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Official/Video: 150501 Jinusean Performs “Tell Me One More Time” Featuring Stunning, Chic Dara at KBS Music Bank

OMG!!!! Hello singer Dara! It’s been a while! Ah, seriously I don’t know what to say about their performance T_T I love it! Love it! Love it!!! Dara was so awesome! I don’t know why but I was all smiles while watching their performance! Her energy on stage was very infectious that it makes you want to get up and dance too! ^^

Dara unnie, seriously, what kind of charm do you possess?! It’s deadly! Very, very deadly! Kekeke!

We’re very happy to see you playing on stage again! Thank you inuSean oppas for featuring Dara unnie!!! <3

JINUSEAN – ‘한번 더 말해줘 (TELL ME ONE MORE TIME)’ (feat.DARA) 0501 KBS Music Bank


Source: YGEntertainment

Photos: Official Pictures of Nervous but Excited Sandara Park, Kang Seungyoon and the Cast of “We Broke Up” During Script Reading

11149448_956227227731202_3821233189901528367_n 10403285_956227231064535_1125793647704607878_n 11148742_956227267731198_2648671451392928016_n 11174961_956227274397864_122240947276040527_n 11048759_956227234397868_6782303467957175277_n


Source: YG Family Official Facebook Account

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

News/Official: DARA and KANG SEUNG YOON to Play Lead Roles in Web Series “We’ve Broken Up”

DARA and KANG SEUNG YOON to Play Lead Roles in Web Series “We’ve Broken Up”


DARA, a member of 2NE1, and KANG SEUNG YOON of WINNER have been cast as leads in a Web series.

The Web series entitled “We’ve Broken Up” is based on a popular Web cartoon of the same title on Naver, a Korean portal website. The series features college sweethearts who broke up but have to live in a house together, while depicting uncertainties faced by many young people these days.

DARA is to play the role of Noh Woori, a job-seeker and alpha woman, who has to live in the same house with her ex-boyfriend. And KANG SEUNG YOON has been cast to play Ji Won-young, a vocalist of an indie band who does late-night part-time work for his band and music.

DARA has recently played a lead role in another Web series “Doctor Ian” and her acting has been well-received by the public. KANG SEUNG YOON also starred in MBC’s sitcom “High Kick, Short-Legged Counterattack” in 2012, where he demonstrated his potential as an actor.

Along with DARA and KANG SEUNG YOON, models who belong to YG K-Plus are also to appear in the series. Kang Seung-hyun, a world-class top model, will play the role of a beautiful and insightful director at a top-notch record label. And Jang Ki-yong has been cast to play Seo Hyun-woo, a warm-hearted man who likes Woori.

“This Web series is not just a simple love story,” said a production official. “It also addresses the difficulties faced by young people these days, including unemployment. We’ll do our best to produce a quality Web series now that this series is drawing a lot of attention and boasts the best possible production crew and cast.”

The Web series “We’ve Broken Up” is jointly planned and produced by YG K-Plus, CJ E&M Digital Studio and Story Plant, and will be jointly directed by Kim Yong-wan, who directed “Love Cells,” a popular Web series with more than 1 million views. The filming of the series will start this month and the show will be made available at the beginning of June.

Credits: YG Life

News: YG Life ~ “Dara Talks about End of “Dr. Ian”… ‘My First Leading Role… A Good Experience'”

DARA Talks about End of “Dr. Ian”… “My First Leading Role… A Good Experience”


2NE1’s DARA talked about her first leading role in a drama series.

DARA unveiled behind-cuts taken at the shooting of web-drama “Dr. Ian(written by Lee Aram/directed by Gwon Hyuk-chan) jointly produced by Korea and China on the 8 through YG Entertainment, and talked about her feelings for the end of the series.

DARA said, “It was my first leading role and it was such a great experience. I still have a long way to go as an actress, so I’ll make further efforts to improve my acting and I wish I can act for another drama series soon. I felt a huge sense of burden because it was my first leading role, but all the staff and my counterpart actor Kim Young-gwang have been so nice to me, so I could act in a pleasant atmosphere.”

In the behind cuts, DARA is acting very hard, wearing a teddy bear mask and sweating a lot. According to the staff of the drama, DARA led the pleasant atmosphere at the shooting and had serious discussions on her acting with the producing staff, and worked very hard for her acting, to be praised by every one of the staff.

DARA acted the character of “Lee So-dam”, a rather peculiar woman who tries to overcome the pain of her past relationship. Even though it was her first leading role, DARA acted the character naturally with sophisticated expression of emotions. She proved her potential as an actress with her acting in the series.

Meanwhile, “Dr. Ian” ended with the 9th episode aired on the 8 at 0 o’clock. After the end of “Dr. Ian”, foreign fans posted bunch of replies in English on the official channel of the series on NAVER CAST, showing explosive responses. “Dr. Ian” enjoyed global popularity, not only in Korea but also in the United States, Taiwan, and Thailand, surpassing 500,000 views within three days of its broadcasting.

Credits: YG-Life

Photos/Official: SBS Shares Pics of Supportive Goddess Dara at SBS Kpop Stars

Beautiful, radiant goddess Dara~! Much love to SBS for the lovely pics! <3







More pictures after the cut!


Photos: Official Press Photos of “Dr. Ian” Behind the Scenes ~ “So Dam – Ian” VS “So Dam – Tae Soo” Couples out on “Spring Dates”~!

Super duper ultra HD pictures! <3 Totally love TOP Star News and their UHD pics.. <3 More BTS scenes from Dr. Ian shooting~! <3 So cute! The articles mentioned that “So Dam-Ian” couple and “So Dam – Tae Soo” couple both showed different atmospheres while “spring dating” aww… XD Watch out for the article! ^^






Source: TOP STar News

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: More HQ/HD Behind-The-Scenes Photos of “Dr. Ian” Web Drama from Drama Publisher, SOY WORKS

Yaaaayyyy~! Much love to Soy Works for the amazing photographs and cinematography! <3

Adorable, cute, gorgeous Lee So Dam!!! <3





Ack, Lee So Dam with Dae Soo.. Aigoo.. T_T


With Dr. Ian~!!! <3



Check out the cut for more pics! <3


Video/Official: Adorable Dara is One of the Charming “Spring Girls” in Sunwoo Jung-A’s Newest MV!

Dara is such a cute “Spring Girl” in the MV! <3 Watch her little dance and her being her adorable, totally charming self! <3 The song is super cute and catchy as well, congratulations Sunwoo Jung-A! Listen for the traditional Korean underlay in the tone and even the beat.. <3

선우정아 봄처녀(SPRINGIRLS) M/V (Official)

Credits: 선우정아 / Sunwoojunga

News/Trans: Sandara Park, Lead Actress Role in “Dr. Ian” During Script Reading~ “Actress Force Revealed”

Sandara Park, Lead Actress Role in “Dr. Ian” During Script Reading~ “Actress Force Revealed”


2NE1’s Sandara Park will be showing her acting prowess through Korea-China joint web drama venture, “Dr. Ian,” in her first leading role. Recently, scenes from the script reading were revealed.

On the morning of the 26th, photos from the script reading scene were released, revealing Sandara Park‘s actress force visual, showing a calm yet serious look on her features as she perused her script.

As this is her first local leading role debut, Sandara Park shows an unbelievably natural and ready persona, as she effortlessly weaves a perfect synch of her personality and that of the character’s during the fine-tuning of her lines. It was the same at the actual shooting site, as the staff and producers were in awe of her amazing concentration and attention to emotions that Sandara Park showed; something that Kim Young Kwang, the leading actor opposite her, greatly admired, and which was rumored to have led to their natural acting chemistry together.

In 2009, Sandara Park acted in the drama, “The Return of Iljimae,” and had a cameo in the movie, “Girlfriends,” proving her potential as an actress.

Sandara Park‘s first leading role as an actress is earning high expectations. In this web drama, she plays the role of Lee So Dam, a 4D office girl who works with doll masks (mascots) and hides her face behind her hair when faced with stress. Her 4D charm is expected to shine through her acting, increasing excitement for the drama.

Dr. Ian” will be first broadcasted on Naver TVCAST and China’s Youku, on the 29th, at 10:30PM.


Source: 10Asia via Naver

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Photos: Singles Korea Facebook Page Reveals Awesome B-Cut Pictures of Gorgeous Goddess Dara for their March Issue

Oh hi there gorgeous!!! Thank you Singles for giving us these amazing cuts.. T_T I do hope that you give us more! Kekeke! <3

Even while leaning on the floor, Dara still manages to look like a freaking goddess.. <3


Goddess of summertime and spring anyone? <3


Be sure to “like” and comment on Singles Korea’s official Facebook page! LIKE Dara’s photos here => DARA B-CUTS ON SINGLES FB


Source: Singles Korea 싱글즈

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


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