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Video: YG Family 2014 GALAXY Tour: Power in Shanghai Concert Recap

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
Karl Lagerfeld

Just like this Video, it captures  a moment that Gone forever but never be forgotten and impossible to reproduce

Video:141024 YG Family arriving at Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan

There are 2 press Videos and 1 good Fan Cam of YG family arriving in Taiwan


Press Videos

credits: chueishu chien,樱桃娱乐,東森新聞 CH51

Video: 140502 Short Clip of Dara with 2NE1 and BIGBANG Arriving at Haneda Airport in Japan


Source: maoko_onni

News: YG Family Japan Concert Kicks Off in Success with Collaboration Works



[OSEN=권지영 기자] The Japan Tour of 2014 YG FAMILY Concert kicked off in great success.

On April 12, the 2014 YG FAMILY CONCERT held in Japan’s Osaka Kyocera Dome ended in huge success, joined by 50,000 fans. The concert showcased YG artists including BIGBANG, 2NE1, EPIK HIGH, LEEHI, WINNER and WIN’s TEAM B.

2NE1 opened the concert with their dynamic “CRUSH.” It was followed by their debut song “FIRE” and then the title song of the 2nd full album “COME BACK HOME,” and moved on to sing “GOTTA BE YOU.”

The baton was then handed to the newbie group WINNER. They performed the Japanese version of “GO UP” and their own version of 2NE1’s “MISSING YOU,” firing up the fans.

EPIK HIGH, who was next on stage, left a powerful impression on the local fans by singing “FLY,” “LOVE LOVE LOVE,” and “DON’T HATE ME.”

When BIGBANG appeared on stage, the concert hall was filled with gold color. The members who were joined by 770,000 fans at their Japan’s 6 largest Dome Tour from last year to early this year, looked experienced in communicating with the local fans. They showcased their hit songs like “HARU HARU,” “BLUE,” and “FANTASTIC BABY.”

Performing in Japan for the first time, LEEHI caught the attention of the fans by “ROSE” and “1,2,3,4”.

But the highlight of the concert was the collaboration performances of YG artists. Each work was unique, more than enough to leave the audience in awe.

WINNER and WIN’s TEAM B performed “JUST ANOTHER BOY” together, which was the final mission of the survival program WHO IS NEXT: WIN. G-DRAGON and CL performed “THE BADDEST MALE” and “MTBD” while BIGBANG’s T.O.P, WINNER’s SONG MIN HO and 2NE1’s DARA fired up the stage with a collaborated “DOOM DADA.”

The concert that showcased 40 songs in total gave a dynamic finale with YG’s biggest hit songs including PSY’s “GANGNAM STYLE,” 2NE1’s “GO AWAY” and BIGBANG’s “FANTASTIC BABY.”

The “2014 YG FAMILY CONCERT” will be held again on April 13 at Osaka Kyocera Dome, and will be followed by Tokyo Dome on May 3 and 4. It will expand to Korea, China and other Asian regions, and the concert venues will be announced soon.


Source: YG LIFE


Photos: 140412 Press Photos of 2NE1 and YG Family at YG Family Concert in Osaka

Fierce YG FAMILY! And of course, here are our queens descending from their thrones from up high and riding their badass dancer-motorcycles.. <3



Dara with Epik High is truly epicccc! <3




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Article: KpopStarz – “Yoo In Na Of ‘My Love From The Star’ Discusses Her Run-Ins With Big Bang And 2NE1 In The YG Cafeteria”

Yoo In Na Of ‘My Love From The Star’ Discusses Her Run-Ins With Big Bang And 2NE1 In The YG Cafeteria


It’s not your average cafeteria.

When “My Love From The Star” (also called “You Who Came From The Stars”) actress and radio disc jockey Yoo In Na first joined the talent management division of K-pop powerhouse record label YG Entertainment, she never considered she’d be meeting some of her favorite pop stars, over lunch.

In an interviewconducted from a restaurant near the campus of Seoul’s Hongik University and posted Friday to YG’s website, Yoo explained the surreal experience of running into some of her favorite stars over the label’s legendary in-house traditional Korean cuisine.

“I am a big fan of Big Bang and 2NE1, and I constantly listen to 2NE1’s CD in my car,” she said. “It still feels very strange to see them in the company cafeteria.”

The 31-year-old “My Love From The Star” cast member claims she has felt more comfortable at YG Entertainment recently since the label began representing more actors.

“YG Entertainment used to be a nest for singers, but actors are also joining in, so that gives me great comfort,” Yoo said.

She also discussed her friendship with 2NE1 member Sandara Park.

“Although we don’t meet up much, I became really good friends with Sandara Park [since signing with YG Entertainment],” Yoo said.

“People think of her as being quirky, but she also has lots of other sides to her personality. Of course, she does also like to make people laugh.”

And the actress also opened up about her close relationship with solo singer IU.

“We are really close friends,” she said.

“I’m nine years older, but generational gap doesn’t exist between us. She sometimes seems more mature than I am. When I feel down, she comes to me and comforts me and gives me presents. While I’m DJing, she shows up unexpectedly to cheer me on and sometimes gives gifts for my manager to hand to me.”


Source: Kpopstarz

Article: Allkpop – “Yoo In Na Confesses Even She Gets Starstruck by Her Labelmates BIGBANG and 2NE1″

Yoo In Na confesses even she gets starstruck by her labelmates Big Bang and 2NE1


Yoo In Na confessed she gets starstruck at her YG Entertainment labelmates Big Bangand 2NE1 as a fan.

During a recent interview with Ilgan Sports, when asked if she meets up with her labelmates often, Yoo In Na shared, “Since we all have a lot of schedules, it isn’t easy for us to meet up. I like Big Bang and 2NE1 as a fan. I am repeatedly listening to 2NE1’s CD in the car these days. If I happen to meet up with the members at the YG cafeteria, I get amazed. YG used to be mainly a singer agency but our count of actors have increased these days so it gives me strength. Although we can’t meet often, I became close friends with Dara. Everyone knows Dara as a ‘4D girl’ but she also has a side of her that isn’t like that at all. She just has a lot of determination when it comes to variety shows.”

Yoo In Na also revealed how often she talks with her CEO Yang Hyun Suk“I don’t think I’ve had a lot of opportunities to meet and talk with [Yang Hyun Suk] as much as I thought. He does call me once in a while. He starts the conversation, saying, ‘What are you up to these days?’. Even though he obviously knows that I am filming a drama. He advises me to work hard and well which gives me strength.”


Source: Allkpop

Interview: Yoo In Na Admits She’s a Big Fan of BIGBANG and 2NE1



[일간스포츠 정지원·김진석] You can find Yoo In Na (32) in most hit Korean soap operas. She first made her debut in “Unstoppable High Kick!” and later appeared in “Secret Garden,” and “The Greatest Love.” All the pieces that she took part in had high viewing rates and were popular. Yoo In Na didn’t play big roles in all of the dramas. But, she did her best in her role, whether big or small, and added a special touch to the drama. She said, “I didn’t try to be greedy in selecting roles. I just chose roles that I could play well.”

Many people in the media want to work with her. As all of the dramas that she was in was a success, she is also called “an actor who brings good luck.” Recently, her latest soap opera “My Love from the Star” of SBS was also a great success. Yoo In Na played Yu Se-mi, the rival of the female leading character Jeon Ji-hyun. Yoo In Na is also the new MC of “Get It Beauty 2014” in On Style channel, with which she broadened her sphere. For the last 4 years, she has been working as a DJ in the radio program “Turn Up the Volume.” Her experience as DJ can now be found in TV, as well, which all indicate to Yoo In Na’s various talents.

The Drunk Talk with Yoo In Na was conducted in an indoor snack bar near Hong-ik University. The reporter had met with Yoo In Na several times before, but it was the first time to have a drink with her. In the comfortable atmosphere, it was easier to see what kind of person Yoo In Na was. It was hard to see any mean traits in her as shown in some of her soap opera roles. The following is the interview with Yoo In Na, who laughed constantly throughout the interview.

-Do you often meet with other celebrities in the YG Entertainment?

“As each one of us is busy, it is not so easy to gather together. I am a big fan of Big Bang and 2NE1, and I constantly listen to 2NE1’s CD in my car. It still feels very strange to see them in the company cafeteria (laughter). YG Entertainment used to be a nest for singers, but actors are also joining in, so it gives me much comfort. Although we don’t meet much, I became really good friends with Sandara Park. People think about her as being quirky, but she also has other sides. She also likes to make people laugh.”

-How often do you meet with the CEO, Yang Hyun-suk?

“It’s quite less than you think. Sometimes he calls me and asks what I’m doing, though he knew at that time very well that I was doing a drama. He encourages me and gives me power.”

Click here full the full interview!

*Omitted unrelated parts


Source: YG Life

Photo: 140218 2NE1’s Flower Wreath on BIGBANG’s Fanmeeting in Yokohama Japan


Source: @ilovegd21

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


Video: Fancam of BIGBANG, Dara and Minzy at Klive Hall

Bigbang and 2ne1 at KLIVE




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