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Instagram: Proud Dara-Noona Shares a Picture with Thunder Attending KYE Fashion Show ~ “Dara, Thunder, KYE”

Park siblings, yaaaassss! <3


#다라 #천둥 #kye

#다라 #천둥 #kye

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Twitter: PR Director Dara Promotes her New Room Design and Avatar for Line Play ~ “Dara is Now an Actress!”

Dara updated this yesterday in five different languages.. <3



Instagram: Dishevelled “Brown” Mascot Dara Encourages Fans to Watch out for Dr. Ian Coming Out Soon ~ Promotion in 4 Languages!

Dara updated in four languages! English, Tagalog, Japanese, and Chines! Kekeke, our goddess is indeed a woman of many talents and skills.. <3 It basically says the same thing, to “anticipate and watch out for web drama, Dr. Ian” in the messages.. ^^ And awwww, how cute is dishevelled Dara! This is from the scene where she was wearing the Brown mascot costume.. ^^


#닥터이안 커밍쑨
coming soon
Abangan niyo ang web drama ko na Dr. Ian malapit na!!!
WEBドラマ ドクター•イアン 期待して下さいね .
Dr. Ian D-10


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Instagram: Dara Shares Badass, “Dark” Outtake from Esquire Photoshoot ~ “Stayed Tuned for Darker, More Mature Pics!”

My body is sooooo ready for this! They all look all kinds of badass! Gah! <3
11024149_911304752245426_135732808_nI’m not a little girl anymore!!! Great atmosphere while shooting with the cool male models.. Stay tuned for more dark pictures, more mature pictures in Esquire April issue~   Just saw these preview shots from Esquire magazine… More photos coming soon…Stay tuned for a wilder Dara…!!! 😁  


Ahhh.. Please don’t expect too much exposure or a lot of skinship.. ㅎㅎ It may be something that may happen in the future..  



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Photos: Proud Fanclub President Dara Shows Pictures Taken with CL’s “Hazzy” Ads on Instagram and Weibo ~ “#NotAStalker #IPromise”

Dara, the president of CL’s fanclub~! Keke! And of course Dara, we Blackjacks would be happy and proud to see you on the street! I remember when we went to Singapore, we saw 2NE1 in an Adidas store. We really went in to take pictures, though we were shy. Kekeke! XD And don’t you just find her tags funny? XD


I discovered CL in our neighborhood!!!


Saw CL on the streets! Took a photo because I was happy~ Will Blackjacks be happy too when they see our photos on the streets? ^.^


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Instagram: Cute, Adorable Ssantokki Shares a Behind-The-Scenes Picture with “Direk” Kwon ~ “Thank You for Looking After Me!”

DA~RABBIT! So so so cute, seriously! <3 Yes, thank you Director Kwon for taking good care of our Dara, for teaching and guiding her, and for putting your trust in her~! <3


In the middle of rehearsal with Ssantokki and the director   Thank you for looking after me well and for teaching me a lot of things, Director Kwon Hyuk Chan~ Jjang!!! Bow (__) Rehearsing with direk kwon!!!


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Instagram: Excited Actress Dara Promotes Dr. Ian on her Instagram and Weibo Accounts~ “Coming Soon!”

Daraaaaa, thank you for promoting Dr. Ian so diligently! <3 And it’s so cute and nice, how she updates in both Korean and English.. ^^


coming soon!!!


Darong’s first acting challenge.. Dr. Ian, coming soon~ March 29  My first drama! Dr. Ian Coming to you on March 29th!!!



Instagram: Pretty Dara Confirms Photoshoot for “Esquire” Magazine, April Issue ~ “Concept is Dark, Dark Dara”

Kekekeke! Dara, is it “dark” like literally dark, with hands covered dark?.. XD Anyways, cannot wait for it! <3 Thanks for confirming the magazine and the issue, Dara-unnie! ^_^


The concept this time is dark, dark Dara~ 4월호 april issue



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Instagram: YG KPlus Model, Kim Young, Shares a Picture of “Bad Boys” Having Fun with Gorgeous Dara at the Photoshoot

OMG~ Seriously, these three are so cute and dorky together! It seemed like they had a really fun shoot! <3 Dara looks like a cute, beautiful lady in between the two towering boys.. Kekekeke! ^^


Bad boys  &


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Photos: KPlus Model Park Hyeongseop Shares Fun Pictures with “Cute Dara Noona” On-Set ~ Esquire?

Okay, so we’ve noticed that Dara started following YG KPlus models recently, and she followed Hyeongseop on Instagram (), and now, we get new photos of them in a shoot! According to Hyeongseop’s tweet tag, the shoot is for Esquire magazine’s issue next month! ^^ CANNOT WAITTTTT~~!!! And oh, how adorable is Hyeongseop with Dara?! SO SO SO CUTE! ^_^


#NextMonth #Esquire




#smile #noona #cuteDaranoona  


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