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Official/ Photos: HQ/HD Official/Press Photos of Sandara Park and Kang Seungyoon for Web Drama, “We Broke Up”

Dara and Seungyoon are so cute, I can’t even.. Look at them.. Look at how comfy they are with each other.. /le cries



Sandara Park~!!! Rocking musical instruments, I’m so proud.. T_T



Check out the cut for handsome Seungyoon~! 


Instagram: Actress Dara Shares Another Cute BTS Photo of Woori and Won Young Playing their Guitars During Shooting

Fighting, fighting on your guitar unnie~! <3 Look at them, so cute! Dara focused on Seungyoon’s hands and Seungyoon smiling at Dara.. <3


While filming the busking scene, Noh Woori is learning Guitar from Wonyoung taking advantage of break time. But she gave up because Us Two (The Two of Us) is hard ^_^ Guitar (should be played) by Wonyoungie~ #WeBrokeUp D-3

Source: daraxxi
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Weibo: Actress Sandara Park Promotes “We Broke Up” on her Weibo Account~ “Coming Soon!”

Pretty, pretty, pretty Dara!!! <3 The first picture is love, she looks so beautiful, I love buns like that on Dara! Buns with bangs, so pretty! T_T And the second and third photos show how charming and ever youthful looking she is.. <3


We Broke Up Coming Soon ~ D-5 :D



We Broke Up~ D-3! :D


Source: daraxxicn on Weibo

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Line Play Diary: Actress Dara is Super Excited for “We Broke Up” to Air Soon~ “Please Watch it Well!”

Dara’s been so active on Line Play Diary~! Loving it! She’s as excited about We Broke Up as us, right?! <3


Update: June 20

The day to show my acting once again is already coming.. Time is really fast, right?! The duration of time to film this web drama is longer, so I wondered when it will come out, but now it will come out soon!!!

“We Broke Up”s Noh Worrie is 180 degrees completely different from my character as “Dr. Ian”s SoDam. That was my first work, and also the genre is close to a drama, so… Every scene is serious and full of tension, I had to cry and get angry a lot, while on the other hand, this time, my work will be a romantic comedy ㅋㅋChallenging comedy.. Comedy is really difficult ㅠㅠ Harder than crying, seriously!!! I can’t say a lot, but if I was to say a little bit, I needed a variety of feeligns for the genre. Because there were scenes that were melo then I had to get all cheesy, and in serious scnes, I had to get serious endlessly, and when it’s comedy, I had to look like a total wreck and make it funny and use ad-libs wildly, I wasn’t used to it at first, so I’m assuming that maybe the scenes filmed during the beginning and middle will have a lot of terrible acting ㅠㅠ But as timed passed by and as it went to the latter half, apparently, I used more ad-libs ㅋㅋ

Because this is a totally different genre from my previous work, I think it’ll be difficult to compare whether I improved from before or did better than my previous work ~ Just enjoy watching it!

Like last time, I’d like to ask you to evaluate my acting cold-hearted~ ^.^

You won’t be able to see my previous appearance in “Dr. Ian”.. This time, in “We Broke Up,” my new appearance will often come out as one who is not easy to deal with. Until now, my mouth has been such mwahahaha.. But this ㅠㅠ The acting will be ticklish (cheesy) please don’t tease me!!! It’s acting, just acting!!!

PS: And ah, right! I mixed up my ad-lib.. My real way of talking comes out in this drama; there were a lot of times where I was consued whether this was a drama or 2NE1 TV. I did the best I could do, so please watch it well~ I’m still at a learning phase!!! I have to go~~~ >.<

Update: June 23


We are the “We Broke Up” team actors!!! Noh Woori together with Hyunwoo, Nina, Jimin, Hyundong, and Shim Hoon~ Where did Won Young go….!!??? Ji Won Young!!! Won Youngie couldn’t attend, but his heart was with us. Everyone fit well and each personality is good, so it was fun. I was a bit shy at first, but soon got close to them too ^_^ Thank you so much everyone~~~!!!

For now, I and Seungyoon have harmony and it’s really good. Before filming, we were worried a lot for each other about how we will act as a couple. Shoot! Going in, well what? Are these two pros?! What~ They didn’t even have an NG!!! What is this~ Are they really pros? ^_^v ㅋㅋㅋ Really speak well!!! Heawrtwarming sunbae ㅋㅋ

Aw.. Aw!!! I want to speak with you~~~ What!!! I want to talk a lot, but I might become a spoiler and I can’t do that.. ㅠㅠ Ack~~~ “The king has donkey ears,” that means I have a big secret to keep~~~~~~~~~~ ho ho.. I must endure it!!! I’ll do it later ^_^

This work goes out to all the Blackjacks who cared for me and my fellow workers who prepared hard and tried different challenges~ It will be good if you will like it ^^

If you watch each episode, you will know what I mean~ You will have a lot of fun…!!! Aw!!!

Woke up because of a mosquito ㅠ.ㅠ I should go back to sleep… hmmhmm… Zzzzzzz

Update: June 25

Testing, testing… It seems that this has been linked to Twitter recently… Testing if it happens now again


Source: Dara Line Diary
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Instagram: Dara Shares Another BTS Picture from “We Broke Up” Set ~ D-5!

My pretty, pretty Noh Woori.. IDK about you guys, but I can feel Woori though this picture.. It’s not Dara I see, but her character.. <3


#webrokeupD-5 #TheTwoOfUs #wooridoori 🎧

#우리헤어졌어요 #webrokeup D-5 #우리둘이 #wooridoori 🎧

A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on


Source: daraxxi

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Instagram: Sweet Dara Shares Another Pretty Selca from her Hawaii Trip ~ “Sleep Well!”

Omooo! More more more selcas and polaroids juseyo! <3


Sleep well~~~ good night!!! 😴💤💤💤

잘자~~~ good night!!! 😴💤💤💤

A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on



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Instagram: 1st Look Magazine Shares a Fun Photo of “We Broke Up” Main Cast Pictorial ~ “Warning: May Cause Heart Palpitations”

I am loving the way there are pictorials and magazine features to promote “We Broke Up”~! Waaahhhh I can’t wait to see the photos from this pictorial, “wedding party” theme! <3 CIJ98_IWEAA069r

#1stlook issue number 93 with the main characters of web drama #We Broke Up’s four main leads-! #Warning that this may cause heart palpitations has been given out #KangSeungyoon #SandaraPark #JangKiyong #KangSeunghyun Please look forward to the unique and exciting wedding party of these four youthful people -! 🌱🍃🌿🌺🌷🌸


Photos: 150618 HQ Press Pictures of Sophisticated, Radiant Dara at Esprit Dior Exhibit in Seoul

Yay finally, press pictures! <3







Source: As Tagged via Naver

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Photo+Official: 150619 Dior Weibo Shares a Pic of Glamorous Dara at Dior Exhibition in Korea

Yay~! Finally, a good quality HD photo~! <3 Thanks much Dior! <3



Source: Dior Weibo

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Instagram: Ana Shares a Cute Behind the Scenes Photo of Dara “Selfie-ing” in Hawaii

SO SO SO PRETTY~! <3 More more behind the scenes please~! <3 And isn’t it adorable how Dara put the stickers given by OMG to her stuff? <3


krung selfie-ing in hawaii 👍#latepost #bts #vogueshoot

krung selfie-ing in hawaii 👍 #latepost #bts #vogueshoot @daraxxi

A photo posted by ana melissa yambao 🐷 (@anatabatina) on


Source: anatabatina

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


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