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News: 140517 Sandara Park guest stars on ‘PBB’

WATCH: Sandara Park guest stars on ‘PBB’

MANILA – Korean pop star Sandara Park appeared on an episode of the reality television show “Pinoy Big Brother: All In” on Friday.

Park, who is one fourth of girl group 2NE1, was asked to help out the housemates for a Korean-themed webisode, which was also the finale of the series entitled “Hmm Pak True Lab.”

“Natulala po ako kasi si Sandara Park po nandito. Sikat na sikat siya sa Korea, sikat na sikat siya sa Pilipinas,” admitted Fifth Solomon, who was asked by Kuya for his reaction on the surprise celebrity house guest.

The 30-year-old singer, who was wearing a bright red pullover dress, was met with similar awe from other housemates, with some blurting out introductions and amazement over Park’s fluency in the Filipino language.

Former child star Jane Oineza instantly recognized Park and shared that she once impersonated the pop star for a parody of the latter’s hit song, “In Or Out.”

“Oh my gosh si Sandara Park. Ang ganda niya Kuya sa personal. Para siyang Barbie,” said Oineza.

After the shoot for the webisode, Park gamely traded stories with the housemates. She told celebrity house guest Alex Gonzaga that a Korean “friend” of hers wanted to say hi.

“Si Ryan Bang ba yan?” asked Solomon –a question which seemed to startle the singer.

“Crush niya ako,” Gonzaga quickly added, much to the amusement of everyone in the room, including Park.

In the episode, Park taught the housemates several Korean expressions, including one for “you are beautiful” and “how are you.” She also showed off her dance moves when she performed to the tune of 2NE1′s hit “Fire,” with self-confessed K-pop fan Maris Racal.

“Ang cute niya po sobra. Sobrang humble po. Nakangiti siya lang lagi,” said Loisa Andalio in the house’s “confession room.”

Park, before leaving the Big Brother house, shared that she would’ve loved to stay for a night if she had the time. “Kung wala lang akong work, matutulog ako dyan,” she told Kuya.

“Kaya lang baka magbabayad ako kasi may contract ako. May gagawin ako bukas,” said Park, who will be at the Mall of Asia Arena this weekend for her group’s “All or Nothing” tour. “Pero kung wala, mag-stay pa ako dito.”

Tops trending topics again

Park’s appearance, which was her second time for the reality television show, immediately dominated social media conversations on Twitter Friday evening.

The episode’s official hashtag #SANDARAinPBBALLIN reached No.1 in the list of worldwide trending topics on the micro-blogging site.

Other terms such as “Hi Sandy” and “Bye Dara” were also part of the worldwide trends moments after the episode aired.

This came as no surprise, however, as since her arrival last Thursday, Park and her several television guestings frequently topped both local and worldwide trends.



News: 2NE1′s Dara Assures Fans that she’s Fine in Indonesia



Earlier today, Dara caused fans to worry after making an update on Instagram saying, “I’m still alive~ I’m still alive~ I’m still alive!!!” along with photo of her resting with an inhaler.

However, minutes after that post on Instagram, Dara clarified that she was not ill but was only tired from the long flight. She also made another tweet saying, “Don’t worry Blackjacks! I’m not sick!!! It’s just.. Fear of flight plus I missed performing onstage so much and have fun with u guys!!! :)”

2NE1 is currently in Jakarta, Indonesia for their “All or Nothing” concert tour which was held at the Mata Elang International Stadium today. They are set to continue their tour in Singapore on June 29th and Japan on July 5th to 6th and July 12 to 13th.

Hope you get plenty of rest, Dara!

Source: Koreaboo

News: 2NE1 Successfully Wraps Up Concert In Indonesia And Continues World Tour



2NE1 successfully held a concert in Mata Elang International Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 8.

Presenting both powerful and sexy dance moves as well as sentimental vocals, 2NE1 captivated the audience with its dynamic performances.

2NE1 opened the stage by performing Crush from its second full-length album. Then it continued performing a total of 21 songs, including Come Back Home, Scream, MTBD, Gotta Be You, I Don’t Care, I Am the Bestand more.

The concert was participated by world famous director Travis Payne, who also worked with 2NE1 during its first world tour, the live band that worked with Big Bang and G-Dragon, Live Nation, which also promoted world tour for Lady Gaga, Madonna and more.

Having wrapped up the concert in Indonesia, 2NE1 will be heading to Singapore on June 28 to carry on its world tour concert.

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News: YG Life – 2NE1 Holds Official After-Party For Japan Tour: Beyond Imagination

I wonder how “special” this after party is. Lucky Japanese Blackjacks! ^_^

2NE1 Holds Official After-Party For Japan Tour: Beyond Imagination


[스타뉴스 윤상근 기자] 2NE1 announced that they will be holding an official after-party inJapan in celebration of their tour in the neighboring country.

After they release their Japanese version of “CRUSH” on June 25—for the first time in about 2 years—they are to kick off their World Tour “ALL OR NOTHING” at Yokohama Arena on July 5 and 6, and at Kobe World Memorial Hall on July 12 and 13. When the concert comes to an end, they are going to keep up with the heat by holding after-parties in Tokyo Sound Museum Vision on July 6, and in Osaka Umeda on July 13.

2NE1 aroused much attention when they invited fellow YG artists BIGBANG and other famous artists along with their fans to the after-party when they finished their concert in Korea in March. Despite the late hours of the party, a huge number of fans swarmed in and waited in a long line.

2NE1, who even showed an impromptu performance back then, decided to hold another one in Japan to have some special bonding time with the local fans and related staffers. It is even rare in Japan for an artist to hold an after-party in which they personally participate. Thus the Japanese party is expected to be a premier event, as it will attract fans beyond imagination.

The quartet’s Japanese version of “CRUSH” is consisted of visual contents that are different to those of their Korean version, while it will also include the Japanese version of their M/V.

As this is their first Japanese album in 2 years, the album will be filled with 2NE1’s charms. Currently in the middle of “ALL OR NOTHING” tour, 2NE1 will be in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 8 at Mata Elang International Stadium to meet with the local fans.


Source: YG-Life
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News: 2NE1 Invite Blackjacks To Their After Party Following Their Concerts In Japan This July

2NE1 Invite Blackjacks To Their After Party Following Their Concerts In Japan This July


2NE1 are inviting Blackjacks to their official after party in Japan this July!

2NE1 will continue on their world tour ‘ALL OR NOTHING’ (‘AON’) at Yokohama Arena on July 5-6 and Kobe World Memorial Hall on July 12-13. Following the concert, 2NE1 will hold their after party at Sound Museum Vision at Shibuya, Tokyo on July 6 and Umeda, Osaka on July 13. 2NE1 brought the ‘fire’ to their 19+ after party following their Seoul concerts back in March and now Blackjacks in Japan will also witness the fun that 2NE1 will bring on stage and in the club during their upcoming after party!

2NE1 will also release their second full-length album ‘CRUSH’ in Japan on the 25th!

Credits : Allkpop

News: Grammy-Nominated Hip-Hop Songwriter Kay Cola Opens Up About Her Love Of 2NE1

Grammy-Nominated Hip-Hop Songwriter Kay Cola Opens Up About Her Love Of 2NE1


Kay Cola is a professional lucid dreamer, according to her Twitter page.

And the Los Angeles singer-songwriter has been living the dream; Cola is constantly working, and working with A-List artists too. She’s sung on tracks for Eminem, written with Dr. Dre and had a song on an album that was nominated for a Grammy Award for Album of The Year.

The daughter of renowned jazz and classical musician Hubert Laws grew up with an artist’s discipline, rehearsing and practicing for hours. But all that woodshedding didn’t isolate Kay from other types of music.

Among her influences, the soulful singer lists rock and country music and, most recently, K-pop.

“I recently got into K-pop and it’s pretty awesome,” Cola told KpopStarz on Wednesday in an exclusive interview.

“I love 2NE1 and I really like their new song ‘Gotta Be You.’”

“I like the beat of the song, how the intro had a little bit of a hip-hop vibe and heavy bass,” she added. “It went into a little bit of techno. It was almost like three songs in one.”


Source: KpopStarz
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Article: SM, YG, JYP Report Record Combined Sales of USD$106 Million for First Quarter 2014 ~ “2NE1′s Crush Contributes to YG’s Success”

SM, YG, JYP Report Record Combined Sales of USD$106 Million for First Quarter 2014


It has been a few months since we last looked at the financial health of the three major entertainment agencies. Now seems like a good time to see how they are doing in 2014. In May 2014, SM Entertainment (KOSDAQ: 041510), YG Entertainment (KOSDAQ: 122870) and JYP Entertainment (KOSDAQ: 035900) posted their 1st quarter financial results (For the period 01/01/2014 to 31/03/2014).

The results were interesting to see the least and there is a lot of information to digest so here is a brief summary of all the information we are about to cover in the rest of the article

  • Total combined sales for first quarter 2014 from the three agencies was approximately USD$106 million, which is a USD$33 million increase compared to last year
  • SM Entertainment’s total sales revenue was approximately USD$60.19 millionoperating profit was approximately USD$4.27 million and net profit was approximately USD$2.59 million
  • YG Entertainment posted total sales revenue of approximately USD$39.5 million while operating profit was approximately USD$7.4 million, with net profit being approximately USD$5.2 million
  • JYP Entertainment posted a total sales revenue of approximately USD$6.79 million, with operating income finally back in the black at approximately USD$298,000 and net profit also in the positive at approximately USD$843,000
  • All three agencies posted percentage increases in total sales YOY (Year over Year) while both YG and JYP saw percentages increases for operating profit and net profit
  • YG Entertainment has broken their previous first quarter records, helped by the success of 2NE1
  • JYP Entertainment has finally manage to post positive operating profit thanks in part to their merger last year

The numbers

First off, let’s talk numbers. It will help if you read up on how the companies were doing during the first half of 2013 in our previous article.

Just to make the comparisons between previous results contextually accurate, we will be assuming an exchange rate of 1000 KRW to 0.90 USD. Actual exchange rate is closer to1000:0.97 but given that these companies declare finances in KRW, there should be no major issues doing our general finance comparisons using the previous exchange rates.

YG Entertainment


YG Entertainment has been all smiles for the last couple years, posting constant healthy increases in total sales, operating profits and net profits. They have seen plenty of success in the last year thanks to continued interest in PSY along with the relative success of  2NE1and Taeyang during the latter half of 2013.

In first quarter 2014, YG Entertainment posted total sales revenue of approximatelyUSD$39.5 million while operating profit was approximately USD$7.4 million, with net profit being approximately USD$5.2 million. These figures are also fairly impressive when compared YOY. Total sales revenue is up 36%, operating profit is up 31% and net profit isup 33%, which means that YG Entertainment has once again beaten their own records and has posted their best ever first quarter results.


The success of “Crush” has helped YG Entertainment break their own records once again

These results were largely thanks to the success of 2NE1′s second album, “Crush,” which made up 13.5% of YG Entertainment’s total sales in first quarter 2014, bringing home approximately USD$5.35 million2NE1′s 2014 World Tour and Big Bang In Seoulconcerts also contributed positively to YG Entertainment’s first quarter results with total sales revenue of USD$4.57 million or 11.6% of total sales revenue.


YG believes that performances like YG family family tour will help to maintain their momentum

YG Entertainment also expects to continue this momentum through the rest of this year with the 2NE1 world tour concertYG family world tour, PSY’s comeback and Big Bang’s comeback all scheduled to occur throughout the rest of the year.

(omitted parts not related to YG Entertainment)

Source: Soompi

Video: 140602 Sports Seoul Press Video ~ “Jang Woo Hyuk- Sandara Park – Kim Junsu “High Heels, Fighting!”

Yay, we finally know what Dara said, kekeke! XD She said, “I will watch the movie well. ‘High Heels’ fighting!”

“High Heels” Jang Woo Hyuk- Sandara Park – Kim Junsu “Cha Seung Won and Jang Jing, Fighting!”

Sandara Park, “How to follow me and get this fun look?”

“This hat will become a trend~”

“I will watch the movie well. ‘High Heels’ fighting!”

Credits:  sportsseoultv

Article: VIDEO NEWS [WATCH] 2NE1 Girls Rap, Flaunt K-Pop Fashion in ‘Gotta Be You’ Single

[WATCH] 2NE1 Girls Rap, Flaunt K-Pop Fashion in ‘Gotta Be You’ Single


The members of the K-Pop quartet 2NE1 not only sing but also rap in their new single entitled “Gotta Be You” as they strut their stuff in K-Pop fashion.

Mixing music with fashion in the music video, Dara, Minzy, Bom, and CL showcased hair, makeup and accessories that scale the color spectrum. Such fierce fashion statements showed in the video include the zombie-inspired dresses worn by Bom and CL.

While the sentimental lyrics talk about being in love with someone who is giving up on the relationship, the visuals of the video featured nothing but the brightness of the pop-art world.

The music video is filled with glamour shots. On the other hand, there is a crucial point where CL gets drenched inside a car wash that toned down the fashion display while seemingly giving way to the part of the lyrics that talks about longing.

It is also noticeable that none of the girls cracked a smile in the entire video despite the brightness of the colors featured.

Throughout the video, there are splashes of graffiti, neon and emoticons as well as references to Andy Warhol’s “Brillo Boxes” and Roy Lichtenstein comic books.

Musically, “Gotta Be You” allowed each 2NE1 girl’s unique timbre to be highlighted. There is a part where the youngest member Minzy vocally rips on the chorus with the main vocalist Bom.

“Gotta Be You” peaked at number 16 on Billboard‘s World Digital Songs Chart and at number 4 on K-Pop Hot 100, according to Billboard.

Before the official music video was released, fans had only heard the song performed by the girls live on stage during their TV performances and Asian tours

After their successful debut single “Fire,” 2NE1 rose to fame with several hit singles racking up more than half a billion views on their official YouTube channel. They have also toured sold-out shows around the world and collaborated with superstars like and Skrillex.

Recently, 2NE1 leader CL has collaborated with Psy and G-Dragon of Bigbang for a new music video, Korea Herald reported.

CL also did her job as the leader to support Dara in her recent gig as a guest DJ in a Korean radio show called “Volume Up,” All Kpop reported.

Dara took to Instagram to describe the workplace of her DJing gig as a “cringeworthy” set.

Watch the “Gotta Be You” music video here:

Source: fashiontimes

News: YG Life – 2NE1, “Breaking K-pop’s Record On Billboard 200, A Surprise Gift”

2NE1, “Breaking K-pop’s Record On Billboard 200, A Surprise Gift”


[마이데일리 = 전원 기자] 2NE1 was showered in spotlight at an interview with Billboard.

The online edition of the American Billboard unveiled on May 27 (local date) the details of the interview with 2NE1, precisely about the quartet breaking chart records, their 5th anniversary and the music video.

CL, on breaking the K-Pop record on Billboard 200 commented, “It felt so great. We prepared for this album for so long it felt like a surprise gift and we think it was a perfect way to start off [our promotion].”

In February when 2NE1 dropped new album “CRUSH,” it immediately became the highest-charting K-pop album on the Billboard 200, landing at No. 61.

On May 17 the divas celebrated their 5th anniversary. Billboard asked when the most memorable moments were, and DARA answered “the day we debuted,” while BOM and MINZY said, “when winning ‘Best Song of the Year’ award,” and CL, “this moment.”

They added, “Half of 2014 has already passed by… Our tour will continue and we look forward to putting out more music for everyone to listen to. To all the 2NE1 fans all over the world, thank you for always waiting for us and loving our music. We hope to see all of you often and up close!”

Currently in the middle of their World Tour “ALL OR NOTHING,” 2NE1 will be in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 8 at Mata Elang International Stadium to meet the local fans.


Source: YG Life
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