Awwww, Dara! We will never forget you! We are always here to support you, waiting until we can see each other again.. WE LOVE YOU! <3

And by the way, her tweet is like a parody of WINNER’s “Empty” single.. ^^


#AON’s last tour has come to an end
Where will we go now
Everything has turned into memories and I am happy
Please do not forget me, let’s meet again…
My mind feels empty after running around on tour and working hard for 8 months…


Source: daraxxi

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

YG Captivated Beijing… 35,000’s “Crazy Night”


[일간스포츠 박현택] YG Entertainment (“YG”) boasted its family power in Beijing, China.

YG drew 35,000 persons of audience to “YG 2014 GALAXY TOUR : POWER IN BEIJING” held on the 19 at Worker’s Stadium in Beijing, China, to prove its high popularity in the country.

The audience’s acclamation filled the stadium when the concert began at 6:30pm. 2NE1 came upon the stage, shouting “BEIJING ARE YOU READY?” and singing “CRUSH”. After 2NE1’s powerful performance of “FIRE”, “COME BACK HOME”, etc., EPIK HIGH appeared on a moving stage. EPIK HIGH sang “FLY”, “GET OUT THE WAY”, “LOVE LOVE LOVE”, etc. When “GET OUT THE WAY” began, the whole concert hall turned into a big night club and the audience showed enthusiastic responses.

WINNER came after EPIK HIGH and received a big acclamation, even though they are still a new face. The audience sang “GO UP”, “empty”, “SMILE AGAIN”, etc., along with WINNER, showing a very enthusiastic response.

When BIGBANG in fancy gold suits appeared on the stage, the audience colored the stadium all gold, waving BIGBANG’s gold cheering rods. Even though it was very cold on the day, the stadium was full of heat. SEUNGRI was absent from the concert because he was injured from a car crash recently and T.O.P said, “Today, you have just four of us, but later, all the five will come to meet you again”.

PSY made a more special appearance in a red suit. PSY introduced himself in Chinese subtitles with background music of “A Better Tomorrow”, a movie that drew a big popularity not only in the Chinese region but also in Korea. He sang a parade of his hit songs including “RIGHT NOW”, “GENTLEMAN”, “GANGNAM STYLE”, etc. Plus, he received a big applause from the audience, by introducing himself in Chinese.

Collaboration performances that highlight each artist’s characters offered other special spectacles. G-DRAGON and CL performed newly-arranged solo tracks of CL, including “THE BADDEST MALE” and “MTBD”, to boast a perfect harmony. WINNER’s SONG MIN HO and DARA staged performance of T.O.P’s “DOOM DA DA” together. Then, BIGBANG’s DAESUNG and WINNER’s KANG SEUNG YOON sang 2NE1’s “UGLY”, and TAEYANG and EPIK HIGH showed a unique performance of “EYES, NOSE, LIPS”.

On the encore stage, all the YG Family members came upon the stage, to sing 2NE1’s “GO AWAY” and BIGBANG’s “FANTASTIC BABY”. In the end, PSY’s mega hit “GANGNAM STYLE” was sang by all the singers, to give a grand finale to the colorful and passionate performances.

According to the concert’s insiders, the traffic around the stadium was paralyzed by enormous volume of audience before the beginning of the concert. Furthermore, the audience did not put masks on despite heavy smog, to enjoy and acclaim the artists during the four-hour concert with more than 40 performances.

YG Family’s overseas concert tour is held in partnership with SAMSUNG Electronics, and another concert will be held on the 25 in Taiwan.

Credits: YG Life

Such a beautiful, dramatic pic of our beautiful, charismatic goddess Dara.. <3


Source: 2NE1 Facebook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Bittersweet.. <3 The girls went through so much together, and now they’re closing off another concert tour, together.. <3 Stay strong our OT4, we your Blackjacks will always be here to support you.. ^_______^ Kudos to “All Or Nothing” it was an amazing, exciting concert tour journey~! 







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As I backtracked, I was startled to find out that we weren’t able to post these beautiful nuggets of DarLin/ChaeRa love from IG! <3 Overflowing love and support from these two for each other.. <3


Rilakchaerin & Kiiro daltori


With miss cutie pie @daraxxi


Sources: daraxxi + chaelincl

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

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Dara’s cute “fierce” expression.. <3




Source: Top Star News

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

HQ Press photos for the win! <3 Our girls are rocking it! <3





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OMG her slight pout in the second picture, kekeke! Cool DAra is cool! So much swag, kekekeke! <3 Love her hair slightly curled like that.. <3 



B0Y2lfWCcAErBa- B0Y4ciGCQAAzH8s




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The girls are back in Korea! <3 They’ll be leaving soon again for Taiwan YG Fam Con this weekend, I think.. ^_^ Cool, casual 2NE1 still looking so so so awesome! <3





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Dara and Mingkki going back to Korea! <3 I think Bom and CL were at the same flight too, but maybe they went ahead? ^^



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