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Videos/Link: Support #ActressDara and Watch Dr. Ian Episodes 1, 2, 3 ~ Meet and Fall In Love with Lee So Dam~ “Welcome to the Clinic!”

Dr. Ian is finally here! ACTRESS DARA FOR THE FREAKING WIN!!!

I think I squealed for real when I saw her name in the opening credits.. T_T So proud, the feels.. T_T 


They released Episodes 1 and 2 at 10:30 PM, KST last night, and subsequently released Episode 3 at midnight! It’s doing well in views (130,000+ cumulative  views for all three episodes), but we could all watch it again, hit the “LIKE” buttons for both Dr. Ian and the videos itself, and support our Actress Dara!

Watch Dara the “Brown” mascot dance and get scolded by.. T_T It was so cute though how she was hungry and tried to explain, but the mean manager yelled at her again. T_T



Okay, sorry, but the scene where So Dam rode the bus in her “Cony” mascot costume cracked me up.. XDDD And seeing her waddle in the costume was really cute! But being discarded and treated badly by her boyfriend was really sad. T_T Watch the episode! 

EPISODE 2 – The Woman Who Became Like Abandoned Trash


So Dam’s revenge! And awww, teary-eyed while watching So Dam cry and confront her ex-boyfriend. T_T But squeal, Dr. Ian is so sweet to So Dam! <3

EPISODE 3 – The Man Who Was Like Trash


What did you think of #ActressDara? What was your favorite scene in the episodes? <3


Source: Dr. Ian NAVER CAST

Video/Official: Adorable Dara is One of the Charming “Spring Girls” in Sunwoo Jung-A’s Newest MV!

Dara is such a cute “Spring Girl” in the MV! <3 Watch her little dance and her being her adorable, totally charming self! <3 The song is super cute and catchy as well, congratulations Sunwoo Jung-A! Listen for the traditional Korean underlay in the tone and even the beat.. <3

선우정아 봄처녀(SPRINGIRLS) M/V (Official)

Credits: 선우정아 / Sunwoojunga

Videos: Collection of Press Videos of Alluring, Fashionable Sandara Park at SFW 2015

I shall edit this when I find more videos.. ^^



Credits: 티브이데일리 + donnyoppa2

Video: Dara’s Acceptance Speech for 2NE1’s “Favorite KPop Video (Come Back Home)” Win at MYX Music Awards 2015 ~ “Please Support CL’s Album and Dr. Ian!”

Congratulations 2NE1! Congratulations Filipino Blackjacks, you guys did awesome! <3

#JulianTrono presenting #2NE1 Win #MYXMusicAwards 2015 FAVORITE K-POP VIDEO

Credits: Vick Choi

Admin Post: Naver TVCast Now Allows International Viewing for “Dr. Ian” Trailers ~ Watch the Videos on TVCast Now!

It’s D-5 to “Dr. Ian” broadcast, and we’ve got some good news! 

We can now watch Dr. Ian trailers on Naver TVCast website! I think they’ve gotten rid of their country-bound restrictions, so we international fans (except those in China, Taiwan, and Thailand T_T) can view the videos. ^_^ Now if only they would give us English subs for this, it would be perfect.. XD BUT, we are working on the subs for the trailers and hopefully we can finish soon.. ^^ 

Please log-on to your Naver accounts (click on the TUTORIAL if you don’t have one yet) so you can give “hearts” to the official DR. IAN NAVER TVCAST page and also to the trailers themselves! Let’s watch the heck out of the trailers to raise all of their view counts.. ^^ You can also leave comments at the comments section! ^^

Click on the picture or the link to go to the video! ^^ 

Dr. Ian Trailer


Dr. Ian Short Trailer 1


Dr. Ian Short Trailer 2


Dr. Ian Short Trailer 3



Line Play: Actress Dara Invades Line Play with New Avatar and Room Make-Over ~ “Visit to Get Free Item!”

Actress Dara is invading Line Play~! Dara has a new room and avatar in Line Play, and you can get a free item if you visit her room, a 2NE1 lighstick! ^^11068080_800885743293955_3972547309143092129_n

[LINE PLAY x DARA] 2NE1’s Dara gets an Avatar and Room Make-Over!

DARA from 2NE1 is getting a official room makeover!
★ Get a free item! All visitors to DARA’s official room will get a special 2NE1 light stick.
(Till 11:59 pm on March 29, GMT+9)
★ How to visit Dara’s official room:
From the main screen> tap ‘Add’ > find Dara > tap Visit

Download LINE PLAY from below:

11071046_800885756627287_2286456056929296524_n 11000166_800885746627288_4933373503841706754_n

DARA from 2NE1 is getting an official room makeover!
Get a free item! All visitors to DARA’s official room will get a special 2NE1 light stick. (Till 11:59 pm on March 29, GMT+9)

DARA’s official room @

‪#‎DARA‬ ‪#‎2NE1‬ ‪#‎LINEPLAY‬


Source: 2NE1 and LINE PLAY Facebook, ziine89 YouTube

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: 150320 Press Video of Sandara Park at Seoul Fashion Week – Kwon Munsoo Backstage

Press pic of Dara with the designer! <3

2015 F/W Seoul Fashion Week – Kwon Munsoo Backstage

Credits: TRENDY

Video: Arirang OnPoint Features “Dr. Ian” in their Short Feature About Web Dramas ~ Short Interview with Dara and Young Kwang

Wow! Arirang featured “Dr. Ian” in their special feature about web dramas! <3 I think they did the interview before the title was officially changed from “Dr. Mo’s Clinic” to “Dr. Ian.” ^^


“We work very hard, so please watch the series. Wish us all the best…”



Source: Arirang World

Video: Naver TV Cast Officially Releases Amazing, Exciting “Dr. Ian” Teaser Clips ~ Official Link + YouTube Links

The trailers are here! Naver released them around midnight and OMG they look so awesome! Soooo excited! (*’▽’*)♪Dara’s acting has really improved a lot and I felt like a proud mother watching her.. T_T I can feel the emotions and I can see Lee So Dam on screen and not Sandara Park.. It’s amazing how she transformed and became the character.. Gahhh I am now 112584895x more excited for the airing!

Here are the YouTube links, however, be sure to watch the trailers on Naver as well, because high viewer count means high interest in the drama! ╰(*´︶`*)╯ Here’s the link to NAVER STARCAST DR. IAN PAGE.. 

Dr. Ian Official Trailers

Lee So Dammmm!!! I just want to hug her when she looks so sad.. T_T

So Dam with Dr. Mo Ian! So Dam is the cutest mascot ever! And yes, they look so adorable with their height difference.. (๑♡∀♡๑)

Don’t forget to watch the trailers on Naver,okay? (♡˙︶˙♡)


Source: NaverCast Dr. Ian Page

YouTube links: @donnyroyalty Thanks a lot Donny!

Video: 150308 Dara Greets ASAP on its 20th Anniversary ~ “I Wish I Can Go Back on ASAP”

I saw this on my TV yesterday and I legit squealed at the screen.. Kekekeke! ASAP is a Sunday noontime variety show in the Philippines, where Dara was a performer before.. ^^

Dara’s Message for ASAP’s 20th Anniversary





Source: Video – Anneca Caballero

Translated by: Hannah@WeLoveDara


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