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InstaVids: Joross Shares Cute Moments in Japan with Dara ~ The Honeymooners + Dara!

Joross, thanks so much for all the cute videos of Dara! Kekeke! Dara’s cute expressions are always daebakk! <3

😂👋💦 @daraxxi

A video posted by Joross Gamboa&Katz Saga-Gamboa (@jorossandkatz) on


#harrypotter #jorossandkatz with @daraxxi 🏰❤️🇯🇵

A video posted by Joross Gamboa&Katz Saga-Gamboa (@jorossandkatz) on




Re-uploaded by: OhDara

InstaVid: JorossANdKatz Uploads a Short, Cute Video of the “Honeymooners” Plus Dara at Universal Studios, Japan

Kekeke! Sorry Jjangmae, I think I loved harder at Joross’ “Shin Chan” nickname for you than I should have.. Kekeke! XD Dara’s cute “OSAKA!” when the camera was panned out to her.. XD

Universal Studio 🌏🇯🇵🎢❤️ #jorossandkatz ➕ @daraxxi

A video posted by Joross Gamboa&Katz Saga-Gamboa (@jorossandkatz) on



Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video/Official: YG Entertainment Uploads Vid for Sean’s Briquette Distribution Service

Yaaayyy! An official photo is finally here! <3 It’s indeed heart-warming to see everyone come together to help out the less fortunate.. <3

Aside from Dara, Minzy, and Sean, other celebrities who participated in the briquette distribution are: Masta Wu and Akdong Musician (though probably not as the same date as DaMin), Healing Camp′s Lee Kyung Gyu, Kim Je Dong, and Sung Yuri, Infinity Challenge′s ToToGa artists, So Chan Hwi, Kim Hyun Jung, and Cool′s Kim Sung Soo.. ^^

Credits: YGEntertainment

Video+Translations: 150117 Fancam of Adorably Cute Dara at Big Bang’s Dome Concert in Japan ~ “You’re Cool and Talented!”

Kekekeke, Dara is sooo cute, I just want to put her in my pocket and cuddle her.. XD Big Bang senpais are awesome indeed! Such a precious nugget of interaction between adorable Dara and Big Bang! ^^


B7unk3HCUAEIx4X B7unk1uCYAE--9B



Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: 2NE1 Full Cuts from “YG Family: Power in Japan Concert” DVD Behind the Scenes

Kekekeke, really fun 2NE1! LMAO at Seungri and Dara! Seriously, he doesn’t treat her like a noona and I just love their relationship! <3 And my OT4! Oh girls, how I’ve missed seeing you interact with each other.. T_T Their easy banter backstage was so fun to watch! <3

2NE1 Full Cut [YG Family Concert Behind the scenes]

Credits: YG Team

Video: 140830 YG Family 2014 GALAXY in Shanghai + Backstage Clips

140830 YG Family 2014 GALAXY in Shanghai + Backstage Clips [1080p HD]

Credits: Kang&Nam Lovers

Video: 141213 YG Family World Tour 2014: Power in Japan

[141213] YG FAMILY WORLD TOUR 2014 -POWER- in Japan

Credits: ziine89

Videos: 141221 HQ Dara-Focused Fancams at Gayo Daejoon 2014 ~ Performances + Award Speech

Yay! Fancams are the best! <3

141221 Gayo daejun Crush + Come back home (DARA ver)

141221 Gayo daejun Award (DARA ver)

Credits: ohmygoddessDARA + november sweet

Video: Samsung Taiwan Reveals a “Behind The Scenes” Video of “YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power in Taiwan”

Awesome! BTS of YG Family’s concert in Taiwan! ^_^ Catch a glimpse of very pretty Dara with her huge mic behind her.. XD

Samsung X YG FAMILY : Power in Taiwan

Credits: Samsung Taiwan

Video/Official: 141221 2NE1 – ‘CRUSH’ + ‘COME BACK HOME’ in 2014 SBS Gayodaejun

Check out our girls’ fierce, strong performance..

2NE1 – ‘CRUSH’ + ‘COME BACK HOME’ in 2014 SBS Gayodaejun

Credits: 2NE1


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