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Photos: Official Press Photos of “Dr. Ian” Behind the Scenes ~ “So Dam – Ian” VS “So Dam – Tae Soo” Couples out on “Spring Dates”~!

Super duper ultra HD pictures! <3 Totally love TOP Star News and their UHD pics.. <3 More BTS scenes from Dr. Ian shooting~! <3 So cute! The articles mentioned that “So Dam-Ian” couple and “So Dam – Tae Soo” couple both showed different atmospheres while “spring dating” aww… XD Watch out for the article! ^^






Source: TOP STar News

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News: Sandara Park’s Sudden Appearance on KPop Star “I came to support Sajangnim”

Sandara Park’s sudden appearance “I came to support Sajangnim”


On KPOP Star 4, 2NE1’s Sandara Park made a sudden appearance. In SBS KPOP Star Episode 20 whih was broadcasted on the 5th, Jung Seunghwan, Katie Kim, and Lee Jinah TOP 3 Semi-Final stage was held.

In the midst of their stages being shown, Park Jimin, Lee Hayi and Sandara Park were on Camera. On the day, to the question “Who do you support?” Park Jimin, who performed her first solo debut stage, said “Because I imitated her before, it’s Lee Jinah unnie.”

Also Lee Hayi said “Katie Kim who performed a collab stage with me, fighting!” Sandara Park said “I came to support Sajangnim today” and Yang Hyun Suk who got caught in the camera, made a happy Daddy Smile.


Translated by: @KIMJ1WON

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News: YG Entertainment – “DARA on “Dr. Ian” on Street in Bunny Costume… What’s Going On?”

DARA on “Dr. Ian” on Street in Bunny Costume… What’s Going On?


DARA, who is gearing up for the first episode of “Dr. Ian,” was captured walking on the street in a bunny costume.

The photo revealed on March 29 was a behind-the-scene snapshot from Korea-China web drama “Dr. Ian” (Script by Lee Aram, Directed by Kwon Hyuk-chan). DARA in the photo attracts attention with her cute poses, wearing a giant bunny mask, walking in and outside a building.


Playing the role of a quirky office girl Lee So Dam who covers her face with her long hair whenever she feels uncomfortable, DARA portrays the lovely and unconventional character while also displaying her nickname “Ssantokki (Sandara+Tokki)” through the costume.

As this is the first time DARA is starring in a drama, she is showing much passion for her first work. She looks serious when she is in a meeting with the crew but she becomes the clown of the group, entertaining everyone while waiting for her scene. Rumors say that she is completely in sync with the character, and she can also do some very serious sentimental acting.

“Dr. Ian” is a story of a man and a woman who are dumped after devoting everything to their partners. It is about healing the wounds of the two. Episodes 1 and 2 will be aired at 10:30 pm tonight on Naver TVCAST and China’s Youku.

Credits: YG Family

News/Trans: Sandara Park, Lead Actress Role in “Dr. Ian” During Script Reading~ “Actress Force Revealed”

Sandara Park, Lead Actress Role in “Dr. Ian” During Script Reading~ “Actress Force Revealed”


2NE1’s Sandara Park will be showing her acting prowess through Korea-China joint web drama venture, “Dr. Ian,” in her first leading role. Recently, scenes from the script reading were revealed.

On the morning of the 26th, photos from the script reading scene were released, revealing Sandara Park‘s actress force visual, showing a calm yet serious look on her features as she perused her script.

As this is her first local leading role debut, Sandara Park shows an unbelievably natural and ready persona, as she effortlessly weaves a perfect synch of her personality and that of the character’s during the fine-tuning of her lines. It was the same at the actual shooting site, as the staff and producers were in awe of her amazing concentration and attention to emotions that Sandara Park showed; something that Kim Young Kwang, the leading actor opposite her, greatly admired, and which was rumored to have led to their natural acting chemistry together.

In 2009, Sandara Park acted in the drama, “The Return of Iljimae,” and had a cameo in the movie, “Girlfriends,” proving her potential as an actress.

Sandara Park‘s first leading role as an actress is earning high expectations. In this web drama, she plays the role of Lee So Dam, a 4D office girl who works with doll masks (mascots) and hides her face behind her hair when faced with stress. Her 4D charm is expected to shine through her acting, increasing excitement for the drama.

Dr. Ian” will be first broadcasted on Naver TVCAST and China’s Youku, on the 29th, at 10:30PM.


Source: 10Asia via Naver

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

News: 2NE1’s Sandara Park Stars in Sunwoo Jung-A’s “Spring Girls” MV ~ Loyal Friendship

2NE1’s Sandara Park Stars in Sunwoo Jung-A’s “Spring Girls” MV ~ Loyal Friendship


2NE1 member Sandara Park will star in the music video of singer/song-writer Sunwoo Jung-A, showing her faithful friendship.

On the evening of the 20th, Sunwoo Jung-A‘s agency, Magic Strawberry Sound, released the behind-the-scenes pictures of the music video shooting for “Spring Girls.” The music video for Sunwoo Jung-A‘s single “Spring Girls” from her new album will be featuring 2NE1’s Sandara Park, as revealed in the BTS pictures, attracting much attention.

The agency representative said, “Sunwoo Jung-A was the composer of 2NE1‘s hit single,It Hurts” and revealed that she was very active during the production process. The agency representative continued, “Sandara Park expressed her willingness to participate in Sunwoo Jung-A‘s music video and offered to feature in it,” he said, revealing the background story of this happening.

At this moment, before the release of the music video, pictures of Sandara Park and her chic and beautiful appearance at the video shooting for Sunwoo Jung-A’s single “Spring Girls,” have further intensified the expectation and excitement for the video’s release.


Sources: Naver 1 2
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

News: Big Bang and 2NE1 Become Only K-Pop Groups to Win at ‘2015 YouTube Music Awards’

Big Bang and 2NE1 Become Only K-Pop Groups to Win at ‘2015 YouTube Music Awards’



Big Bang and 2NE1 have made it to the list of 2015 YouTube Music Awards′s 50 winners as the only K-Pop groups, proving their popularity and status.

With the 2015 YouTube Music Awards ceremony coming up, YouTube tweeted unveiled the list of the 50 winners along with their music videos on March 2.

Big Bang and 2NE1 have made the list along with some of the most popular global artists, such as Sam Smith, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Big Sean, Lady Gaga, Drake and more.


YouTube wrote, “These are the artists with the biggest growth in views, subscribers and engagement over the last six months,” describing the artists as the “50 innovative acts that continue to make YouTube the place where artists and fans connect.”

The 2015 YouTube Music Awards will be a little different from other award ceremonies. Following the release of the winners list on March 2, it will be introducing the new music videos of renowned artists, such as Charli XCX and Ed Sheeran, as well as rising stars on March 23, continuing its celebration for the ceremony.

The list of the 50 winners and their videos are available on the official channel of 2015 YTMA.

Meanwhile, Big Bang is currently preparing for a new album to be released after three years while 2NE1’s CL is preparing for her debut in America. Sandara Park has been cast in the Korean-Chinese web drama Doctor Ian and will be meeting with the fans through acting.


Source: Mnet

Video: Philippine Star News Coverage Snippet at Korean Night Event “Sandara to John Lloyd ‘E di wow!'”

Sandara to John Lloyd ‘E di wow!’

INTERVIEWER: When John Lloyd was interviewed, he said that if he were to do a movie, he wanted to work with you in it. What can you say about it?

DARA: So that’s awesome! OMG, Papa John Lloyd


Article: PhilStar “Sandara ‘Would Love’ to do Movie in Phl, Wants to Work with John Lloyd”

Sandara ‘would love’ to do movie in Phl, wants to work with John Lloyd


“I tried my best. Ginawa ko ang lahat para makuha ang gusto ko. Masipag ang mga Koreans kaya nothing is impossible,” Sandara Park said. The Korean star is in the country as one of the guests of the Korea Tourism Organization’s Korea Night: K-Beauty and Fun on Monday.

MANILA, Philippines – Sandara Park, also known as Dara of the Korea girl group 2NE1, wants to show “other sides” of herself this year.

Ang goal ko for 2015, I want to show other sides of Sandara Park. Hindi lang sa 2NE1, (“My goal for 2014 is to show other sides of Sandara Park. Not just with 2NE1.”) she said during a press conference on Monday.

She added, “Pati siguro actress Sandara or DJ. Bagong challenge, gusto kong i-try.(“I also want to try actress Sandara or DJ. New challenge, so I want to try”)

Sandara, who spoke to the press at the sidelines of the Korea Night: K-Beauty and Fun event of the Korean Tourism Organization, said she is currently working on a web series with Korean actor Kim Young-kwang.

The web series, which she described as a “healing drama,” will serve as her acting debut in Korea.

Mahirap din pala. Kasi paano ko ito ie-express as (my character) and not as Sandara Park,” (“It’s also hard. Because I need to express my character, and not Sandara Park,”)  she said of the project. “Sobrang excited na ako.” (“I’m so excited.”)

Could this mean she’s open to doing a project in the Philippines again? Sandara started her entertainment career in the Philippines as an actress and singer in 2004 before leaving for Korea in 2007.

I would love to do it,” she said. “Lagi ko namang sinasabi na gusto ko magka-movie sa Philippines ulit.(I’ve always said that I want to do a movie in the Philippines again.”


Sandara Park receives a plaque of appreciation from the Korea Tourism Organization during its Korea Night: K-Beauty and Fun event. 

Sandara also said would want to work with John Lloyd Cruz. A number of fans expressed their desire to see Sandara and John Lloyd in a movie project after the two were seen in a photographs together during the wedding of fellow ABS-CBN artist Joross Gamboa.

When asked about it in an interview with Nerisa Almo of Philippine Entertainment Portal last year, John Lloyd said: “Puwede. Pero tumatanggap ba siya ng trabaho rito? Bakit hindi, that’s something different, that’s something new.(“It’s possible. But I don’t know if she can accept jobs here? But why not, that’s something different, that’s something new.”)

“E di wow. Papa John Lloyd!” Sandara exclaimed when the idea of working with the ABS-CBN actor was brought up.

She added, “Gustong gusto ko yan kasi talagang I really love his movies and his acting. Nakaka-in love yung mata niya kapag umaarte kaya sobrang excited ako pag mangyari. (“I would really, really love that because I really love his movies and his acting. You can just fall in love with his eyes when he acts, so I’m going to be rally excited if this happens.”)

“Kaya lang, nagwo-worry ako kasi di ba mature na yung mga movies n’ya, yung mga series? Pero ako, feeling ko bata pa ako. Ano kaya ang magandang story?” (“It’s just that, I’m a bit worried, because aren’t his recent movies and series mature? But me, I feel that I’m still young. What would make a nice story?”)

“Star Cinema, hintayin ko yun,” Sandara quipped. (“Star Cinema, I’ll wait for that.”)

Sandara was one of the guests of the Korea Tourism Organization’s Korea Night: K-Beauty and Fun, an event that aims to promote Korea as a medical tourism destination.

The K-Pop star said she would use the word “possible” to describe Korea.

“Kasi (because), nothing is impossible in Korea,” she said.

Sandara added: “Kasi di ba, I tried my best. Ginawa ko ang lahat para makuha ang gusto ko. Masipag ang mga Koreans kaya nothing is impossible.” (“It’s because I tried my best. I gave my everything to get I wanted. Koreans are really diligent, so nothing is impossible.)

Source: Philippine Star

Article: Sandara Park to meet and greet fans at Travel & Tour Expo on Feb.15

Sandara Park to meet and greet fans at Travel & Tour Expo on Feb.15


Sandara Park to meet and greet fans at Travel & Tour Expo on Feb.15

K-Pop superstar Sandara Park of 2NE1 and K-Pop Idol Group NOM invited by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) will meet and greet their fans at Travel Tour Expo 2015 on February 15, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Sandara Park will grace a talk show, Idol group NOM will sing their songs and they oblige fan signs during the event.

The Travel Tour Expo runs from February 13-15, 2015. It will showcase the ‘K-Beauty & Fun’ Pavilion, found on the second floor of the convention center and the ‘Spring Blossoms in Korea’ on the ground level organized by the KTO.

KTO will be giving away facial mask packs for those who sign up to the site and cosmetic sets for those who book Korea travel packages.

The K-Beauty & Fun Pavilion will also complement the booths of Daegu Medical Tourism Promotional Institute, The Alliance of Korea Medical Tourism, Jane Tour & DMC, MEDIVENTURES, Saeron Pharm Medical Tour, JW Plastic Surgery Center, Bongbong Plastic Surgery & Dermatology and Forever Plastic Surgery & Skin Clinic. Participating facilities will provide information and free consultation on stem cell skin care, anti-aging treatments and plastic surgery.

In the meantime, the ‘Spring Blossoms in Korea’ Pavilion on the ground level will be participated in by Goyang City in Gyeonggido Province, Jeju Tourism Organization, Dalseong County in Daegu Metroplitan City, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines. They will hold raffle draws for those who book or purchase Korea tour packages at the Korea Tourism Pavilion.

KTO is also holding Korea Night at Fairmont Hotel, Makati City on February 16, 2015. Exclusive to medical professionals and other potential medical tourists, the event is a mix of free consultation and special performances by Sandara Park and a non-verbal performance “Wedding.”

According to KTO, 434,951 of Filipino tourists visited Korea in 2014. Over 2,750 of those visitors were medical tourists, a segment that has increased 71.2 percent every year. In 2015, the Korea Tourism Organization aims to attract at least 3,840 medical tourists from the Philippines.

For details and queries, you may contact KTO Manila Office at 02 880 0312~0313 or thru email

Credits: Asian Traveler Magazine

News/Official: YG Family ~ “2NE1’s DARA Debuts as Actress by Playing Title Role!!”

2NE1’s DARA Debuts as Actress by Playing Title Role!!


Appearing as an eccentric office girl in web-drama “Dr. Mo Clinic” jointly created by Korea and China

2NE1’s DARA debuts as an actress by playing the title role in web-drama “Dr. Mo Clinic (written by Lee Aram, produced by Kwon Hyuk Chan) to be jointly created by Korea and China.

Dr. Mo Clinic” is a story about the broken heart and healing of a man and woman who had committed themselves to love but were dumped without even saying goodbye. In the drama, DARA acts as a eccentric office girl “Lee So Dam” who hides her face with a puppet mask and her long hair when something embarrassing happens.

DARA said, “Since it’s my first drama, I’ll learn and grow as an actress from now on. I thought this drama is a very good opportunity for me as I can meet fans around the world on-line through this new genre of web-drama.” She also expressed her resolution, saying, “The character is very interesting as she is so similar to me. Of course I feel somewhat nervous and burdened, but I will concentrate and work hard.”

DARA is well-known for her bubbly character and pretty look like a Barbie doll. That is why fans have high expectations for her acting of “Lee So Dam”.

“Dr. Mo Clinic” is a web-drama jointly created by Korea and China. It will be aired in Korea on NAVER TV Cast and in China on youku (the biggest video-streaming website in China) from mid March. The shooting will begin in early February. The drama is attracting all the more attention as it is directed by Kwon Hyuk Chan who was one of the directors of drama series “Secret Garden”, “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, “Master’s Sun”, etc.

Meanwhile, DARA successfully wrapped up performance for 2NE1‘s second full-length album and the second world tour which was the first-ever case for a girl group, last year.

Credits: YG Family Website


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