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News+Netizens Comments: Sandara Park, “Goddess Appearance” in Unedited Advertisement Shoot Draws Attention

Sandara Park, “Goddess Appearance” in Unedited Advertisement Shoot Draws Attention


2NE1 Sandara Park‘s goddess beauty became a hot topic with the release of behind-the-scenes photos.

Make-up brand, Clio ( recently released their new advertisement shoot for their products, featuring brand model, Sandara Park.

In the ad, Sandara Park is seen to be holding up a pink mascara, with her hair styled in a voluminous manner, as shown in the photo above that is now a hot topic. Unlike the naughty, energetic look that she shows on stage, Sandara Park transformed her looks into that of a mature and enchanting woman, catching the eyes of netizens. Especially since this is an untouched/unedited photo cut, the fact that her glowing skin, generous eyelashes, and over-all good looks shows in a remarkable manner is quite fascinating. Also, after the release of the campaign photos, the interest in Clio‘s mascara products is getting hot interest as well.

On the other hand, Sandara Park,who is one of the 2NE1 members, can be seen in the upcoming “AIA Real Life Now Festival” featuring YG Family Concert, on the 15th, at Seoul’s Jamsil stadium.

Netizen’s Comments:

(+54, 0) If only I could live with that face

(+50, 0) No matter how much I look, she is still so pretty

(+45, 0) Dae to the bakk pretty~~~!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥

(+42, 0) Truthfully, her face is that of an actress’s level

(+41, 0) Sandara-ya? Really? Heol, really beautiful whoa

(+24, 0) ㅠㅠ Why are you so pretty??? Why??

(+22, 0) Dara Dara♥ Blackjack fighting


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News+Netizen Comments: Sandara Park, Everyday Look Revealed to Public, “Mysteriously Cute”

Sandara Park, Everyday Look Revealed to Public, “Mysteriously Cute”


2NE1’s Sandara Park revealed a recent picture.

On her Instagram account, Sandara Park shared on the 8th, “Special thanks to my multi talented friend marshall for my curly hairstyle and for taking this photo” sharing a picture along with the caption.

In the photo that she shared to the public, Sandara Park is wearing a white, sleeveless shirt matched with distressed jeans, looking straight at the camera with an impassive stare, posed with one hand on a wall, one leg twisted over the other. Even in normal, every day life, her fashion sense and absolute beauty still shines. Also catching attention is her wavy hairstyle with her hair pulled back from her face.

Netizens were also attracted by her porcelain skin and white face, thick eyebrows, and clear eye make-up that gave her a wide-eyed, child-like look which drew attention. Her unique, hot pink nails, showed off her a unique style that is distinctly Sandara Park.

Netizens who saw her update commented with, “Sandara Park seems to work hard at SNS,” “Sandara Park’s cute and uniqye style,” “I totally want her hair style,” “Where in the world is Dara-unnie?” “She really looks so young,” “Beautiful goddess looks,” “I want to know about their new album too,” showing their various thoughts.

Netizen Comments:

(+44, -1) Dara-unnie really looks beautiful!!♥♥
(+37, -1) Sandara Park is eating preservatives, she’s really really pretty~
(+10, 0) I can’t believe she’s already 31, human preservative ㅠㅠ Blackjacks, fighting! Dara Dara ♥
(+4, 0) Completely beautiful!! ㅠㅠ


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News+Netizens’ Comments: “See You Tonight…” Sandara Park, Looks Forward to Performing

“See You Tonight…” Sandara Park, Looks Forward to Performing


2NE1’s Sandara Park shows off her luxurious beauty.

On the 10th, Sandara Park shared a picture on her Instagram account, with the caption, “Waiting for Blackjacks.. See you tonight!”

In the photo, Sandara Park is seen making a pose, looking at a distance, while having a traditional Vietnam hat on. Her pink lipstick that complimented her appearance, drew attention as well.

On the other hand, Sandara Park, who belongs to the group 2NE1, is set to perform at “2NE1 Galaxy Stage in Vietnam” on the afternoon of the 10th, at Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City. This is the group’s second stage in Vietnam.

Netizen Comments:

(+54, -1) Ah, really beautiful…

(+46, 0) Noona is really… Super pretty ㅎ

(+22, -1) I wanted to see you at YG Fam Con on 8.15 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ But I can’t go ㅠㅠ Dara-unnie, do well ㅎㅎ Blackjacks, fighting

(+15, 0) She’s in her 30s… ㅎㄷㄷ She is still so beautiful. God is unfair ㅜ


Source: TV Report via Naver
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News: Louis Vuitton Seeks Massive Investment in YG Entertainment

Louis Vuitton seeks massive investment in YG Entertainment


The world’s top-notch luxury brand group LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton is on track to make a large scale investment in the 100 billion won range ($1=KRW970) in South Korea’s one of the top three entertainment companies YG Entertainment. The deal, if materialized, will become the first-ever for overseas luxury brand group to invest in the nation’s entertainment company. Reportedly, Louis Vuitton seeks business partnership rather than attempting to acquire management rights or make profits.

LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton is the world’s leading luxury group whose brands include Bulgari and TAG Heuer while YG Entertainment has led the Korean pop culture across Asia with famous singers like Psy, Big Bang and 2NEI. The deal will likely help the two to create significant synergies in expanding their business.

LCapital Asia, a private equity firm (PEF) backed by Louis Vuitton group, is in last-stage negotiations to invest in YG Entertainment, according to investment banking industry in Hong Kong Tuesday. LCapital will likely decide on new rights issue in a third party allocation and invest worth at least 100 billion won, representing around 20 percent of YG Entertainment’s market capitalization worth 571.4 billion won.

The two are fine-tuning how much and how Louis Vuitton will invest after beginning negotiations secretly around June. Reportedly, they will likely opt for a third party allotment rights issue involving redeemable cumulative preference shares (RCPS).

Credits: MK News

News: YG Life – “2NE1’s ‘I Am The Best,’ BGM of Microsoft Ad”



[텐아시아 = 장서윤 기자] 2NE1 is arousing much attention as their song “I AM THE BEST” was chosen as the theme song of an ad created by one of world’s largest companies, America’s Microsoft.

The song will be used as the BGM of a tablet PC commercial video clip of Microsoft from August 11 (local date). Viewers will hear the music for the next 6 months on TV and on other media for one year when the commercial is played.

YG Entertainment responded, “Microsoft contacted us through their ad agency to say that they want to use the song as their BGM. The electronic and hiphop-influenced song was released in June 2011, and it crosses over to genres of reggae and African rhythm. At the time of release, it received high praises for expressing 2NE1’s colors well, and swept across music markets home and abroad.”

2NE1 unveiled their 2nd full album “CRUSH” this year, and their active promotion led them to be the first South Korean artists to enter Billboard 200 by ranking #61. They re-wrote the history of K-Pop. They also carried out their 2nd World Tour “ALL OR NOTHING.”

Credits: YG-Life

Video: 140802 Press Coverage of 2NE1’s Press Con in Myanmar

Press video coverage of 2NE1’s press con in Myanmar, hosted and sponsored by Samsung.. ^_^


Credits: BYN TV News

News: Yang Hyun Suk Discusses Future Plans for WINNER + Park Bom and Dara’s variety show talents

Sorry but I have to disagree with YG. I really think Dara is funny, even YG himself admitted it in 2NE1tv. But I also know that Dara will be better with a drama. If only YG would allow her to do one. T_T

News: Yang Hyun Suk Discusses Future Plans for WINNER + Park Bom and Dara’s variety show talents


On August 6, the launching show ‘2014 S/S GRAND LAUNCH‘ for WINNER’s debut album took place at the Grand Ballroom at the Conrad Seoul Hotel where Yang Hyun Suk spoke about his future plans for the group in front of the media.

He said, “Kang Seung Yoon appeared on MBC sitcom ‘High Kick 3,’ and I thought he was good at acting.  Honestly, I think YG is branded as a company that is immensely tight fisted when it comes to variety programs.  There was that tendency in the cases of Big Bang and 2NE1.

As Park Bom appeared in SBS‘s ‘Roommate,’ Yang Hyun Suk was asked, “Did Park Bom appear on variety because she personally wanted to?

Yang Hyun Suk replied, “In Park Bom’s case, she was someone who was very funny in the reality program ‘2NE1 TV.’  Park Bom and Dara always expressed their wish to go on a lot of variety shows.  I think that’s how she came to be on a program in which the camera follows her around.  Dara says she wants to go on a lot of variety shows, but in my opinion, Dara isn’t that funny.”

(A/N: Omitted non-2NE1 related parts.)


Source: AllKpop
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Photo: 2NE1 Appears On The Front Page Of Myanmar Newspaper, “The Pyi Myanmar Daily”

Wow! 2NE1 taking up half of the front page! <3




Source: @yg2NE1xxi
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News: K-Pop Girl Band ‘2NE1’ to Play Rangoon

Here’s the news article regarding the press conference. ^^

K-Pop Girl Band ‘2NE1’ to Play Rangoon


RANGOON— Burmese K-Pop fans will get their first-ever chance to see South Korea’s 2NE1 on Saturday, as the girl group is set to perform at Rangoon’s Myanmar Event Park.

The four-member all-girl group arrived at Rangoon International Airport on Thursday night and held a press conference on Friday.

“We are very excited to meet you guys. We wouldn’t be here without you guys,” said CL, who sings in the group alongside bandmates Dara, Minzy and Bom. “So, I thank all from the bottom of our heart and we love you all.”

The concert will start at 7pm. Tickets start at 25, 000 kyat ($25), but the best seats in the house will go for 900, 000 kyat ($900), with a chance to have dinner with 2NE1’s members included for those willing to pay the hefty price. The event, titled “2NE1 in Myanmar Galaxy Stage,” is organized by Samsung Myanmar in collaboration with Living Sound Entertainment and YG Entertainment from Korea.

“Burmese fans welcomed us warmly at the airport last night. I expect during tomorrow’s concert fans will welcome us warmly too,” Dara told reporters.


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News: “Real Men” Hallyu Wave in Philippine Military, “I Like Sandara Park – SNSD”

“Real Men” Hallyu Wave in Philippine Military, “I Like Sandara Park – SNSD”


The Hallyu wave is still going strong in the Philipines.

On MBC’s ” Real Men” broadcast on the evening of the 6th, a Philippine soldier revealed his affection for Korean girl groups, gaining attention.

Park Gun Hyung talked with Philippine soldier, Dallit (T/N: If anyone saw the broadcast, please confirm his name, I’m just basing it off the hangul 달리트), and the conversation turned about Korean girl groups. Dallit then said, “I know Sandara Park. I like SNSD too.”

It’s actually a well-known fact that Sandara Park used to work in Philippines’ showbusiness / entertainment industry. Philippine soldier, Dallit, talked about Sandara Park‘s activities in the Philippines, evoking laughter when Park Gun Hyung said, “The love for girl groups in the Philippines is the same,” making the people around him laugh.

Meanwhile, the “Real Men” members were deployed overseas and joined the Philippine “Araw” unit, which was shown in this episode.


Source: Newsen

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