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Photos: Shinhwa’s Minwoo Attends “All Or Nothing” Concert, Takes Selca with YG ~ “Dara-Ya, Thanks for Inviting Me!”

This is so cool! Dara making friends outside of YGE! <3 She invited Shinhwa’s Minwoo (aka “M”) during their last “New Evolution” concert as well. ^^ 

My hyung whom I respect and love~ ^^ Indeed YG!! Best in the universe~ at 2ne1’s concert… Dara yah, thanks for inviting me and I enjoyed myself thanks to you ^^ New song Come Back Home is daebak!! Well done~



Source: Minwoo’s Facebook Page via Malpabo on Tumblr

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: Club Clio Korea Reveals Teaser for “Layered Eyeline” Promotions

Oohhh, can’t wait for this!



[Coming Soon] Time for layered eyeline


Source: Club Clio Korea Facebook Page (like it if you haven’t yet! <3 )

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Fashion/Photos: Ground Zero Lab Updates their Facebook and Instagram Accounts with 2NE1′s Teaser Photos for “All Or Nothing”

The girls really do look super modern and the outfits fit their cover concept.. <3



And Instagram:



Source: Ground Zero Lab Facebook + ground_zero_official Instagram

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: Club Clio Korea Shares Official Polaroids and Messages from Endorsers Sandara Park and Naeun

Lovely and quirky Dara polaroids for Clio, with her holiday greetings! <3

clio x dara


To: Clio

Hello~ I’m the pretty Clio model Dara!! Merry Christmas to all Clio family~! Be careful not to catch cold and hope you have a warm year end. I hope the best for the new year in 2014 and let’s all be happy! Fighting!

From: Clio Model Sandara

And here’s Dara for Clio and A-Pink’s Naeun for Peripera. ^^



Source: Club Clio Korea Facebook Page

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Dara’s Message Translated by: @sumiinkim

Photo: 2NE1 Facebook Changes their Cover Photo to the Girls’ Individual Teasers

Our girls look so beautiful, giving off different vibes.. TT Cannot wait for Missing You later! <3



Source: 2NE1 Facebook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: Loneliness of Self-Discipline 486 – Healthy Darong Strikes the Gym Again

Dara is back to the gym again! Sporting her adidas flower track suit and 2ne1 x js collage wings.

I wish I`m as disciplined as Dara when it comes to exercising. ^^


The Loneliness of Self-Discipline(고독한 자기관리) 486편!


Source: Hwangssabu Gym

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: Pretty Dara’s Chuseok Greetings for Club Clio Facebook Friends

Oh wow, Dara looks so pretty! Her red lips clash with her milky-white complexion and complements her dark hair and outfit. ^_^


Facebook friends, have an abundant and full of happiness Chuseok holidays! ^.^


Source: Club Clio Facebook

Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Info/Photo: CLIO Among Cosmetic Brands Featured in Sasa International Beauty Fair Malaysia

Clio is included among big beauty brands! So cool! <3 Do well, Clio!


From every city on the globe; from top to toe, all the best of beauty essence are available to you, and Sa Sa has them all. This season Sa Sa brings all that you need, presents the best selections across multiple countries and this is what you desire the most, the International Beauty Fair. Do find out more at the nearest Sa Sa stores! ^^ Happy Shopping


Source: Clio Malaysia

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Official: More Photos of Cute Dara and 2NE1 for “Do You Love Me”



Credit: 2NE1′s Official Facebook Account

Facebook: Art Lab Shares Dara’s Reggae Nails ~ “The MV Concept and Nail Art are Pretty, Right?”

Oh wow! closer look at Dara’s nails! These are seriously awesome!!! Love love love it! <3



‎#DARA`s reggae nails from 2NE1 M/V ‘Falling in Love’# 2NE1 finally comes back with a new song, after a year~~ In order to match with the music video style, her nails are also done in reggae style~! The music video concept and nail art are very, very pretty, right? ~~^0^


Source: Artlab NAIL

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


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