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Photos: 141221 HQ Press Photos of Stunning Dara and Fierce CLDaraMinzy at SBS Gayo Daejoon 2014

Dara giving justice to Bom’s outfit and then some.. Missing her Park sister and celebrating her presence even though she couldn’t be there physically.. T_T She never smiled once during the perf, and she’s usually Little Miss Sunshine, so that’s saying something.. 


Our girls looking badass and fierce, but I really did miss Bom, looking at them perform.. Dara wearing Bom’s top, Minzy wearing Bom’s shorts.. <3 And CL just being her fierce self, giving a shout-out, “This is for all the Blackjacks out there,” like sorry haters, but 2NE1 is performing for their fans who have been waiting for them and supporting them each step of the way, and not for you guys.. 





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News: Tencent and YG Entertainment Strike Deal for Exclusive Digital Distribution of Psy, Big Bang, 2NE1 and More K-Pop Stars

Tencent and YG Entertainment Strike Deal for Exclusive Digital Distribution of Psy, Big Bang, 2NE1 and More K-Pop Stars


Korea and Japan aren’t the only countries in Asia with pop music markets, you know. The problem for China is that demand for its own homegrown Mandopop and Cantopop (Mandarin and Cantonese-language pop music, respectively) is not nearly as high at home as that for its more popular Korean neighbors and the music it produces. Chinese web giant Tencent stands to make a huge profit by entering a deal with Korean music label YG Entertainment—home to stars such as Psy, Big Bang and 2NE1—for sole distribution of some of Korea’s biggest acts online to the world’s largest population (from The Hollywood Reporter).

YG Entertainment has a talented portfolio of artists and this strategic partnership will instantly offer Korean fans in China a stream of high-quality music, songs and MVs [music videos],” said Tencent vice president Dowson Tong in a statement. “We look forward to launching exclusive YG content across our extensive services and raising our users’ experience to whole new levels.”

It’s a move similar to the deals that make Vevo the major provider of official music videos to services such as YouTube. The difference for YG is that China takes a much more hands-on approach to moderating content on video services such as YouTube, which helps prevent illegal versions of songs —which don’t result in royalty payments to performers—from being posted (but then again outright piracy in China is out of control).

Other hot products in China are Korean soap operas and fashions stemming from K-Pop. Tencent can’t do much about the clothes but be on the lookout for deals with Korean television producers with regards to streaming rights.

Credits: Music Times

News/Article: 2NE1′s Sandara Park and YG Actors Gather to Participate in Good Cause

2NE1′s Sandara Park and YG Actors Gather to Participate in Good Cause

Despite each star′s busy schedules, six of YG Entertainment′s artists gathered together for a charity campaign photoshoot with Elle.

With the purpose of helping those who are struggling to get by, 2NE1′s Sandara Park, Jung Hye Young, Cha Seung Won, Lee Sung Kyung, Lee Yong Woo and Kal So Won arrived on the set of the photoshoot.

Each artist was interviewed, sharing their individual thoughts on giving, what makes them happy, and more.


Set to join a special talk concert in December with Jung Joon Ha, Yiruma, Kim Johan, and Yang Ik Joon, Cha Seung Won shared, “It′s a concert to raise money for people struggling in Tanzania. As it had a good aim, I gladly joined. There′s no reason why it would be hard. It′s amazing that we′re easily able to help those who struggle with basic necessities.”

Sandara Park shared her thoughts on giving, saying, “It′s not something big and something that doesn′t need to be big. I realized that sharing even just a little is easier to carry out. For me, I usually have a lot of stage costumes, so I participate in a lot of charity bazaars. Maybe it′s because I raise cats, but whenever I see stray cats and other animals that are injured on the street, I take them to the hospital for treatment. I also donate tickets to people who want to come to concerts but can′t come due to their situations. It′s not much, but I think these are little things I can do.”


Known for her family′s continous good deeds, Jung Hye Young talked about how she and her husband started donating. “On the first morning after getting married, my husband said to me, ′We started our happy married life with a happy wedding. What do you think about not holding onto that happiness for ourselves. and instead open up our hands and share with our neighbors and receive bigger happiness? Let′s start collecting 10,000 won a day for our neighbors.′ And that′s how we started saving 10,000 won a day and donating 3,650,000 won every year to ′Baffor′ and volunteering. I felt that we shared a small thing, but received much more happiness in return.”

Saying that in order to understand others, she must understand herself, Lee Sung Kyung shared that she′s planning to sell pouches, bags, and T-shirts with images that she created. “I want to donate the profits made from it. I′m looking to ask people around me for artistic help, which will, of course, be a donation of talent.”


On what made him want to get involved in charity, Lee Yong Woo stated, “At the beginning of the year, I was really sick that I couldn′t even move. I couldn′t exercise and I gained a lot of weight because I was just lying in bed. When the Sewol tragedy happened, I had a lot of thoughts. I realized what a huge blessing it was to be abe to move as I wanted. I started pondering about what kind of things I could do, especially for students. I want to give much help to people in the way I can do best.”

Being only eight years old, Kal So Won shared that when she becomes an adult, she′ll be able to do more good thigs than now. “When that time comes, I want to help grandmothers and grandfathers more than now.”


The full interview and pictorial will be included in the December issue of Elle.


Article by: Mwave

Photos by: Elle Korea

Photo: Elle Magazine Korea Releases an Enchanting B-Cut Picture of Glowing, Happy, Smiling Dara for “Share Happiness” Photoshoot

Hey hello there gorgeous B-cut picture! <3 I love Dara’s beautiful, enchanting, glowing smile here! <3 IDK why, but this picture is giving me “Christmas”-y feels.. <3 



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News: 2NE1’s Sandara Shows Support for Younger Brother Thunder and MBLAQ’s New Mini Album

2NE1’s Sandara Shows Support for Younger Brother Thunder and MBLAQ’s New Mini Album


2NE1 member Sandara (Dara) Park recently showed her support for her younger brother, Thunder (Chundoong) of MBLAQ, and his group’s newly released mini album.

On November 25, immediately following the release of MBLAQ’s seventh mini album titled “Winter,” Dara wrote messages of support through her personalTwitter account, which read, “Sigh..ㅠ.ㅠ,” alongside an emoticon of a thumbs-up sign, as well as “Doong songwriter…the song is so goodㅠ.ㅠ wow…” with three more thumbs-up emoticons. Posted with both of these tweets were screen captured images of Dara streaming the tracks “Spring, Summer, Fall, and…” and “The Words, It Will Be Okay.



As this new mini album is composed of self-composed songs by the MBLAQ members themselves, the 2NE1 member especially complimented the work of her younger brother, who took part in composing “The Words, It Will Be Okay.

Known to have a very close sibling relationship in the music industry, Dara once again proves to be a supportive older sister for Thunder with these encouraging messages.

Screen-Shot-2014-11-24-at-3.09.03-PM mblaq-2

Credits: Soompi

News: Sandara Park, Steven Yeun’s Video Gets Million Hits

Sandara Park, Steven Yeun’s Video Gets Million Hits


A video series featuring Sandara Park, a member of the K-pop girl group 2NE1, and actor Steven Yeun has received a total of more than 1 million views just four days since its release.

Released last week under the title “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?” by BeFUNNY Studios, the video series gained immediate attention from viewers.

The series, composed of three parody videos and a highlight episode, tells the comical yet serious story of Yeun trying to become a star in Korea.

Undergoing harsh eating training from his management agency, the Korean-American actor rises and falls as a celebrity who continuously eats while on the air — as a meokbang host. “Meokbang” is a recently coined Korean word for “TV eating shows.”

Park plays the part of Yeun’s girlfriend, who also dreams of becoming a meokbang host.

She received favorable comments from viewers for her role as the lovely but comical character.

BeFUNNY Studios is Asia’s first celebrity studio jointly created by CAA, an American agency that represents Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, and Funny or Die.

Source: Korea Herald

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Article: Billboard ~ “2NE1’s Dara & ‘Walking Dead’ Actor Steven Yeun Star in Web Series About Food Porn”

2NE1’s Dara & ‘Walking Dead’ Actor Steven Yeun Star in Web Series About Food Porn


The K-pop singer and TV actor play a couple torn apart by food porn in ‘What’s Eating Steven Yeun?’

2NE1‘s Dara gets to show off her comedy chops in a new web series co-starringSteve Yeun of The Walking Dead.

Playing themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend in What’s Eating Steven Yeun?, the celebrity couple gets torn apart when the actor decides he needs to “make it in [his] parents’ home country.” He leaves Dara in California and flies overseas to meet with Korean actor Park Hyuk Kwon who uses Yeun to create the ultimate star in “mokbang” (a.k.a. “broadcast eating” or “food porn”).

The K-pop and Hollywood collaboration comes via Be Funny Studios and Funny Or Die, who also brought together HyunA and Rita Ora for their “Girl, You Better Walk” skit earlier this year, as well as f(x) and Anna Kendrick in 2013.

News: Clio Celebrates “Salon De Cara” 300,000 Sales with Fansigning Event, “Fan Meet and Greet with Sandara Park”

Clio Celebrates “Salon De Cara” 300,000 Sales with Fansigning Event, “Fan Meet and Greet with Sandara Park”


Make-up brand Clio will be having a fan signing event with exclusive brand model, 2NE1 member Sandara Park. This is to celebrate the successful, breakthrough sales of their latest mascara product, “Salon De Cara,” which sold more than 300,000 units since its release. “Salon De Cara,” which had a unique concept of adding volume to the lashes through “hair salon” designed mascara brushes, was able to achieve the good sales only 3 weeks after its launching, selling out their initial stock of 130,000 units.

The fan meeting and signing event will be held at “Club Clio” in Myeongdong, Jungang-ro, at 2:00 PM, and it will only bring in 50 people. For a customer to be eligible to join the fansigning event, they must have purchased 50,000 won of Clio products from November 11 to 13, at Club Clio’s Myeongdong, Jungang-ro branch. 50 people will be allowed to join the event on a first-come-first-serve basis. Sequentially numbered tickets for the fan meeting and signing event will be given at 12:30 PM on the 14th.

On the other hand, Sandara Park’s “Salon De Cara” products are still available in Club Clio outlets, online shopping malls, and H&B (Health and Beauty) stores.


Source: Money Week via Naver

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News: 2NE1′s Sandara Is Steven Yeun’s Love Interest in “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?”

2NE1′s Sandara Is Steven Yeun’s Love Interest in “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?”


Here is a collaboration you didn’t know you wanted to see until now: 2NE1‘s Sandara Park and “The Walking Dead‘s” Steven Yeun. The idol and the actor stars in Be Funny Studio‘s debut mini series, “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?

In an alternate universe, Sandara Park is the loyal girlfriend to the ambitious Steven Yeun who wants to break into the Korean industry by becoming a popular Mokbang star. With actor Park Hyuk Kwon as his no-nonsense manager and comedian Park Young Kwang as the clumsy sidekick, Steven Yeun will rise to Mokbang fame, but at what cost? You can watch the trailer and all three episodes of Steven and Sandara’s journey can be found on the Be Funny Studios website.

The videos celebrate the launch of Be Funny Studios, a new digital content platform that was created as a collaboration between major American agency CAA (Creative Artists Agency) and Funny or Die. Previously, Be Funny Studios had Rita Ora and HyunA compete in a walk off and had Anna Kendrick join f(x). The studio will focus on content that’s entertaining on a global scale, inviting entertainers from a variety of fields to create content for viewers on online, mobile, and television platforms.

Credits: Soompi

Video: 141028 2NE1’s Press Interview with Star Talk in Hong Kong

141028 2NE1 @ Star Talk Macao Interview

Credits: 520stars1


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