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Photos: 140410 HQ Press Photos of 2NE1′s Press Conference for “All Or Nothing” In Shanghai

Pretty media pics! <3






Twitter: Dara Takes Some Time Off from her Busy Schedule to do Some Shopping ~ “Awesome and Cute” Shoes

The shoes look super awesome! I bet they’re super expensive as well. XDDD So nice of Dara to take time to do something enjoyable even while being super busy.. It’s a good way to balance oneself.. ^_^



After doing the press conference yesterday, I went to do some shopping at Shanghai Adidas shop  ㅋㅋㅋ Awesome and pretty, right?! +.+ Even while busy, I still enjoy a whirlwind of fast shopping >.< Let’s all play well at the Shanghai concert today ^0^ Shanghai is all in


Source: @krung21

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Photos: 140410 Colorful 2NE1 at Adidas Event / Press Conference in Shanghai, China

Our girls look so colorful! <3  They do look a bit tired though, I hope they get to rest well for their concert tomorrow! Fighting! <3






More pics after the cut!


Photos: 130504 Unseen Fantaken Pics of Dara at “Adidas Unite All Originals” with Snoop Dogg

2038663403_dbf68337_IMG_4585 2038663403_12302d53_IMG_4114 2038663403_8821fd7f_IMG_4286


Photos: 130504 Unseen Fantaken Pics of 2NE1 at “Adidas Unite All Originals” with Snoop Dogg

2038663403_2e1756fe_IMG_4405 2038663403_2c824d40_IMG_4137 2038663403_72dc6218_IMG_4151 2038663403_8912ec8b_IMG_4156

More pictures after the cut! (more…)

Feature: Fuse TV’s “Model Behavior: 37 Musicians in Fashion Campaigns” ~ 2NE1 At Number 3!

Model Behavior: 37 Musicians in Fashion Campaigns

Music and fashion operate so closely to each other, there are bound to be collisions. Fortunately, the consequences are usually awesome. From pop divas to rock stars, from high fashion to sportswear- these ads are what happens when musician becomes muse.




Not only did the K-Pop cuties star in their own campaign for adidas Originals, they also collaborated with designer/2NE1 fan Jeremy Scott to design a limited edition pair of sneakers for the brand in 2012, and teamed up with them again in Fall 2013.

Note: 2NE1 was mentioned at number 3, and SNSD and


Source: Fuse TV
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Instagram: Dara Shares a Picture of Adidas Shoes by Stan Smith ~ “2NE1 is all in”

Yay! The girls are still endorsing Adidas! SO so so happy! <3


2NE1 is all in #adidas #StanSmith


Source: daraxxi

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News: YG’s Musicians Reveal Special Sneakers Received from World-famous Designer

YG’s Musicians Reveal Special Sneakers Received from World-famous Designer

ro x adidas

[by Cho Suyoun] G-Dragon, Taeyang, Sandara and CL recently told that they received special sneakers from top designer Rick Owens.

On January 25, Bigbang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang posted a photo of sneakers on their own Instagram, revealing that they received sneakers from ‘Rickowens x adidas’ as a gift.

On the same day, 2NE1’s Sandara and CL also posted photos of them in those same sneakers on their Instagram, along with a message that they specially received from rickowens x adidas.

World-famous designer Rick Owens is known to love activities and workout very much so he recently collaborated with shoes brand adidas for 2014 S/S collection. Thus, what these four YG Entertainment stars received are unique running shoes that Rick Owens designed with adidas.

The same shoes were released in Korea and around the world on January 15 in stores. (photo by Sandara, CL, G-Dragon, Taeyang’s Instagram)


Source: Yahoo! OMG Philippines

Instagram: RickOwens Store at Seoul shares a pic of DARA

Sandara of 2ne1 at Rick Owens Dosan FSS🙏#RickOwens #sandarapark #sandara #2ne1 #adidas#14ss


Credit: rickowensstoreseoul

Photo: Gangster 2NE1 on the Cover of Hongkong Magazine

2NE1 on the cover of a Hongkong magazine, Ketchup!

2ne1 x adidas


Source: @sgbjcrew + Marssss____

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