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Fashion Feature: [STARCAST - What Should I Wear This Week?] An Early Summer Weather, Enjoy it Like the Stars

[STARCAST-What should I wear this week?] An early summer weather, enjoy it like stars


It is clearly spring and is a nice spring. It looks like the days in which it will be good to go outside are going to continue. The highest temperature is expected to be around 20 degrees Celsius. In one word, the spring that is like early summer is expected.

The second week of April that skipped spring, it will be ok to take out the see-through jacket and a half-sleeve shirt. It is not going to be awkward at all. The missing bottom look is okay also for sure. It is said that the days in which it is hot too wear hot pants is going to continue.

‘What should I wear this week’ that ‘STARCAST’ prepared. It is fashion for early summer that came all of a sudden.


▶ Thursday, April 17th | Lowest 9 degrees, Highest 20 degrees, Cloudy and then raining : There is not going to be that much change in temperature. It is expected that it will slightly get cloudy in the morning and rain in the afternoon. Taking the umbrella with you on the way to work is necessary.


Suggestion ① Mini look : On rainy days, we strongly recommend short clothes. It is easy to mess up the style due to the rain if you wear long pants. It can never happen with the shorts, just like Yoona. She went a step farther and wore a mini skirt made up of vinyl fabric.

The choice of shoes is also important. Since it is not going to rain in the morning, it is a little too much to wear the rain boots all day. In times like this, wear the boots with narrow ankles. It is good to wear a boxy t-shirt rather than a tight top. There is no need to worry about the body shape showing a little even when it gets slightly wet by the rain.


Suggestion ② Patch leggings & The baseball jacket: If concerned about the short clothes, there is a solution. Refer to ‘2NE1’ Bom. She wore leggings with a net patchwork to shorts. It can still look cool while decently covering the legs.

In the cloudy weather, give a point with vivid colors. It might look depressing if the prop is also dark. The colors such as neon orange high top shoes or pink mini bag are perfect. 


▶ Friday, April 18th | Lowest 10 degrees, Highest 16 degrees. Very cloudy : It is the day after spring rainfall. The temperature will go down a little. The rain stopped but the clouds will not go away so it is expected that the cloudy weather is going to continue.


Suggestion ① Rider jacket & camo pants: If the temperature drops a little, you have to especially pay attention to the outer clothes. It is easy to catch cold if you just wear light not thinking about the temperature. Try wearing a rider jacket. It is perfect for inconsistent spring weather.

What if you want to avoid the clothes that show the body shape? Wear a loose fit long shirt as an inner wear. It naturally covers the hemline. The vibe will get much more powerful if you match the military style skinny jeans. Unify the high top shoes with the color that is same as the jacket. It is for the style balance.


Suggestion ② Blouse & Cardigan: Do you want a simple style? Then we recommend blouse and cardigan, which are steady styles in between the seasons. Gu Ha Ra from ‘KARA’ wore a white blouse that match well with all cardigans. She looks neat and tidy but chic at the same time.

If the temperature rises a little, wear a cardigan. It will look cool in a chic way. If you are too lazy for that, tie it around the waist. It is European style. The skinny jeans that shows the body shape tightly matches the most to a blouse. 

Written by=Song Eun Joo(Dispatch)
Pictures=Dispatch DB

*Omitted parts not related to Dara and Bom. Read the full article here!


Source: Naver Star Cast

Photos/Translations: 140403 Screencaps and Translations of 2NE1′s Guesting at MBCFM4U’s Kim Shin Young’s “Hope Song at Noon”



2NE1 performing! ^^ They performed Come Back Home and Gotta Be You!


Some of the girls’ answers/ conversation during their guesting:

KSH: Dara, you like alcohol?
Dara: Uhh, nowadays… “Bring out all the alcohol!”
Minzy’s Drinking Habits
CL: Her voice gets louder.
Dara: We had an after party after our concert and she would talk to other people.

KSY: As soon as “Crush” came out, I listened to the whole album repeatedly.
Bom: The part where we copy our CEO’s dance in Come Back Home is my favorite.
Dara: I like when the four of us do the wave during Come Back Home. It looks nice…is what my mother said.

KSY: Did you guys get a break since your comeback?
CL: We actually prefer not having a break, since we want to work a lot.
Minzy: I actually want a break a little. I want to go to the US or to Europe.
Park Bom: I prefer work over break now. I am in a new variety show. We are starting now. It’s so so fun. I don’t get sleep but its so fun.

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Article/Feature: Refinery29 – “Why Everyone Should Be Listening To The Badass Ladies Of 2NE1″

Why Everyone Should Be Listening To The Badass Ladies Of 2NE1


Fact: South Korean pop music has infiltrated American pop culture. After Psy‘s through-the-roof hit “Gangnam Style,” more and more K-pop artists and groups have crossed the Pacific and made their marks stateside. Girl group f(x) “welcomed” Anna Kendrick as as their newest member, Big Bang took over Brooklyn for two music videos, and there’s an entire section in Billboard dedicated to the K-pop scene. But, in an industry where the number of girl groups rival the number of instances in which Lady Gaga has made us go, well, gaga, it feels like all the ladies look and sound the same after a while. Perfectly executed singing and choreography with booty shorts, a cute-yet-sexy vibe, and a whole lotta hair flipping — it’s like they’re robots. Well, not 2NE1.

This four-member group is all about being badasses — and the more extreme, the better. Made up of Park Bom, Lee Chaerin (known as CL), Gong Minji (Minzy), and Sandara Park (Dara), the ladies produce some of the catchiest songs and most visually arresting music videos in the industry. If you don’t believe me, maybe this will convince you: The group’s second album, Crush, scored a #10 spot on the American iTunes chart when it debuted in late February, and the music video for the single “Come Back Home” has nearly 7.5 million views on YouTube. Not too shabby, eh?

So, what sets 2NE1 apart from the rest of the girl groups in the biz? Their ability mix multiple genres like hip-hop and dance with pop to create seriously catchy tunes, a fearless sense of fashion, and championing of girl power without any frills or sugar-coating. The quad prefers singing about being the best in the game over lost love (okay, there is a bit of that in their discography), kickin’ it on stage in Jeremy Scott’s wing sneakers over platform stilettos, sporting electric blue hair over blonde strands, and rocking grills over cutesy winks. Yes, there’s a good dose of sexiness in the mix, but it’s done with such an edge that you don’t realize it until you’ve watched the music video twice — which you will, trust me.

Even though I’ve no idea what 2NE1 is singing about, I can still appreciate the infectious beats, fashion porn, and general badass, IDGAF attitude that the group embodies. Keep doing your thing, 2NE1, and don’t stop the music.

Credits: Refinery29

Article/Feature: Pulp Live – “10 Hot Reasons Not To Miss 2NE1′s AON Concert in Manila”



In many of 2NE1’s music videos, you would see them wielding a bat. Later on, you will realize that they use this for crushing charts and breaking records. From the moment they debuted as a group in 2009, these formidable femmes – CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy — have treated mediocrity with spite, choosing to blaze new trails in a music genre that was then dominated by four-letter words like “cute” and “sexy”. They wasted no time in creating a look, a vibe and a musical influence that was entirely their own – sharp, edgy, fierce and defiant. After sweeping scores of major awards from the Korean music industry, they flew to New York City where they were crowned MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World in 2011. The following year, they became the first K-Pop girl group to embark on a world tour, before promptly proceeding to do musical collaborations with the likes of and Snoop Lion.

Things fell quiet in 2013 when they busied themselves wrapping up their second studio album and dropping a few singles that tickled but did not exactly tantalize. Then, boom – their agency, YG Entertainment, announced a second world tour scheduled to kick-off in Seoul by March 2014. And oh, that long overdue second album? It will drop a few days ahead on CL’s birthday, since she composed three of the tracks. What followed was absolute bedlam. Their fans – known collectively as Blackjacks – started dusting off their light sticks, printing new banners and pinching their allowance to purchase concert tickets, digital tracks and hard copies of the new album, “Crush”.

Meanwhile, the tour concert entitled “All or Nothing” (AON) caught people’s fancy with its sleek, sci-fi themed cinematic teasers and creative promotions that had the otherwise elusive girls appearing on variety shows, staging fan meets, hamming it up in their own YouTube videos and basically inundating their personal social media accounts with an enticing trail of photos and other sneak peeks leading to the show. To date, AON has announced 15 performances covering 12 cities in nine countries, with more stops still on the drawing board. However, the most important concert date for Filipinos falls on May 17, when 2NE1 brings AON to Manila at the Mall of Asia Arena. It has been three years since they first visited for a gig called “The Party” and this is the first time they are coming for a full concert, leaving their Pinoy fans breathless with anticipation.

To get a preview of what’s in store for us in May, this writer flew to Seoul to watch both nights of their AON launch at the Seoul SK Handball Arena. Despite the freezing post-winter weather, 2NE1 burned down the hall and everyone in it with the kind of frenzied conflagration only they can conjure. Here are some of the hottest reasons why watching AON is good for you, your friends and the entire human race:

1. Dara’s goddess abs 

In a word: yummy. You wouldn’t believe someone as seemingly frail as her could carve a four-pack but she did it in just two months, following a strict exercise and diet regimen which called for giving up her favorite ramyun and pumping iron every day under the eagle eyes of their company’s captain trainer. Undoubtedly, all the hard work paid off. The minute the girls step out onstage, those glorious abs are practically stamped as “Today’s Special”. So yes, I’d like a serving of Sandara Park’s scrumptious prime cuts served on a stretch of silky smooth, slightly tanned, honey gold skin… please!




Feature Article: Star Cast – Waiting Room Surprise Attack! Taking a Look at 2NE1 Styling

[STARCAST] Waiting room surprise attack! Taking a look at 2NE1 styling made a much more powerful and fancy comeback with the regular 2nd album ‘CRUSH’! They are finally back in about 4 years with the regular album. The perfect live and the performances are also cool but it would be not possible to leave out the unconventional style also! 2NE1 did not disappoint us this time also. 2NE1 is always getting the attention of the fans with the new sides!

To take a look at 2NE1’s styling, we have made a surprise visit to the waiting rooms of Mnet ‘M!countdown’ and KBS2 ‘Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook’. What would 2NE1 members look like in the waiting rooms before they go up on the stage?

1. Feminine VS Charisma! Twist in the charms 2NE1

2NE1 appealed the twist in their charms by showing both feminine sides and also charismatic sides! We are already curious about the looks of the members!


Now! Should we go in with nervous minds?


These are the accessories that 2NE1 wear when they are on the stage!

We see fancy accessories as soon as entering the waiting room! These are the accessories they are going to wear on the actual stage. Fancy and bold accessories will make 2NE1’s styles shine a little more!


These are the shoes of Dara, CL, Minzy and Bom, respectively

On this day, 2NE1 revealed the performance of ‘IF I WERE YOU’ for the first time. The shoes of 2NE1, who showed the performance overflowing with sentiment! We slightly reveal Dara, CL, Minzy and Bom’s shoes to everyone. Then, what would the outfits of 2NE1 members be like?




Looking full of feminine characteristics!

We see 2NE1 CL, Dara and Minzy! They are wearing the outfits of ‘IF I WERE YOU’ and how do they look? CL looks so good in gold hair. She is showing refreshing but feminine characteristics with orange top and white pants. Dara showed a brown color hairstyle in which the length of the each side of the hair is different. She looks mature and calm! The outfit on this day was a white sleeveless dress. Our youngest member Minzy showed off chicness with a black top. She looks so good with red colored hair! Did everyone also notice the star-shaped earrings?

If the outfits of ‘IF I WERE YOU’ appealed 2NE1’s feminine charms, what would the outfits of ‘COME BACK HOME’ be like?



Bom is putting the earrings on herself! She looks serious, right?

We see Bom, who is looking at the mirror and putting the earrings on herself! A long, straight black hair, it is what guys hope for, right? The make-up also is noticeable. She added a special feeling by adding a point with the blue color around the eyes. Bom wearing silver color jacket! She also matches well with big earrings.


This time, long hair Minzy is here.

Please pay attention right here. Does everyone see the hairstyle that tied red colored long straight hair into ponytail? Minzy showed short hair for the most of the time so far and this time, she showed a long hair and got the attention of the fans.


CL’s bold pose!

We reveal CL’s bold pose for everyone! Her showing one of her shoulders slightly is sexy, right? It is possible to look at such cute facial expressions when in the waiting room.


Who is this? This is Dara. 2NE1 no doubt dresses in a different way even when it is only a t-shirt! These are the efforts made to show much cooler sides to everyone!

2. The belongings that the member must carry at all times?

This time, we have made a surprise visit to the waiting room of ‘Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook’. The members saw the camera and made a pose!




Cool looking members. We can feel the charisma!

Do you guys see Dara’s blue hair? It also matches well with a beanie. This style that stands out a lot in this comeback looks like Dara’s ‘Half-half hairstyle’. Minzy and CL made a pose as if they are shooting for the pictorial. 2NE1 members’ outfits on the stage and the styles are really fancy. Then, what would 2NE1’s items that they always carry at all times look like?


Revealing the belongings that 2NE1 carry with them at all times for the first time ever. Behold!

Ta da! CL’s perfume! CL is in charge of charisma on the stage but she is usually very feminine. Minzy’s item is headphones. Minzy listening to music in the waiting room during the break time is quite serious. Bom showed her bag. What is inside the bag is Bom’s secret! Dara shyly showed the scheduler.


Now then, before going up on the stage, we will reveal 2NE1’s own microphones as a bonus to everyone. Just like 2NE1 who are full of individualities, their microphones are also unusual!

Now, how was taking a look at 2NE1’s styling? 2NE1’s style that is fully equipped with individualities and unconventional sides! It is the charm unique to 2NE1 that no one can follow. Please highly look forward to 2NE1’s performance!

Written by, pictures = YG Entertainment

Credits: Naver Star Cast

Article/Feature: Girls Generation vs 2NE1 Analysis of Reactions

[STARCAST] “From where, my god?”…GIRLS’ GENERATION vs 2NE1, analysis of reactions


▶ One female fan intensely cheers. “Oh my god”, “I can’t believe it” and gathers the lips. Who would be the one in which ‘Oh wow’ is directed towards to. They are ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION’. This overseas woman admired ‘Mr.Mr.’s mannish look.

▶ One American male cries out. He consecutively shouts “Oh~no”. Another man gathers his hands and prays. He also made a facial expression of going blank. The one who made him jealous is Dara. The love scene in the music video of ‘COME BACK HOME’ triggered the overseas male fan.

The music videos of GIRLS’ GENERATION’s ‘Mr.Mr.’ and ‘2NE1’s ‘COME BACK HOME’ are popular. ‘Mr.Mr.’ exceeded 12.86 million views on YouTube. ‘COME BACK HOME’ is recording 6.21 million views. It is two weeks after they were released but they are still tempting people to click on the video and are attracting popularity.

What kind of charms of ‘Mr.Mr.’ and ‘COME BACK HOME’ would overseas fans have fallen for? We have analyzed the ‘Reaction’ videos that are on YouTube. The reaction video is a video that recorded the reaction towards the music video. In the case of ‘Mr.’, there are about 70,000 and ‘COME BACK HOME’ has 310,000 reaction videos.


◆ 2NE1 ‘Come back home’ : An addictive melody worked. As the music video approached the end, the number of fans singing the chorus part increased. They also showed interests toward the overall story. When the part that they could not understand very well was shown, they were very curious about it.


Best 1. Dara’s Couple Acting

☞ Scene(37 seconds) : I miss the smell of you, who were hugging me ~ the lyrics part.

Dara’s acting stood out. She was lying on the sofa while hugging the male actor. Dara petted on the man’s hair with anxious facial expression.

☞ Reaction : Dara, what are you doing. “Oh, my Sandara~”.

It was like as if saying bye to the lover. Sad facial expression was obvious. One male fan from America shouted “Why is Dara with a man”. Another male fan touched his chin. His face looked unhappy in no time.

☞ Reason : High level affection scene

Dara is in charge of the look. The level of support from male fans is high. The love scene that she presented was enough to bring forth jealousy from the fans. In the scene where she is lying with a man with missing bottom outfit, there were even sighs.

Click the link below to read more!


News: Billboard – “2NE1 Sets New U.S. Record for Highest-Charting, Best-Selling K-Pop Album With ‘Crush’”

2NE1 Sets New U.S. Record for Highest-Charting, Best-Selling K-Pop Album With ‘Crush’


The female quartet snags the accomplishment without revealing any album material prior

K-pop notches its biggest sales week yet for an album, thanks to 2NE1. The girl group’s new album Crush opens at No. 61 on the Billboard 200, selling 5,000 copies in the week ending March 2, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The set surpasses the previous best week, logged by boy band BIGBANG’s “Alive” in 2012, which launched with 4,000. More impressively, the quartet managed the feat with four days of sales.

2NE1 also immediately sets the record for the highest-charting K-Pop album on the Billboard 200. Until this week’s chart, the scene had only hit as high as No. 126 with Girls’ Generation-TTS’ “Twinkle” EP in 2012.

Similarly to Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Mr.” EP rollout — which bows at No. 110 on Billboard 200 in the week ending March 2 — “Crush” had an atypical album release. The LP dropped on digital retailers on Feb. 27 without revealing any of the album’s material — not even a snippet. No music videos promoted the album either.

The videos for lead single “Come Back Home” (above) and album track “Happy” (below) were revealed on March 2, after that week’s tracking period. 2NE1 did spend 2013 promoting three digital singles — “Falling in Love,” “Do You Love Me?” and “Missing You” — but none appear on this LP.

Elsewhere on Billboard charts, 2NE1 sends every album track to the K-Pop Hot 100 this week, all charting inside the top 40 slots. Their chart dominance ranks as follows:

No. 2 “Come Back Home”
No. 4 “Gotta Be You”
No. 7 “If I Were You”
No. 9 “Crush”
No. 11 “Good to You”
No. 16 “MTBD”
No. 17 “Happy”
No. 18 “Scream”
No. 22 “Baby I Miss You”
No. 39 “Come Back Home (Unplugged Ver.)”

On the World Digital Songs chart, 2NE1 controls six of the 25 titles on the tally, led by “Come Back Home” at No. 5. All charts will be refreshed tomorrow morning on

Credits: Billboard


MTV Buzzworthy: 2NE1 Take Down Dystopia, Get Animated In The ‘Come Back Home’ + ‘Happy’ Videos

2NE1 Take Down Dystopia, Get Animated In The ‘Come Back Home’ + ‘Happy’ Videos


We’re obviously beyond thrilled that 2NE1 have come back home.

Congratulations, everyone! It appears as if we’ve survived the K-Pop-pocalypse. You know, how two of South Korea’s girl-group titans, 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation, both planned to release new music and videos in late-February/early-March? C’mon, do you even read the news??

Well, now that 2NE1 have seen GG’s “Mr.Mr.” wager and raised them two new videos for the Crush tracks “Come Back Home” and “Happy,” it appears as if the dust has settled for the time being, and we can finally breathe. Oh wait, except we can’t, because the clips have snatched our lungs, hearts, kidneys, and every other organ we need to function.

In the aptly titled “Come Back Home,” we see Minzy, Bom, CL, and Dara channeling a little bit of everything from the dystopian lit canon: “1984,” “Brave New World,” Beyoncé’s “Superpower” video, etc.

Much like the track itself, which switches from “Man Down” to “The Baddest Female” and back, the visual’s a total mindf*** — and we mean that in the best way possible, obvs.


“Happy” is like endorphins in music video form.

Happy,” meanwhile, goes straight for your pleasure centers, pairing 2NE1 with some adorably emotive animation. As the video progresses, the hand-drawn bells and whistles increase until you begin to question whether 2NE1 doesn’t actually live in a half-animated paradise 24/7. (They don’t, FYI. Actually, we’ll get back to you.)

These two offerings kind of encapsulate everything that 2NE1 does best: playing with hard and soft and fusing polished K-Pop production with unexpected genres from across the globe. Needless to say, we’re (still) crushing hard.

Credits: MTV Buzzworthy

Feature: 2NE1′s “Crush” Included in MTV Buzzworthy’s “5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week”

MTV Buzzworthy: Tove Lo, 2NE1, Christina Perri + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week


It’s Tuesday! Time for another round of “5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week!”
This week’s roundup features some amazing Swede-pop, K-Pop kweens dominating the South Korean scene, and a Top 40 pop smash that never was, courtesy of a newly emancipated singer-songwriter with plenty still to offer.

2.) 2NE1, “Crush”

After their fellow K-Pop krew Girls’ Generation debuted their brand new EP, Mr.Mr., last week (NO FIGHTING, FANBASES), the fashion-forward, futuristic South Korean sensations known as 2NE1 have returned to do the same with Crush, their second studio album.

In usual form, the album’s a genre-twisting blur of electro-pop and R&B gems, kicking off with the wickedly fierce “Crush.” The searing electronic brag attack is a major comeback statement: “They love me ’cause I’m hot, they love me ’cause I’m cold/They love me ’cause I’m real, they love me ’cause I kill!” the “Come Back Home” singers confidently speak-sing above the nasty synth pulse and a big fat bass. Um, you want a piece of ‘em?

Read the rest of the article HERE!

Credits: MTV Buzzworthy

Article/Feature: Kpopstarz – “2NE1 2009 vs 2014″

2NE1: 2009 vs. 2014


Now that it’s been approximately five years since 2NE1′s debut, how much has their music changed? How much of it has stayed the same?

In order to address these questions I will be comparing and contrasting 2NE1′s 1st mini album, which was released in 2009, and their more current studio album ‘Crush’.

2NE1′s first EP was successful in that it established their color. There was a definite ‘swag’ in their music that no other girl group had. Their lyrics weren’t about hopeless love or chasing guys. Instead, they wrote and sung about being strong, independent females. In addition they delivered a stage performance that didn’t seem too mechanical; they knew how to enjoy themselves and transmit that to their audiences.

Another thing that their EP demonstrates is their ability to play around with a mix of genres. Combining hip-hop, R&B, electro pop and dance-pop, this was the first time we saw 2NE1 perform songs that could be classified into the crossover genre. For example, tracks such as ‘Fire’ had distinct Middle Eastern tonalities and ‘I Don’t Care’ hinted at Reggae and R&B.

However, 2NE1′s 1st mini album was exclusively composed and written by YG’s resident producer Teddy and Kush. In terms of the actual behind-the-scenes operations of the album, the 2NE1 members had little to no contributions.

2NE1′s new album ‘Crush’ is almost like a loyal follow-up to this 1st EP. Their color and fierceness remains, if not gets stronger. We can see through the teaser images that Sandara is no longer the ‘cute’ and ‘pretty’ member of the group; she can also display charisma. Minzy, in addition, becomes an adult and states that she can now “understand stage mannerisms better”. Their songs, however, have become more sentimental in comparison to their first EP. Tracks like ‘Come Back Home’, ‘Gotta Be You’ and ‘Baby I Miss You’ show off a sentimentalism that 2NE1 lacked in their first mini-album.

In terms of the genres, 2NE1 remains constant. ‘Crush’, just like their first EP, contains songs that cannot be classified into one genre. For example, ‘Come Back Home’ not only has hints of Reggae and R&B but also Dubstep.

One major different this current album contains is their overall contribution to the album. 2NE1 finally (partially) leaves the crutches that Teddy and Kush provided in their 1st mini-album and take on composition and writing for some of the songs. For this we have CL to congratulate. She is responsible for composing and writing a total of three tracks.

How much do you think their music will change? Can they keep on being successful while keeping their music similar?


Source: Kpopstarz


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