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Photos: 140807 Dara Poses with Friends and Celebrities During Lydia’s Show in the Philippines


Dara,Bernard (Producer of the Show),Marshall,Young Monster,Lydia




Ryan and Dara


Jacob and Dara


Dasuri and Dara


Yeng,Dara andChristian







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Article: AllKPop ~ “Dara looks gorgeous in her new photoshoot for ‘Clio’! “

Dara looks gorgeous in her new photoshoot for ‘Clio’!

March 1, 2014 @ 10:42 pm

 Dara posed like a goddess for her new ‘Clio‘ endorsement!

She brought us ‘Clio’s ‘Gelpresso Waterproof Upper Liner‘ brand, teaching us how to use it by first lining the eyes with black and then adding a line of the color on top of it. According to Dara, it makes your eyes sharper and brings out the color line more. 
She showcases the pastel blue and pastel purple, and a bright, reddish pink. Check out the video above!


Source: AllkPop



Me2day: [Updated] See You At “The Party”

source: dara’s me2day

Translation: How are you everybody? This is Sandara! See you again in the Phils!!! Finally! Yehey! June 4! Let’s Go party!

Me2day: Dara In The Pool

source: dara’s me2day

Credits: As Tagged

Video: [W/ Translations] Dara on MYX Philippines


Thanks to WeLoveDara @ Twitter :)


Me2day: Dara likes her YGFAMILY_2NE1 winter jacket

Update 2:

source: dara’s me2day

jjang! i like it! (Translated by: winggers@DGH)

Update 1:

source: dara’s me2day

recently its really cold espeically when we ahve schedules, the padding that i always need! if you get inside its warmer!^.^ i like it~! (Translated by: winggers@DGH)


Me2day: The Me2day Queen Is Back!

update 5:

그리고 산다라박 패러디하는 투애니원 매니쟈 손모씨!ㅋㅋㅋ 막뛰드 모델이래요ㅋ손엔 연필대신 소세지!ㅋ 에뛰드 vs 막뛰드! 여러분의 선택은? 꽈연~!?!?!?ㅋㅋㅋ

and sandara park’s parodying- 2ne1’s maanger hand gesture? mak-tude model! instead of a pen , hes holding a sausage!ke etude vs mak tude! what would everyone chose? the result?!? kekeke (Translations by: winggers@DGH)

update 4:

깜찍한 에뛰드걸 산다라박!!! ^.^

cute etude girl sandara park ^.^ (Translations by: inimeg@DGH)


Me2day: Have A Wonderful Sunday!

wassup!^.^ wonderful sunday??? im sooooooo~ resting right now *sob sob* TT now the holidays are going to end soon and were going to be busy again !TT while ive been resting ive been addicted to this game keke fashion world!ke its interesting!Ke

(Translated by: winggers@DGH)

Photos/Videos:[fantaken] 2NE1 in Thailand

credits: as tagged + baidu sandara bar

Thanks to MD555MAG and daphne for the tip :)

credit: superart055@yt

credit: superart055@yt

Me2day: Come On! Join YG Audition!

source: dara’s me2day

dooddoong! finally yf audition is taking place!!! you’ve waited for a long time right? those who want to sing~those who want to join the yg family come on! when you go for the audition you have to be ggang~ have confidence and just have fun! dont be nervous and do it from your heart! what you show is the most critical! please come for the challenge! fighting!^.^ (Translated by: winggers@DGH)

alternate translations

du dong! (sound effect) yg audition opening!!! did you guys wait alot for this? if you want to sing~ or if you want to be yg familiy come one! ^.^ when you audtion you should enjoy yourself ! dont be nervous show us your talent, most important thing is the your willingness to do it ! everyone challenge yourself! fighing ^.^ (Translated by: 김아리@DGH)


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