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Fashion Find: Dara Decked Out in “Supreme” and “Ambush” on 2NE1’s “Star Cast on Air” AON Open Interview and Rehearsals


tumblr_n1nrppnjfi1rm8842o2_1280 tumblr_n1nrppnjfi1rm8842o3_1280

THEY LOVE ME COZ IM HOT. Bom is wearing Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh Caravaggio Sweatshirt. Dara is wearing Supreme Baseball jersey shirt.Bom’s sweatshirt is available on RSVPGallery for $544. Dara’s Baseball jersey is available on rakuten for $252



tumblr_n1nx4mMwFB1rm8842o2_1280tumblr_n1nx4mMwFB1rm8842o4_1280  tumblr_n1nx4mMwFB1rm8842o3_1280

Both Minzy and Dara are wearing accessories from AMBUSH DESIGN. Dara is wearing Ambush Design Grill Bracelet in Silver and Classic Chain Necklace. Minzy is wearing Ambush Design Gang Chain Necklace. The Leather cover is detachable. The Bracelet is available on Ambush Online Store. Both Necklaces are out of Stock.


Source: YGSWAQ 1 2

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Fashion Feature: [STARCAST- What should I wear this week?] The weekly fashion learned from girl groups

[STARCAST- What should I wear this week?] The weekly fashion learned from girl groups


Did everyone spend a warm holiday? It was a warm weather but it must have been not that easy to walk out the door due to tiny dust. It is expected that the tiny dust will cover entire Korea this week also. We would recommend putting more care into protecting the respiratory system from Monday to Wednesday.

There is also good news about rainy weather. On Wednesday, it will start to get slowly from the south and Jeju Island and it will rain throughout Korea on Thursday. Since it is a spring rain, it might be possible to feel the warmth as the spring is about to begin even when it is during the middle of the day. It looks like this rain will go away on the morning of Friday.

Inconsistent weather, it is a trouble when we think of what kind of clothes we should wear to deal with it, right? We found answers from the fashion of the stars. First, we will introduce a mask fashion that stays strong even with tiny dust. Also, we recommend the trench coat fashion that matches well with the spring rain.

It is ‘What should I wear this week’ that STARCAST introduces. As a bonus, check the weekly weather in advance also.


▶ Monday, February 24th ㅣ Lowest 0 degrees, highest 10 degrees (Celcius) Little cloudy, tiny dust (based on Seoul) : A clear and warm weather is expected. The temperature in Seoul during the day will go up as far as 10 degrees. However, the level of tiny dust is expected to reach the level of ‘Slightly bad’.


Suggesion ① Scarf&missing bottom ㅣ Even with the tiny dust, it is not possible to give up the style. How about we make use of the scarf just like ‘2NE1’ Bom? We can protect our respiratory system and also look cool so it is catching two birds with a single stone.

However, match the bottom lightly. That is because the top can rather look tight with a thick scarf. We recommend a bold missing bottom look that exposed the body figure. 


▶ Wednesday, February 26th ㅣ Lowest 0 degrees, highest 12 degrees, slowly get cloudy  : The warmth that might can be felt in middle of March is expected. The lowest temperature in Seoul will be 0 degree, and the highest will be 12 degrees. However, it looks like it is going to slowly get cloudy beginning from the south and Jeju.


Suggestion ③ Cardigan&dress ㅣ There will be people who thinks it feel so empty wearing only a t-shirt or a sweater. Use the cardigan just like Dara from ‘2NE1’. Spring is the season of cardigans.

It will be all good when matching a long cardigan with bright colors to a dress. It will be a little more feminine when matching it to a flower print dress. Here is the refreshing lovely look that defeats a cloudy weather~.

(A/N: Omitted parts not relevant to Dara and Bom. Full article on the credits link. ^^)


Source: Naver Star Cast

Photo: Unseen Picture of Black-And-White, Fashionable Dara in Rick Owens, Tripp NYC, and Acne

The uploader said that this was taken during January 31st. She didn’t say where (the post was all about Dara’s fashion), but it looks like she went to a facial/beauty/skin care clinic or something? ^^ But anyways, loving Dara’s black and white fashion! <3


And here’s her fashion for this picture!


Acne Beige Rita Leather and Shearling Jacket ($1,601)


Tripp NYC Black Cat Fight Shredded Black Skinny Jeans ($ 55)


RICK OWENS X ADIDAS Trainer Canvas (100 million won)


Source: yoo86kyh Naver Blog

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Feature: Fuse TV’s “Model Behavior: 37 Musicians in Fashion Campaigns” ~ 2NE1 At Number 3!

Model Behavior: 37 Musicians in Fashion Campaigns

Music and fashion operate so closely to each other, there are bound to be collisions. Fortunately, the consequences are usually awesome. From pop divas to rock stars, from high fashion to sportswear- these ads are what happens when musician becomes muse.




Not only did the K-Pop cuties star in their own campaign for adidas Originals, they also collaborated with designer/2NE1 fan Jeremy Scott to design a limited edition pair of sneakers for the brand in 2012, and teamed up with them again in Fall 2013.

Note: 2NE1 was mentioned at number 3, and SNSD and


Source: Fuse TV
Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Feature/Photos: A Guide to the Style Stars of K-Pop

Taeyang, G-Dragon, 2NE1 and More: A Guide to the Style Stars of K-Pop

nymag cut

Of all the street-style stars to descend on Paris in the past few weeks, some of the flossiest — and most original — have been rapper G-Dragon and singer Taeyang, of South Korea’s beloved boy band Big Bang. Spotted in the front row at most of the bigger couture shows and fall menswear shows, they caused a general spectacle with their penchant for bejeweled boleros and multi-colored hair.

This is the first time G-Dragon has appeared at Fashion Week since a brief, pink-haired appearance in 2012, but Taeyang has been on a roll. He caused a frenzy with street-style photographers last summer in Paris, attending the men’s shows with a foot-high faux-hawk and kilts of tartan-plaid and bandana-print (with matching bank-robber face-gear). G and Tae have a mutual distaste for rules regarding color, fit, or gender. To that end, during the shows in Paris, the boys greeted many admirers, including Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, Alber Elbaz at Lanvin, and Carine Roitfeld at Saint Laurent. 

But the Bangers aren’t the only K-Pop stars making the street-style rounds. Blogs like K World StyleKpopstarz, andK-Fashionista breathlessly chronicle the looks of the genre’s best-dressed, including an ever-popular “Airport Style” feature — because unlike a good third of all U.S. celebs, you’ll never see a member of 2NE1 slogging through LAX in ratty flip-flops and Christian Audigier leggings. Click through our slideshow for a primer on the K-Pop street-style clan’s best and brightest.

Celebrity Sighting At Incheon International Airport

CL Of 2NE1 At Incheon International Airport, November 2013

Spiritual twins to the Big Bangers, perky girl-group 2NE1 goes hard with color contrasts, high-end designers, and general boldness. CL is the group’s breakout style star, though; here she is traipsing through Incheon Airport, as one does, in giant overalls, Converse, and matching icicle-pristine fur. (Photo: Choi Soo-Young/2013 Multi-Bits)

GS & Concert 2013

2NE1 Performing Onstage In Seoul, November 2013

Here’s a shot of the ladies performing in Seoul in Timberlands and one-of-a-kind flocage tops by French art/fashion label Andrea Crews. No snaps, only extreme envy. (Photo: Choi Soo-Young/2013 Multi-Bits)

Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2013 Seoul

2NE1 At The Shinesgae Department Store For Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out In Seoul, September 2013

This is classic 2NE1: a mix of bright but complementary colors in luxe leather, silk, and fur. Bonus points to Minzy for matching her blazer to Dara’s ombré pink hair. (Photo: Choi Soo-Young/2013 Multi-Bits)



Source: The Cut

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Fashion/Photos: Ground Zero Lab Updates their Facebook and Instagram Accounts with 2NE1’s Teaser Photos for “All Or Nothing”

The girls really do look super modern and the outfits fit their cover concept.. <3



And Instagram:



Source: Ground Zero Lab Facebook + ground_zero_official Instagram

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Fashion Finds: 2NE1’s Individual Light Sabers for “All Or Nothing” (AON) Teasers

Dara’s Light Saber is Luke Sky Walker Built by Anakin


Click the link below for more:


Fashion Find: Dara is a Fierce Living Doll with “Ground Zero” for 2NE1’s “All Or Nothing” Teaser Photo




Credit: @BBlockis

Fashion Find: Posh and Chic Dara at the 2014 Golden Disk Awards

How do you guys find Dara’s super posh and chic look at the 2014 Golden Disk Awards? ^^ I really love her outfit and her hair too! I’m so happy its back to its dark color. I don’t know how I feel about the shoes yet but then again, I like that despite her somewhat “conservative” outfit, she still plays it up with the shoes!


Givenchy Star Shark Brass Single Earring ($400)


Alaia Lurex Design Cotton Knit Dress ($4,050)


Versace Wide Sun Belt ($448)


Givenchy 2009 F/W Urania Feather-Embellished Black Stamped Textured Leather Sandals ($1,150)

givenchy_1 givenchy_3


Starcast/Feature: How To Wear Skinny Jeans – Learn it from the Girl Groups

[STARCAST-How to] “Skinny jean, we learned it from girl groups”


Girl group the principle of fashion, has to must show off slim body figures no matter what kind of clothes they wear. They have to react fast to what is popular and have to lead the trend. Skinny jean is an It item in that aspect. Just wearing it highlights the beautiful body figure and it matches well with everything.

We learn from girl groups!!

The first is a way to wear the skinny jean. The styling of girl groups’ skinny jean is divided into 4 parts. ▶Being chic with a leather skinny jean, ▶ showing off charisma with a ripped skinny jean. ▶Look fantastically cool with a printed skinny jean, ▶also emphasize the natural charm with a basic skinny jean.

We took a close look into girl groups’ skinny jean styling and ways to apply.


◆ Leather skinny jean = The experts of skinny jean wears this often. The style varies depending on whether it is glossy or not. Being glossy can emphasize sexiness and having no gloss can emphasize chicness.

Best girl = When it comes to a leather skinny jean, it is of course Hyun-a. She loves wearing the leather skinny jean regardless of whether it is on the stage, the photo wall or the real way. It is an item that is hard to be pulled off but there is no such thing as embarrassment. She shows a perfect beauty of the body figure by making the leather skinny jean stick tight to her slim body. Because of that, the sexy charm is upgraded.

How to = It is not Hyun-a if it looks normal. She matches the leopard fur to a leather skinny jean for the most of the time. But, to avoid ‘Too much’ styling, she unifies the top and bottom entirely with black. She makes her legs look long~er by wearing kill hills that is made up of similar material as the leather skinny jean.

The point = It is a leopard fur jacket that covers the waist slightly. Because of the short length, it is really showing the slim waist. A brown fur and the leather skinny jean are matching well in a fancy way. She heightened the sexy atmosphere with gold short hair and thick smoky make-ups.


Ways to apply ① Add leather to the leather!

If fur is too burdensome, then leather + leather style also looks good. It can give off a chic vibe while reducing the burden. Victoria matched a leather skinny jean to a leather rider jacket at the airport. She made it look less boring by adding in white details to the jacket and shoes.


Ways to apply ② Use a long outer jacket!

If the waist and hip line that is revealed in between the leather skinny jean, try matching the long outer clothes. It is the method of styling that CL uses often. To a khaki long military jacket that is trimmed with fur, she wore a black skinny jean. To this, she added charisma with thick chain necklace and walker shoes.


Ways to apply ③ With basic coat, the burden ↓

It is a way to coordinate the leather skinny jean that everyone can pull off easily. In the case of Yuri, she wore a light khaki coat with a leather skinny jean. She chose a tight coat, hid her legs and emphasized the beauty of body figure. To this, she wore black shoes that have noticeable kill hills and aimed for a rock chic charm.


◆ Ripped skinny jean = A ripped skinny jean is still highly popular even in the cold winter season. The ripped skinny jean has 2 styles. It is either to rip it in a really bold way until the knees are revealed or just slightly rip it. Let’s try the punk look with the ripped jean alone.

The best = The one who lead the ripped skinny jean style is Dara. She loves it so much that she has ripped skinny jean for every color. She shows a twist in her image with wild ripped skinny jean as it contrasts with her pretty looks.

How to = She style it in a manly way with a ripped skinny jean such as wearing a white t-shirt with a skinny jean that only ripped slightly the knee part. To this, layer the blue plaid shirt with black cardigan. She added charisma with black buckle boots.

The point = The point was the detail in the skinny jean. Dara’s skinny jean is connected in a row with silver chains from thigh to knee. Just like someone who prefers styles that are full of individuality, even her ripped skinny jean was different.



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