What kind of fashion do you like?
A1: Up and down’s the same, hiphop fashion’s group of primary colors. Alias: Bruce Lee style. (laugh)

Q3: What kind of fashion do you check?
A1: I go shopping. When I came to Japan, I certainly go to Harajuku and Shibuya.

Q4: Is there a thing you’re into nowadays?
A4: Polaroid camera. For this time’s visit in Japan, I bought various kinds of film at Don Quixote. (Don Quixote is a shop in Japan I guess.)

Q5: What kind of music do you like?
A5: Because it became hot recently, latin music; while I exercise …. Shakira’s music….
(The kanji’s not so clear enough for me to read so this one’s a mess ^_^)

Q6:What is the secret to your style?
A6: I think it is important to continue to make an effort everyday.

Q7: What is your way/method of stress reduction?
A7: Shopping

Q8: Please tell everybody a secret you haven’t revealed.
A8: When the concert is finished, I eat ramen at the back of the stage/dressing room. Because I spare salt before the concert, the ramen I eat there is the most delicious.



Credits for translations: itsumisuzune at OhDara’s comments section! <3 Thank you so much! ^_^


Photos: Fierce, Funky 2NE1 Featured in Japan’s Mini Magazine, July Issue

And here’s our girls showing their baddest, fierce selves! Working their CBH black outfits. ^_^







Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: Scans of Colorful, Sunny 2NE1 for Japan’s Pop Teen Magazine, July Issue

The girls are so cute in this magazine feature.. It’s really refreshing to see 2NE1 don colorful outfits. I hope you keep your smiles girls. Find reasons to smile every moment.. Stay strong together! <3








Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Admin Post: WeLoveDara/OhDara Support Park Bom ~ YG Life: “Explanations on Articles Related to Bom”

We know how close the 2NE1 girls are to each other, especially Park Sisters/Double Park, Sandara and Bom. We feel that it is a prudent and right to post YG’s official letter regarding Bom here on OhDara, even though it isn’t directly related to Sandara Park. I hope all our readers support Park Bom as well. She is an essential part of 2NE1, the main vocal who makes 2NE1 the group we know and love now. 2NE1 won’t be 2NE1 without Park Bom, without Lee Chaerin, without Gong Minzy, without Sandara Park. OhDara and WeLoveDara support Park Bom in this. We love fiercely and passionately, but not blindly. The facts are all laid out, all we have to do is to CHOOSE to believe. And we choose to believe in Bom, in 2NE1, in YG Family. Fighting!


Dear readers, this is Yang Hyun Suk.

I am here to give you a brief explanation of the misunderstandings that surfaced last night.

Why is Yang explaining this in writing, instead of announcing the agency’s official stance?

I would like to point out the articles refer to the incident that occurred 4 years ago.

Back then, BOM’s parents paid a private visit to inform me her family had been investigated due to the incident,

And revealed to me for the first time, in private, a shocking incident BOM experienced

in the past along with her medical history.

So until the articles were published, neither YG members nor the members of 2NE1 had the knowledge about the incident.

Thus I thought it was right to explain the incident myself,

as I personally heard the story,

Rather than making an official announcement by the agency that was not informed of the incident earlier.

As the Executive Producer, what are your thoughts on the incident?

I have seen 2NE1 for 9 years since they were trainees.

The last 9 years we spent together tells me that

none of the members smoke… nor do they drink much…

Apart from official events, I have never even seen them go clubbing in private.

That is my knowledge, and I have never heard rumors on these issues either.

And the articles turned BOM, whom I knew for 9 years, into a “drug smuggler” overnight.

I am left aghast and am at a complete loss for words.

Do I need to give an explanation to something that does not make sense? Would that create more trouble?

I had to give it a lot of thought before I reached a conclusion.

For the fans cheering on for 2NE1, who are now in the middle of their World Tour…

And for BOM, who is like a sister to me, who is now labeled a “drug smuggler” overnight,

I could do more than just watch these things happen to her.


Video: 2NE1′s Fun Behind the Scenes Footage During the Making of “CRUSH” PV

The girls are just so so so cute! I really love BTS because I love seeing the girls’ dynamics! CL so cute when she said, “Dara-chan kawaii” and then proceeded to imitate her “Nolza, hey hey nolza!” part! Kekekeke! XD So happy to see the BTS during “rebel schoolgirl” Dara’s part! Woohoo! Bom and her mist are inseparable! How cute are Minzy and CL at the start when Minzy had to bump into CL’s shoulder, kekeke! <3 Our OT4! <3

Making Of 2NE1′s “CRUSH” PV 

Making Of 2NE1′s “CRUSH” PV  (With English Sub)

Credits: Christopher Cutler,@

Photo: 140620 2NE1 During the Special Meet-and-Greet Event at YG Entertainment Building for Blackjacks

I think this is a photo sent to the Blackjacks who were able to attend the event! 




Re-uploaded by: OhDara


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