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Video: 140403 Official Videos of 2NE1′s Performance on MBC FM4U’s “Hope Song at Noon”

Yay official videos! This has a different angle than the one shown on the live radio show.. ^_^ Again, I find it so cute when the girls immediately dance to the chorus. XD

2NE1 – Come Back Home

2NE1 – Gotta Be You

Credits: MBCkpop

Twitter: MBC Twitter Account Shares a Picture of Double Park and Maknae Line for “Hope Song” Guesting

Our girls be looking fresh and cool in their casual, comfy, yet fashionable outfits! ^^ Dara in her youthful apple hair, Bom in her oversized, gray beanie, Minzy with her cool Star Wars cap, and CL-roo with her eyeglasses. ^^





Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 140330 Official Pictures of 2NE1′s Second Fan-Signing Event at IFC Mall, Yeouido

Dara’s smile is so very, very cute! <3 And may I be the fan she’s hugging? T_T 



Double Park cuties!!! Orange beanie and orange ribbon headband! <3


Our 2NE1 girls! <3



Photos: 140327 Official Pics of Gorgeous and Happy 2NE1 at M! Countdown

54853 54854 5490654905

More photos under the cut!


Photos: Behind the Scene Photos of Awesome #2NE1 for M!Countdown #COMEBACKHOME Performance

Pretty Dara is pretty! <3 I think they’re wearing a variation of their customized SAM MC LONDON outfits in AON. ^_^


Miss Sandara who is able to blend in with any kind of color easily.. Her face is able to make it work! These four people’s (2NE1) perfect combination!!! See you at broadcast!!!


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Translated and re-uploaded by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Check under the cut for Bom, CL, and Minzy’s photos!


Photos: 140320 Official Pics of Fierce and Happy 2NE1 on M! Countdown

54691 54690 54716 54707

Click the link below for more pictures!


Photos: 130322 Official Pictures of 2NE1′s “All Or Nothing” World Tour Concert in Hong Kong

Yay official photos! <3 I wonder where they went.. XD Amazing 2NE1 surely rocked Hong Kong! <3








Photos: Naver Star Cast Goes Behind-The-Scenes for 2NE1′s Preparation for their First M!Countdown Stage and YHY SKetchbook Guesting

Woohoo, behind the scenes! <3 So very beautiful.. T_T Loving her casual, feminine look, and equally loving her blue-haired, badass, fierce look! <3 Our Dara chameleon! <3 Naver Star Cast and YG Life would be uploading this article soon, so watch out for it! <3

Dara preparing for their very first stage in M!Countdown!


Dara all dressed up and ready to roll for YHY Sketchbook!



Video: 140323 2NE1 Performs “Come Back Home” on SBS Inkigayo

SNSD won today’s Inkigayo. Congratulations! ^^ Regardless, congratulations to 2NE1 for being such great hoobaes and cheering SNSD for winning #1. ^_^

Credit: 2NE1

Official/Videos: 140321 2NE1 Performances on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

2NE1- ‘COME BACK HOME’ 0321 Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook

2NE1- ‘FIRE’ 0321 Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook

2NE1- ‘살아 봤으면 해 (IF I WERE YOU)’ 0321 Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook


Source: 2NE1


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