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Video: 2NE1 Full Cuts from “YG Family: Power in Japan Concert” DVD Behind the Scenes

Kekekeke, really fun 2NE1! LMAO at Seungri and Dara! Seriously, he doesn’t treat her like a noona and I just love their relationship! <3 And my OT4! Oh girls, how I’ve missed seeing you interact with each other.. T_T Their easy banter backstage was so fun to watch! <3

2NE1 Full Cut [YG Family Concert Behind the scenes]

Credits: YG Team

Video: 140830 YG Family 2014 GALAXY in Shanghai + Backstage Clips

140830 YG Family 2014 GALAXY in Shanghai + Backstage Clips [1080p HD]

Credits: Kang&Nam Lovers

Video: 141213 YG Family World Tour 2014: Power in Japan

[141213] YG FAMILY WORLD TOUR 2014 -POWER- in Japan

Credits: ziine89

Videos: 141221 HQ Dara-Focused Fancams at Gayo Daejoon 2014 ~ Performances + Award Speech

Yay! Fancams are the best! <3

141221 Gayo daejun Crush + Come back home (DARA ver)

141221 Gayo daejun Award (DARA ver)

Credits: ohmygoddessDARA + november sweet

Video: Samsung Taiwan Reveals a “Behind The Scenes” Video of “YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power in Taiwan”

Awesome! BTS of YG Family’s concert in Taiwan! ^_^ Catch a glimpse of very pretty Dara with her huge mic behind her.. XD

Samsung X YG FAMILY : Power in Taiwan

Credits: Samsung Taiwan

Video/Official: 141221 2NE1 – ‘CRUSH’ + ‘COME BACK HOME’ in 2014 SBS Gayodaejun

Check out our girls’ fierce, strong performance..

2NE1 – ‘CRUSH’ + ‘COME BACK HOME’ in 2014 SBS Gayodaejun

Credits: 2NE1

Video: 2NE1 performs “Crush” in America’s Next Top Model 2014

Late post, aigoo, but here’s 2NE1’s “CRUSH” performance on “America’s Next Top Model.” ^^

2NE1 performs “Crush” in America’s Next Top Model 2014 (ANTM 2014)

Credits: SooyoungUnnie101

Video: 141212 Dara-Focused Fancam at 2NE1’s Fanclub Event in Tokyo, Day 1

Yaaayyyy! Fancam! I missed seeing Dara perform and rock the stage.. <3 Much love to Sweet November for this! <3

141212 2NE1 FANCLUB EVENT in TOKYO 1회 Crush DARA

Credits: november sweet

Video: YG Family World Tour 2014 – Power in Japan Live DVD/Blu-Ray Trailer

Oh my gossshhhh! I want this so bad.. T_T

LIVE DVD & Blu-ray ‘YG FAMILY WORLD TOUR 2014 -POWER- in Japan’ (Trailer)

Credits: YGEntertainment

Video: 141206 2NE1 Performs “Crush” on “America’s Next Top Model” Final Runway Show

2NE1 performs “Crush” in America’s Next Top Model 2014 (ANTM 2014)


Source: SooyoungUnnie10


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