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Instagram: PR Director Dara Promotes Moonshot’s 2016 Spring Line “Go Glam”

PR Director Dara promotes Moonshot as well, of course! <3

#문샷 #moonshot

A video posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

#문샷 #moonshot


Source: daraxxi

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Instagram: Behind-the-Scenes Picture and Vid of our Penshoppe Model Sandara Park for S/S 2016

I AM LOVING THIS PHOTOSHOOT! <3 Well I love all her shoots so far, but this one shows a much more feminine side of Dara we don’t usually see much at all.. XD I love the outfits! I hope official pics come out soon.. <312501931_1709897839245422_1243514224_n

This was shot last year for Penshoppe S/S 2016 Collection.
SandaraちゃんとPenshoppeのSS16撮影🦄💓 She was the cutest angel ever👼🏻@daraxxi
#penshoppe #SS16 #retro #sandara#2ne1 #サンダラ #可愛い #天使#Sandara #best#Iwanttoworkwithheragain#verypretty#style #fashion #collection#shoot #撮影 #ソウル #Seoul #daralings#dara #sandarapark#SandaraXPenshoppe #moment#ygfamily #kpop #산다라박


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Official/ Photo+Video: Moonshot Cosmetics Releases Teasers of Beautiful, Regal Sandara Park for their New Spring 2016 Collection “Go Glam”

Ooohhhhh!!! Here’s our first look at GORGEOUSSSSSS Dara for Moonshot’s 2016 Spring Collection called, “GO GLAM.” ^_______^ Doesn’t she look so very pretty and regal? O_O Like a beautiful Orient princess.. <3

Dara will be promoting the “Go Glam” line which includes “G01 Go Glam,” “Powder Block P13 Galliano,” and “Cream Paint 808 Orange Soufflé” showing the bright spring colors.. ^_^ The line will be out on the 15th! <3



moonshot spring look with Sandara Park

moonshot ‘Go Glam’ spring look with Sandara park. 산다라박과 함께한 문샷의 ‘Go Glam’ 스프링룩 공개!

#moonshot #문샷 #sandarapark #산다라박 #spring #makeup #메이크업#cosmetics #kbeauty


Source: moonshot cosmetics + Moonshot korea + moonshotkorea

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Instagram: Delighted Actress Park Sandara Shares About YG Entertainment’s Food Truck Sent to her Movie’s Filming Site

Way to go YG! Than you for your support for Dara.. ^^

YG 밥차!!! 🍚🍚🍚🍴🍴🍴 감사합니다~ 잘 먹겠습니다!!! 😆🙏👍🏻

A video posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

YG food truck!!! 🍚🍚🍚🍴🍴🍴 Thank you so much~ I’ll eat well!!! 😆🙏👍🏻

What Dara was saying in the video: Hello~ I’m reporter Sandara Park. Yes~ today, we’re here at the filming site of my movie. And YG food truck has arrived!!! Woohoo~ It’s not an oppa truck, but a food truck~!!! I’ll eat deliciously, fighting!!!!

Other shots of YG’s food truck sent to Dara’s filming site for her upcoming movie, ECHO! <3



Source: daraxxi + @ave_aside

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara + officialwelovedara

Videos: Fantaken and Press Videos of Pretty, Fashion-Forward Sandara Park at VIP Premiere of “Thinking Of My Elder Brother”

I really am amazed how celebrities could not get blinded by all those cameras pointed at them and all those flashes going off.. O_O There must be a secret! ^_^

Fancam and Press Video of Sandara Park at “Thinking of my Elder Brother” VIP Premiere

Credits: D ace + stardailynews

Video: Arirang’s “Showbiz Korea” Highlights Actress Park Sandara’s Accomplishments + “ECHO” Info

Awww, thanks for this Arirang! <3 It’s nice to really hear affirmation of Dara’s hardwork and talent from the industry.. <3 Fighting Sandara Park! We look forward to what 2016 will bring for you! <3

Showbiz Korea _ Sandara Park(산다라 박) of 2NE1


Video: 160118 “Rapper Sandara” Shows Off her Skills Rapping to Bobby’s Part in Rhythm TA + Dara&Bobby Rap Collab

LMAOOOOO! Dara, so funny! XD Bobby could not take up his part because he was laughing so hard.. XD I hope they show this in the broadcast tonight! <3

Sandara rapping to Bobby’s Part in Rhythm Ta

And they finally succeeded with their collab, kekeke! XD

Credits: JTBC Entertainment + 나려

Video: “Fairies of the Music Industry” Angels, Release Official “Always For You” Music Video + Trailers

Yaaayyyy! The MV is finally out officially! <3 Aren’t they just so cute?! And don’t you just love Dara’s voice?! I miss singer Dara so much.. T_T Thank you so much to this cameo, it really is a blessing to us Dara fans! <3 

Angels – Always for you MV <한번 더 해피엔딩> OST

Naver TVCast =>

Credits: Sony Music Korea

And trailers for the drama! Let’s watch out for Episode 1 tomorrow evening! <3

Video: English Subs of Amusing and Exciting Happy Together – Singles’ Christmas Party Special Featuring Sandara Park Among Guests

YAY! English subs! <3 Enjoy everyone! <3 Thanks so much to KBS for heeding international fans and doing subs for this! <3

Happy Together – Singles’ Christmas Party Special (2016.01.07)

Credits: KBS World TV

Videos+Rough Trans of Charming, Enthralling Dara at “Happy Together 3” Christmas Episode

Dara in “Happy Together3” Christmas Special

Things we know from this episode:

* Dara is sweet, cute, witty, smart, and funny! Regardless of what YG says.. XD She charmed her way to her fellow guests’ hearts and viewers’ hearts as well.. <3

* Dara said she was shocked when a junior came and gave her their CD and told her she was a fan since elementary.. XD

* Dara said that when she dated two years ago (so in 2013, right around “Falling In Love” and “Crush” came out, remember when she talked about how songs/song titles influence the artists on the first episode of Sugarman? XD), she was scared paparazzi would take their pictures..  So while they were dating, they would meet in the car and just stay in to eat in either of their house.. She got so anxious of paparazzi that she called 2NE1 members of her fears and they told her “You’re thinking about this too seriously” .. Kekeke! ^^

* Dara is scared of getting drunk. So she drinks a special kind of medicine that helps her not to get drunk. She said she is afraid of getting drunk in front of guys.. XD

* Dara said that there’s a rumor in YGE that there are CCTV everywhere.. She said YG is the reason she doesn’t have a lovelife.. She said that there’s a rumor that YG can even zoom into their cellphones so he knows who they’re exchanging messages and calls with! She said that during one conversation after YG called her to talk with him, she was afraid that Sajangnim might confiscate her phone since he knew who she was texting with.. ^^

* YG gave a message to Dara before Happy Together 3 and told her that since she gets nervous while doing variety shows, that she should just come out comfortably and to act as easily as she does while on-stage.. Sajangnim said not to prepare what to say and to not try to be funny because she isn’t funny. XD Dara said, |”So that’s why I just came here today comfortably..” Then Yoo Jae Suk said, “It’s this case when you didn’t prepare and just went to a tea shop before coming here to film,” which drew laughs! ^_^

*  Kyuung Soo-jin and Dara had a cooking battle at Seho’s house! Kyung Soo Jin made spicy seafood jjamppong ramyeon.. ^^ While Dara made… Instant ramen. Kekekeke! There was a “visual vote” done for the two preparations, and Soo-jin won! ^^ Dara’s ramen had a “shocking” visual compared to Soo-jin’s jjamppong complete with octopus and shrimp.. After the judging, Dara had to wash the dishes as penalty.. Dara complained that it’s her first time washing dishes in a man’s house.. XD

* Oohh, Bobby and BI rapped! ^^ While Dara played the drums to show her talent.. But the drums only made dull thud noises since they were inside and Seho was scared of waking his neighbors.. XD So Dara went up and danced instead to show her talent, since she couldn’t play the drums properly. Kekeke! 

* Dara told B.I. and Bobby to just date and don’t let sajangnim ruin their lives.. Kekekeke! XD 

* Dara relayed a story about Park Myungsoo getting himself embarassed once in 2NE1’s concert as their guest. Because Park Myungsoo didn’t rehearse that time. Dara explained and showed about using the lifter after a performance to exit. Park Myungsoo being too excited with the performance because of the audience he just let the lifter go down without lowering his body. I didn’t know what to do I’m looking at the staffs and I was just standing there with my head still showing.*embarrassed* XD


Sources: KBS World

Translated by: Belle@Ohdara/ WeLoveDara  + Hannah@WeLoveDara


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