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Photos: Sandara Park Among Celebrities Featured in Vogue Girl, May 2015 Issue for “Second Society”

Lots of luck and well wishes to Second Society! ^^ Thanks for inviting Dara to your launch and allowing us to see our goddess so perfectly dressed up in that outfit.. ^^



Source: SK Fashion 

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Photo: HQ/HD Of Lovely, Captivating Goddess Sandara Park for Elle Korea, June Issue

Our perfect goddess, I so love this look, I can’t even.. I love the entire dark, bohemian. chic tone of the entire photoshoot, gah! TT Will upload more pics as they come out.. <3

k6J1Yql Dara2




Source: @goduandme5 + via @ohmygoddessDARA

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Photos: HQ/HD Scanned Pictures of Elle Korea’s Feature on “We Broke Up” Cast for June Issue ~ Sizzling, Hot, Alluring Cast!

OMG I AM LOVING THIS PHOTOSHOOT~! They are all so sexy and hot, I can’t even.. T_T Dara doesn’t seem older than the two guys, seriously. She’s such a baby-face that they all look around to be the same age, what do you guys think? ^^ Dara’s presence makes the younger guys seem older and more mature, I think.. Keke~! ^^ Props to Elle Korea for featuring “We Broke Up”~! Seeing these pictures make us anticipate it even more.. <3 Dara is shown here with Kang Seungyoon and Kang Kiyong.. ^_^ Hold on for the interview trans.. ^^





Source: @goduandme5 + via @ohmygoddessDARA

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Instagram: Photographer Ryan Ong Shared A Picture of Gorgeous Sandara Park on the Cover of Sparkling Magazine for Spring 2015 Issue

FireShot Capture - Ryan Ong on Instagram_ “got up-close with _ - https___instagram.com_p_2CyYEKw6BV_

got up-close with @daraxxi inside @sparklingmagSpring 2015 issue! Grab ’em now! @rynong @sparklingmag #kpop #photography



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Photos: Pictures of Gorgeous Dara Featured in “Gangee” Magazine March Issue ~ “With the Star of the Time”


More pictures after the cut!


Photos: LQ/MQ Magazine Scans of Captivating, Mysterious, Gorgeous Dark Park Siblings in W Korea~ “True Blood”

Hot dangggggg! This year has been a wonderful start for our goddess Dara! I love actress Dara’s beautiful work in “Dr. Ian” and I am also loving, loving, loving model Dara’s stunning perfection in the different magazine features! <3 MORE MORE MORE different faces of Dara! <3

Our stunning, captivating dark goddess-angel Dara! Beautiful perfection, and aren’t her proportions just mind-blowing?! Seriously, look at her!


And of course, our dark prince! Hot dang, doesn’t my Park Sanghyun look totally smoldering and gorgeous and perfect and I kinda-wanna-like-really-wanna be the glove he’s biting! T_T


Gorgeous Sandara Park is gorgeous! I love her dark make-up, it shows another fiercer, edgier side of her! I actually also love the contrast between the dark make-up with leather jacket and the soft, butterfly-print dress! Vulnerable and sweet, yet dark and edgy as well!


Vampire Princess Dara wearing a tiara! <3 And yes, heck to the yaaasssss, to the fishnet stockings! <3


My love for this picture knows no words.. STUNNING! INSPIRED! MODEL-LIKE DARA! <3



Source:  much love and thanksssss!

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Check out the cut for Park Sanghyun’s pictures! <3


Photos: HQ Scanned Pictures of “Lovely Sandara Park” in the Philippines’ Sparkling Magazine

Awww, and I’m sure the Filipinos love you too Dara~! And doing such a remarkable job promoting Korea! <3




Source: Sparkling Magazine

Scanned by: WeLoveDara/OhDara

Instagram: PR Director Dara Shares #latepost Pictures from her Singles Korea Photoshoot in Singapore

I am loving these #latepost uploads on Instagram! More more more! It must be hard being the editor of the magazine where Dara is featured. I mean, how do you choose from literal perfection?! T_T


#latepost #singles


#latepost #singles #nofilter


#latepost #singles #singapore


Photos: More of Adorable, Cuddly Dara in SINGLES Korea Magazine B-Cuts ~ In Collaboration with Singapore Air!

Singapore Air is one of the sponsors for the Singles March issue, where Dara was one of those featured.. ^_^




Source: Singapore Air

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Instagram: Korean Fashion Magazines’ Snap and Share Pictures of Dara in Different Show During SFW2015

Okay, so we know how fashion magazines fashion week, and a lot of them took time to snap a couple of pictures of Dara at the different events she attended. Vogue, Vogue Girl, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Marie Claire, Dazed, W Korea, and Grazia all snapped these pics of beautiful goddess Dee and posted them on their Instagram accounts. ^^ Who knows, maybe we’ll see Dara’s photos in their features for SFW. ^^







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