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Magazine: Cute 2NE1 Share their Fashion Style on Japanese Magazine “Jyosei Jishin”





Credit: @ilovegd21 + @chanmisaaa

Scans: 2NE1 and YG Family for the September 2014 Issue of Teenage Magazine (Singapore)




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Photo: Scans of Pretty Dara Featured in Singapore’s “Finely Filipino” Magazine, September Issue

Beautiful Dara for “Finely Filipino” magazine in Singapore! <3 @angelapilgrim wrote this piece.. ^^




Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Magazine/Interview: Highlights of YG Family Concert in iWeekly



Question: Among the 2NE1 members, who brings up the mood? Who is the most mischievous?

The four of us is the best. Bom is the most mischievous. She likes to kiss people and always bullies Dara!


Question: During “All Or Nothing” World Tour, Dara showed her abs. Will she do it this time?

Dara: Keke My abs went on a holiday, so nope!

Question: Did Big Bang and 2NE1 suggest to you (WINNER) a good place to visit in Singapore?

Answer: 2NE1 wanted to visit the Merlion.

Translated by: @thisisfayyye

Magazine Feature: Cosmopolitan Korea’s ‘Celeb Beauty’ Column ~ “Sandara Park Personally Reveals her Beauty Tips for the First Time”

Celeb Beauty: Sandara Park Personally Reveals her Beauty Tips for the First Time

Knowing about stars’ beauty secrets is always fun! And now, Sandara Park has generously revealed her “real beauty history,” nowhere else, but in Cosmo.


Top: Alexander Wang. Overalls: Balmain.

“I’m not afraid of transformation. On the contrary, I rather enjoy it! But this usually applies more to Sandara Park, the entertainer. Normally, I am quite faithful to natural make-up. So there are times, when I have to go on-stage, that I look in the mirror and think, “I’m the same with this person, right?” From the way I see it, 2NE1’s Sandara Park and the ordinary Sandara Park is really different.”


(Left) Top: Versus. (Right) Top: Alexander Wang. Pants: Hood By Air. Accessories: Ambush.

Special Chic

The old, grungy (or messy), smoky eye make-up is a NO! Nowadays, neat eye-lines and shading are the trend. The eye-line should be made neatly and exactly, and only the under-line below the eye, should be touched up a bit to create a slight smudge effect. After that, use a mascara that will give more volume to the eyelashes, and at the same time, it should be fixed just so it will point towards the sky, giving it a neat look.

“All women should know the chic look. It’s a bit like me, since I’m the calm, quiet type. On special occasions, make-up on other parts of the face can be calm and relaxed, but eye make-up should always be a focus.”


1 Clio Salon de Cara, number 2 Volume Cara that produces rhythmical curl volume. 2 Number 1 Rolls Cara that gives top-notch volume sense. 3 Volume Cara number 3 hand brush cara that procuses long and strong eyelashes.

Daily Natural

The secret to the real bare-face (생얼) look is neat, curling eyelashes! Make the eye-line as close as possible to the lower part of the eyelids, and make sure to put on enough mascara to make the eyelashes darker and with more volume, the amount of mascara material should be enough so that it wouldn’t blot out and having neat eyelashes is one of the most important points. Finish the look off with a lipstick color that will match your feel as a last touch.



1 Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip clear, cherry red color Number 8 Chu. 2 Clear Orchid Pink Number 1 top dangerous color.

Baby Face

The top concern are reddish lips and peach-light cheeks in order to achieve this look. As for the eyes, apply gold beige eyes hadow to emphasize the eye shape and make it look wider, after that, draw a very thin eye-line at the upper lid. If you want to emphasize your lips, use lipstick clearly and tightly; if you want to leave a cute impression, use a lip tint instead.



Source: Cosmopolitan Korea

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


Which look are you most likely to try out? ^^

[HQ SCANS] Glowing Goddess and The Epitome of Perfection ~ Sandara Park for Cosmopolitan Korea Magazine September Issue



cpdara04 cpdara03 cpdara02 cpdara01


Source: cr to the owner via @thunder4452

[SCANS] Goddess Dara features in Cosmopolitan Magazine (September 2014 Issue)


tumblr_nam9jn1gvn1r8d91lo1_1280 tumblr_nam9jn1gvn1r8d91lo2_1280 tumblr_nam9jn1gvn1r8d91lo3_1280


Sources: @amazingdara

Photos: YG Family Featured in Singapore’s “Teenage” Magazine, September 2014 Issue

YG Family is featured in Teenage Magazine for their September 2014 issue.. ^_^ It also has Dara’s endorsement for Clio in it as well! ^^







Photo: Cosmopolitan Korea Shares a Behind-The-Scene Look of Pretty Dara Shooting for their September Issue

Ooohhhh, I am looking forward to this already! I wonder what kind of make-up they’ll show? Waahhh! Fighting Dara-ya! Fighting Cosmo!


<COSMO LIVE> 2NE1’s Sandara Park is shooting for Cosmo. Showingmake-up looks that transform from a cute look to a chic look. If you’re curious about Sandara5 make-up looks, look for it on Cosmo’s September issue :-) #COSMOPOLITAN #COSMOLIVE  #2NE1 #산다라박 #LIPSTICK


Source: Cosmopolitan Korea

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Photos: HQ Scans Of Colorful 2NE1 In Thailand’s Nylon Magazine, August 2014 Issue

Magazine features left and right! <3





More scans below! ^^



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