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Video/Official+Twitter: “Two Yoo Project~ Sugar Man” Releases Its Preview for its First Episode ~ MC DARA~!!!

And now we have our first Sugar Man preview! Dara looks so pretty!!! <3

JTBC New Variety: Two Yoo Project – Sugar Man ~ Firs Episode Broadcast Preview


I’m so happy I can meet my seniors that I like and listen to old classic songs~😍 What Sugar Man will come out in the future.. My heart is jumping~ who is your Sugar Man?!


Sources: JTBC Entertainment + krungy21

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Video/Official: KBS Web Drama FB Releases Funny and Exciting “Missing Korea” Trailer~ Meet Actress Sandara Park as Lee Yeon Hwa

Gold so much gold in this teaser! GAAAHHHH! I am so excited! Dara really worked hard on her accent and it shows. ^^ The show seems to be really fun and exciting! I can’t wait for it to be broadcasted! <3

For those who can’t view the video on Facebook, here’s a YouTube link.. ^^

[KBS Web Drama] ‘Missing Korea’ Teaser

Credits: KBS 웹드라마 + ziine89 + WeLoveDara for the caps







InstaVid: Dara Shares her Dramatic Reunion with CL at LA~ “I Missed You So Much!”

Awwww, DaRin/ChaeRa reunited~! <3 Reunited and it feels so good, kekeke! ^^ People are saying that Dara is re-enacting a part of a movie she must’ve watched in Japanese.. XD Look at the big smile on CL’s face! <3 And Dara’s voice and hug, kekekeke! XD

채린아~!!! 일주일만의 재회… 너무 보고싶었어!!! 😂 #그리워해요 Run to baby Rin!!!

A video posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

Chaerin-ah~!!! Reunion after a week.. I missed you so much!!! 😂 #MissingYou  Run to baby Rin!!!


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Photos+Videos: 150907 Fantaken Pictures and Short InstaVids of Dara Arriving at LA and Talking with Some Fans

Some fans were able to meet with Dara at LAX when she arrived.. ^^ Jennah, Maggie, and Airi were really happy to see Dara and she took time to talk to them for a bit and got their gifts.. ^^ They asked about Bom (Bommie, I miss youuuu too T_T) and Dara said that Bom was okay and that she’s in Korea.. ^^ They asked if she will watch CL’s performance and Dara said she won’t be able to anymore because she’s going back to Korea before that time.. They also asked her to post a picture with CL.. ^^





We asked about Bom.. 😘

A video posted by 젠 (@jennahyang) on

her laugh damn so cute 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @daraxxi

A video posted by 젠 (@jennahyang) on


Video/Official: YG-KPlus Releases Fun and Heartwarming “Talk Portion” During “We Broke Up” Mini Concert

I miss “We Broke Up”~! I am so happy that she found friends in the cast, because she said that she doesn’t make friends easily, so I feel that every friend she makes is precious.. <3 I love how the four of them are so comfortable around each other, and it’s fun to hear their thoughts.. ^^ And oohhhh! BTS of WBU cast’s Philippines adventures! ^^

[YGK+TV] “WE BROKE UP” Thank You Event ~ Talk Portion

Credits: YGK+ TV

InstaVid+Twitter: PENSHOPPE Brand Endorser Sandara Park is “Super Excited” and “Happy” to be a Part of #TeamPenshoppe ~ #SandaraXPenshoppe FTW!

Dara.. TT I am so so so happy that you got into this endorsement deal and that we can atually buy the stuff that you’re promoting, kekeke! XD I actually love the stuff that she wore! Seriously, I’m sure that a lot of fans will flock to Penshoppe and buy the same stuff that Dara has on… I probably will too, though they won’t fit, keekekke! XD Anyways, SO HAPPY! ^^

So happy to announce that I am now part of #TeamPenshoppe !!! Follow@penshoppe and check out my new campaign!!! #SandaraXPenshoppe 😊



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Photos/Videos: Supportive Noona and YG PR Director Dara in WINNER’s Japan Tour 2014 DVD

The ever supportive Dara-noona.. <3 This was during Winner’s 2014 Japan Tour, so before she and KSY shot “We Broke Up” Kekeke! ^_^ I wonder if the boys heckled and teased them when they watched it? ^^ Because we know that 2NE1 teased Dara about it.. XD











More under the cut!


InstaVid: Darammer is Back with an Upgraded and Totally Rocking Drum Cover of “Fire”

Oh wow! Darammer is back, and she is rocking it! <3 I love how she’s more confident with the drums in this video compared to the first one~ She has really improved a lot and I hope we get to see her playing the drums for 2NE1 songs in a concert soon.. ^^

계속 진화하는 파이어 업그레이드 버전 (아직 연습중) Upgraded version of Fire 🔥

A video posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

The upgraded version of Fire which keeps evolving continously (still practicing)  🔥

Compare this to the first one posted a bit over a month ago, but taken last January:

#투애니원 #파이어 1/20/15 아마추어 드러머다라 첫연습곡 파이어 😍

A video posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on


Source: daraxxi

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Instagram: WBU Cast Shares Memories Through Photos During and After their “Thank You” Mini Concert Event

 Awww, I love how the cast are close to each other.. <3 I think Dara made some friends for life with the cast members, and I am happy for that. <3 We will miss “We Broke Up” for sure, as much as these guys will miss it, I bet.. ^^


No need for words 👍👍👍

I’m really bad at dancing… Specially when there’s no accompaniment ㅋㅋㅋ Thank you all 💕  Going home 


Thank you very much 😊 WBU forever 😍


The end.




WBU family portrait! Completely gathered together! 💑 Although we broke up recently, but now we’re together again!!😍


With WBU’s top directors and these two 😁😁






With the grateful people today who are thanking everyone who gave their all 🙏   🎉 


Instagram: Dara Shares Behind-the-Scenes Snapshots While Preparing for We Broke Up’s “Thank You” Event

Dara practicing “The Two Of Us”~! She looks so cute! XD

이러구있다… ㅋㅋㅋ 내일봐요!!! 굿밤!!! 😆😴👊

A video posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

Here you go… ㅋㅋㅋ See you tomorrow!!! Good night!!! 😆😴👊

Looking oh so amazing even in simple clothes. Dara’s unbeatable aura.. <3


🎤 Practicing


Source: daraxxi

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