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Videos: Fantaken and Press Videos of Pretty, Fashion-Forward Sandara Park at VIP Premiere of “Thinking Of My Elder Brother”

I really am amazed how celebrities could not get blinded by all those cameras pointed at them and all those flashes going off.. O_O There must be a secret! ^_^

Fancam and Press Video of Sandara Park at “Thinking of my Elder Brother” VIP Premiere

Credits: D ace + stardailynews

Videos: 151202 Awesome Fancams of Queens 2NE1 Totally Slaying the MAMA 2015 in Hong Kong Stage

Fancams, fancams, fancams! <3 Do you guys know how long it has been since I’ve watched fresh fancams? Kekeke! XD Before when 2NE1 was active, I’d skip some fancams, but now I’m watching all the fancams and drowning in all the feels.. <3 Our queens slayed the MAMA 2015 stage, we better watch out for their comeback.. <3

More more more below!


Video: 150805 Fancam of Gorgeous, Stylish and Chic Dara at “Miss Wife’s” VIP Movie Premiere


Source: D ace

Photos+Video: 150803 Tourist Dara Spotted at Anvaya Cove Resort in Bataan Philippines


CLd216nVAAACLJ2 CLd2116UsAEMt76


Source: @iamjasllyeee + @lasjam_017 + @danicagwynethx

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Videos: 150730 More Fancams of Fangirl Dara at BIGBANG’s 2015 World Tour “MADE” in Manila ~ #BBMADEinManila

hello @daraxxi ♡ #goodboy #mademanila

A video posted by JOSH (@agentshoji) on

[삐 딱하게/ CROOKED] Ate @daraxxi enjoying @xxxibgdrgn 's perf 🍎 Haha. Shippers put your hands up kkk

A video posted by ♥ rheadoo (@_annyeongism) on


Source: @2yeNE1 + @HiFianceofGK + agentshoji + _annyeongism + @kaikfkai

Video: 150730 Fancams of Lovely Fangirl Dara at BIGBANG’s 2015 “MADE” World Tour Concert ~ #BBMADEinManila


Here’s a few more videos wherein Seungri mentioned Sandara’s name on stage!

Daesung dancing while SeungRi @seungriseyo is saying Hi to Sandara Park @daraxxi #BigBangMADETourInManila 💋

A video posted by 미셸 산나단 (@michsann) on

MABUHAY! Hello, SANDARA PARK!!! 😍 @daraxxi @seungriseyo #BBMADEinManila

A video posted by @xxhagsxiv on


Source: taekga + xxhagsxiv + @erin_jiyong + @abbeeygail + issayxoxo + michsann + @hassmine

Video: 150501 OhMyGoddess HD Video of Radiant Singer Dara at Music Bank

Dara, Dara gorgeous Dara! Lots of love and thanks to Littlestone! <3

Music Bank Sandara

Credits: 21littlestone

Photo/Video: 150430 Dara Spotted at “Off White x Boon the Shop” Launching Party

WnyHxjp - Imgur


Source: @treasuredara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: 150501 Fancam of Dara and other Artists Arriving at KBS Building for Music Bank

[직캠]fancam 20150501 kpop kbs Music Bank 방탄소년단,AOA지민,김예림,오마이걸,CLC,지누션(산다라박) 레드벨벳(예리)뮤직뱅크 출근길


Source: I ‘ Jhy

Instavid: 150501 Fancam of Gorgeous Dara on Her Way to KBS Music Bank Studio

다라님 출근하신당 길을 비켜랏!!! 화면은 수동회전 부탁해욥..☺@daraxxi

A video posted by 노키오 (@nokiov) on

Hi unnie @daraxxi 😍 너무 귀여워 !!! #dara #다라 #2NE1 #musicbank #뮤직뱅크 150501

A video posted by Koc Bo (@kocbo211) on


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