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Audio/Line: Dara Shares an Incomplete Story on How to Imitate YG + Audio Updates from Ssangpark

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Audio: 140301 Dara, Bom, and Minzy Talk About Hoobaes, WINNER, During AON Concert Talk Break

Hahaha, Bommie and Minzy teasing Dara! <3 So so so cute! I really hope they’d actually share a stage and interact more in the future! ^^

[ENG] 2NE1 talks about WINNER at AON Concert 140301

Credits: jeni song @onewomansubs

Instavid: Super Cute Dara’s Video Ringtone and Voice Alarm for Dodol Pop

Voice Alarm Part I

Voice Alarm Part II

Video Ringtone

Credit: @WeLoveDara

Instavid: Dara’s Super Cute Voice for Dodol Pop Notification/SMS

Super duper cute! ^_^

Credit: @WeLoveDara

Audio: 2NE1′s “Missing You” Official Instrumental

Credit: CrayonBaby

Audio: Bom’s Official Teaser for 2NE1′s New Single, “Missing You”

And the last teaser was dropped! Pretty, pretty Bommie unnie and her amazing voice! Can’t wait to hear the full song! I wonder if YG is gonna release any video teaser for the mv aside from this audio ones. Can’t wait for the 21st! ^^


“My youthful days of love end like this. You should be happy..”


Source: 2NE1

Translations by: @Bom_Always

Audio: Dara’s Official Teaser for 2NE1′s New Single, “Missing You” ~ Goddess Dara’s Voice, You Guys!

OH. MY. GOSH. Mindblown by how beautiful she is in the teaser!!! How can she get even more perfect?! T_T And OMG OMG OMG her voice! While I love my Dara high notes (because she can reach them high notes like nobody’s business i.e. I Love You, ooohhh ooohhhh! And FIN acoustic version), I do love it when she sings in lower registers.. It might be a bit of a challenge since it’s not really her pitch, but she does it so so so well! T_T /le cries


“I hate the calculative love of the elder people”

Credits: 2NE1 + @ilove2ne1girls



Audio: Minzy’s Official Teaser for 2NE1′s New Single, “Missing You”

Oh my gosh, Minzy sounds so amazing! ^^ I love her high notes and falsettos.. T_T Minzy maknae, you’re really something else! ^^ 

They’re releasing teasers one after the other. Minzy’s was released 10 hours after CL’s, kekeke. So maybe we can expect another one, either for Dara or Bom, in roughly 10 hours? Or maybe later at midnight? ^^ Can’t wait, so excited! ^_______^


Missing you, missing you, missing you…

Credits: 2NE1

Fan Audio: Sandy Song by @skinnypig

Credit: oidokatrina

Audio: Short Snippet of Ssancoustic Playing “Lonely” at 2NE1′s Tokyo Fan Meeting

A short snippet of Dara playing the guitar at the fan club event, with Bommie singing! ^^

DARA performs guitar (TOKYOfanmeeting)   

Credits: BOMcorn21


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