Fans are missing 2NE1 for hot summer season of girl groups, YG’s response “Yes”


[스타뉴스=길혜성 기자] This summer stages literally a battle field of Korean girl groups. The season is crowded with hottest girl groups’ come-back such as GIRL’S GENERATION, SISTAR, GIRL’S DAY, APINK, MAMAMOO, 9MUSES, AOA, MINX, STELLAR, SONAMOO, HELLOVENUS. WONDER GIRLS and GFRIEND will soon join the scene.

Each group, true to form, marks a great score on music charts and shows. It cannot possibly be more entertaining for fans.

However, one top girl group, much awaited, is missing: 2NE1 with CL, DARA, BOM and MINZY.

Since their debut hit single “Fire” in 2009, the group has left countless hit songs such as “I Don’t Care,” “I Am The Best,” “Go Away,” “Lonely,” “Ugly,” “Can’t Nobody,” “In The Club,” “I Love You,” “Clap Your Hands,” “Hate You,” “Gotta Be You,” “MTBD,” “If I Were You,” and “Come Back Home” by 2014. 2NE1, born as a hip hop group, covers a wide range of genre such as pop-dance, ballad, electronic, and rock with Teddy, their mentor and one of YG Entertainment’s main producers.

Being a girl group, they also perform songs easy on the ear of those over 30 as their songs are mostly melodic pops.

The group’s performance is also charismatic when they perform on the stage with “Fire” or “I Am The Best,” exuding charm of “strong and independent woman.” They set the tone of their own.

“CRUSH,” the album released last February, is also benefited from the band’s strength as it still maintains the record of ranking 61 on Billboard 200, U.S. main album chart, the highest feat ever for Korean male and female singers combined.

It has been 17 months that the group has not released any new song due to various reasons such as the members’ individual schedule. However, they are still very much missed by fans who recently made a SNS page dedicated to BOM to upload her recent photos.

Starnews asked YG Entertainment about the group’s comeback to which the company responded that they are positively considering presenting a new song by next year at latest.

2NE1, uniquely positioned with their distinctive color, would surely enrich the music scene this summer only if they joined it. This is why we are longing for their return.

Credits: YG-Life

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Ooohhhh Dara did an awesome job with CYH! ^_^ Her tempo is good. ^^ She needed to slow down for “Tell Me Where It Hurts” though keke! But she was on beat! ^_^ Fighting Da-rummer~! <3

#2ne1 #박수쳐 새로 배우는중 🙈 fire ✔️ it hurts ✔️ next~~~ #ClapYourHands gogogo!!!

A video posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

#2ne1 #박수쳐 새로 배우는중 🙈 fire ✔️ it hurts ✔️ next~~~#ClapYourHands gogogo!!!

Originally, this particular song has no drums because it’s an acoustic song, but I still tried my best to give it a drumbeat because this is one of my favorite songs and I wanted to play it ^^ This song is really so nice~ I wish you all have a week as sweet as this song. ☺️#mymp #tellmewhereithurts walang drum beat sa kantang ito pero nagtry lang ako dahil fav na fav ko itong kanta na ito. Ok ba? 😊 (This song has no drum beat, but I still tried because this song is my favorite. Is it okay?)

Juris, the singer for MYMP commented on her Instagram! MYMP’s version of “Tell Me Where It Hurts” is Dara’s favorite.. ^^


Nice one Dara @daraxxi I hope you got my message earlier though, hehe.. Take care always :) I was shocked because my account in IG had a lot of tags hehe



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Dara is tearing through magazines! <3 I am loving this! The camera indeed loves her so much and I cannot wait to see what Cosmopolitan has in store for us! <3 FIGHTING! I can’t wait to see this! <3


Cosmo met #SandaraPark ! Her loveliness aided by #Dior’s #newaddictlipstick 💋 makes hearts pound ❤️ #2ne1 #sandara #goddess #raspberrycolor #976_Dior #SeeYouAgainSandara


Not a doll #sandarapark #2ne1 #dior #beautyphotoshoot #Cosmopolitan15thAnniversaryPhotoShoot #InstaSize


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Wow, I wonder what concerns they had for WBU? Kekeke! But I’m glad that it went super well and that it exceeded expectations.. <3 Looking forward to Dara working with YGKplus more! <3


With these people who worked hard for “We Broke Up”
The main actors~ ^^
#SandaraPark #KangSeunghyun #kangSeungyoon
#Missing Jang Kiyong who couldn’t be here unfortunately~~


There were some concerns about web drama “We Broke Up” but it exceeded expectations with more than 7 million views upon its ending
Watching the final broadcast
We’re all very grateful along with all the staff and cast~
We will work together again as soon as we can, please look forward to it…


Source: eunkyoung_ko

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So so so preetyyyyyy!!! Model force.. <3


Hello Everybody



Source: daraxxicn

Re-uploaded by: Oh-Dara


Directors, writers, actors, staff, all the cameos, and even to all the people who couldn’t attend, thank you. I hope we can meet again someday in a good place 🙏🏼 #webdrama #WeBrokeUp



#WeBrokeUp #FarewellParty #SamgeoriButchers


#InstaSize #WeBrokeUp


#WeBrokeUp thank you all so much!!🙌🙌🙌🙌  Really lovely working with these people! We Broke Up team!!


#WeBrokeUp #Directors #SandaraPark #dizzydizzy


#WeBrokeUp #FarewellParty #SandaraPark #Hongdae


Hello~Noh Woori.
Thank you so so so much
Dara-noona 😆


We didn’t break up!


Sources: 01.23_ + khy5578 + ebeomkyu + charliekim1002 +  + whatthebsp + dbdnfka

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We’re sad to see you guys go, but KUDOS to the entire team~!!! You guys worked hard and it all paid off, “We Broke Up” was an awesome web drama that we are all so proud of! <3

With our cute maknae, Kyu Ho~ Shim Hoon’s voice is totally cool, right? >.<


With our WBU Team’s atmosphere maker, Beom Kyu aka Hyun Dong, who is always so full of energy!!! 👍 Thank you very much~^^ But I wasn’t even able to take a normal photo with Hyun Dong  ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋ


These totally charming girls who I like for their awesome-cute personalities~~~~ Hyoni and Se-Young!!! >.< Nina&Woori&Jimin the We Broke Up friends~!!! ㅎㅎㅎ


Director Yong-Wang~ Director Ki-Yoon~ Won-Youngie, Hyun Dongie, Nina, and Cha-Sajangnim who no one can see ㅋㅋㅋ In addition to the actors who worked hard, there are also the staff who suffered a lot and worked really hard as well!!! And to everyone who watched We Broke Up a lot, thank you. Bow  (__) 👏👏👏😀


Pose like a model!!! ✌️ 😁


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Awwww, Dara, we will miss Noh Woori! However, we are also looking forward to the next character you’ll play.. <311352896_868989286510837_233130993_n

Our staff who had a special appearance during the busking scene~ On the right, you can find my manager, Seungyoon’s manager and so on ~ ㅋㅋㅋThe last broadcast is today!!! 😭


Goodbye No woori~~~!!! 😭


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Sandara Park, Kang Seung-yoon to go busking

2015063001003526000255611_99_20150630214536 (1)

Kang Seung-yoon and Sandara Park, the stars of CJ E&M Web drama “We Broke Up,” plan to go busking in the Hongdae area in Seoul, a trendy and youthful area filled with cafes and clubs.

Last month, they pledged to perform on the streets if their drama hit 5 million views. It had already reached 7.5 million views this week, according to the production crew Thursday.

The drama based on the animated Web series of the same name features the story of a college campus couple who have broken up, but are forced to live under the same roof.

Both have singing careers. Kang is a key member of K-pop boy group WINNER, while Park became known from K-pop girl group 2NE1.

“We broke up” has aired Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 p.m. on Naver TV Cast and is set to conclude this Friday.

Source: KPopHerald

On borrowed computer time, so sorry this was posted late.. T_T Anyway, OMG IT HAS FINALLY ENDED! I am sad to see NOh Woori and Ji Won Young and the rest of the characters go to be honest.. T_T “We Broke Up” was a great and compelling drama, I just wished it was longer so we could see more character and plot development.. T_T Anyway, so here’s the last episode! I won’t spoil anything, but please do share your thoughts in the comments section! I know that a lot are confused about the ending, it is sooo open-ended I can’t even kekeke.. XD What do you think of the ending? How do you interpret it? Share your thoughts below!!! ^^

우리 헤어졌어요 (WE BROKE UP) – EP10 “Again It’s Spring”

We Broke Up
Translated by don093

(Kang Seung Yoon)
Where is your smile that used to shine on me always?
Where is your warmth that used to embrace my body?
You, who used to say “I’m Happy” to me with your pretty voice…
Without me knowing, the fragile girl I knew is not here anymore…
The fact that you were hurting because of me…
It’s too late knowing and regretting that now…
Love that I thought would last forever and
The promise we made not to let go of each other’s hands…
Crumbles without strength in front of the farewell that came quietly…
That’s right, we broke up today

(Sandara Park)
Where is your gaze that looked at me lovingly?
I missed your embrace that you lent me whenever I cried…
Where are you, who promised me you’ll make me happy…
The warm man I used to know isn’t here anymore…
The fact that you made me lonely Don’t forget that now, it’s too late…
Love that you said would last forever
And your hand that held me tightly…
Crumbles without strength in front of my heart that you hurt.
That’s right, we broke up today…

I was always really sorry…

I really loved you…

(Dara and Yoonie)
The love we thought would last forever and
The delusion we dismissed
Crumbles without strength in front of the farewell that came quietly…
That’s right, we broke up today…

Lalalala lalala (2x)



Credits: YGEntertainment


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