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Photo: 140614 Official Picture of Casual, Fashionable 2NE1 at their “InterFM – K Generation Radio” Guesting

The girls showing their different, unique colors through their outfits at their radio guesting. XD Dara so cute in her white outfit.. <3



Source: InterFM
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Official Photos: 140608 Official Photos of 2NE1 in “All Or Nothing” Concert in Indonesia

Yay for official photos! ^_^







More photos below! ^_^


Official/Photos: 2NE1′s “Crush” Album Japanese Version Details

Weeeeh! Who’s excited for the Japanese versions? ^_^ There would be four versions of the album and two versions of music cards included in the album. ^^ 

Our girls looking very stylish, posh, and classy with the album photos! I want one! T_T

Version A: [2CD + DVD + Photobook]


Version B: [CD +DVD]
* The DVD consist of 8 Music Video clips


Version C: [CD Only]


Version D: [CD + DVD]
*The DVD contains 60 Minutes of the Fanclub event last year.


The Japanese Crush Album will have two versions of music cards: A and B.

music-card-a music-card-b


Source: @YGEXStaff
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 140524 IME Productions Releases Official Pics of 2NE1′s Soundcheck Party for “AON in Malaysia”

Kekekeke, so happy they posted official pics! Dara so cute and smiley! <3 I love her shirt! XD 







More pics after the cut!


Official Photos+Post Trans: 140530 Strong DalD Sheds Tears During Last Day of Recording “Volume Up” Radio ~ “I Didn’t Know I’d be this Fond of the Show”

Awwwww, reading about Dara crying made me tear up last night too.. T_T But I’m happy that she did so well at the radio and that Volume Up family seems to love her so much as well! <3 Thank you everyone for working hard and for making Dara’s experience a happy one.. <3 And oh! As for her guest, Eun Jung, it’s Eun Jung from Jewelry.. XD 


Good bye, DalD! & The final guest with Eun Jung

Working with DalD this week
Seemed to have gone by so fast.
The last guest to come on the last day
Is Eun Jung-ssi :)

“(Awkward) Hello.”
“(Awkward) Hahahaha hello.”

The appearance of two women who are awkward with one another.
It was only after the corner ended that they became comfortable with each other.
The staff said to take a selca together as a commemorative picture.. DalD,

“(mumbling) I haven’t prepared to take a selca well today.”

Eun Jung-ssi, suddenly jumped up and cried out,

“You can rely on me! I take pictures very well!!!!”
(Eun Jung was the one holding the camera and not Dara, keke! I think this is what she meant about taking photos well. ^^)

And a masterpiece was born just like that ㅋ


Because of these two cute women,
It is our hope that Saturday night will become a bit fresher ㅎ


On the way to recording for her last broadcast,
While moving together with DalD,

“It’s really unfortunate/regrettable/upsetting..”


When it felt like she would break out in tears,
DalD who says joke stealthily, so she could laugh

“Eeyyy.. I’m crying and it’s only just a week. I shouldn’t be crying since it’s not over yet,”

Declaring that she won’t cry until she’s absolutely alone.
But when she was making the closing comments already,



Angry at herself. That someone saw.
In order not to disturb anyone, she swallowed her tears and got up from the recording booth,
She tried to drink tea or something sweet in order to stop her tears, but in the end. the tears flowed out.


“I didn’t know that I’d get so fond/attached to this..”

After, determinedly set to continue, so she went back to her seat
And continued with a strong and determined mind.


“This is something I like together! It’s a thing that I brought.
Since I couldn’t bring alcoholic beverages, so here’s some chocolate cocktails instead!”

DalD who is a person with a lot of sense ㅋ


“I’m very grateful to everyone for this week!”

It was a lot of sacrifice,
But this is not the end of DalD.. Because this person,
DalD is already a part of our Volume Up family from now on ㅎ

And finally,
In order to greet her Volume Up family sincerely,
DalD poured her thanks and thoughts into a letter, which we will reveal.


DalD, we too are also very grateful for you.

Please come to play any time that you can.
All of us will be waiting for you :)


Source: KBS Volume Up

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Official Photos+Post Trans: 140530 DalD Finds Strength from the Third Guest of “Dara’s Cheering Army” CL ~ Plus Long-Term Friends Atmosphere with Coffee Boy, Park Byul

Waaahhh! I waited for these pics on Friday, but they uploaded it late night on Saturday, and as you might have noticed, I’m almost always MIA on weekends because I’m so busy during weekends with activities. XD Anyways, I am sooo happy that CL came out and supported Dara during her “last” radio night! Dara considered it her last because she pre-recorded her radio for the weekend already. ^^ I really believe she found strength with CL being there! <3 DarLin love! ChaeRa ship be sailing. XD ^^ As for her other guests that night, Coffee Boy is an indie artist (he’s pretty good, I listened to some of his songs XD) while Park Byul is a member of duo group, Lalasweet. ^^ I think they’re indie artists too, since I mostly see their songs on indie lists. ^_^ 


DalD & CL / with Coffee Boy, Park Byul

The third guest that came in from DalD‘s Cheering Army!
It’s 2NE1‘s Leader!
CL dropped by at Volume Up ㅎ


Together, the two of them introduced Dara Dara Bright Dara segment,
Together, the two of them introduced the corner for Volume Family‘s problem advice corner… And then what? :)

Oh, because this is DalD‘s… 5th day as DJ

“No~That’s~Not~It!!! Chaerin-ah, this isn’t how it goes!
You must read their numbers or names first, then read their story~”

The knowledge on how to introduce the stories was passed on to Chaerin-yang… ㅋ



Time did not pass in a noisy and troubled manner,
But with member CL‘s hand on her shoulder to count on,
DalD became stronger and found strength at this time (A/N: because it was her last night and she became quite emotional <3)


For Part 2 of Friday’s broadcast,
DalD was joined by Coffee Boy and Lala Sweet’s Park Byul
For one week, weary Volume family was comforted by warm guests :)


It was just their first meeting between them, but they had the atmosphere of long-time friends
These three people who were able to have a comfortable time together :)



It even seems like these three good people resemble each other
What do you think? Don’t these three look like they can be brother and sisters with their likeness? ㅎ

Ah! And look at what DalD’s fans sent over
Fruits and cookies! We will eat it deliciously.
Thank you :)



Source: KBS Volume Up

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

HQ Photos: Fierce, Stylish 2NE1 for Adidas x MAPS Collection

Oooooh! I love love these photos! I love all the girls’ looks and clothes! From the fierce looks in red jerseys, to the rocker chic looks, and to the preppy looks! Love this photoshoot from Adidas! ^_^








315 (1)








Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Official Photos+Post Trans: 140529 Prepared Dara Takes a Selca with DickPunks ~ “This is How to Take a Selca With Guys Who Didn’t Plan on Having One”

Kekekeke, their segment was really fun! And wow, prepared Dara is prepared! She bought her monopod with her! Hahaha, I can just imagine DickPunks member being in awe and curious about this! Boys, this is all the rage here in the Philippines, and I believe, in some other countries as well. XDDD


Eating Cute Fruitswith DickPunks

After the broadcast ended,
DalD asked DickPunks to do something.

Tae Hyun – “Oh wait, what’s up with this?”
DalD – “It’s used to shoot selcas!!!!”
Ga-Ram – “Eh-!!! How do you do it with this?!!!”
DalD – “Come here and see! It’s like this, like this!”
And so… This is how to take a picture with three men who didn’t plan to take a selca.


…. It’s awesome.
Despite it being taken quite a distance.

DalD‘s selca with PinkPunks’ Hyun Woo & Ga Ram & Tae Hyun
You’re curious about it?

It’s because she knew it’ll be like this (with a lot of people as guests), so she came prepared ㅋ


It came out really well!!

And another one?!!!!!
Eeyyy, it’s this kind of feel, call!


What else…………..
Now..Has the game…Been thrown to the wind? (T/N: I think this refers to taking selcas, like a game-changer to taking selcas LOL)


Source: KBS Volume Up Website

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Official Photos+Post Trans: 140529 Endearing DalD Gives ChocNut and Cola that “She Likes Eating” ~ With a Surprise Guest and Supporter, Park Ji Seon!

Awww, Dara preparing chocolates for the fans, and giving some to the staff as well! Staff being coy and saying no when Dara first offered the chocolates, but taking and eating them anyway after. XD It’s ChocNut guys, ChocNut! I love this chocolate! XD I wonder how many bags of ChocNut Dara brought to Korea with her from the Philippines? XD And OMG, could you just imagine Dara taking out that “Sandara Park” Coca-Cola bottle from her bag?! LOL, I wonder what she has in there? XD And awww, it’s really nice of Ji Seon to come out to support DalD! Same-age chingus! <3 KBS revealed that she had been one of DalD’s callers, and now came out to be a surprise guest! Dara gave her “Crush” album, pink version!


DalD’s Ordinary Caller & Surprise Guest?! Park Ji Seon!

Today, DalD is very busy.


Hustling and bustling,
Doing the same thing over again.


“This is chocolate that I like from the Philippines!
I really like eating it.
Do you… want to eat some too? (Hint, hint)”

Saying the opposite, but actually begging DalD to be given some to eat ㅋ

And again, hustling and bustling, being really busy with taking out something from her bag.
(For your information, DalD has continuously been pulling out everything and anything from her bag)

“There’s also cola that I like!”


“I like eating chocolate with this!!!!
Yes, yes.. Just like this please..!”

So we ate like this,
Why did you do this DalD, it made us even more hyper/energetic ★


And today, a person who is secretly a Volume caller, came :)

Gagwoman, Park Ji Seon-ssi!


“Hello, this is Sandara-ssi’s SNS friend, Park Ji Seon!
I came out to play with Dara-ssi who has become a DJ!
Everyone!!! Please listen and cheer a lot for S-headquarters!!!!! 
Then anyway, DalD, fighting!!?!!

Cheering president, and also of business……?

Anyway, thanks to Ji Seon-ssi
Throughout the entire broadcast, DalD felt the strong support :)


Source: KBS Cool FM Volume Up Website

Re-uploaded and Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

News: YG Life – 2NE1, “Breaking K-pop’s Record On Billboard 200, A Surprise Gift”

2NE1, “Breaking K-pop’s Record On Billboard 200, A Surprise Gift”


[마이데일리 = 전원 기자] 2NE1 was showered in spotlight at an interview with Billboard.

The online edition of the American Billboard unveiled on May 27 (local date) the details of the interview with 2NE1, precisely about the quartet breaking chart records, their 5th anniversary and the music video.

CL, on breaking the K-Pop record on Billboard 200 commented, “It felt so great. We prepared for this album for so long it felt like a surprise gift and we think it was a perfect way to start off [our promotion].”

In February when 2NE1 dropped new album “CRUSH,” it immediately became the highest-charting K-pop album on the Billboard 200, landing at No. 61.

On May 17 the divas celebrated their 5th anniversary. Billboard asked when the most memorable moments were, and DARA answered “the day we debuted,” while BOM and MINZY said, “when winning ‘Best Song of the Year’ award,” and CL, “this moment.”

They added, “Half of 2014 has already passed by… Our tour will continue and we look forward to putting out more music for everyone to listen to. To all the 2NE1 fans all over the world, thank you for always waiting for us and loving our music. We hope to see all of you often and up close!”

Currently in the middle of their World Tour “ALL OR NOTHING,” 2NE1 will be in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 8 at Mata Elang International Stadium to meet the local fans.


Source: YG Life
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara


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