Beautiful Dara is beautiful.. Seriously.. Gorgeous actress vibe! ^^

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Sandara Park is not just 2NE1’s Dara, instead it was actress “Sandara Park” who was in the photoshoot for STAGE. Sandara Park has a cute and lively image as 2NE1’s Dara, but now she is showing another side of herself, this time actress Sandara Park makes an appearance. After successfully completing the web dramas “Dr. Ian” and “We Broke Up” recently, there is a lot of expectation about what else she would show as an actress in the future. 



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Dara, Dara bright and gorgeous Dara! <3 Actress Dara for the win!11850059_1472514279739679_1224229668_n



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That looks so yummy Dara! T_T For someone who had increasingly cold meals the entire weekend, your food tray looks so good! ^_^


Uwahhh! Today’s cafeteria menu is Meatball Spaghetti!!! 🍝 I’ll eat well ~ Slurp, slurp~ 



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Taken during the Cosmopolitan shoot.. ^^


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So basically, YG Stage is YGE’s special platform for their actors and actresses.. 






She looks so so so gorgeous and I just want to cry happy tears.. TT______________TT Our actress Dara in bloom!!! <3



Her profile on the website:

Park Sandara: As one of 2NE1’s vocals, her radiant and diverse charms earn her a lot of love. Sandara Park has received the nickname of 2NE1’s Public Relations Director, due to her constant communications and active updates for the fans; her charming and refreshing image also garners many love calls for various CFs.


Check out YG Stage’s website! 

More under the cut!

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Gorgeous, gorgeous Sandara Park! <3 Looking oh so pretty and youthful and fresh in her outfit and of course her radiant smile! <3 We will surely miss Noh Woori! We can’t wait to meet your next character! <3








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Baby Face Representative: Sandara Park!


This is the first time we’ve met again since last year. How have you been doing since that time?
Last summer, I was busy shooting a web drama <We Broke Up>

You must have worked hard. Compared to making music, acting as the main female lead must have taken more empahty and emotions. How was the atmosphere during filming?
The drama’s plot revolves around a pair of ex-lovers, who still live in the same house even though they’ve broken up. I really enjoyed the filming though I haven’t experienced it first hand. Although I was a the most senior, the characters were around the same age, so during the shooting we all acted like we were all the same age so there was a bit of confusion between real-life and acting already, but the atmosphere is great. Of course, after the filming we all became close.
2You also made a cameo appearance in the drama <Producers>.
Although the character I played was a total 180 degrees from the characters I usually play, it was really fun to act out a totally different role. Haha. We filmed together with Cha Tae-Hyun and Gong Hyo-Jin sunbae-nims, so I was really nervous.

Is there a special concern that you mind now as an actor that you didn’t as a singer?
There is of course, and that’s my skin. Nowadays, TV picture quality is really great, so unlike a singer, I learned that I just can’t wear a bolder style of make-up. Making my skin look great with natural make-up is a burden.

There is quite a lot of interest in beauty, before you became active as an actress, didn’t you have an interest in it?
For quite a while, I was a beauty model, but I wasn’t all that great with make-up and I didn’t manage my skin well. Before, I only lightly wash heavy make-up off my face before I sleep, but this is a habit I’m trying to fix these days.


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Dara spammed her IG yesterday and we are loving her updates! <3 Her grateful heart overflows in her captions, seriously.. <3 11881741_1647289628861554_1782942123_n

I can see a shy wing lighstick… Although you guys brought them with you, why didn’t you hold them up ㅋㅋ That’s my lightstick! Why did you guys not say anything 흑흑흑… I was really glad to see you after a long time~ ^_^



To Sunwoo Jung Ah who arranged this version of for Ssancoustic~ Also to Won Ddoll who assisted in this guitar session!!! Thank you very much~ ^.^👍


With Won Young who does extremely well, whether it be acting or singing~!!! Although he is a hoobae and dongsaeng, he led me well and always had a bright energy and passion during shooting and recording, thank you very much for that~👍 Good-bye Ji Won Young!!! 😁 Now Noh Woori will go back to being a sunbaenim!!! ㅋㅋ


With our cute maknae Kyuho, who is nice and sweet~ Also with Beomkyu who is the icon of untiring energy, and the women hunter Kiyongie who is full of talents 😆

Ssancoustic 😍 내가 꿈꿔오던 싼쿠스틱의 모습.. 많이 떨었던거같아요..

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Ssancoustic 😍 This is how I dreamed Ssancoustic will look.. Though I think I look really nervous..



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Oh so beautiful! I am loving the way magazines haev been loving our Dara this year… <3 She has had a feature in magazines for nearly every month this year, and I love it! <3 Slay model Dara, slay! ^_^

Look at this perfection, such a flawless goddess… T_T So classy too! ^^


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Fighting to more work with Dara in the future! <3 Great job, We Broke Up team! ^^


WBU~ With the cast at the farewell party~


Web drama exceeded 13 million views
Here at the mini-concert, as promised to all the faithful fans


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우해요~배우들과 아쉬운 쫑파티~ #ygkplus#ygfamily #삼거리푸줏간

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웹드라마 #우리헤어졌어요 1300만뷰 돌파 공약실천 미니콘서트 팬들과 함께~ #장기용 #강승윤#산다라박 #강승현 #ygfamily #ygkplus

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