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Fancam: 140714 Pretty Dara Smiling Brightly At Fans At Kansai International Aiport

Dara smiling brightly and waving at fans! So happy to see Dara in such a joyous mood! ^_^

Credits: kkns_wy

Video: Arirang Match-Up – SM vs YG Entertainment

YG vs SM! I like what they said about YG being the home of talented musicians.. <3

Showbiz Korea – SM vs. YG Entertainment


Video: 2NE1′s Fun Interview with Excite Music Japan

It’s nice to see 2NE1 having fun! Keke! CL and Minzy are so fluent in Japanese! I loved it when CL was laughing so hard at Dara’s Japanese. Only Dara can make CL laugh like that. Keke! I wish we’d get English translations soon. ^^

Sorry for the low quality video. The original video is really small. T_T But here’s the link anyway if you guys want to view it in HQ quality. ^_^

Credits: donnyoppa2

Fancam/Photo: 140713 Sweet Dara Waving At A Lucky Fan In Their Hotel In Japan

Ooooh! A fan gets to see Dara in the hotel and Dara waved at her! Lucky! <3



Source: kwon88ami
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Video: Making Of 2NE1 ‘s “Crush” PV Japanese Version With English Subs

It’s always fun watching the making videos of 2NE1′s MV! They are always fooling around when they are not filming, just like they always do in 2NE1tv. I can’t take my eyes off of Dara’s hips when they were filming her part, kekeke! I love how she sways her tiny hips! <3 I was LOL-ing at Bom spraying her infamous mists during the filming. XD CL was so cute showing off her aegyo and complaining about her clothes. And Minzy on the pole was wow! Ero Minzy! Haha! <3 Watch the video below to know what I’m talking about. ^_^

Credits: khaixin0811

Video: 2NE1′s Greeting for Galaxy stage in Vietnam

2NE1′s Greeting for Galaxy stage in Vietnam

Credit: SamsungVietnam

Video: 2NE1 Greeting for Galaxy stage in Myanmar

Hear Dara greet a bit in local language.. XD Our pretty girls! <3

2NE1 Greeting for Galaxy stage in Myanmar

Credits: papapa pra

Video: 140628 2NE1 on Music-On CDET

Ooohhh! Wonder what they shot prior to this interview? A magazine shoot perhaps? TV Guesting? ^_^

140628 2NE1 @ MUSIC-ON CDET!


Video: Jiji Press Video Coverage of 2NE1′s “AON in Yokohama” Concert

Weee, a video! Clips of Crush, Go Away, and talk part with Dara, Minzy, and Bommie.. ^_^

2NE1 Holds Concert Tour in Japan After Two Years


Video: Beautiful Performance of “Come Back Home” Unplugged From 2NE1 World Tour Live CD – “All Or Nothing”

Oh wow! Such perfect voices for a beautiful song. <3 I’m so proud of Dara for finally playing the guitar in front of Blackjacks. T_T Coming from someone who plays the guitar, I can say that Dara really did well. And her voice is just gaaaah! She really fits acoustic songs the most. Beautiful perf right here! ♥

Credits: hyeon woo aldrete


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