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News: YG Life – “YG Captivated Beijing… 35,000’s “Crazy Night”

YG Captivated Beijing… 35,000’s “Crazy Night”


[일간스포츠 박현택] YG Entertainment (“YG”) boasted its family power in Beijing, China.

YG drew 35,000 persons of audience to “YG 2014 GALAXY TOUR : POWER IN BEIJING” held on the 19 at Worker’s Stadium in Beijing, China, to prove its high popularity in the country.

The audience’s acclamation filled the stadium when the concert began at 6:30pm. 2NE1 came upon the stage, shouting “BEIJING ARE YOU READY?” and singing “CRUSH”. After 2NE1’s powerful performance of “FIRE”, “COME BACK HOME”, etc., EPIK HIGH appeared on a moving stage. EPIK HIGH sang “FLY”, “GET OUT THE WAY”, “LOVE LOVE LOVE”, etc. When “GET OUT THE WAY” began, the whole concert hall turned into a big night club and the audience showed enthusiastic responses.

WINNER came after EPIK HIGH and received a big acclamation, even though they are still a new face. The audience sang “GO UP”, “empty”, “SMILE AGAIN”, etc., along with WINNER, showing a very enthusiastic response.

When BIGBANG in fancy gold suits appeared on the stage, the audience colored the stadium all gold, waving BIGBANG’s gold cheering rods. Even though it was very cold on the day, the stadium was full of heat. SEUNGRI was absent from the concert because he was injured from a car crash recently and T.O.P said, “Today, you have just four of us, but later, all the five will come to meet you again”.

PSY made a more special appearance in a red suit. PSY introduced himself in Chinese subtitles with background music of “A Better Tomorrow”, a movie that drew a big popularity not only in the Chinese region but also in Korea. He sang a parade of his hit songs including “RIGHT NOW”, “GENTLEMAN”, “GANGNAM STYLE”, etc. Plus, he received a big applause from the audience, by introducing himself in Chinese.

Collaboration performances that highlight each artist’s characters offered other special spectacles. G-DRAGON and CL performed newly-arranged solo tracks of CL, including “THE BADDEST MALE” and “MTBD”, to boast a perfect harmony. WINNER’s SONG MIN HO and DARA staged performance of T.O.P’s “DOOM DA DA” together. Then, BIGBANG’s DAESUNG and WINNER’s KANG SEUNG YOON sang 2NE1’s “UGLY”, and TAEYANG and EPIK HIGH showed a unique performance of “EYES, NOSE, LIPS”.

On the encore stage, all the YG Family members came upon the stage, to sing 2NE1’s “GO AWAY” and BIGBANG’s “FANTASTIC BABY”. In the end, PSY’s mega hit “GANGNAM STYLE” was sang by all the singers, to give a grand finale to the colorful and passionate performances.

According to the concert’s insiders, the traffic around the stadium was paralyzed by enormous volume of audience before the beginning of the concert. Furthermore, the audience did not put masks on despite heavy smog, to enjoy and acclaim the artists during the four-hour concert with more than 40 performances.

YG Family’s overseas concert tour is held in partnership with SAMSUNG Electronics, and another concert will be held on the 25 in Taiwan.

Credits: YG Life

Photos: 140831 More Fantaken Pics of Dara and 2NE1 at Samsung Galaxy Showcase in Shanghai

Dara is a right little ray of sunshine amongst the black outfits that her 2NE1 sisters are wearing.. ^^ And Spongebob too! Kekekeke! ^^




Click the link below for more photos!


Feature Article: Sandara Park Tops Survey for Idols that Suit the “All-Back Hairstyle” the Most

Sandara Park Tops Survey for Idols that Suit the “All-Back Hairstyle” the Most


T/N: “올백 머리” literally means, “all-back hairstyle,” it means, all the hair is combed back to show the face entirely.

2NE1’s Sandara Park was chosen as the girl group idol that suits the “all-back” hairstyle the most.

Recently, on the Dream Cosmetic Surgery homepage, the website’s visitors were asked to join in on a survey titled, “Girl Idol That Suits The All-Back Hairstyle The Most,” and it was revealed that Sandara Park topped the survey results, garnering 31.7% of the votes.

Other idols on the survey were f(x)’s Sulli, who was at second place with 29.2% of the votes, and Wonder Girls’ Sohee and Kara’s Goo Hara, who got 26.7% and 12.4% of the votes respectively.

The all-back hairstyle really shows a woman’s “real beauty” for many years. The hairstyle reveals the whole face, and many hairstyles that allude to this style has been made for women as well.

Sandara Park, who topped the survey, has made this hairstyle as one of her trademarks, as she has been wearing her hair back most of the time, since her debut, showing her rounded head and pretty features. This hairstyle in particular is quite hard to pull off well since one needs an oval-shaped face and round head shape (LOLOLOL! Guess I don’t pull this off “well” then, but I do my hair this way anyway, teehee!) for it to be shown neatly.

(T/N: Ommitted the tedious technical description of “oval faces” and “round heads” ^_^)


Sources: Asia Today + EDaily

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Here are some pictures of Dara totally rocking the “all-back” hairstyle:

Since debut!



And now!



Since Etude days:


And now for Clio! ^^



Fan-Taken: 140831 2NE1 at the Samsung Fan Signing Event in Shanghai











Click the link below for more photos!


Fan-Taken: 140830 Cute and Funky Dara at Incheon International Airport (To Shanghai)

Super cute and funky Dara together with 2NE1 are at Incheon International Airport heading to Shanghai for YG Family’s World Tour.


Click the link below for more photos!


Video: YG Family 2014 – Power in Seoul “AIA Real Life Now Festival 2014″

Source: YGEntertainment

Twitter/Instagram: Princess Dara Uploads A Photo Of Her In Myanmar’s Traditional Clothing; Trends Worldwide!

Dara uploading a pic of her in Myanmar’s Traditional dress! Golden beauty in a golden background! <3 Oh, and is she barefooted? Kekeke! Cutie! ^^


By the way, boy am I glad that Dara is active on Twitter once again! Minutes after she tweeted, ” The Shwedagon Pagoda Myanmar” trended! Such is the power of Sandara Park! <3




Source: @krungy21 + daraxxi
Translated by: OhDara

Video: 140801 2NE1’s Interview For “Samsung Galaxy Stage” In Myanmar

2NE1’s press interview in Myanmar~! ^^

Credits: 7DayDaily + Eleven Myanmar

Photos: Breathtaking, HD Screencaps of Ethereal Goddess Dara From Clio’s “Salon De Cara” BTS

One of the joys of screencapping videos is seeing Dara’s ethereal beauty! She looked especially breathtaking in the video and that’s made screencapping much more fun! See her different looks below! ^_^

Dara’s different emotions and looks when she poses makes her the perfect endorser, in my opinion. ♥


Dara’s bare shoulders! *drools*



I love this look the most!!! <333




Innocent Dara! ♥


To those who want to see and download 287 more HD caps, please go here! ^_^ 

More photos below! <3


Video: Sweet Dara On The Preview Of “Show Me The Money 3″ Episode 5

Our sweet Dara being supportive as usual! She probably went there to support Team B’s Bobby and B.I., and also Tablo and Masta Wu. ^^ Spot her for a second at the 0:20 mark. ^_^

I hope they show more of her on the episode to be aired next week~ ♥

Here is a screencap of her at the preview. <3


Credits: kaka o


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