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Photo: 140321 Stylish Dara, Bom, and Minzy at Incheon Airport Headed for Hong Kong for “All Or Nothing” In HK!

Oohhh, our girls are showing their fierce, individual, and unique fashion! Dara in her casual over-sized 2NE1 tee, with camouflage skinny jeans, paired with beige Rick Owen shoes, topped with a black and white beanie, and (if I’m not mistaken) a J.Estina bag.. ^^ Bom went sexy with her fitted black, long-sleeved top, short shorts, and printed tights, with a gold and black shoulder bag. Minzy went comfy and casual with her perky pony tail, black denim jacket over simple white shirt, black textured leather pants, black handbag, and cute yet stylish black pumps! Our girls are really making the airport their own fashion runway! <3



Source: As Tagged via Nate

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Twitter: 131104 Fantaken Pics of Gold and Brown Dara at the Airport Headed for London

Dara looks great! She looked a bit tired in some of the pics, but she managed to smile brightly for the fans! ^^ She’s wearing Saint Laurent Wool Duffle Coat, priced at $ 2,950.00.. ^^

BYMMNikCAAAjgaW.jpg large

BYMLBozCcAAm69K.jpg large

BYMVr3yCEAEuyAI.jpg large

BYMLuM4CEAAcgeK.jpg large

BYML-N8CAAAVwAh.jpg large

BYMMFMzCIAEf-7l.jpg large


Sources: @ohmygoddessDARA @seo0928

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Photos: 131002 Fantaken Pics of Radiantly Glowing Dara at the Airport Coming Home from China

Dara is glowing. T_T And she’s shining radiantly like the sun! I never thought I’d love pink more than I already do, but of course, Dara has to prove me wrong. XDDD






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Photos: 1301001 Pink Goddess Dara Arrives Smiling and Waving in China~ Acknowledges Sandara Bar for their Efforts!

And the goddess has landed! <3 Baidu Sandara bar, Oh! My Dara, worked really hard and put in a lot of effort into their greeting project for Dara at the airport! They went all out with the huge banners, hand-held banners, and fans! ^_^ Pinky, one of the admins, said that Dara saw, smiled, and waved a lot at the fans near the Dara Bar area, she even took some fans and banners! Our cute, adorable, appreciative goddess. ^^







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Photos: 130825 HQ, Fantaken Pics of Beautiful, Bright Dara Arriving at Korea After Successful A-nation Performances in Japan

Dara, Dara, bright Dara! <3





Source: @SuperBoyKlite @DCGaeBurrowCL

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Photos: 130823 Fantaken Pics of Dara, CL, and Minzy at the Airport Headed for Japan for A-Nation Osaka

Our Dara brought her guitar with her! Ssancoustic! <3 I am happy she’s spending more time practicing her guitar skills. ^_^ And it looks like Bommie didn’t go with them… Maybe she overslept again? ^_^

BSUMzOxCAAAR7uI.jpg large


BSUOnrwCYAABMRj.jpg large

BSUAzv1CQAAI1tS.jpg large

Wonder what they saw that made them look so shocked? Kekeke! ^^

BSUNRGwCYAMasjG.jpg large

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Photos: 130802 Fantaken Pics of Pretty, Cute “Oreo” Dara at the Airport Back to Seoul from Jeju

Cute Oreo sweater! From Skittles to Oreo! <3 Nom nom nom! XD I wonder how many food-related sweaters Dara has? ^^ And ack, doesn’t she look good in blue? Matches so well with her blonde hair. ^^ Her roots are starting to show already though. XD


BQpzgwACEAEJy11.jpg large

BQpYQcnCMAEK4gh.jpg large

BQpZPP6CIAAvBBE.jpg large

BQpa2gkCAAISk8Q.jpg large

BQpzWXvCIAEM5-i.jpg large


Photos: 130713 Press Pics of Fresh, Fashionistas 2NE1 at Shanghai Airport Going Back Home to Korea

Fashionista 2NE1 at Shanghai airport after performing for YPOP, going back to Korea! Our fearsome foursome show off their distinct colors as they go home to Korea from Shanghai! <3 And yes, this happened two weeks ago and I don’t have an idea why Korean press just updated with them just now. XDDD20130801_1375314135_22560600_1




Source: TV report Via Naver

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Feature: 1st Look Celeb Choice – Kpop Airport Fashion (Dara at Number 5, Thunder at Number 1)

Kpop Stars Airport Fashion

Hallyu wave is steadily increasing nowadays, and in fact, more and more K-Pop acts’ visits to other countries is increasing as well. Who are the winners of airport fashion that reminds us of walking the runway?




Airport fashion featuring colorful girl group idols make headlines in the media everyday! When they go for foreign schedules, these girls pull out the stops and their primary weapons are their flawless legs and their inherent fashion sense that make hot summer sizzle with their cool fashion style. Airport fashion terminator 2NE1 Sandara Park’s choice? Just big bags and colorful sneakers! She completes her own fashion statement by pairing up her simple black-and-white look with a unique knapsack and lemon yellow sneakers. 

1 Yuri

2 Sooyeon

3 Taeyeon

4 Hyuna

5 Black beanie paired with black Chrome Hearts shirt and a backpack slung over one shoulder, Sandara Park completes her hip-hop fashion


49th_celebsPick_0021BOYS BE AMBITIOUS – Dara’s brother, MBLAQ’s Thunder at number 1!


Source: 1st Look Korea

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

T/N: Non-relevant parts omitted.


News: 2NE1 Feels the Pressure to Dress Better at Airports

2NE1 Feels the Pressure to Dress Better at Airports


2NE1’s CL and Sandara Park confessed that they sometimes feel the pressure of the “airport fashion” trend.

2NE1 was the special guest of the radio program “2 O’Clock Escape Cult Show” on July 15  On the “yes or no” quiz segment, the members were asked whether they felt pressured by the standards of “airport fashion

Both Park Bom and Minzy replied no. CL on the other hand, explained “After going through an earthquake in Japan, I didn’t get a chance to worry about it But I’m pretty concerned now that you mention it.”

Sandara also confessed “I used to like wearing simple, but a fan left me a comment one day: ‘Noona you should put some thought into it too.’ The thing is the whole outfit that day had a pretty big price tag, but I guess the concept was too hobo

Minzy, who had said she wasn’t concerned revealed her habit of preparing the night before. “I complete the look right before I go to sleep  That’s why I never worry about it.”

The two DJ’s responded that they never have to worry since no one is there to take pictures of them drawing great laughter from the crowd.




Source: Hi! Kpop


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