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[VIDEO]: 140807 Cute Dara’s Visit in “She’s Dating The Gangster” Victory Party on News Program “Bandila”

“Bandila” is a late evening news program in the Philippines, in Dara’s home network! Dara surprised the “She’s Dating The Gangster” cast and staff by going to their victory party, though I don’t think she stayed very long? ^_^ Kathryn Bernardo, the female star in the movie, was a young actress that Dara worked with while she was still in the Philippines, in the video clip, she said she was giddy when she saw Dara there. ^^


Source: samecut123jez

Video: 140807 Sandara Park surprises ‘She’s Dating The Gangster’ Stars and Staff at their Victory Party

I can hear Dara says she already watched the Movie and lots of picture picture

Credits: mychosdotcom

Video: [AIA REAL LIFE: NOW FESTIVAL 2014] – YG Family and Lady Gaga to perform + 2NE1 Greetings

2NE1 will be the opening act for this festival on August 15!

Credits:Korea Aia

Video: 140802 Press Coverage of 2NE1’s Press Con in Myanmar

Press video coverage of 2NE1’s press con in Myanmar, hosted and sponsored by Samsung.. ^_^


Credits: BYN TV News

Instavids: Dara Enjoys Bowling with Friends ~ Match Against Joross and Sam!

I’m so happy to see Dara relax and have fun with friends! Last night, they went bowling! Dara is doing pretty well! <3 Here are short videos of her bowling against Joross Gamboa and Sam Milby.. ^^

I posted this because of  @mellyricks09 ‘s laughter hahahaha… @daraxxi @theraphaelmartinez@little_lulu___ 🎳

Go SamDara!!! @jorossandkatz is the cheerer @daraxxi @samuelmilby


Sources: jorossandkatz anatabatina

Video: 140703 Fancam Of Pretty Dara At Incheon International Airport Back From Myanmar

Dara looking so pretty in that cute apple hair! I’m happy to see chubbier cheeks on her~ And she’s also smiling! It’s been a while since we’ve seen her smile at the airport in Korea. Smile more, Dara unnie. <3

Credits: november sweet

Video: 140803 News Coverage Of 2NE1’s “Samsung Galaxy Stage” Concert In Myanmar

Credits: Eleven Myanmar

Videos: 140802 Fancams Of 2NE1 At The “Samsung Galaxy Stage” Concert In Myanmar

Here are some fancams of 2NE1 at the concert last night! See 2NE1 talking in English during the talk part! ^^





Videos: 140802 Short Fancams Of 2NE1 At The “Samsung Galaxy Stage” Concert In Myanmar

Here are short fancams from the concert! ^^


Sources: zinzinnaing + lisa_lhy_ + jassyliang
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Video: 140801 Fancam Of 2NE1 At The “Samsung Galaxy Stage” Press Conference in Myanmar

The screams from the fans were so loud! You can really tell how excited Myanmar Blackjacks are! ^_^

Credits: Frances park


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