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News: Billboard ~ “2NE1’s ‘Crush’ Is First K-Pop Entry on Year-End World Albums Chart”

2NE1’s ‘Crush’ Is First K-Pop Entry on Year-End World Albums Chart


The girl group ends a year of accolades by breaking one more record.

After breaking multiple chart records earlier this year, 2NE1 cap off 2014 with one more boundary-pushing victory.

The girl group’s Crush album ranks at No. 11 on Billboard’s year-end World Albums chart. It’s the first time a K-pop act has notched an entry on the annual ranking that was first introduced in 1995.


Released in February, Crush became K-pop’s highest-charting album while also earning the best first-week sales for a release. The set hit No. 61 on the Billboard 200 — 2NE1‘s first entry on the chart.

In addition to being named Billboard’s No. 1 K-pop album of 2014, Crush also made it onto Rolling Stone’s 20 Best Pop Albums of 2014 and Fuse’s 40 Best Albums of 2014 lists.

In 2014, 2NE1 has found a remarkable amount of Stateside recognition. This included their Korean single “I Am the Best” garnering U.S. radio play (“I Am the Best” was previously released on a 2011 EP), topping Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart, a sync in a Microsoft commercial, a feature in NYLON magazine, appearances on The Bachelor and America’s Next Top Model, plus ranking as one of two acts representing K-pop’s best showing yet on the year-end World Albums Artists chart.

As 2NE1‘s international brand seems stronger than ever, leader CL is confirmed to be working on a full-fledged U.S. debut overseen by Scooter Braun.

2NE1 performed the album’s title track and lead single “Come Back Home” on the year-end award show SBS Gayo Daejun without member Bom.

Credits: Billboard

Article: Rolling Stone Lists “20 Best Pop Albums of 2014″ – 2NE1’s “CRUSH” at Number 6

20 Best Pop Albums of 2014

From Taylor Swift’s platinum victory to Kitten’s under-the radar triumph, the year in huge hooks


6. 2NE1, ‘Crush’

Almost two years after K-pop first giddily barged into America’s imagination, the genre hasn’t sustained a post-“Gangnam Style” wave, but the Seoul machine keeps humming. Female foursome 2NE1, buoyed by a cameo on The Bachelor, moved more units of their album in its first week of release than any previous Korean act. That was about it for sales records, but the album itself was no stiff; in fact, it’s a canny downshift from the wigged-out “I Am the Best” maximalist mash-ups of the past. “Happy” is a sunny, strummy jaunt with no manic gimmicks and the ballad “Good to You” soars and sweet-talks likably. But Crush’s centerpiece is “MTBD,” which spotlights group member CL on a bratty squirt of EDM-hip-pop with a bubblegum trap groove. C.A.

Source: Rolling Stone

News: iMusicBuzz – “2NE1 ‘I Am The Best’ Gets New Single Cover and 2014 Release Via Capitol Records”

2NE1 “I Am the Best” (2014 Release – Single Cover)


2NE1 “I Am the Best” (2014 Release – Single Cover)

Get ready for the global domination of 2NE1. Following the announcement of the upcoming first studio album in English of the band’s member CL, the girls of 2NE1 together, stronger than ever, have been signed by Capitol Records to start their international SLAYAGE.

For now, the old version of “I Am The Best” uploaded in 2011 by their domestic label YG Entertainment was just removed and reuploaded by Capitol Records with a new single cover on December 11th. Get ready…

I Am the Best” (Hangul: 내가 제일 잘 나가; Naega Jeil Jal Naga) is a Korean single included on their self-titled second EP “2NE1“. It was originally released on June 24, 2011 under the group’s label, YG Entertainment.

The girls of 2NE1 are planning to release their international major debut album in 2015.

Credits: iMusicBuzz

Article: 2NE1’s “Crush” Included in FUSE TV’s “40 Best Albums of 2014″

FUSE: 40 Best Albums of 2014

Major breakthroughs (5SOS, Sam Smith), career milestones (Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters) and “Happy” hits (hi Pharrell!) ran wild in 2014, so here’s our final tally on the best releases

2NE1, ‘Crush’

After fans waited nearly four years for their second full-length album, the K-pop phenoms did not disappoint with a slew of forward-thinking, wholly-accessible tracks. Crush proves 2NE1‘s knack for genre-melding from the start, opening with the title track that blends Indian tabla drums and switchboard-button buzzing, followed by the reggae/trap-hybrid single “Come Back Home.” Group leader and head rapper CL even takes center stage on the incredible solo track “MTBD,” which sounds like an upgraded version of DJ Snake’s “Turn Down for What.”

— Jeff Benjamin

Credits: FuseTV

Article: Korea Herald – “2NE1 Snags Billboard’s Best K-pop Album Pick of 2014″

2NE1 snags Billboard’s best K-pop album pick of 2014


As the countdown to 2015 approaches, the assessment of the year’s best songs, albums and industry newcomers is in full swing. Rounding out the year, Billboard’s top picks of the 10 best K-pop albums of 2014 land the feisty K-pop icons of 2NE1 the crown.

The ladies’ second full-length album, “Crush,” was praised for cleverly exploring hybrid genres including reggae and R&B and landed them at the No. 1 spot, beating out other much awaited K-pop heavy-weight comebacks such as Seo Taiji and Rain.

The magazine referred to opening the album with its eponymous single, which is not the album’s lead track, as a sign that although the group’s sound is maturing, the ladies have not forgotten where they come from. “ ... opening the record with ‘Crush,’ with its bewitching Middle-Eastern vibe and aggressive attitude similar to their signature hit “I Am the Best” proved that the girls know where their roots lie and they’re happy to treat fans while still evolving as artists.

According to Billboard, “Crush” debuted at No. 61 on the Billboard 200, marking the highest chart position and biggest sales week for a K-pop album ever. The album was released on Feb. 27 and came nearly four years after the group’s first full-length album, “To Anyone.”

In somewhat of a surprising twist, taking second place on Billboard’s stamp of the year’s best K-pop albums is a band that would not even be labeled as a K-pop act by locals. Popular indie band Nell beat out the likes of K-pop starlet IU for the No. 2 spot with the band’s latest sixth full album, “Newton’s Apple.” Coincidentally released on the exact same day as 2NE1’s album, the magazine referred to Nell’s record as the strongest Korean rock album of the year.

… ‘Newton’s Apple’ highlights Nell’s vocalist/chief composer Kim Jong Wan’s clever and honest songwriting skills. … All the lyrics are wrapped in warm, lush arrangements and instrumentals that enchant the listener simply by themselves,” Billboard wrote.

With IU and Seo Taiji taking the third and fourth spots, respectively, rounding out the rest of the Top 10 lists are HA:TFELT (known best as Yenny from the Wonder Girls), Taeyang of Big Bang, B.A.P., Epik High, CNBLUE and Rain’s “Rain Effect.”

As for Billboard’s list of the year’s 20 best K-pop songs, Beast took the top spot with the boy band’s single, “Good Luck,” followed by Seo Taiji & IU’s “Sogyeokdong” and G-Dragon & Taeyang’s “Good Boy.”

Of course, no Korean music chart would seem complete without one of cheekiest faces of K-pop. Despite his fading presence from the mainstream international spotlight this year, Psy has still managed to infiltrate the magazine’s year-end round-ups with the artist’s 2-year-old viral phenom single “Gangnam Style” being ranked at No. 14 of the year’s most streamed songs.

Psy was also listed as the 15th most streamed artist of 2014, beating out global superstars Chris Brown, Eminem, One Direction and Maroon 5.

Credits: Korea Herald

Article: Koreaboo – “2NE1’s Dara Thanks Fans As She Reaches 2 Million Milestone on Instagram”

2NE1’s Dara Thanks Fans As She Reaches 2 Million Milestone on Instagram



Less than a year of hitting her first 1 million milestone on Instagram, 2NE1’s Dara reaches 2 million followers today. 

On December 6th, Dara personally thanked fans for her 2 million personal milestone as she posted an update commemorating it. Candidly, she posted a photo from her recent vacation in the Philippines which came with the tag saying, “Happy 2 million followers!!! ^.^ 감사합니다! Thank you! Maraming salamat! Arigato! Xie xie! To sia! Ce zu tin ba deh! Terima kasih! Kop kun ka! Xin cam on! Gracias! Obrigado! Merci!”

The update was well-received by the fans, congratulating her for making the 2 million mark on Instagram

As 2NE1 takes a break as CL prepares for upcoming solo debut in the United States, Dara has been updating fans with photos from her personal vacation in the Philippines. She was also recently featured in the skit by Be FUNNY Studios with Steven Yeun.



Source: Koreaboo

Article: Soompi ~ “2014 Golden Disk Awards to be Held in Beijing, Nominees Include EXO, 2NE1, CNBLUE, and More”

2014 Golden Disk Awards to be Held in Beijing, Nominees Include EXO, 2NE1, CNBLUE, and More


It has been announced that the ceremony for the 29th annual Golden Disk Awards (GDA), also known as the ‘Korean Grammy Awards,’ will be opening up in China this year.

The 2014 Golden Disk Awards is scheduled to take place over a span of two days, from January 14 to 15, at the MasterCard Center located in Beijing. In previous years, this awards show has also been held overseas in Osaka, Japan, as well as Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The list of nominees for the categories of Album Bonsang, Digital Single Bonsang, and Best New Artist have been revealed. The nominees for theDaesang (grand prize) categories have yet to be unveiled. Check out the full list below.

Nominees for Album Bonsang:
g.o.d – Chapter 8
GOT7 – Got Love?
INFINITE  Season 2
f(x) – Red Light
A Pink – Pink Blossom
2NE1 – Crush
2PM – Go Crazy!
B.A.P – First Sensibility
BTS – Dark and Wild
VIXX – Eternity
Block B – HER
BEAST – Good Luck
B1A4 – Who Am I?
Seo Taiji  – Quiet Night
Girls’ Generation – Mr.Mr.
TaeTiSeo – Holler
Akdong Musician – Play
CNBLUE – Can’t Stop
EXO – Overdose
Epik High – Shoebox
WINNER – 2014 S/S
Taemin (SHINee) – Ace
Taeyang (BIGBANG) – Rise
Toheart – The 1st Mini album
TEEN TOP – Exito

Nominees for Digital Single Bonsang:
2NE1 – “Come Back Home
g.o.d – “The Lone Duckling
HIGH4 ft. IU – “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms
Girl’s Day – “Something
Gary ft. Jungin – “Your Scent
HyunA – “Red
Kim Dong Ryul – “How I Am
Red Velvet – “Happiness
Park Boram – “Beautiful
Park Hyo Shin – “Wild Flower
Block B – “HER”
San E ft. Raina – “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness
Seo Taiji – “Sogyeokdong
Girls’ Generation – “Mr.Mr.”
Soyu x Junggigo – “Some
SISTAR – “Touch My Body
CNBLUE – “Can’t Stop”
IU – “My Old Story
Akdong Musician – “200%
EXO – “Overdose”
A Pink – “Mr. Chu
Ailee – “Don’t Touch Me
Epik High – “Happen Ending
WINNER – “Empty
K.Will – “Day 1
Taeyang – “Eyes, Nose, Lips

Nominees for Best New Artist:
Park Boram
Akdong Musician
Red Velvet
Eddy Kim
Bernard Park

Who are your personal picks for these three categories?




Credits: Soompi

Article: MTV Iggy ~ “The Rest of the Best: 2NE1′s Most Indispensable B-Sides”

The Rest of the Best: 2NE1′s Most Indispensable B-Sides


When 2NE1′s “I Am the Best” hit American radio waves last month, it fit perfectly with other top 40 songs with similar electronic hip-hop sounds popular today. This came right after the song reached number one on Billboard’s US World Digital Songs chart and was featured in a Microsoft commercial. Other than PSY, no other K-pop artist had gained American radio airplay before, making it a huge accomplishment for the quartet, especially since neither they nor their label YG Entertainment promoted it. However, the peculiarity of it all was the fact that “I Am the Best” is a three-year-old song that blew up in South Korea when it first came out. It launched 2NE1 to worldwide superstardom and became their signature song, and yet, it went largely unnoticed to mainstream America.

2NE1 has a very distinct brand which, sound-wise, revolves around an edgy hip-hop, electropop, and reggae fusion. Stylistically, the girls convey a fierce, self-empowered image with crazy fashion-forward styling that is unlike anything else in K-pop or the West. But even though “I Am the Best” is the diamond in their discography, they have lots of other jewels studding their albums. Their best songs aren’t exclusively the singles. So, we’ve come up with a list of 2NE1’s B-sides for anyone ready to dive deeper into their vibe.


This energetic dance track is tucked away in the greatness of their To Anyone (2010) album that saw hits like “Clap Your Hands” and “Can’t Nobody.” Even though, “I’m Busy” is heavy on the Auto-Tune and devoid of Bom’s power vocals shown in “It Hurts,” the production quality, subtle R&B influences, and constant tempo changes make this a fun track with lots of signature 2NE1 sass.


For their first full-length album, To Anyone, the 2NE1 members were given solos, but CL and Minzy teamed up for “Please Don’t Go.” This song proved that the maknaes (youngest members) were the best well-rounded performers in the group by showcasing their rapping, dancing, and singing talents. Despite the generation gap between members (Minzy is ten years younger than Dara and Bom), “Please Don’t Go” is a fast tempo, intense track that highlights their youthful energy.


2NE1’s second full-length album Crush (2014) is filled with experimental electro tracks, but with songs like “Baby I Miss You” the girls slowed it down and put the sass on hold. The minimalist and soulful track was written and co-produced by The Baddest Female (AKA CL) herself who showed a more natural and vulnerable side with yearning lyrics about a past flame with a younger guy.


CL asserted herself as a skilled artist in Crush by penning more than a few B-side songs, and “If I Were You” is another one of those. Maybe CL was broken hearted while writing this and the previous songs because there’s no trace of her or 2NE1’s fierceness anywhere. However, “If I Were You” is a delicate, vocally driven ballad stripped of over-the-top production that allows the emotions behind the lyrics to take center stage. Hey, even the baddest of the bad girls can get played, right?


“Good to You” is another post-breakup ballad written by CL, G-Dragon, and YG Entertainment producer Teddy in Crush. The 2NE1 ladies sing each of their parts staying true to their individual brands. Dara asks “why good girls like bad boys” very sweetly in the hook, and CL slow raps a sharp monologue in the outro. Moreover, the soulful R&B touches complement Minzy and Bom’s voices effortlessly, which drive the whole song. Despite the song being about getting dumped, “Good to You” has a dark sensual feel, especially on the chorus.


2NE1 revived their 2012 Japanese single “Scream” in Crush, with CL penning the Korean lyrics. This ready-for-the-dance floor electropop track with dense synths and intrinsic beats is pure earworm. Like “I’m Busy,” “Scream” is a fun, high-energy song. The track is about partying and drinking and not thinking about the fact that your ex wants you back, which is very appropriately paired with the overall sound. Because just as Minzy says, “turn off the boring music and pump it up.”


Aside from her lyric writing, if there’s anything that solidified the great expectations for CL’s upcoming solo American debut, it’s her overall performance of “MTBD.” The trap and hip-hop hybrid is probably the most twerktastic song in all of K-pop. The different tempos and heavy bass could very well cause — just as the title and lyrics suggest — a mental breakdown with its many sound layers. All of that paired with CL’s classic fierce rapping make for the perfect pop song. Because just as “I Am the Best,” “MTBD” is the future of what pop (and thus Western radio) will probably sound like within three years.

Credits: MTV Iggy

Article: Soompi – “Talented Families: Famous K-Star Siblings”

Talented Families: Famous K-Star Siblings


Some of the most popular siblings in K-Pop, this gorgeous brother and sister both have highly successful careers in the entertainment industry. Thunder from MBLAQ and Sandara Park from 2NE1 may be from rival companies, but the two are anything but rivals in real life. The pair is famous for their close relationship and have expressed an interest in participating in a joint project if their labels would allow it.

Read here for the rest of the article!


Source: Soompi

News/Article: 2NE1′s Sandara Park and YG Actors Gather to Participate in Good Cause

2NE1′s Sandara Park and YG Actors Gather to Participate in Good Cause

Despite each star′s busy schedules, six of YG Entertainment′s artists gathered together for a charity campaign photoshoot with Elle.

With the purpose of helping those who are struggling to get by, 2NE1′s Sandara Park, Jung Hye Young, Cha Seung Won, Lee Sung Kyung, Lee Yong Woo and Kal So Won arrived on the set of the photoshoot.

Each artist was interviewed, sharing their individual thoughts on giving, what makes them happy, and more.


Set to join a special talk concert in December with Jung Joon Ha, Yiruma, Kim Johan, and Yang Ik Joon, Cha Seung Won shared, “It′s a concert to raise money for people struggling in Tanzania. As it had a good aim, I gladly joined. There′s no reason why it would be hard. It′s amazing that we′re easily able to help those who struggle with basic necessities.”

Sandara Park shared her thoughts on giving, saying, “It′s not something big and something that doesn′t need to be big. I realized that sharing even just a little is easier to carry out. For me, I usually have a lot of stage costumes, so I participate in a lot of charity bazaars. Maybe it′s because I raise cats, but whenever I see stray cats and other animals that are injured on the street, I take them to the hospital for treatment. I also donate tickets to people who want to come to concerts but can′t come due to their situations. It′s not much, but I think these are little things I can do.”


Known for her family′s continous good deeds, Jung Hye Young talked about how she and her husband started donating. “On the first morning after getting married, my husband said to me, ′We started our happy married life with a happy wedding. What do you think about not holding onto that happiness for ourselves. and instead open up our hands and share with our neighbors and receive bigger happiness? Let′s start collecting 10,000 won a day for our neighbors.′ And that′s how we started saving 10,000 won a day and donating 3,650,000 won every year to ′Baffor′ and volunteering. I felt that we shared a small thing, but received much more happiness in return.”

Saying that in order to understand others, she must understand herself, Lee Sung Kyung shared that she′s planning to sell pouches, bags, and T-shirts with images that she created. “I want to donate the profits made from it. I′m looking to ask people around me for artistic help, which will, of course, be a donation of talent.”


On what made him want to get involved in charity, Lee Yong Woo stated, “At the beginning of the year, I was really sick that I couldn′t even move. I couldn′t exercise and I gained a lot of weight because I was just lying in bed. When the Sewol tragedy happened, I had a lot of thoughts. I realized what a huge blessing it was to be abe to move as I wanted. I started pondering about what kind of things I could do, especially for students. I want to give much help to people in the way I can do best.”

Being only eight years old, Kal So Won shared that when she becomes an adult, she′ll be able to do more good thigs than now. “When that time comes, I want to help grandmothers and grandfathers more than now.”


The full interview and pictorial will be included in the December issue of Elle.


Article by: Mwave

Photos by: Elle Korea


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