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Twitter: Halmoney Thanks KTO for Inviting and Welcoming Dara Back to the Philippines

Halmoney is very kind, she helped the Parkers get all our gifts to Dara… <3


Thank you for inviting & welcoming Krung again …. She’s so happy that she’s home again ..



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Line: Determined Dara Shares her Thoughts on her Line Play Diary ~ “Practicing Hard for This and That”

Awww, we can’t wait for So-Dam!!! Fighting Dara, fighting fighting ya ya ya! <3


Title: Time is Really Fast

It was like a day before yesterday when New Year came and now it’s already final day of January.. OMG! This January I was really busy depends on keke.

What did I do? Practicing hard for this and that and doing what for this and that ^_^ But I think this February I will be a bit more busy and active. Blackjacks will miss me too right? Haa… Now timing is approaching for Lee So Dam. How indeed I will do.. I’m scared too!! keke

But having experience 2NE1 MV shootings so I can live!!!

I will try!!! Fighting fighting ya ya ya!!!
Sleep well~ ^.^


Source: @21pinkMIC

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Photos: 141214 Fantaken Pics of Radiant Sandara Park at 2NE1’s Fanmeeting in Japan, Day 2 in Osaka

Beautiful, radiant Sandara Park! So happy to be back on-stage, performing for her beloved Blackjacks.. <3










More after the cut!


Instagram: Adorable “DarBie” Posts #LatePost Photos from her Time in the Philippines, Celebrating her Birthday ~ #TeamDara

Seems Dara is sorting through her photos! Woohoo, more more more pics DarBie! <3


Darbie with

10844274_882906728395465_989336090_n # carrousel



Source:  via daraxxi

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Twitter: CL Shares She’s Missing Her “GZBzzz” ~ Dara Replies ~ “Miss You More”

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Twitter_ - https___twitter.com_krungy21_status_538238711473790976



Source: @chaelinCL @krungy21

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News: Slender Sandara Park-Steven Yeun Transform Into Meokbang Couple ~ 600,000 Hits A Day After Upload

Slender Sandara Park-Steven Yeun Transform Into Meokbang Couple ~ 600,000 Hits A Day After Upload


2NE1 member Sandara Park and Korean actor Steven Yeun, from “The Walking Dead,” played the role of lovers in a recent skit. The video has recorded a high number of hits ever since its release and has been a hot topic.

On the 13th, Be Funny Studios ( released the skit entitled, “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?” After being released, it garnered 600,000 views in just one day. In the video, Steven Yeun comes to Korea, seeking to be a star, leaving behind his lover, Sandara Park, in America. The story is composed of three episodal videos with one trailer, covering the highlights.

In the video, Stephen Yeun shows rise and fall of being a “meokbang” star, with the help of his hard-working manager, Park Hyeok Kwon. Steven goes into a difficult training regime with him, in a series of serious, yet humorous scenes.

Revolving around a popular culture trend in Korea nowadays, netizens related to the video and showed a positive reaction.

Netizens who saw the video commented, “It was really fun and it showed Korean outlook on things too,” “Sandara Park and Steven Yeun look good together,” “Steven Yeun does mokbang really well,” “Meokbang humor to fan humor to pop culture humor, it showed a lot,” showing their reactions.


Netizens comments (will edit this when more people comment, probably after a couple of days):

(+12, 0) Sandara Park is really, really pretty… Wah….
(+9, 0) Sandara Park was very feminine here, she looked pretty..
(+9, 0) Glenn, what are you doing.. .ㅋㅋ Recently, his character is losing his charm.. Have to see if he’s going to die this season or if he gets saved ㅋㅋ
(+7, 0) The trend for such an absurd thing is really funny.. I laughed at Park Hyeok Kwon too
(+3, 0) Wahhh!!! Daebakk Dara-unnie!!!
(+1, 0) Jjang!!! Jjang!!! Dara-unnie!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Sources: Naver 1 2 3

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Photos: Marshall Bang Shares Pictures with Dara and YG Staff Enjoying Themselves at Palawan

Dara seemed to enjoy this much-needed vacation! And in such a beautiful place too, along with friends.. ^_^ So happy they got time to unwind and enjoy Palawan together.. <3


Palawan group shot~~~~~


Until next time, Palawan!!!


Source: Marshall bang’s Twitter and Instagram

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News: Dara Among Celebrities who Shared “The Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Done in the Name of Beauty”

‘The most ridiculous thing I’ve done in the name of beauty’


Celebrities live out half their lives in the public eye and have to put their best face forward at all times.

So it is no surprise that vanity in the showbiz industry is almost a given.

So just as they are a treasure trove of beauty tips and tricks, celebrities make their fair share of mistakes as well.

Actress Michelle Chong freely admitted in an interview with Urban that she has tried Botox, but regretted it after.

Said Chong: “In my first movie Already Famous, I had to act as a girl in her twenties, and my skin doctor convinced me that Botox would make me look younger. I think he gave me too much and I ended up looking perpetually evil and wide-eyed.

“Someone even commented on my Instagram photo, “Why does Leticia look like Michael Jackson?

“Luckily, most of the effects of the Botox jabs faded by the time I started filming my movie about three months later.”

K-pop star Sandara Park (better known as Dara) from girl group 2NE1 shared that she drank a cup of vinegar every night for about three months because she heard it could maintain her fair skin.

“It is not easy to drink a cup of vinegar every day and I wasn’t sure if it worked, so I stopped. It’s hilarious when I think about it now,” said the 29-year-old.

Here are some of the most ridiculous things celebrities have done in the name of beauty, according to Urban.




What is the most ridiculous thing you have ever done in the name of beauty?

Sandara Park: While growing up in the Philippines, where the climate is hot and sunny, I was always worried about having tanned skin because I like to be fair. I heard that drinking white vinegar can help to keep skin looking white, so I drank a cup every night for about three months.

It is not easy to drink a cup of vinegar every day and I wasn’t sure if it worked, so I stopped. It’s hilarious when I think about it now. 

Credits: Asia One

News: YG Life – “YG Captivated Beijing… 35,000’s “Crazy Night”

YG Captivated Beijing… 35,000’s “Crazy Night”


[일간스포츠 박현택] YG Entertainment (“YG”) boasted its family power in Beijing, China.

YG drew 35,000 persons of audience to “YG 2014 GALAXY TOUR : POWER IN BEIJING” held on the 19 at Worker’s Stadium in Beijing, China, to prove its high popularity in the country.

The audience’s acclamation filled the stadium when the concert began at 6:30pm. 2NE1 came upon the stage, shouting “BEIJING ARE YOU READY?” and singing “CRUSH”. After 2NE1’s powerful performance of “FIRE”, “COME BACK HOME”, etc., EPIK HIGH appeared on a moving stage. EPIK HIGH sang “FLY”, “GET OUT THE WAY”, “LOVE LOVE LOVE”, etc. When “GET OUT THE WAY” began, the whole concert hall turned into a big night club and the audience showed enthusiastic responses.

WINNER came after EPIK HIGH and received a big acclamation, even though they are still a new face. The audience sang “GO UP”, “empty”, “SMILE AGAIN”, etc., along with WINNER, showing a very enthusiastic response.

When BIGBANG in fancy gold suits appeared on the stage, the audience colored the stadium all gold, waving BIGBANG’s gold cheering rods. Even though it was very cold on the day, the stadium was full of heat. SEUNGRI was absent from the concert because he was injured from a car crash recently and T.O.P said, “Today, you have just four of us, but later, all the five will come to meet you again”.

PSY made a more special appearance in a red suit. PSY introduced himself in Chinese subtitles with background music of “A Better Tomorrow”, a movie that drew a big popularity not only in the Chinese region but also in Korea. He sang a parade of his hit songs including “RIGHT NOW”, “GENTLEMAN”, “GANGNAM STYLE”, etc. Plus, he received a big applause from the audience, by introducing himself in Chinese.

Collaboration performances that highlight each artist’s characters offered other special spectacles. G-DRAGON and CL performed newly-arranged solo tracks of CL, including “THE BADDEST MALE” and “MTBD”, to boast a perfect harmony. WINNER’s SONG MIN HO and DARA staged performance of T.O.P’s “DOOM DA DA” together. Then, BIGBANG’s DAESUNG and WINNER’s KANG SEUNG YOON sang 2NE1’s “UGLY”, and TAEYANG and EPIK HIGH showed a unique performance of “EYES, NOSE, LIPS”.

On the encore stage, all the YG Family members came upon the stage, to sing 2NE1’s “GO AWAY” and BIGBANG’s “FANTASTIC BABY”. In the end, PSY’s mega hit “GANGNAM STYLE” was sang by all the singers, to give a grand finale to the colorful and passionate performances.

According to the concert’s insiders, the traffic around the stadium was paralyzed by enormous volume of audience before the beginning of the concert. Furthermore, the audience did not put masks on despite heavy smog, to enjoy and acclaim the artists during the four-hour concert with more than 40 performances.

YG Family’s overseas concert tour is held in partnership with SAMSUNG Electronics, and another concert will be held on the 25 in Taiwan.

Credits: YG Life

Photos: 140831 More Fantaken Pics of Dara and 2NE1 at Samsung Galaxy Showcase in Shanghai

Dara is a right little ray of sunshine amongst the black outfits that her 2NE1 sisters are wearing.. ^^ And Spongebob too! Kekekeke! ^^




Click the link below for more photos!



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