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Videos: 2NE1’s Fun and Revealing Interview for Yahoo! Philippines ~ “We Fight Over Food, But Not Over Guys~ We Love… ICE CREAM!”

This is a really fun series of interviews! The girls were relaxed, comfortable, and having fun! The questions were also refreshing, something that we don’t hear often from other interviews. ^_^

2ne1 loves Manila!

2NE1 members bare ‘ideal guy,’ sexy secrets

Credits: YiiNG Tana

Some snippets:

What is your dream concert: If we have the fans that we love, and the fans that love us, that’s our favorite. What really matters is the connection and the vibe, the connection with the fans.

Message to the Filipino fans: I don’t know why it took us so long. But we’re really happy to be here. We’re looking forward to the show, and to explore with our tour guide, Dara.

What is your all or nothing: Music and Love. In that order.

On their ideal guys: CL was trying to foist off the question to “Sandy” and Dara cried out, “Noooo, this is for everyone!” Then Dara said that her ideal guy is, “Anyone who loves me.” Then CL blurted, “There’s so many people out there who loves you. That can’t be it,” and Dara said, “That’s it. That’s all I’m looking for.” Then Bom said, “Everybody loves you.” Kekeke, cute 2NE1! Bom’s ideal type is, “Someone who works hard at his job, and also only loves me.” Minzy said, “My ideal type is… Usher.” Go Minzy! XD CL’s ideal type is, “Someone who is my friend.”

Do you fight about anything: FOOD. We fight over the food menu. Dara wants heavy food, me (CL) and Minzy like something light, while Bom likes something sweet. It’s good that we don’t fight over guys, because we all have different tastes. Thank God (Kekekekekekeke, cute cute cute CL!)

What do you all like in common: Ice cream.

How do you maintain your figure: We work out a lot. Our trainer comes with us on tour, so we can’t skip out on working out.

Interview: Popular and Fashionable 2NE1’s Interview for Yoho Magazine, May 2014 Issue

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[Is this the first time you girls visit China? What is your impression to China?]

Ans: No, last time we visited China were we stayed at countryside so we did not have any special feel. But this time we are holding AON concert in China so we have chance to stay in the city. We are welcomed by fans after plane’s landing. We feel good and fans are passionate. Cant wait for tomorrow’s concert.

[What is ADIDAS ORIGINAL WOMAN for you girls?]

Ans: Classic. Women who wear it should be someone who cheerful (extrovert ), sunshine, just like what Sandara always wear.

[ You girls must be faced with obstacles on your path to achieving success, what gives you strength (inspire) to assist you in your dream?]

Ans: Four of us have different character, but MUSIC is our common ground. So music is the reason we stand on.

[How do you relax yourself ?]

CL: have dessert when get tired
Dara: I go shopping if I have the time
Minzy: listen to music, surf internet
Bom: My favorite activity is sleeping, sometimes will watch K-drama

[ Any plan after the AON world tour? Anything you wish to do in the second half of the year?]

Ans: We spent 4 years to prepare this album [CRUSH], so it is so special to us. We will continue to prepare next album after the AON world tour.


Translated by: @daralove222

Photo/Interview: Sandara Park’s Cute and Candid Interview for Taiwan’s “Choc” Magazine ~ Crush Album, Communal Showers, and Car Products

Pretty Dara! <3 Not 100% fan of her outfit, but she makes it work, and she makes it work well.. I particularly love the rumpled locks look on her though. <3


Q: When you first saw the choreography of Come Back Home, what was your reaction?

DARA: When I first saw our choreography, I was thinking: Wow! how long will it take to memorize it? But seem like we able to manage the dance after we practiced from 12 midnight till 3am-4am. Come Back Home’s choreography is definitely something new and unique! It’s unforgettable!

Q: Among the songs of the album, which song is your favorite?

DARA: Honestly its hard to pick one~ But if really need to choose one, I prefer lyrics which anyone can relate to. That is “Good To You,” i really like the lyrics!

Q: If you could have a super power, what would it be?

DARA: There’s one super power I want to have, but I’m scarde people will laugh at me if i say it out… But actually, I wish to have ithe power to be invisible. But I am worried people will think that I’ll just want to use it to get into communal showers! (laughs)


Interview: Director Shin Yeon-Shick of “Rough Play” and “The Russian Novel” Talks About His Most Passionate Student, Sandara Park

[Cine interview] Shin Yeon-shick, director of Jeonju Digital Project 2014 : the Aviamkind


“This time, it is about identity”
By Song Soon-jin, Cine21 reporter
Shin Yeon-shick, who has recently been in the news for the low-budget independent films The Russian Novel and Rough Play (co-produced by KIM Ki-duk) is set to meet audiences again this spring as part of the Jeonju Digital Project 2014, funded by the Jeonju International Film Festival. The title of his feature, The Aviamkind, comes from one of the fictional novels in The Russian Novel, which features an actor playing several roles.


– Your film is low-budget but the actors are young and glamorous. How did you get them on board?

Well, the main character is actually not that young (laughs). KIM Jeong-seok, who played in The Russian Novel and Rough Play, plays the main role of a novelist in this film who is looking for his missing wife. KIM has been working with me for a long time and I promised to have him play a main role one day. That promise finally came true with this film. Kang Shin-hyo, who was the main character in The Russian Novel and played the manager in Rough Play, took a supporting role this time. I deeply appreciate the actors who helped me out in times of difficulty, and I want to keep every promise if I can. So I have a long list of movies to make (laughs). Others are mostly rookies and my students.

By chance I started teaching acting, and I became kind of famous, as some of my students are K-pop stars. I’ll tell you something funny. Who do you think is the most passionate actor among my students? It is none other than Sandara Park from 2NE1. She calls me day and night whenever she has any questions about acting. She discusses with me over the phone about her characters and their feelings whenever she is stuck. Lee Joon from Rough Play is also very hard working, but not as much as Sandara (laughs). I have to make a movie one day with Sandara in the main role. (laughs)

*Omitted some parts. Read the full interview here!


Source: Korean Film

Photos/Translations: 140403 Screencaps and Translations of 2NE1’s Guesting at MBCFM4U’s Kim Shin Young’s “Hope Song at Noon”



2NE1 performing! ^^ They performed Come Back Home and Gotta Be You!


Some of the girls’ answers/ conversation during their guesting:

KSH: Dara, you like alcohol?
Dara: Uhh, nowadays… “Bring out all the alcohol!”
Minzy’s Drinking Habits
CL: Her voice gets louder.
Dara: We had an after party after our concert and she would talk to other people.

KSY: As soon as “Crush” came out, I listened to the whole album repeatedly.
Bom: The part where we copy our CEO’s dance in Come Back Home is my favorite.
Dara: I like when the four of us do the wave during Come Back Home. It looks nice…is what my mother said.

KSY: Did you guys get a break since your comeback?
CL: We actually prefer not having a break, since we want to work a lot.
Minzy: I actually want a break a little. I want to go to the US or to Europe.
Park Bom: I prefer work over break now. I am in a new variety show. We are starting now. It’s so so fun. I don’t get sleep but its so fun.

More under the cut!


Video: Sports Seoul – Behind 30: What is the Nickname 2NE1 Calls Each Other?

[BEHIND 30] What is the “nickname” 2NE1 calls each other?

Credits: sportsseoultv

Interview: Super Junior’s Heechul Mentions Sandara Park on M&B Magazine Interview ~ It’s All in the Perspective

Kang Yong Seok Meets Kim Heechul, From Stars to Idols


After finishing your military duties, and seeing that YG has a more liberated image compared to SM, have you ever thought of moving to a different agency?

I think I’m more liberated (T/N: liberal/free-spirited) for even YG (laughs) I haven’t thought of it, I think that there’s dissatisfaction wherever company I made be, the dissatisfaction may be different for each company, but it exists all the same. For example, YG has this system wherein the YG artists only appear in only one or two broadcasts per week. In SM, artists appear in four broadcasts per week. To be honest, once or twice a week is more convenient, as it gives more time for preparation and sees to it that bodies are more comfortable. So in that aspect, I envy the YG kids. However, there was something funny that YG group, 2NE1’s Sandara Park once said to me, “Oppa, we envy the artists on SM for coming out on broadcasts a lot,” she revealed. So it made me think that it’s all about perspective.

*omitted parts not mentioning Dara or YG entertainment


Source: M&B Magazine

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Interview: 2NE1’s Sandara Park Says Yang Hyun Suk is More Worried About Her Dating Life

[Interview] 2NE1’s Sandara Park Says Yang Hyun Suk is More Worried About Her Dating Life


2NE1’s Sandara Park revealed her concerns regarding her relationship status.

In a recent interview, the 2NE1 members coolly said, “[Compared to the other groups], we’re far behind in terms of dating.”

As she talked about how she got the ideas for her songs, CL naturally began talking about dating.

“I got inspiration from the members for Crush and for Baby I miss you, I imagined the situation where you like someone but don’t want to express it,” said CL.

When asked if they are refraining from dating on purpose, Park Bom said, “I don’t have any opportunities. There’s no one to date around me.”

CL answered, “I think being too close as friends is not a good thing. I also have some conservative sides of me and think ‘I shouldn’t do this.’ [Park Bom and Sandara Park] Unnies don’t go outside. They just stay in the house all the time.”

CL commented, “Actually, Dara unnie is concerned about not dating,” and Sandara said, “The CEO, company seniors and the Big Bang members are more worried about it now than I am. So I need to help get rid of their worries.”

About the general comments saying that 2NE1 is closer to being cool than pretty, 2NE1 said, “We like that. If we’re a group that is cool and has charisma…We realized that it’s best to be yourself. We’re often asked if we feel pressured to look strong. If we were red and tried to be blue, then we would’ve felt pressured and didn’t last long, but we tried to express red, because we’re red. We just tried to be who we are.”


Source: Mwave

Video: 2NE1’s Interview with SMG Shanghai TV for “All Or Nothing” Tour in China

Wow, 2NE1 has been doing a lot of interviews for their comeback, loving it! ^^ And check out Dara’s cute Chinese at the start! <3

Exclusive:2NE1(To Any One)To Come to China!!

Credits: SMG上海电视台官方频道 SMG Shanghai TV Official

Video/Interview: [Cool Meeting] “Come Back Home” 2NE1, “My ideal type is ‘Do Manager’…”

A short video of their interview.. ^^ The part where they ask about ideal types is included in there.. 

“For me, I like cute, younger guys, so “Do Manager” Kim Soo Hyun suits right,” – Dara

Minzy chose Usher, Bom chose Lee Min Ho, and CL chose Johnny Depp. ^^

[Cool Meeting] “Come Back Home” 2NE1, “My ideal type is ‘Do Manager’…”

Credits: sportsseoultv


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