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Feature: KoreaBoo ~ “5 Korean Beauty Stores and their Amazing Products” – Clio at Number 1!



Koreans never tire in their pursuit for beauty, which is often either made possible by a strictly regimented and vast arsenal of beauty products or plastic surgery. While they’re most famous for the latter, there are quite a few less permanent ways to get glowy, K-pop-music-video-ready skin. With the help of a few Korean beauty imports, it’s never been easier to do so — especially since they’ve gone mainstream (there’s a Missha located at the mall close by me!). The following is a list of my five favorite Korean beauty stores (in no particular order), plus one product I absolutely can’t live without from each company. Get your beauty on!

1) Club Clio

This brand’s specialty is colorful, funky and youthful makeup in a myriad of colors. Think of Club Clio as the MAC of Korea — like MAC, they have their own celeb spokespeople. Clio’s current model and spokesperson is none other than Dara of 2NE1, who appears in all their current ad campaigns and commercials.

Gelpresso Waterproof Pastel Upper Liner -



Korean chicks love intensely lined eyes, so it’s no surprise that Club Clio’s bestselling item is their Gelpresso Waterproof Pastel Upper Liner. It is applied with a creamy twist-up soft plastic pencil and acts like regular pencil eyeliner. However, it’s different from regular pencil eyeliners due to being completely waterproof and therefore smudge proof, which comes in handy in the hot, humid summer heat.

2) Nature Republic

3) Missha

4) Skinfood

5) The Face Shop


Source: KoreaBoo

Feature: All About 2NE1’s Hip-Hop Looks: Real Hip-Hop vs. Sexy Hip-Hop

All About 2NE1’s Hip-Hop Looks: Real Hip-Hop vs. Sexy Hip-Hop


[by MinJin Park] 2NE1 is one of Korea’s famous Hip-hop girl groups. Many people love 2NE1 for not only their powerful rap and musicality, but also for their fashion style.

Their style seems to be motivated by hip-hop. Hip-hop look is an element of hip-hop culture. Good examples would be a snapback, beanie as well as over-sized t-shirt, pants and necklace. However, today’s hip-hop look is a little bit different from the past. It is mix-matched with other fashion style.

Not to mention, celebrities do affect a fashion trend and especially idols play a huge role in creating a trend. Without a doubt, 2NE1 is one of idols affecting trends dramatically.

The whirligig of trend often makes many people confused what to buy or wear. Let’s learn what is in trend today and predict upcoming trend by identifying 2NE1’s style.

◆ Real Hip-Hop Look Never Goes Wrong – Dara & Minzy


There was a big boom from 1990s to early in 2000: A Real Hip-hop Look

Korea’s hip-hop musicians such as DJ DOC, Drunken Tiger and Untitle brought typical hip-hop fashion from New York, a hometown of Hip-hop.

2NE1’s Dara matched a loose shirt with a beanie. Both items were often used during the beginning stage of hip-hop look. Especially a big shirt can be a cute item for a small-sized woman.

Minzy also made her real hip-hop look with a typical hip-hop item, snapback. The cropped sleeveless shirt, destroyed jean and chain also boosted her hip-hop styling.

◆ Hip-hop Can Be Sexy Too – CL & Bom


Every summer, woman wears shorter and less. Hip-hop look is not an exception. Sexy hip-hop look, led by Lee Hyori in the beginning of 2000 is returned again for 2014 summer.

CL often appears in a sexy look with a cropped shirt and mini flare skirt to highlight her hotness. However, she becomes even sexier with hip-hop look. For instance, she wore a bikini with a bucket hat and sunglasses.

Bom completed her sexy hip-hop look with a loose jacket with typography printed. A pair of red mesh stockings was more than enough to make her look sexy.

Sexy hip-hop look can make a person sexy without much exposure.


Feature: Marie Claire – “4 Things You Should Absolutely Know About Korean Pop Culture” ~ 2NE1 Mentioned!

4 Things You Should Absolutely Know About Korean Pop Culture

Because it will eventually be stateside.


The author of the new book The Birth of Korean Cool (Picador) IDs K-pop culture ripe for American import by Euny Hong.

What: Chimek, or Korean fried chicken, inspired by the original dish, but extra spicy and its own phenomenon.
They Love It: Because alcohol is an implied requirement
You’ll Love It: For the maddeningly addictive crispy shell. (Plus, see above.)

What: My Love From Another Star, a popular soap about an alien and his human girlfriend.
They Love It: For the costumes in flashbacks to 17th-century imperial Korea.
You’ll Love It: For the K-drama formula: romance, delayed gratification, chastity. Sound familiar?


What: 2NE1, South Korea’s most compelling K-pop group.
They Love It: Because they’re the first “girl power” band.
You’ll Love It: Because their outlandish wardrobes and empowered persona make them K-pop’s answer to Lady Gaga.

Credits: Marie Claire

Article: Manila Concert Scene – “21 Things We Loved About 2NE1’s AON In Manila!”

21 Things We Loved About 2NE1’s AON In Manila!


It ain’t over ’til it’s over!

10 days after the much awaited concert of 2NE1 in Manila, a lot of fans still has the #AONHangover.

To relieve this, we listed down the 21 things we loved about All Or Nothing in Manila!

1. Krungy


Since the day she touched down Manila few days before their ”All or Nothing” World Tour, 2ne1’s Sandara Park did not fail her fans as she was all over the local news and television shows promoting and doing her job as the group’s Director Of Communications. With interviews and TV guestings left and right, it just shows how much she missed Manila. It seems only yesterday when she captured the hearts of the Filipinos with her fresh look and witty personality. She still was the same Krung-Krung from Star Circle Quest 10 years ago; funny, down to earth, humble, CRAZY and can speak in straight Tagalog! In fact, she even requested to be interviewed in Tagalog! How’s that for a Korean superstar with no Filipino blood? Sandara genuinely loves the country and considers Philippines as her hometown. No wonder why even she has been gone for a while, she always has a special place in Filipinos’ hearts.

2. Jollibee


Sandara loves Jollibee and she always makes it a point to eat here if she has the opportunity. During their visit here in Manila, Jollibee threw them a “Jollitown Kiddie Party”. As seen on Sandara’s instagram posts, the 3 other members of the group, CL, Minzy and Bom together with their crew had a fun time with the happy bee. Jollibee even had a showdown with the girls while dancing to CL’s “Menboong”. And guess who won? Some photos of Jollibee with 2ne1 were also posted on Jollibees’ official twitter page.

3. Scream


A special mall appearance was arranged by the organizers and an Open Press Conference was held at Shangri-La Plaza’s East Wing the night before the concert. Kring Elenzano and Jimmy Kim hosted this event. Cover group “Sapphire” opened and performed some of 2ne1‘s hits. Fun games and activities hyped up the program as fans were waiting for 2ne1’s arrival. Prizes were raffled off to fans who participated in the Shangri-La Plaza’s special promo and 30 of them were given a rare photo opportunity with 2ne1! Special right?

As expected, the crowd went wild as the girls arrived and stepped on stage. Shang’s East Wing was surrounded by running and screaming fans. Every time the girls waved at their fans, do cute things with each other and answered questions from the media, fans screamed! We couldn’t even hear ourselves anymore! A huge screen was set-up in the old wing near the fountain area in order for more people to watch the live feed from the open press con.



During the press con, we personally congratulated the girls as they celebrated their 5th year anniversary and asked them to describe their experience with 2ne1 in ONE WORD. Leader CL quickly acknowledged and answered, “NOLZA” which means “Let’s Party!” in Korean. With just that one word, it seemed like every Blackjack in the venue connected with each other and with the girls. Screams filled the venue. If only we could see the hearts of all Filipino Blackjacks who were there, they were all probably jumping and partying inside as they were all hyped up for the big concert the next day!

5. Filipino Blackjacks


2ne1 fans are called Blackjacks. Filipino Blackjacks were probably the luckiest this year as the 2ne1 AON fever started early with Sandara Park arriving days ahead and appeared on local TV shows. Since the day rumors has spread that 2ne1 will be having a concert in Manila, dedicated Blackjacks started preparing for the girls arrival! Pre-event activities were held and different projects were planned. Loyal Blackjacks participated and contributed money, time and effort to make every project a success. Some projects were organized by local fan bases like 2NE1PH such as, Project Message Book, Project Banner, where different banners were displayed inside the concert area and outside the venue; Project Care, on the other hand, gave the girls a cake in celebration of their 5th anniversary; Project Light-up MOA Arena gave away light clappers to the crowd; Project Back To School Wreath – it is a tradition in the K-pop world where fans share their blessings through charity by offering a wreath during concerts. In Manila, a special Back To School wreath was offered and school supplies were donated to less fortunate children.

6. Soundcheck Party


Not all sound checks are open for fans to watch and 2ne1 is one of the few artists who we know holds a Soundcheck Party. It is also a great treat to Blackjacks to see the girls in their casual wear and sing in a more relaxed environment compared to what they usually see during their public appearances and full production performances. Some of the lucky Blackjacks who were able to purchase VIP Packages enjoyed a 30-minute exclusive sound check with 2ne1. The girls sang 3 songs and the Blackjacks cheered like it was the actual concert.

7. MAY 17


This date marks the special day for 2ne1, their anniversary! 2ne1 celebrated the 5th Anniversary of their debut in Manila and arranged a special stage during the concert. Cakes from fans were displayed on stage and the girls placed icing on each other’s faces! They also acknowledged the 2ne1 team up on stage and introduced them to the audience. Minzy together with Dony of Hi-Tech dancers, did a “sexy dance” while the crowd sings Happy Birthday to the group.

8. Fashion


Aside from their songs, fans also loved 2ne1’s fashion! Their public appearances and concerts are also considered fashion shows. To name a few, during AON, the girls wore outfits from Jeremy Scott’s Moschino and Adidas creations, SAM MC London and Virgil Abloh‘s Off-White. And it is not just the girls! Blackjacks also came in fashionable outfits and some flashed their own collections of the same brands! Some of the die-hard 2ne1 fans also cosplayed and re-created their own version of 2ne1‘s famous outfits and get-ups!

9. Winner


AON in Manila started 8:00pm on the dot. With no opening act, 2ne1 themselves opened up the show. The girls brought a special guest to entertain the fans during intermission, YG’s newest boy group Winner! The boys were both talented and good looking! They definitely won the hearts of the Filipina fans! They performed 2 songs, “Just Another Boy” and “Go Up”. We have our eyes on this group, another product of YG Entertainment to look forward to.

10. Hi-Tech


These talented guys had been backing up 2ne1 during live performances for so long and have gained countless of followers too. No wonder why during AON in Manila, they had their own share of fans from the crowd! Screaming fangirls and fanboys (who are girls by heart) went crazy every time they flashed their intense moves and well-toned bodies! The Kwon twins who are the cutest from the group did not disappoint fans during CL‘s solo performance of GZB & MTBD as they danced topless showing off their six packs!

11. Menboong



During the press conference, CL beyond words promised her fans that she will just show in the concert how she truly feels about being Manila… and she really did! We were blown away with just her stage presence… she is really the baddest! Just imagine how we all had a mental breakdown every time she danced, sang, rapped and flipped her hair! Her solo stage is probably one of the highlights and most awaited part of AON. Blackjacks went wild as she performed “GZB” (The Baddest Female) and “Menboong/MTBD” (Mental Breakdown). As what Sandara always say about CL,SEXY!”

12. Best In Fan Service


From their open press con and special appearance in Shangri-La Plaza up until the night of the concert, Minzy has probably returned smiles and waved over a thousand of Hi!s and Hello!s to their fans. The maknae (Korean term for youngest/bunso) of the group is all grown up and has embodied more grace, beauty and confidence. “Dalaga na talaga si Minji!” (Minji is really all grown up to a young lady) And so we award the Best in Fan Service to “not-a-baby-anymore” Gong Minzy!

13. I Love You


Since there’s no baby in 2ne1 anymore, the girls spiced things up a little and showed fans their sexy side! Sandara called some of her local celebrity friends on stage, Sam Milby, Joross Gamboa, Jason Abalos and Ram of G-Force. The boys got a lap dance from 2ne1 as they performed I Love You. Sandara on Sam, Bom on Joross, Minzy on Jason and CL on Ram. Lucky fellas!

14. In Or Out



Together with 2ne1 and Hi-Tech dancers, Dara performed her 2004 single In Or Out during the encore. Bom sang some lines in Filipino which was impressive! Minzy and Hi-Tech perfected the dance steps, while CL was kind of lost doing it. As per Sandara, she missed the practice because she was in the restroom during rehearsals! 2ne1 promised to give their Filipino Blackjacks a special treat and this was a real treat as it is refreshing to see them perform a Filipino song.

15. Boom Panes!

Sandara learned a new song “Boom Panes” from Vice Ganda, a local comedian during her guesting on his TV show. During the concert, Dara showed her “Boom Panes” moves which drew cheers from the crowd. Blackjacks then started chanting for other members to show their “Boom Panes” moves. CL was hesitant at first saying “I know what you guys mean, but I’m gonna pass!” But persistent Blackjacks together with self-proclaimed CL Fanclub President Sandara was able to persuade her. Though she ended up saying “Boom Vaness, boom boom Vaness Vaness,” the crowd still cheered as it was cute to see the baddest female do funny things on stage. Bom and Minzy also did their own version of Boom Panes! Vice Ganda probably was the proudest person in the arena during this moment! Boom Panes!

16. Bom Mais! 


We’ve heard a lot of people say, “She’s so beautiful in person”, “her voice is really great live” and “she is too funny and cute with her…corn!” Blackjacks know this for a fact, Bom loves corn or mais in Tagalog. Honestly, during the encore we are waiting for some fans to throw corn on stage as a gift for Bom. We were not disappointed as one fan gave her a corn stuffed toy! Bom looks cute holding and playing with her corn on stage during encore. Looked like she wanted to eat it! Bom Mais!

17. Come Back Home


AON in Manila can be considered as Sandara Park‘s homecoming. With all the fame and success, she still considers Philippines as her home. During the encore, Dara expressed how happy she was to celebrate their 5th anniversary in Manila. CL then who was busy checking out their anniversary cakes captivated the hearts of the Filipinos when she said, “We’re gonna do this,” puts icing on Sandara‘s nose, “and no one else because it’s your hometown. But I’m gonna do this…” puts icing on her nose and said, “Because I wish this was my hometown too!” Bom and Minzy started out putting icing on each other’s faces and all four girls run around the stage chasing one another.

To show how much they are welcome here, a banner from fans saying “We Will Always Be Your Home” was displayed in the arena. Indeed, 2ne1 has found their 2nd home in the Philippines and they can always Come Back Home here, anytime they want!

18. Fire


From start until the end, 2ne1‘s energy did not go down a single level and showcased a top notch performance. Blackjacks were left in awe as they were no longer watching 2ne1 on the internet; it was all happening LIVE! Everyone was on their feet. Waving light sticks filled the whole arena. Hit after hit, Blackjacks danced and partied with 2ne1 knowing the choreography and even the lyrics of each and every song by heart. Both 2ne1 and the crowd were on Fire that night, seemed like cameras and mobile phones were the only ones left battery empty.

19. Can’t Nobody 


What we loved most about AON in Manila is the connection and interaction between 2ne1 and Filipino Blackjacks. Compared to other Korean artists who has been here, 2ne1 need no interpreter anymore, with CL who is very fluent in English and Sandara who is flawless in speaking in Tagalog. This probably is the reason why there’s no dull moment during the press conference and concert. We saw how comfortable the girls were on stage every time they interacted with their fans… especially Sandara! There came a point when Sandara talked to Bom in Tagalog and quickly realized, “Ay hindi ka nga pala marunong mag-Tagalog!” (Oh! I forgot that you don’t know how to speak Tagalog!) Funny moments like this are very rare and priceless for Blackjacks.

20. Charity Ball


After the concert, a K-pop charity ball was held in Solaire Grand Ballroom with 2ne1 as special guests. Like what CL said, they were just supposed to drop by and say hi. But the girls decided to stay longer and performed “Falling In Love” for the fans. Part of the proceeds from the charity ball will go to the PKCI’s Student Beneficiaries.

21. Gotta Be You


Blackjacks were very thankful to Pulp Live World for bringing AON in Manila. The show was a huge success probably because of Pulp’s Happee Sy-Go, who is considered as the Fairy Godmother of K-pop fans in the Philippines. There’s no other person in the concert industry in Manila who we know who fully understands the world of K-pop and most importantly, its fans. She has gone beyond her way to cater all the needs of Filipino Blackjacks and to give everyone a great production. So if it’s K-pop, it’s Gotta Be You Happee… it has Gotta Be Happee!

Credits: Manila Concert Scene

Article/Feature: 8 Krung-Krung Things We Love About Sandara Park

8 Krung-Krung Things We Love About Sandara Park


We’ve seen this Korean cutie from her Star Circle Quest days here in the Philippines to her rise as a member of the well-loved K-Pop group 2NE1. Apart from singing, dancing, modeling and acting, most of us have also known her for her cute and funny antics.

Sandara Park has always been adored for her innocent and youthful charm and many people actually forget the fact that she’s already turning 30 this year (her Korean age is 31)!


Although she’s now undoubtedly at the peak of her career, impressing millions of people around the world, and earning millions of money at the same time, we all know that Dara is still our sweet old Sandy. The perky, lovable, and “Pambansang Krung-Krung,” Sandy. And here are eight more things that make her special and extraordinary.


Yes, you’ve read it right–PPG as in the popular cartoon series The Powerpuff Girls. But here’s a funny story: during an interview for Star Circle Quest about her life story, she said: “My barkada’s name is PPG which means pokpok girls. Ay joke, Powerpuff girls.” So what is it, really, Dara? Although since she mentioned that her barkada was conservative, Powerpuff Girls definitely sounds more apt for them than, well, pokpok girls.


Dara may have millions of loyal fans now but she is a self-confessed fangirl herself. She is a big fan of Korean pop superstar Lee Hyori, and even admits being a member of the solo singer’s fan café. In fact, in an episode of SBS Family Outing, she showed a fan letter that she wrote to her idol and admitted that she even carried melons from the Philippines to Korea for her “Hyori-unnie” (ate Hyori).


Apart from her favorite fast-food chain, Jollibee, Dara has always been very vocal of her love for Gerry’s Grill. She has uploaded photos of herself eating at Gerry’s Grill, treating YG dancers to a scrumptious meal there, and has also admitted to bringing Bigbang to the restaurant’s branch in Tagaytay after the boyband’s concert here in Manila. Furthermore, there were also several instances of her telling her Twitter followers how much she loves the said place, even dubbing it her “forever favorite restaurant.”


Even 2NE1 members aren’t excused from this rule. There was one time when Dara really had to delete one of the members’ number from her phone. But guess what? She knows all their contact details by heart anyway. Good job, Dara.


To think that a single serving of ramyun is full of sodium, saturated fat, and other unhealthy ingredients! Well, perhaps there are times when it just gets really hard to resist the guilty pleasure of gulping a hot and spicy ramyun, especially during cold season. Even so, Dara generally practices a healthy lifestyle anyway.


Dear Dara, I am giving you permission (more like begging you) to take my phone while I am not looking and change my background photo to your selfie.


She’s scared of flying. One time, while on a plane together, Bom kiddingly told Dara that one of the plane’s wings is broken. Of course Bom was just kidding, but she didn’t realize things got really serious until Dara was already shaking in fear. And to think they have to travel a lot for their job!


Dara as a crab? Dara as a hotdog? Why not?! We’ve seen various pictures of her in these weird and funny costumes. It may look silly on other people, but when it’s Dara wearing it, it’s definitely cute and adorable!

Want to see more of the Pambansang Krung-Krung? Catch 2NE1’s All Or Nothing World Tour this Saturday, May 17, 2014 at the Mall of Asia Arena.


Source: 8list PH

Fashion Feature: [STARCAST - What Should I Wear This Week?] An Early Summer Weather, Enjoy it Like the Stars

[STARCAST-What should I wear this week?] An early summer weather, enjoy it like stars


It is clearly spring and is a nice spring. It looks like the days in which it will be good to go outside are going to continue. The highest temperature is expected to be around 20 degrees Celsius. In one word, the spring that is like early summer is expected.

The second week of April that skipped spring, it will be ok to take out the see-through jacket and a half-sleeve shirt. It is not going to be awkward at all. The missing bottom look is okay also for sure. It is said that the days in which it is hot too wear hot pants is going to continue.

‘What should I wear this week’ that ‘STARCAST’ prepared. It is fashion for early summer that came all of a sudden.


▶ Thursday, April 17th | Lowest 9 degrees, Highest 20 degrees, Cloudy and then raining : There is not going to be that much change in temperature. It is expected that it will slightly get cloudy in the morning and rain in the afternoon. Taking the umbrella with you on the way to work is necessary.


Suggestion ① Mini look : On rainy days, we strongly recommend short clothes. It is easy to mess up the style due to the rain if you wear long pants. It can never happen with the shorts, just like Yoona. She went a step farther and wore a mini skirt made up of vinyl fabric.

The choice of shoes is also important. Since it is not going to rain in the morning, it is a little too much to wear the rain boots all day. In times like this, wear the boots with narrow ankles. It is good to wear a boxy t-shirt rather than a tight top. There is no need to worry about the body shape showing a little even when it gets slightly wet by the rain.


Suggestion ② Patch leggings & The baseball jacket: If concerned about the short clothes, there is a solution. Refer to ‘2NE1’ Bom. She wore leggings with a net patchwork to shorts. It can still look cool while decently covering the legs.

In the cloudy weather, give a point with vivid colors. It might look depressing if the prop is also dark. The colors such as neon orange high top shoes or pink mini bag are perfect. 


▶ Friday, April 18th | Lowest 10 degrees, Highest 16 degrees. Very cloudy : It is the day after spring rainfall. The temperature will go down a little. The rain stopped but the clouds will not go away so it is expected that the cloudy weather is going to continue.


Suggestion ① Rider jacket & camo pants: If the temperature drops a little, you have to especially pay attention to the outer clothes. It is easy to catch cold if you just wear light not thinking about the temperature. Try wearing a rider jacket. It is perfect for inconsistent spring weather.

What if you want to avoid the clothes that show the body shape? Wear a loose fit long shirt as an inner wear. It naturally covers the hemline. The vibe will get much more powerful if you match the military style skinny jeans. Unify the high top shoes with the color that is same as the jacket. It is for the style balance.


Suggestion ② Blouse & Cardigan: Do you want a simple style? Then we recommend blouse and cardigan, which are steady styles in between the seasons. Gu Ha Ra from ‘KARA’ wore a white blouse that match well with all cardigans. She looks neat and tidy but chic at the same time.

If the temperature rises a little, wear a cardigan. It will look cool in a chic way. If you are too lazy for that, tie it around the waist. It is European style. The skinny jeans that shows the body shape tightly matches the most to a blouse. 

Written by=Song Eun Joo(Dispatch)
Pictures=Dispatch DB

*Omitted parts not related to Dara and Bom. Read the full article here!


Source: Naver Star Cast

Photos/Translations: 140403 Screencaps and Translations of 2NE1’s Guesting at MBCFM4U’s Kim Shin Young’s “Hope Song at Noon”



2NE1 performing! ^^ They performed Come Back Home and Gotta Be You!


Some of the girls’ answers/ conversation during their guesting:

KSH: Dara, you like alcohol?
Dara: Uhh, nowadays… “Bring out all the alcohol!”
Minzy’s Drinking Habits
CL: Her voice gets louder.
Dara: We had an after party after our concert and she would talk to other people.

KSY: As soon as “Crush” came out, I listened to the whole album repeatedly.
Bom: The part where we copy our CEO’s dance in Come Back Home is my favorite.
Dara: I like when the four of us do the wave during Come Back Home. It looks nice…is what my mother said.

KSY: Did you guys get a break since your comeback?
CL: We actually prefer not having a break, since we want to work a lot.
Minzy: I actually want a break a little. I want to go to the US or to Europe.
Park Bom: I prefer work over break now. I am in a new variety show. We are starting now. It’s so so fun. I don’t get sleep but its so fun.

More under the cut!


Article/Feature: Refinery29 – “Why Everyone Should Be Listening To The Badass Ladies Of 2NE1″

Why Everyone Should Be Listening To The Badass Ladies Of 2NE1


Fact: South Korean pop music has infiltrated American pop culture. After Psy‘s through-the-roof hit “Gangnam Style,” more and more K-pop artists and groups have crossed the Pacific and made their marks stateside. Girl group f(x) “welcomed” Anna Kendrick as as their newest member, Big Bang took over Brooklyn for two music videos, and there’s an entire section in Billboard dedicated to the K-pop scene. But, in an industry where the number of girl groups rival the number of instances in which Lady Gaga has made us go, well, gaga, it feels like all the ladies look and sound the same after a while. Perfectly executed singing and choreography with booty shorts, a cute-yet-sexy vibe, and a whole lotta hair flipping — it’s like they’re robots. Well, not 2NE1.

This four-member group is all about being badasses — and the more extreme, the better. Made up of Park Bom, Lee Chaerin (known as CL), Gong Minji (Minzy), and Sandara Park (Dara), the ladies produce some of the catchiest songs and most visually arresting music videos in the industry. If you don’t believe me, maybe this will convince you: The group’s second album, Crush, scored a #10 spot on the American iTunes chart when it debuted in late February, and the music video for the single “Come Back Home” has nearly 7.5 million views on YouTube. Not too shabby, eh?

So, what sets 2NE1 apart from the rest of the girl groups in the biz? Their ability mix multiple genres like hip-hop and dance with pop to create seriously catchy tunes, a fearless sense of fashion, and championing of girl power without any frills or sugar-coating. The quad prefers singing about being the best in the game over lost love (okay, there is a bit of that in their discography), kickin’ it on stage in Jeremy Scott’s wing sneakers over platform stilettos, sporting electric blue hair over blonde strands, and rocking grills over cutesy winks. Yes, there’s a good dose of sexiness in the mix, but it’s done with such an edge that you don’t realize it until you’ve watched the music video twice — which you will, trust me.

Even though I’ve no idea what 2NE1 is singing about, I can still appreciate the infectious beats, fashion porn, and general badass, IDGAF attitude that the group embodies. Keep doing your thing, 2NE1, and don’t stop the music.

Credits: Refinery29

Article/Feature: Pulp Live – “10 Hot Reasons Not To Miss 2NE1’s AON Concert in Manila”



In many of 2NE1’s music videos, you would see them wielding a bat. Later on, you will realize that they use this for crushing charts and breaking records. From the moment they debuted as a group in 2009, these formidable femmes – CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy — have treated mediocrity with spite, choosing to blaze new trails in a music genre that was then dominated by four-letter words like “cute” and “sexy”. They wasted no time in creating a look, a vibe and a musical influence that was entirely their own – sharp, edgy, fierce and defiant. After sweeping scores of major awards from the Korean music industry, they flew to New York City where they were crowned MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World in 2011. The following year, they became the first K-Pop girl group to embark on a world tour, before promptly proceeding to do musical collaborations with the likes of and Snoop Lion.

Things fell quiet in 2013 when they busied themselves wrapping up their second studio album and dropping a few singles that tickled but did not exactly tantalize. Then, boom – their agency, YG Entertainment, announced a second world tour scheduled to kick-off in Seoul by March 2014. And oh, that long overdue second album? It will drop a few days ahead on CL’s birthday, since she composed three of the tracks. What followed was absolute bedlam. Their fans – known collectively as Blackjacks – started dusting off their light sticks, printing new banners and pinching their allowance to purchase concert tickets, digital tracks and hard copies of the new album, “Crush”.

Meanwhile, the tour concert entitled “All or Nothing” (AON) caught people’s fancy with its sleek, sci-fi themed cinematic teasers and creative promotions that had the otherwise elusive girls appearing on variety shows, staging fan meets, hamming it up in their own YouTube videos and basically inundating their personal social media accounts with an enticing trail of photos and other sneak peeks leading to the show. To date, AON has announced 15 performances covering 12 cities in nine countries, with more stops still on the drawing board. However, the most important concert date for Filipinos falls on May 17, when 2NE1 brings AON to Manila at the Mall of Asia Arena. It has been three years since they first visited for a gig called “The Party” and this is the first time they are coming for a full concert, leaving their Pinoy fans breathless with anticipation.

To get a preview of what’s in store for us in May, this writer flew to Seoul to watch both nights of their AON launch at the Seoul SK Handball Arena. Despite the freezing post-winter weather, 2NE1 burned down the hall and everyone in it with the kind of frenzied conflagration only they can conjure. Here are some of the hottest reasons why watching AON is good for you, your friends and the entire human race:

1. Dara’s goddess abs 

In a word: yummy. You wouldn’t believe someone as seemingly frail as her could carve a four-pack but she did it in just two months, following a strict exercise and diet regimen which called for giving up her favorite ramyun and pumping iron every day under the eagle eyes of their company’s captain trainer. Undoubtedly, all the hard work paid off. The minute the girls step out onstage, those glorious abs are practically stamped as “Today’s Special”. So yes, I’d like a serving of Sandara Park’s scrumptious prime cuts served on a stretch of silky smooth, slightly tanned, honey gold skin… please!




Feature Article: Star Cast – Waiting Room Surprise Attack! Taking a Look at 2NE1 Styling

[STARCAST] Waiting room surprise attack! Taking a look at 2NE1 styling made a much more powerful and fancy comeback with the regular 2nd album ‘CRUSH’! They are finally back in about 4 years with the regular album. The perfect live and the performances are also cool but it would be not possible to leave out the unconventional style also! 2NE1 did not disappoint us this time also. 2NE1 is always getting the attention of the fans with the new sides!

To take a look at 2NE1’s styling, we have made a surprise visit to the waiting rooms of Mnet ‘M!countdown’ and KBS2 ‘Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook’. What would 2NE1 members look like in the waiting rooms before they go up on the stage?

1. Feminine VS Charisma! Twist in the charms 2NE1

2NE1 appealed the twist in their charms by showing both feminine sides and also charismatic sides! We are already curious about the looks of the members!


Now! Should we go in with nervous minds?


These are the accessories that 2NE1 wear when they are on the stage!

We see fancy accessories as soon as entering the waiting room! These are the accessories they are going to wear on the actual stage. Fancy and bold accessories will make 2NE1’s styles shine a little more!


These are the shoes of Dara, CL, Minzy and Bom, respectively

On this day, 2NE1 revealed the performance of ‘IF I WERE YOU’ for the first time. The shoes of 2NE1, who showed the performance overflowing with sentiment! We slightly reveal Dara, CL, Minzy and Bom’s shoes to everyone. Then, what would the outfits of 2NE1 members be like?




Looking full of feminine characteristics!

We see 2NE1 CL, Dara and Minzy! They are wearing the outfits of ‘IF I WERE YOU’ and how do they look? CL looks so good in gold hair. She is showing refreshing but feminine characteristics with orange top and white pants. Dara showed a brown color hairstyle in which the length of the each side of the hair is different. She looks mature and calm! The outfit on this day was a white sleeveless dress. Our youngest member Minzy showed off chicness with a black top. She looks so good with red colored hair! Did everyone also notice the star-shaped earrings?

If the outfits of ‘IF I WERE YOU’ appealed 2NE1’s feminine charms, what would the outfits of ‘COME BACK HOME’ be like?



Bom is putting the earrings on herself! She looks serious, right?

We see Bom, who is looking at the mirror and putting the earrings on herself! A long, straight black hair, it is what guys hope for, right? The make-up also is noticeable. She added a special feeling by adding a point with the blue color around the eyes. Bom wearing silver color jacket! She also matches well with big earrings.


This time, long hair Minzy is here.

Please pay attention right here. Does everyone see the hairstyle that tied red colored long straight hair into ponytail? Minzy showed short hair for the most of the time so far and this time, she showed a long hair and got the attention of the fans.


CL’s bold pose!

We reveal CL’s bold pose for everyone! Her showing one of her shoulders slightly is sexy, right? It is possible to look at such cute facial expressions when in the waiting room.


Who is this? This is Dara. 2NE1 no doubt dresses in a different way even when it is only a t-shirt! These are the efforts made to show much cooler sides to everyone!

2. The belongings that the member must carry at all times?

This time, we have made a surprise visit to the waiting room of ‘Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook’. The members saw the camera and made a pose!




Cool looking members. We can feel the charisma!

Do you guys see Dara’s blue hair? It also matches well with a beanie. This style that stands out a lot in this comeback looks like Dara’s ‘Half-half hairstyle’. Minzy and CL made a pose as if they are shooting for the pictorial. 2NE1 members’ outfits on the stage and the styles are really fancy. Then, what would 2NE1’s items that they always carry at all times look like?


Revealing the belongings that 2NE1 carry with them at all times for the first time ever. Behold!

Ta da! CL’s perfume! CL is in charge of charisma on the stage but she is usually very feminine. Minzy’s item is headphones. Minzy listening to music in the waiting room during the break time is quite serious. Bom showed her bag. What is inside the bag is Bom’s secret! Dara shyly showed the scheduler.


Now then, before going up on the stage, we will reveal 2NE1’s own microphones as a bonus to everyone. Just like 2NE1 who are full of individualities, their microphones are also unusual!

Now, how was taking a look at 2NE1’s styling? 2NE1’s style that is fully equipped with individualities and unconventional sides! It is the charm unique to 2NE1 that no one can follow. Please highly look forward to 2NE1’s performance!

Written by, pictures = YG Entertainment

Credits: Naver Star Cast


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