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News: “Super Show 6″ Super Junior, Introduces Singers in Attendance… Max Changmin · Sandara Park “Glamorous”

“Super Show 6″ Super Junior, Introduces Singers in Attendance… Max Changmin · Sandara Park “Glamorous”


Super Junior’s “Super Show 6,” attracted a great attendance, including fellow singers, Max Changmin and Sandara Park.

On the 21st, Super Junior presented a hot stage to their fans with the start of their world tour concert, “Super Show 6″ live at Jamsil Gymnasium, Seoul.

Leeteuk said, “Recently, I heard that Shindong has chosen to sing a ballad while I was away.” He then took notice of the banners that some fans had held up. He particularly pointed out the fan-made banners that said, “Donghee, I Love You,” on it.

Shindong said, “The feeling of the concert today is really good, it feels like this would be the same atmosphere as our 100th concert,” he added, “Before coming here, I heard that news that we won first place in SBS Inkigayo, I’m really touched.”

Leeteuk remarked, “From Friday until Sunday, a lot of our friends came. Last Friday, Bestie came along with a number of people, yesterday SHINEE’s Minho and f(x)’s Amber and Victoria came as well,” he said with gratitude.

“I wonder who came today?” asked Leeteuk, to which Kyuhyun mentioned he invited TVXQ’s Max Changmin, Eunhyuk mentioned Girl’s Day MinAh and Nine Muses’ Hyemi, Hyuna, Donghae mentioned 2NE1’s Sandara Park, while Ryuwook mentioned Infinite and Dal Shabet.

(Ommitted parts not realted to Dara.)


Source: Asiae
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

News: YG Life – “2NE1 in Guangzhou: Concert in Huge Success”

2NE1 in Guangzhou: Concert in Huge Success



[텐아시아 황성운 기자] 2NE1 successfully ended their concert in Guangzhou of the World Tour “ALL OR NOTHING” on Sept 20 at Guangzhou International Sports Arena.

The four divas excited the local fans with some dynamic performances while also touching their hearts with soulful ballad tracks.

The quartet heated up the stadium with the tracks from their 2nd full album “CRUSH,” “COME BACK HOME,” GOTTA BE YOU,” SCREAM and “MTBD” and other hit songs like “I AM THE BEST,” “I DON’T CARE” and “GO AWAY.”

The tour was joined by world-renowned directors Travis Payne and Stacy Walker, who were also involved in their first World Tour. A concert agency Live Nation that was involved in holding Lady Gaga, Madonna and U2 concerts were behind 2NE1 this time, while a live band that partook in GD’s World Tour and a world-famous visual aid team Possible were also involved in 2NE1’s second World Tour.

After the concert, DARA thanked the fans on her SNS account, “Guangzhou!!! It’s so late but thank you to the fans that came out to see us at the airport~ please get home safely &sweet dreams.”

Now the quartet will move on to Macau to continue on with their World Tour on Oct 17.

Credits: YG Life

News+Photos: Big Bang, 2NE1 Thrill Before Weekend Concert

Big Bang, 2NE1 thrill before weekend concert

SINGAPORE – It wasn’t exactly the most heart-stopping press conference we’ve ever attended, but the mere presence of Korean bands Big Bang, 2NE1, Epik High and Winner were enough to make even members of the media cheer and swoon.


The groups were speaking at Resorts World Sentosa ahead of their YG Family concert here this weekend, but noticeably absent from the proceedings were PSY, who will also perform at the concert, and Big Bang’s Seungri, who has been hospitalised after he was involved in a car accident in Seoul early this morning (Sept 12).

The bands took turns to answer several tame, pre-approved questions during the 15-minute session, including which artistes they are most inspired by (newcomers and label mates Winner, said Big Bang’s T.O.P), whether they will be making a comeback (it’s a secret, said DJ Tukutz of Epik High) and even what they think of concert presenter Samsung’s new product (perfect, because it looks just as stylish as us, said 2NE1’s Dara).

Clearly, it was far more interesting to watch the bands and their shenanigans, than it was to listen to their actual responses. The artistes whispered occasionally among themselves, and 2NE1’s CL, for example, tried to photobomb Big Bang’s Taeyang and T.O.P as they took a selfie (or selca) together.


And when Big Bang’s T.O.P asked 2NE1’s Dara to demonstrate how she would cry on the spot, after the singer expressed her desire to try her hand at acting, the 29-year-old shot back immediately, saying she would like to try shooting a kissing scene with Epik High’s Mithra Jin.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon, who didn’t answer any of the questions, laughed and giggled at his label mates’ answers – especially when band mate Daesung joked that the last time the band was in Singapore on tour, they ate so many pepper crabs and chilli crabs that they “went home walking sideways”.

It all goes to show how close the YG Family artistes now are, after shows in Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai.

“We’ve done concerts together before, but we have never been on tour together, especially with a new group like Winner,” said Big Bang’s Taeyang. “I am sure we can present different music, and a very different style of performing (at tomorrow’s concert).”

Guess we’ll just have to wait till tomorrow for a little more YG action.


The YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power in Singapore will be held on Sept 13 and 14 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Credits: Today Online

News: 2NE1’s Dara declares acting ambitions ahead of star-studded YG Family Concert in Singapore

2NE1’s Dara declares acting ambitions ahead of star-studded YG Family Concert in Singapore


There was some teasing going on at the YG Family press conference on Friday night.

The 29-year-old Dara, the pretty face of girlgroup 2NE1, quipped that she wants to try out acting like her colleague Top.

The cheeky Top promptly turned around to tell Dara: “Why don’t you demonstrate a crying scene on the spot?”

Dara responded swiftly with a comeback: “I’d rather do a kissing scene! I’d like to try it out with (Epik High’s) Mithra Jin.”


The playful interaction between the stars looks set to be a highlight of the YG Family concerts.

The YG artistes were gathered together at a press conference at Resorts World Convention Centre tonight, ahead of their joint concerts to be held over the weekend.

The YG Family Concert is a multi-act concert featuring artistes from Korean entertainment giant and talent agency YG Entertainment.

The two-day extravaganza held on Saturday and Sunday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium has a star-studded line-up: Gangnam Style star Psy, rookie boyband Winner, hip-hop trio Epik High, A-list boyband BigBang and edgy girlgroup 2NE1.

BigBang’s youngest member Seungri, 23, was conspicuously absent from the press conference. He was involved in a car accident in Seoul in the wee hours of Friday morning.

The emcee addressed the media at the start of the press conference, saying that Seungri will not be taking part in the YG Family concerts in Singapore due to the accident. She assured the media that he is recovering well.

The question-and-answer session was conducted entirely by the emcee, who quizzed the artistes from a pre-selected set of questions submitted by the media.

This is the first time stars from the YG stable are performing together at a concert here. Previously, BigBang, 2NE1 and Psy have done solo performances in Singapore.

It also marks the first performance here for newbie boyband Winner, who officially debuted last month.

When asked what has been their most memorable moment to date, Winner’s leader, 20-year-old Kang Seung Yoon says: “It’s right now because we are here with our seniors.”

Another group making their debut performance here is Epik High.

Speaking in fluent English, rapper Tablo says: “I love the heat. I love the sun!”

When asked who Epik High want to collaborate with, Tablo says: “I want to work with our CEO Yang Hyuk Suk. It would be a rap and dance number.”

Maybe we’ll see the YG boss at the next YG Family concert?

Credits: StraitsTime


News+Comments: Netizens’ Comments on Dara’s “Goddess Appearance” on YG’s Launching Party for NONA9ON

2NE1 Attends YG Family Party


YG Entertainment along with Samsung’s Cheil Industry held a party to on the 11th, at Octagon Club, Gangnam, Seoul, to launch their street-casual fashion brand, “Nona9on.” 2NE1 is pictured attending the party. On that day, Yang Hyun Suk and YG artists Psy, Big Bang, 2NE1, and others attended.\

Some comments were not translated, especially those that were about Bom.. T_T

(+289, -2) Waahhhh, Sandara’s beauty shines all the more with normal hair

(+270, -4) Sandara’s face is so small, it looks like it’ll disappear…

(+50, -2) Dara-unnie is really no joke, she looks like a goddess..;;;

(+45, -4) Heol, I thought Dara was a goddess.

(+40, -1) Sandara’s doll-like looks ㄷㄷ Unique style is good, but her normal style is pretty too ㅜㅜ

(+39, -2) Considering her age, Sandara Park’s looks could easily land in the Top 5 of idols. Pretty people are common in their 20s, but it’s rare to find a natural beauty beyond that point.

Source: Naver

Sandara Park, Superior Shapely Legs


(+107, 0) Daebakk………………

(+98, -1) Beautiful. , . , . . . . . . . A natural beauty

(+79, -2) Actress force…… Really gorgeous.

(+49, 0) Waahh, I thought…………. I was looking at a goddess

Source: Naver

News Video: The Daily Sports World Coverage of YG Family at the NONA9ON 1st Launch Party

Source: 세계일보 동영상 채널

News Video: OBS TV Coverage of Fierce 2NE1 at the NONA9ON 1st Launch Party

Source: @theEROMAKNAE

News: Sandara Park, “Why Am I Pretty?” Reveals Beauty Secrets

Sandara Park, “Why Am I Pretty?” Reveals Beauty Secrets


Sandara Park‘s beauty tips and talk in a beauty program is a hot topic.

On the broadcast of OnStyle‘s “Get It Beauty” on the 10th, she disclosed the beauty items found inside her pouch, and revealed her beauty tips publicly.

Sandara Park exposed the contents of her “chick pouch” and introducing her must-have, essential items, like Clio Kill Black eyeliner, Salon de Cara, tint, BB Cream, and lip&cheek make-up. In particular, the beauty panel were surprised with the pouch, since it was coming from a member of a top idol girl group.

She showed how the “little eye tail” eyeline could be applied as well. “When you’re busy or don’t have a lot of time, just draw a slight tail. It’s fast and easy to do, and it’s good at emphasizing the shape of the eyes,” she said.

Also to complete the make-up transformation, she revealed the use of another essential item, which is the mascara. For this instance, she used Salon De Cara, hair roll shape, emphasizing on filling and volume with careful application starting from the root up. When selecting a brush, the size is important, a small brush should be used to put emphasis on the corner color of the eyes. Use of eyelash color before the mascara would emphasize the eye-shape and make the eyes look larger, garnering admiration from the beauty panel.

Netizens who saw the broadcast commented with, “Sandara Park is gorgeous,” “Sandara Park’s ‘little eye tail’ make-up is cute,” showing their reaction.


Source: Wow Star TV

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

News: 2NE1′s Sandara Park Gives “Get It Beauty” a “Botox” Surprise

2NE1′s Sandara Park Gives “Get It Beauty” a “Botox” Surprise


2NE1 member Sandara Park gave the presenters and audience of OnStyle show “Get It Beauty” a surprise on the latest episode of the show. The star explained that “botox” was her beauty secret, before revealing that she was actually referring to a type of massage, rather than injections.

The K-Pop star is appearing as a guest on the show, which is co-hosted by actress Yoo In Na, Rainbow leader Jaekyung, and comedienne Kim Ji Min.

And Sandara Park raises more than a few eyebrows when she says that “botox” is the key to her youthful look.

However, she goes on to explain that a special type of facial massage called “botox massage” can help facial skin stay healthy-looking. She also talks about some of her other beauty tips as part of the show.

Credits: Soompi

News: YG Life – “YG Family Concert Heats Up 35000 Shanghai Fans”



YG Family heated up the night of Shanghai.

In the evening of August 30, the Shanghai Stadium was filled with 35,000 excited fans who gathered to see YG Family’s first China concert: “YG FAMILY 2014 GALAXY TOUR: POWER IN SHANGHAI.”

The first group on stage was 2NE1. With a dynamic entrance with their 2nd full album’s “CRUSH,” they moved on to sing “FIRE,” “COME BACK HOME” and “GOTTA BE YOU,” fully gearing up the stadium. EPIK HIGH followed the four divas with “WITH YOU,” “LOVE LOVE LOVE” and then WINNER continued on with “GO UP,” “EMPTY” and “SMILE AGAIN.” The local fans were electrified by the artists.

BIGBANG followed up the heated up stage, dressed in gold outfits. As soon as they appeared, the stadium filled with gold, fans waving sticks with golden crowns on top. The stadium was united in one as the fans and BIGBANG sang “HARU HARU,” “BAD BOY,” and “FANTASTIC BABY” together.

After individual performances, YG Family was ready to showcase the highlight of the concert: collaboration performances. CL and GD transformed “THE BADDEST FEMALE” into “THE BADDEST MALE” and sang “MTBD” while SEUNGRI reinterpreted GD’s solo “CRAYON” in a comical way. WINNER’s SONG MIN HO and DARA performed T.O.P’s “DOOM DA DA” while EPIK HIGH and TAEYANG “EYES, NOSE, LIPS.” The collaboration was indeed special for the fans as these performances could only be seen at YG Family Concert.

Collabo performances were followed by PSY, 2NE1 and BIGBANG’s individual stages. PSY kicked off with the global mega-viral “GANGNAM STYLE” and moved on to sing “RIGHT NOW,” “GENTLEMAN” and “CHAMPION,” spreading his powerful energy in the stadium. 2NE1 appeared next to sing the much loved “I AM THE BEST” and “SCREAM,” while also singing “CAN’T NOBODY.”

The dynamic ending was by BIGBANG’s “TONIGHT,” “FEELING,” “HANDS UP” and their mega hit songs “LIES” and “HEAVEN.”

After the show, the local fans were much enthused to see more, and the entire YG Family appeared on stage for a curtain-call performance. Starting from 2NE1’s “GO AWAY,” YG Family performed BIGBANG’s “FANTASTIC BABY” and PSY’s “GANGNAM STYLE,” once again uniting with the fans. YG Family’s first concert in China ended in huge success.

YG Family will then move on to Singapore on Sept 13 and 14, Beijing on Oct 19, and Taiwan on Oct 25 for the “YG FAMILY 2014 GALAXY TOUR.”

Credits: YG Life


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