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News: 2NE1’s Dara astonishes fans with bold haircut

2NE1’s Dara surprised her fans yesterday by appearing at the “2010 Melon Awards” with a stylish bob.

After the event, she uploaded a photo of herself with minimal makeup and her hair tied up into an ‘apple’ style. Along with the picture, she wrote, “Dara has reborn from 2NE1’s cutie vocal to 2NE1’s cold city girl! But where is the sexiness and coldness…? Dun dun! I’ve become a little elementary school girl!ㅠ On broadcast, I’m at least wearing make up.. but I forgot that I’m usually not wearing make upㅠ What do I do? Fighting! But… it’s not weird, right..? It’s okay? ^^;

Netizens responded, “She’s so young for her age,” “It’s alright,” “You look like a baby now,” and “I can see Gil Ra-Im (Ha Ji Won) in you.”

Source: OSEN via Nate

credits: allkpop


Videos:[fancams] 2NE1 at Hyundai Super Star Concert

Fire + Go Away

Talk + Clap Your Hands + Can’t Nobody

I Don’t Care

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bonus… dorky park sisters

Me2day: Good Morning!

source: Dara’s me2day

Good morning?!? ^^ It’s cold, it’s cold!!!!!!!!!!!! I came out and it’s frozen solid!!! I picked last year’s birthday gift of a padded jacket from Thunder!ㅋ Look out for the red carpet today! Last year, I courageously worse clothes that left me cold…remember? Well, it’s cold again today! Fighting!!!ㅠㅠㅋ (Translated by: aa-chan)

Photos: Dara HQ Screencaps from 2NE1’s “Don’t Stop the Music” MV

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caps by pinkyasumi :)

Me2day: Preparing real hard for the concert

update 1:

source: dara’s me2day

wassup! just came back from macau and we immediately started preparing for the concert that’s why I’m not my right mind now. we’re practicing really hard. now that i think about it, we really don’t know how to express ourselves except singing, seems really hard. ke so we, for this concert will show you a really enjoyable performance!^^ we are always so grateful to you guys!

(Translated by: winggers@DGH)

update 2:

source: dara’s me2day

jjan! what is this~?~?!?these are the songs we’re going to sing in the concert. I am daring, am i ! we cant just show you our usual performance can we! and also this is yg’s family concert too~? hehe there are just a few days till the concert so were doing last minute practice! everyone’s dark circle are ~hwak coming out TT but im still excited…^_^ kyak!

(Translated by: winggers@DGH)

와이지 패밀리 단체 밴드연습중.. 찰칵!^.^ 선배님들과 함께 연습해보니까 배울것도 많고 정말 다들 너무너무 재밌어서 ㅋㅋ 연습하는 내내 빵빵 터지는거같아요 ㅋ 너무 웃어서 배아플정도로 ㅋ 다들 너무 잘하구~! 아 기대되요!!! 기대하세용!^.^v 굿밤!!!

YG Family’s gathering practice session *click* practicing with the seonbaenims helps me learn alot and it was really really fun.keke we were enjoying ourselves so much ke we were laughing so much our my stomach is hurting ke everybody did well~! have expectiations! please expd;ect a good performance!^.^ good night!

(Translated by: winggers@DGH)


Se7en’s UPDATE ( featuring Dara’s back LoL! )

source: Se7en's me2day

콘서트를 위해 열씨미 열창중인 둘!!! 누굴까용!?^^ 이번주 토욜 일욜!! YG FAM CONCERT 마니마니 와주숑숑숑구리당당슝당당~ 아 나 머래 ㅋㅋ

We’re working hard for the concert!!! Who is this!?^^ You’ll see this Saturday!! I hope lots and lots of fans make it to the concert~ Ah, my head ㅋㅋ


Photos: Dara Attends “Finding Mr. Destiny” Movie Premiere

credit: as tagged

Photos: DARA at NonSanShi Youth Event (20101122)

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Me2day: Minkki Updates with Dara Pics

source: minji’s me2day

hello! minji’s awesome night! today i was late too sorry TT TT recently we’ve (2ne1) been practicing for fam concert! today we had band practice! first dara’s excitement before band practice! (Translated by: winggers@DGH)

source: minji’s me2day

third- dara pouting for preparation to sing! (Translated by: winggers@DGH)

source: minji’s me2day

fourth-now lets practice properly! ah ah ah- mic testing! (Translated by: winggers@DGH)

Me2day: Band Practice


We’re practicing for the YG Concert now… First night of band practice..^.^ Ah! (Translations by:


cr: mnzj@yt

캬… 콘서트는 역쉬 라이브지!!! 방송무대와는 또 다르게! 라이브 밴드와 함께하는 무대~!!! 궁금하죠 궁금하죠 궁금하죠~?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! 조금만 둘려줄게요!!! 아주 조금만! ^.^

Kya… Live concert!!! It’s going to be different on stage! A live band will be performing with us~!!! Anxious, anxious anxious~?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! It’ll get better!!! A little better!^.^ (Translations by:


cr: mnzj@yt

아름다운 밤입니다!!!^_^ 신나게~! 마무리하고 지금은 열심히 안무연습중!!! 새로운 모습 보야주기 위해서 다들 특별무대 준비하고있지요! 누가 누구와? 어떤 노래를? 어떡게?! 부를지..ㅋㅋ 너무 궁금한데용! 연습모습은 꽁작가의 깨알같은밤~에서 공개됩니다!굿밤!^.^

It’s a beautiful night!!!^_^ I’m delighted~! Just finishing choreography practice!!! Practicing in order to perfect our new steps for the stage! Who with? Which song? How? Calling..ㅋㅋ Really anxious! Will release more~ later! Good night!^.^ (Translations by:


source: dara’s me2day


Thanks to pinkyasumi :)



Me2day: [video] Thank You!

source: dara’s me2day

thank you for giving 2ne1 ‘s first official album so much love! today is the last broadcasting pity but ill we will do our best! fighting! ah! today minji photographer/artist is going to reveal our waiting room so watch out for it please! gong photogapher/artist take photos well!!!kekke ah now lets go onstage gogogo~!*

(Translated by: winggers@ DGH)

credit: The21BANGSTV




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