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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – “It’s not DaraTV but… Get Beauty TV~”

We really miss 2NE1 TV especially Dara TV! T_T Dara, please bring it back! We want to see your cute and crazy antics again!

Dara Tweet

It’s not DaraTV but… Get Beauty TV~ Together with our makeup artist Sungwoo I’ll share my beauty secrets with everyone. This is the first time I’m doing this.. 0.0 #GetItBeauty

Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @sgbjcrew

Video: Get It Beauty 2014 – Episode 22 with Special Guest Sandara Park

So beautiful! T_T Once again we all ask, is she 16 years old? ^____^

Source: On Style

Video: 2NE1 Greets Chinese Blackjacks for “All Or Nothing” World Tour in Guangzhou

Hello Dara’s super cute chinese! ^_^

Source: QueenCLChina

Fanvid: All About Dara (Part 20) by Cherry84Addict

Credit: @Cherry84Addict

Videos: 140830 Fancams of Lively, Fierce 2NE1 at YGFamCon: Power in Shanghai 2014

Yaaay for 2NE1 fancams! <3

I Am The Best

Can’t Nobody



Credits: ToAnyOne Fanclub

Videos: 140830 More Fancams of YG Family at the Encore of YGFamCon: Power in Shanghai

Yay more fancams!

Doom Dada


Credits: Tzen + Duyen My + 夢赤い糸

Video: Press Coverage of YG Family During the Encore at YGFamCon: Power in Shanghai

YG Family dancing to Psy’s “Gangnam Style” during the encore! ^^

140902 Psy BigBang 2NE1 Winner @ YG Family 2014 GALAXY Tour Power in Shanghai

Credits: andywong1986

Fancam: 140831 2NE1 Arriving at Incheon International Airport from Shanghai

Awww! Bom being protective over Dara! ^_^ Our Park Sisters are so cute and adorable!


Credit: ToAnyOne Fanclub

SN Fancam: 140831 Beautiful Dara at Incheon International Airport (From Shanghai)

Credit: @21SweetNovember

Video: 2NE1 – YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power in Singapore

Source: Samsung Singapore


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