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Videos: Collection of Press Videos of Alluring, Fashionable Sandara Park at SFW 2015

I shall edit this when I find more videos.. ^^



Credits: 티브이데일리 + donnyoppa2

Videos: 150128 Fancams of Sweet Dara Receiving 2NE1’s Award at Gaon Chart Awards

Why hello there~! Dara must be the cutest, most adorable cowgirl ever.. T_T I love her hairstyle too.. <3

20150128 Gaon Awards – Sandara

Here’s a fancam showing WINNER, some of SuJu, and other artists when Dara went up to receive 2NE1’s Award:

012815 DARA at The 4th GAON Chart Kpop Awards

And YG Family being cutely awkward! Kekeke! Dara and Tablo talking towards the end.. <3

Gaon Award Seunyoon fanboy of Block B + YG Family Moment ( Dara + Epick High + Winner)

Credits: november sweet + DaRaLicioUs21 + SYNA Angel

Video+Translations: 150117 Fancam of Adorably Cute Dara at Big Bang’s Dome Concert in Japan ~ “You’re Cool and Talented!”

Kekekeke, Dara is sooo cute, I just want to put her in my pocket and cuddle her.. XD Big Bang senpais are awesome indeed! Such a precious nugget of interaction between adorable Dara and Big Bang! ^^


B7unk3HCUAEIx4X B7unk1uCYAE--9B



Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Videos: 141221 HQ Dara-Focused Fancams at Gayo Daejoon 2014 ~ Performances + Award Speech

Yay! Fancams are the best! <3

141221 Gayo daejun Crush + Come back home (DARA ver)

141221 Gayo daejun Award (DARA ver)

Credits: ohmygoddessDARA + november sweet

Video: 141212 Dara-Focused Fancam at 2NE1’s Fanclub Event in Tokyo, Day 1

Yaaayyyy! Fancam! I missed seeing Dara perform and rock the stage.. <3 Much love to Sweet November for this! <3

141212 2NE1 FANCLUB EVENT in TOKYO 1회 Crush DARA

Credits: november sweet

Video: 141022 FanCam of 3 Gorgeous Ladies” Dara,Minzy and CL” at “Mix & Match” Finale


Fancam: 141012 Dara Arriving and Leaving Taeyang’s “RISE” Concert Venue

Dara walks so fast, kekekeke! XD Pretty, cutie Dara looking like a cute dongsaeng.. <3

141012 Dara Arriving and Leaving Taeyang’s “RISE” Concert Venue

Credits: jjirong21

OMG Fancam: 140920 Super Cute Dara Dancing to “Please Don’t Go” at All Or Nothing Concert Tour in Guangzhou, China

Credit: @ohmygoddessDARA + OH MY GODDESS + 21littlestone

Video: 140921 Super Junior’s Talk Section at “Super Show 6″ Where Donghae Mentions Dara

This is the segment where they were talking about the people who they invited.. ^^ 

Credits: bluebada_ + 해빵

According to KeepLovingJi Leadah at the comments section, this is what they said:

Kangin: (to Donghae) Who did you invite?

Donghae: I invited a friend since high school, 2NE1 Sandara Park-shi!

/suju dance to IATB choreo/ 

Leeteuk: Sandara Park’s brother Cheondung came right?

Donghae: He’s not here!

Fancam: 140914 Pretty Dara Arriving at Singapore Changi International Airport

Credit: darliciousx@WeLoveDara/OhDara


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