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Video/Official: YG-KPlus Releases Fun and Heartwarming “Talk Portion” During “We Broke Up” Mini Concert

I miss “We Broke Up”~! I am so happy that she found friends in the cast, because she said that she doesn’t make friends easily, so I feel that every friend she makes is precious.. <3 I love how the four of them are so comfortable around each other, and it’s fun to hear their thoughts.. ^^ And oohhhh! BTS of WBU cast’s Philippines adventures! ^^

[YGK+TV] “WE BROKE UP” Thank You Event ~ Talk Portion

Credits: YGK+ TV

InstaVid+Twitter: PENSHOPPE Brand Endorser Sandara Park is “Super Excited” and “Happy” to be a Part of #TeamPenshoppe ~ #SandaraXPenshoppe FTW!

Dara.. TT I am so so so happy that you got into this endorsement deal and that we can atually buy the stuff that you’re promoting, kekeke! XD I actually love the stuff that she wore! Seriously, I’m sure that a lot of fans will flock to Penshoppe and buy the same stuff that Dara has on… I probably will too, though they won’t fit, keekekke! XD Anyways, SO HAPPY! ^^

So happy to announce that I am now part of #TeamPenshoppe !!! Follow@penshoppe and check out my new campaign!!! #SandaraXPenshoppe 😊



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Photos/Videos: Supportive Noona and YG PR Director Dara in WINNER’s Japan Tour 2014 DVD

The ever supportive Dara-noona.. <3 This was during Winner’s 2014 Japan Tour, so before she and KSY shot “We Broke Up” Kekeke! ^_^ I wonder if the boys heckled and teased them when they watched it? ^^ Because we know that 2NE1 teased Dara about it.. XD











More under the cut!


InstaVid: Darammer is Back with an Upgraded and Totally Rocking Drum Cover of “Fire”

Oh wow! Darammer is back, and she is rocking it! <3 I love how she’s more confident with the drums in this video compared to the first one~ She has really improved a lot and I hope we get to see her playing the drums for 2NE1 songs in a concert soon.. ^^

계속 진화하는 파이어 업그레이드 버전 (아직 연습중) Upgraded version of Fire 🔥

A video posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

The upgraded version of Fire which keeps evolving continously (still practicing)  🔥

Compare this to the first one posted a bit over a month ago, but taken last January:

#투애니원 #파이어 1/20/15 아마추어 드러머다라 첫연습곡 파이어 😍

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Instagram: WBU Cast Shares Memories Through Photos During and After their “Thank You” Mini Concert Event

 Awww, I love how the cast are close to each other.. <3 I think Dara made some friends for life with the cast members, and I am happy for that. <3 We will miss “We Broke Up” for sure, as much as these guys will miss it, I bet.. ^^


No need for words 👍👍👍

I’m really bad at dancing… Specially when there’s no accompaniment ㅋㅋㅋ Thank you all 💕  Going home 


Thank you very much 😊 WBU forever 😍


The end.




WBU family portrait! Completely gathered together! 💑 Although we broke up recently, but now we’re together again!!😍


With WBU’s top directors and these two 😁😁






With the grateful people today who are thanking everyone who gave their all 🙏   🎉 


Instagram: Dara Shares Behind-the-Scenes Snapshots While Preparing for We Broke Up’s “Thank You” Event

Dara practicing “The Two Of Us”~! She looks so cute! XD

이러구있다… ㅋㅋㅋ 내일봐요!!! 굿밤!!! 😆😴👊

A video posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

Here you go… ㅋㅋㅋ See you tomorrow!!! Good night!!! 😆😴👊

Looking oh so amazing even in simple clothes. Dara’s unbeatable aura.. <3


🎤 Practicing


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Videos: 150810 Press Videos of Gorgeous, Fashionable Dara Among the Celebrities at “Alice in Earnestland” VIP Premiere

Press videos! <3 Dara can be found in the beginning to middle part of the vids.. ^_^

Credits: stardailynews + 티브이데일리 +  STARNEWS KOREA

Video: 150808 Beautiful Lady Sandara Park for Olive TV’s Tasty Road Episode 25

Tasty Road Episode 25 Dara cut!

Tasty Road Episode 25 full cut!


Source: olive(올리브) + Vipointcool + ___˚• O

Photo+Video: Marshall and Lee Beom Kyu Share More Updates from their recent fun and awesome “Dara Tour” in the Philippines

FireShot Capture - M Æ R S H Å L _ - https___instagram.com_p_5_XU2pgcEvB63jTVQXLCpNZDEZruR4mlkvNnk0_


우리는~🎵느낌적인🎶느낌적인🎶느낌적인🎶 느낌!!!

A video posted by 배우 이범규 (@ebeomkyu) on


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Instagram: Brave Dara Shares Short Clips of her Viking Experience Together with “We Broke Up” Cast ~ “Do you like viking?!?”

Do you like Viking?!? Yeesss~!!! #viking

More Viking!!! ✌️


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @WeLoveDara


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