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Photos: HQ/HD OhMyGoddess Scans of Island Goddess Dara for Vogue Girl Korea, July 2015 Issue ~ “Hawaiian Blues”

OhMyGoddess, thank you so much for these scans.. <3 This photoshoot is surely on top of my favorite Dara photoshoots of all time.. <3 God bless Vogue Girl.. <3 Coincidentally, 2NE1’s group photoshoot with Vogue Girl back in 2009 is one of my favorites as well!

THE FRECKLES IN THIS PIC~! Love, love, love! Dara looks so pretty with them.. <3 I know they’re fake, but they suit her so well.. <3BkynmCf Gorgeous Dara is oh so gorgeous.. T_T She really has a model/goddess aura.. <3t2TgP9Z Hello there island princess Dara! <3

dsHlVSgHer gaze kills me.. Every single time.. I love her outfit! Everything is on freaking point! <3


More under the cut! <3


Photos: Captivating, Enchanting Goddess Dara is Absolutely Stunning for Vogue Girl’s Hawaii Summer Photoshoot

Thank you so so so much Vogue Girl for this truly classic and beautiful photoshoot of our goddess Dara.. <3 GORGEOUS DARA IS EVER SO GORGEOUS! Perfectly stunning summer goddess.. T_T Just look at her, perfection in every picture.. /le cries

Flora goddess Sandara Park everyone! Looking so beautiful, even with her pensive gaze.. <3


Aloha girl Dara! <3 Looking ever so youthful.. <3 Doesn’t this pic remind you so much of her Etude days?! <333


Why hello there! Casual outfit, but sexy red lips and maaannn those legs, legs, legs! <3 I love how she has a slight tan, a beautiful glow! <3


Dara going island Bohemian chic! <3 Love the sunglasses and is that a Mickey Mouse print jacket and skirt? <3


Why hello there! Dara makes chilling under  a sign look chic and fashionable.. <3



Source: Vogue Girl via Naver

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: First Teaser Pic of Chic and Fab Summer Goddess Dara for Vogue Girl, July 2015 Issue!

OH HELLO THERE GORGEOUS SUMMER GODDESS IN HOT RED LIPSTICK~! Dara’s presence screams “celebrity” she looks fab and chic! And does her shirt say “Big In Korea”? Dara, you’re a big hit in all of our hearts. <3 Cannot wait for this! ^^


Source: Kyobobook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara (more…)

Photos: Scans of 2NE1’s Magazine for Japan Fans ~ “Special Thanks to Blackjack Nolza”

Blackjack Nolza are so lucky, because they have this awesome magazine.. <3 I love it! I love the cover photo.. T_T I so so so miss the girls.. T_T







Source: @2NE1_chisa

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: Sandara Park Among Celebrities Featured in Vogue Girl, May 2015 Issue for “Second Society”

Lots of luck and well wishes to Second Society! ^^ Thanks for inviting Dara to your launch and allowing us to see our goddess so perfectly dressed up in that outfit.. ^^



Source: SK Fashion 

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: HQ/HD Of Lovely, Captivating Goddess Sandara Park for Elle Korea, June Issue

Our perfect goddess, I so love this look, I can’t even.. I love the entire dark, bohemian. chic tone of the entire photoshoot, gah! TT Will upload more pics as they come out.. <3

k6J1Yql Dara2




Source: @goduandme5 + via @ohmygoddessDARA

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: HQ/HD Scanned Pictures of Elle Korea’s Feature on “We Broke Up” Cast for June Issue ~ Sizzling, Hot, Alluring Cast!

OMG I AM LOVING THIS PHOTOSHOOT~! They are all so sexy and hot, I can’t even.. T_T Dara doesn’t seem older than the two guys, seriously. She’s such a baby-face that they all look around to be the same age, what do you guys think? ^^ Dara’s presence makes the younger guys seem older and more mature, I think.. Keke~! ^^ Props to Elle Korea for featuring “We Broke Up”~! Seeing these pictures make us anticipate it even more.. <3 Dara is shown here with Kang Seungyoon and Kang Kiyong.. ^_^ Hold on for the interview trans.. ^^





Source: @goduandme5 + via @ohmygoddessDARA

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Instagram: Photographer Ryan Ong Shared A Picture of Gorgeous Sandara Park on the Cover of Sparkling Magazine for Spring 2015 Issue

FireShot Capture - Ryan Ong on Instagram_ “got up-close with _ - https___instagram.com_p_2CyYEKw6BV_

got up-close with @daraxxi inside @sparklingmagSpring 2015 issue! Grab ’em now! @rynong @sparklingmag #kpop #photography



Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: Pictures of Gorgeous Dara Featured in “Gangee” Magazine March Issue ~ “With the Star of the Time”


More pictures after the cut!


Photos: LQ/MQ Magazine Scans of Captivating, Mysterious, Gorgeous Dark Park Siblings in W Korea~ “True Blood”

Hot dangggggg! This year has been a wonderful start for our goddess Dara! I love actress Dara’s beautiful work in “Dr. Ian” and I am also loving, loving, loving model Dara’s stunning perfection in the different magazine features! <3 MORE MORE MORE different faces of Dara! <3

Our stunning, captivating dark goddess-angel Dara! Beautiful perfection, and aren’t her proportions just mind-blowing?! Seriously, look at her!


And of course, our dark prince! Hot dang, doesn’t my Park Sanghyun look totally smoldering and gorgeous and perfect and I kinda-wanna-like-really-wanna be the glove he’s biting! T_T


Gorgeous Sandara Park is gorgeous! I love her dark make-up, it shows another fiercer, edgier side of her! I actually also love the contrast between the dark make-up with leather jacket and the soft, butterfly-print dress! Vulnerable and sweet, yet dark and edgy as well!


Vampire Princess Dara wearing a tiara! <3 And yes, heck to the yaaasssss, to the fishnet stockings! <3


My love for this picture knows no words.. STUNNING! INSPIRED! MODEL-LIKE DARA! <3



Source:  much love and thanksssss!

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Check out the cut for Park Sanghyun’s pictures! <3



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