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Official Video Links: Dara and Steven Yeun’s Fun Collaboration for “Be Funny” Studios Revealed~ “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?” 3 Episodes!



Yay! It’s finally out! Dara’s “Be Funny” skit with “The Walking Dead” star, Steven Yeun, is now officially released! You can watch it on the “Be funny” website, and make sure to click the green “^_^” button on the lower left side of the video to “LIKE” it! Let’s show FOD how much we support and love Dara in their skit! 

There are so so so many funny and totally endearing moments in the three episodes.. Dara did phenomenally well! Her acting was on-point.. ^_^ Especially watch out for her eat a cucumber angrily, video chat with Steven, and do her own mokbang! A go go go! The links to the videos are found below!

What’s Eating Steven Yeun? (Trailer)

What’s Eating Steven Yeun? (Episode 1)

What’s Eating Steven Yeun? (Episode 2)

What’s Eating Steven Yeun? (Episode 3)

Here’s several screencaps from “Be Funny” promoting the skit!

Their website! You can click on the three horizontal lines on the left and go to “New Clips” to see all the links.. ^_^


Visit their Facebook and make sure to leave a great review or comment.. ^_^


They’re also promoting on Twitter as well! <3 Check them out! ^_^



Sources: Be Funny Studios Website, Facebook, Twitter

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Instavids: 141110 Fancams of Lovely Dara at Jaya’s Concert in Solaire Resort, Philippines

Here’s a clearer video of Jaya singing a sweet birthday song for our dear Dara! <3

@jayasoul sings #happybirthday to @daraxxi

A video posted by @olrac1023 on

Happy Birthday @daraxxi 😊🎉

A video posted by Jinnie Sarmiento (@jinniesarmiento) on

Jaya with Sandara Park

A video posted by Archie Mallari (@marchmallari) on


Sources: @IAmQritiko + As Tagged

MYX PH Features: VJ ROBI Meets Up With DARA in Korea!

It was already his third time in the home of kimchi and KPop, but the MYX Wer U At Goes To Korea experience was still exciting and unforgettable for VJ Robi! 

But Robi’s trip to Korea became even more memorable when he got to hang out with one of the hottest KPop superstars and his biggest crush – Sandara Park a.k.a. Dara of 2NE1! 

Welcome to Korea Robi!!! :)

A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

Welcome to Korea Robi!!! :)

I'm an official #BlackJack! Thanks so much @Daraxxi! 😁😁😁

A photo posted by Robi Domingo (@iamrobidomingo) on

I’m an official #BlackJack! Thanks so much @Daraxxi! 😁😁😁

Hear about VJ Robi’s MYX Wer U At Goes To Korea experience including meeting up with Dara in the video below!

Video: 141028 2NE1’s Press Interview with Star Talk in Hong Kong

141028 2NE1 @ Star Talk Macao Interview

Credits: 520stars1

Video: YG Family 2014 GALAXY Tour: Power in Shanghai Concert Recap

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
Karl Lagerfeld

Just like this Video, it captures  a moment that Gone forever but never be forgotten and impossible to reproduce

Video:141024 YG Family arriving at Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan

There are 2 press Videos and 1 good Fan Cam of YG family arriving in Taiwan


Press Videos

credits: chueishu chien,樱桃娱乐,東森新聞 CH51

Video: 141022 FanCam of 3 Gorgeous Ladies” Dara,Minzy and CL” at “Mix & Match” Finale


Fancam: 141012 Dara Arriving and Leaving Taeyang’s “RISE” Concert Venue

Dara walks so fast, kekekeke! XD Pretty, cutie Dara looking like a cute dongsaeng.. <3

141012 Dara Arriving and Leaving Taeyang’s “RISE” Concert Venue

Credits: jjirong21

Twitter: 2NE1’s “I Am The Best” MV Reaches 100 Million Views; Dara (@krungy21) – “Thank u so much! We love u!”


Dara Tweet 5

Credit: @krungy21

Video: 2NE1 Wins “Band Female” on the 1st European K-pop Awards “So-Loved Awards 2014″

Credit: ColorsofKorea


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