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Video: 150426 Fancam of Dara and YG Family Leaving After Big Bang’s “Made” Concert

150426 Dara and YG Family Leaving the Venue After “MADE” Concert


Source: Molly Kelly

Instavid: 150426 Short Clip of Dara Leaving the Concert Stadium After BIGBANG’s ‘Made” Concert in Seoul Day 2

It seems like Dara watched on the 2nd day of BIGBANG’s ‘Made’ Concert in Seoul too! There may be no fantaken pictures but in this video, even though it’s kinda dark, you can clearly hear vips shouting her name! ^^ Dara unnieeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Kekekeke! <3

CL & Dara #cl #dara #2ne1 #ygfamily #bigbang

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Instavid: 150425 Short Clip of Dara with Lydia, Marshall Bang and Ha Yun Ha Dining Out After Watching ‘Made’ Concert

It looks like Dara went out to eat dinner with Lydia, Marshall and friends after watching BIGBANG’s concert.



Video: 150425 JinuSean Performs “Tell Me” Featuring Stunning Angel Sandara Park on KBS Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

JinuSean featuring Dara for “Tell Me” Performance on KBS Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook


Source: KBSKpop

News/Video: Park Sanghyun Talking About Actress Sandara on His “Section TV” Interview ~ “My older sister just started acting…”


When the host talked about Park siblings being actor and actress. His Sandara noona’s acting debut in “Dr. Ian.”

Park Sanghyun: “My older sister just started acting but I think we worry for the same thing. We started together as rookies so we talk to each other about our worries in acting.”

*Omitted parts not related

Below is the link of Sanghyun’s interview. It’s around the 3:05 mark.


Source: Naver + MBCentertainment

Translated by: Hannah @ WeLoveDara

InstaVid: Dara Greets a Cute Baby Girl a Happy Birthday ~ “Study Hard and Be a Good Girl!”

OH MY GOSH! This baby girl is so so so luck to have Dara greet her for her birthday OTL Wahhh, Dara is so cute and nice and thoughtful.. <3 Happy birthday to her as well! <3

thank u ate dara 😊😊😊#happykid #birthdaygreetings#sandarapark #minime #atesduty #babygirl #2ne1#korean



Video/Link: “Dr. Ian” Beautiful Final Episode is Out~ The One Where “Happily Ever After” Does Exist

Kim Young Kwang Shares Thoughts on Working with 2NE1′s Sandara Park in ′Doctor Ian′

In the new webdrama Doctor Ian, Kim Young Kwang has found his true self.

Through the Korea-China produced webdrama Doctor Ian, Kim Young Kwang played the character, Mo Ian, a psychiatrist and hypnotic therapist, who carries his own pain. Succeeding in yet another acting transformation, Kim Young Kwan finally came to terms with himself, beginning a new relationship with Sandara Park (So Dam) in the drama.

90809002 (1)

Portraying Ian′s tranformation in a delicate and relaxed way, Kim Young Kwang received much praise for his latest acting role. Viwers said that his transformation from his previous drama character to Ian was very natural and he was able to pull them inside this new drama.

With his stable performance, Doctor Ian also received passionate response. As the nine episodes were broadcasted, attention was poured from in and outside of Korea. Doctor Ian was also aired through Youku at the same time, receiving attention from China. The drama will be broadcasting in Thailand and Taiwan as well.

On the project, Kim Young Kwang stated, “It was my first time acting with Sandara Park, but we got along well and I was comfortable enough to have fun while acting. Although the duration of the filming was short, I got very close with all the staff and actors who struggled during the cold weather. I think this project will remain in my memory for a long time.

Doctor Ian is about a man and a woman, who were dedicated to love but were left behind by their lovers without a proper farewell. The drama focused on the two people′s pain and their healing process.

Credits: MWave


Video/Link: “Dr. Ian” Episode 8 Revealed ~ The One Where So Dam Finally Releases her Insecurities and Slaps Someone

In this episode, Dara finally got the chance to do what she wanted as an actress… To slap someone.


Kekeke! Taesoo had it coming, way to go Lee So Dam! FIGHTING! <3 And Dara’s expressions and nuances were all on-point! We also get to see a bit of history between Taesoo and So Dam. But Dr. Ian giving Tae Soo his due was totally satisfying to watch! A go go go~! Let’s watch the episode and RAISE its viewer count! And oh, I don’t think I’ve said this before, but I actually like So Dam’s bohemian-shabby-chic wardrobe, don’t you? ^^

Episode 8 – When The String of Fate is Loosened



Source: Naver TV Cast – Dr. Ian
Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video/Link: Heartbreaking “Dr. Ian” Episode 7 ~ The One Where So Dam Gets Heartbroken All Over Again

Okay, it was off to a good start, So Dam was going to have a healing session with Dr. Ian, but his ex comes in and disrupts them.. Then So Dam took her hair tie off and her hair is back down, a sign of her insecurity, when she saw them talking and hugging.. Aigoo. T_T HOWEVER! I am excited to watch Episode 8 tonight! Why? Watch the video and the small teaser in the end! Keke! <3 Let’s watch this episode and get the views up!!!

Episode 7 – The Man Who Lives in an Everlasting Break-Up



Source: Naver TVCast

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video/Link: Touching “Dr. Ian” Episode 6~ The One Where So Dam Decides to Stop Hiding Beneath her Hair ~ “Pretty Woman!”

Each episode just gets more and more exciting! Episode 6 started off really sad for me because I hate seeing So Dam cry, and kekeke, sweetie, don’t listen to emo songs when you’re heartbroken! XD Dr. Ian is so good to her and she sees him as a sort of mentor.. <3 Her determined look when she entered her office for the first time with her hair bound back~! Progress! Way to go So Dam~! <3 And the way her boss and office mates did a double take! XD

Episode 6 – Just Saw a Pretty Woman



Source: Dr. Ian Naver TV Cast

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


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