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Video: Sandara Park for Penshoppe Holiday 2015

My inspiration to lose some weight: So I could fit into the clothes that Dara’s promoting for Penshoppe.. Kekekekeke! XD Dara is so so so cute in the shoot! Fighting! <3

Sandara Park for Penshoppe Holiday 2015

Credits: Penshoppe

Video: YG Family and Other Guests Featured in PhiatonxTeddy Collaboration Headphone Launch Vi


Credits: just marie

Photo+InstaVid: Da-rummer Shares her Drums Cover for 2NE1 “Missing You”


Dara-mmer is back! <3 And she’s doing so well! Can’t wait to hear her play a full song.. ^^

Her drum teacher uploaded this.. So this video was probably taken during her visit to the studio for lessons.. ^_^


Superstar-nim’s hat is really cool so I want it.. Originally, it showed a finger curse, but it was personally painted on.. So now it’s a craft…


Sources: daraxxi + g1eeeee

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Instagram: Dara Re-Posts Sugar Man’s Video of her “Surprise Birthday Party”~ “Thank You Very Much Sugarman Family! I’m Really Touched”

#goddessDARAday They love you so much because you are one of those people who really deserves to be loved, respected, and cherished.. <3

2youproject surprise birthday party!!! 🙈 Sugarman family~ Thank you very much~ 😍 I’m really touched *sobs*!!!  👍👍👍👊


Source: @daraxxi

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Instagram/Video: “Sugar Man” Family Celebrates Dara’s Birthday with a Surprise Party~ “Dara’s Heartfelt Emotions”

Awwww, Sugar Man cast, crew, staff, and audience are so sweet! <3 Thank you for giving maknae MC Dara such a nice surprise.. <3

‘s heartfelt emotions during her together with  

Once again, let’s sugar celebrate ‘s birthday! Thanks to all the audience members who joined us :)

Check out the full video here:

[VIDEO] Sandara Park’s Surprise Birthday Party

It was Sandara’s birthday the day after recording day
So Sugarman family prepared a surprise birthday party!
‘Happy birthday to you~♪’


Sources: 2youproject IG +

Video/Official: Stunning Model Sandara Park for W Korea ~ “Sandara Park X Givenchy Fashion Film”

Stunning Sandara Park is stunning! <3

[W korea] 산다라 박(Sandara Park) X GIVENCHY Fashion film

Credits: wkorea

Videos/Link: 151103 Full Video of Fun-Filled Episode 3 for “Sugar Man” with Cute Maknae MC Dara, Lovable MCs, Dynamic “Show Men,” and Talented “Sugar Men”

Dara so cute and sweet in this episode! She promised that she will speak out more, kekeke! <3 I love her rapport with the other MCs and how hard she’s trying to be better and better each episode.. <3

Watch the full Episode 3 here => KShows TV – Sugar Man Episode 3

Here are some short clips from the episode! <3

Credits: JTBC Entertainment + KShows TV

Video/Link: Exciting “Missing Korea” Episode 2 is Here ~ Of Military Cutie Lee Yeon Hwa, Make-Up and High Heels Struggles, and Possible Falling In Love?!

Seriously, this drama is fun and exciting and every minute is riveting~! Yeon Hwa, Nan Joo, and Eun Hye have accepted the offer to join as Miss Korea candidates!  They are now preparing for the show with hilarious, but earnest, attempts.. ^^ I love how Dara’s acting is more natural in this web drama.. She did REALLY well and awesomely in Dr. Ian and We Broke Up, but I feel that her confidence in her talents and skills in acting is more pronounced this time around? ^^

Anyways, Jeong Hoon is captivated by Yeon Hwa’s smile, beauty, and attitude.. It’s so fun to see her being all stiff with her military bearing and hear her speak in North Korean twang.. <3 Dara worked super hard, and it is now bearing fruit! Yay! <3

What’s your fave part of the episode? Comment and share your thoughts below! <3

Missing Korea – Episode 2: Welcome to Miss Korea



Source: Missing Korea Naver TVCast

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: Fun-Filled “Missing Korea” Episode 1 Released with Enchanting Actress Park Sandara ~ Of Head-Banging Lee Yeon Hwa and Make-up Transformations

OMG! So much fun! Internet was miserable earlier and I only got to watch now OTL… T_T But OMG OMG OMG! So so so fun! Kekeke! No English subs yet, I’m hoping YGE pulls through and uploads this with subs for us international fans. T_T But Dara’s acting is on-point! Her visuals are on point! <3 The drama promises to be fun and entertaining! I love it! Cannot wait for the episode tomorrow! <3 

Unfortunately there’s no English subs yet.. T_T Rest-assured, we will post it up as soon as there is one from any official source.. ^_^ Click on the picture to go to the Naver TVCast video! It should be available for viewing in all countires.. Enjoy! 

What’s your fave part of the episode? Comment and share your thoughts below! <3

Missing Korea – Episode 1: “Who Are U?”



Source: Missing Korea Naver TVCast

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

InstaVid: Short Fancams of Dara and CL Arriving at WKorea’s Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Event

Fancams of Dara and CL arriving.. ^^

The uploader said that she shouted “Hi Dara-unnie, it’s been a long time!” and Dara looked at her and smiled, and the uploader said she seemed surprised that a Blackjack was there.. ^^ Uploader then said that “We 2NE1 fans are not dead, we’re just around..” Aww.. <3

_ #2NE1 #산다라박 @daraxxi #CL @chaelincl 어느순간부터 긴장?혹은 당황스러운 상황일때 혀가 나오는 달옹👅 내가 "언니 오랜만이에요" 라고 하니까 다라언니가 웃었다😊 사실 블랙잭 한명쯤은 있겠지 하고 나오면서 슬쩍 훑어봤죠? 어디에나 투애니원 팬은 존재하니까 기죽지말아요!🙌🏻 그리구 오랜만이라는건 둘다한테 말한건데.. 옆에서 혼자 웃지 말고 팬좀 봐줘요 채린언니ㅋㅋㅋ 정말 보고싶었어ㅠ 오늘 뜻깊은 행사자리에서 멤버 두명이나 보니까 엄청 좋았다. 원더걸스 공연 볼때는 저 무대에 우리도 섰더라면 좋았겠다는 약간의 아쉬움도 있었지만.. 어느정도 각자의 시간을 보내는 것도 좋다고 생각해요. 너무 오래만 아니라면🙈 두 언니의 솔로활동 기대할게요😉

A video posted by 2⃣Ryu2⃣ (@venusgd) on

#Wkorea #Loveyourw #투애니원 #씨엘 #산다라박 위풍당당 💃💃 씨엘 포스🙈🙊👍

A video posted by 오세희(吴世喜) (@happyosh0121) on


Sources: venusgd + h_y_e_lii + happyosh0121 + kxxmda

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


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