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Feature: KoreaBoo ~ “5 Korean Beauty Stores and their Amazing Products” – Clio at Number 1!



Koreans never tire in their pursuit for beauty, which is often either made possible by a strictly regimented and vast arsenal of beauty products or plastic surgery. While they’re most famous for the latter, there are quite a few less permanent ways to get glowy, K-pop-music-video-ready skin. With the help of a few Korean beauty imports, it’s never been easier to do so — especially since they’ve gone mainstream (there’s a Missha located at the mall close by me!). The following is a list of my five favorite Korean beauty stores (in no particular order), plus one product I absolutely can’t live without from each company. Get your beauty on!

1) Club Clio

This brand’s specialty is colorful, funky and youthful makeup in a myriad of colors. Think of Club Clio as the MAC of Korea — like MAC, they have their own celeb spokespeople. Clio’s current model and spokesperson is none other than Dara of 2NE1, who appears in all their current ad campaigns and commercials.

Gelpresso Waterproof Pastel Upper Liner -



Korean chicks love intensely lined eyes, so it’s no surprise that Club Clio’s bestselling item is their Gelpresso Waterproof Pastel Upper Liner. It is applied with a creamy twist-up soft plastic pencil and acts like regular pencil eyeliner. However, it’s different from regular pencil eyeliners due to being completely waterproof and therefore smudge proof, which comes in handy in the hot, humid summer heat.

2) Nature Republic

3) Missha

4) Skinfood

5) The Face Shop


Source: KoreaBoo

News: YG Life ~ “YG Family, So Good to be Together”



[OSEN=선미경 기자] Younger and older artists became one. They delivered an evermore exciting and diverse performance. The artists shone brightly on stage, and the audience responded with much passion.

For the AIA REAL LIFE: NOW FESTIVAL 2014 held at Jamsil Sports Complex on August 15 from 6:30 pm, YG Family became the headliners to wrap up the concert. From WINNER to AKDONG MUSICIAN (AKMU), 2NE1, BIGBANG, EPIK HIGH and PSY, every artist from YG filled the stage with excitement. The stadium was full of audience who were enthusiastic enough to heat up the cold night breeze.

But what stood out most was the heart-warming collaboration among the artists. EPIK HIGH sang “Umbrella” with AKMU’s LEE SOO HYUN while singing “Love Love Love” with DARA. It was refreshing to see something so new.

This was not the end. GD turned “The Baddest Female” into “The Baddest Male” with CL while performing “Crayon” with SEUNGRI. DARA and MINHO joined in to sing T.O.P’sDoom Dada” with him.

DAESUNG and KANG SEUNGYOON performed 2NE1’s “Ugly” while TAEYANG and TEAM B perfected “Ringa Linga.” MINZY sang “1,2,3,4” with LEE HI, and the rest of 2NE1 joined in to perform “If I Were You.” TAEYANG performed his “Eyes, Nose, Lips” with EPIK HIGH. TABLO aroused much attention previously with his cover of the song. EPIK HIGH and BOM showcased “Up.”

“Gangnam Style” definitely caught the attention of all at once. It was more special when it was performed for the curtain call. The entire YG Family joined in to sing the song, doing the horse-ride dance to heat up the stadium. Each group showcased some amazing performances, but “Gangnam Style” was more meaningful as it was a song that helped all YG artists bond. The more experienced artists introduced the newbies, and sent a round of applause to all the crewmembers. It was indeed heart warming.

The concert that was held like a festival was hot and dynamic. Fans home and abroad were in the stadium to enjoy the performances. The four hours was a time where the artists and the fans truly engaged to have fun. And those hours were more than enough to prove the power of YG Family.

Credits: YG Life

Article: Mnet – “[Concert Review] YG Family Shows How It’s Done at ‘AIA Real Life Festival’”

[Concert Review] YG Family Shows How It’s Done at ‘AIA Real Life Festival’

Bringing some of the biggest names in Kpop together for the first in a long time, the artists of YG Family put on a show that won’t be forgotten any time soon.


With the weather holding strong after a day of sudden rain, the YG Family Concert took place at the Jamsil Sports Complex as part of the AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014 on August 15.

The show started approximately around 6:30 PM KST, with a grand intro video of every artist in YG Entertainment.


It quickly led into 2NE1 taking the stage with Crush, Fire, and Come Back Home, stirring up the energy and excitement in the crowd as the show finally began.

It was also the first time Park Bom appeared to the public since her drug scandal, and the crowd cheered extra loudly for her as she yelled, “I really missed you.”

2NE1’s stage smoothly transitioned over to Akdong Musician, who had everyone in the crowd singing along to Crescendo, a song the siblings last performed while auditioning on K-Pop Star 2. Throughout their entire performance, the phrase ‘They are so adorable’ could be heard from random patches of the crowd as Akdong Musician continued with Give Love and 200%.


Epik High was up next, getting all hands up in the air with Fly. Epik High also brought its juniors up to the stage, collaborating with AKMU’s Soo Hyun for Umbrella and 2NE1’s Sandara Park for Love Love Love.

Going back and forth from senior to junior artists, Winner hopped on the stage, performing Empty for the first time ever. The newly debuted group also sang Go Up and Smile Again, while thanking everyone in the audience for creating such good results for its debut album.

The screams grew louder as the name Big Bang came up on screen, and the five members of Big Bang gathered on stage for the first time in a while in Korea to perform Haru Haru, Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby.


But the biggest surprise was when Winner came up on stage once again to perform Just Another Boy. However, in a blink of an eye, Winner quickly exited in the middle of the song and Team B appeared to finish it with much excitement from the crowd, warmly greeting the members. The Team B members said they are continuously working hard and hoped to debut soon.

With the introductions finally done, the real YG Family concert began with collaborations left and right.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon appeared, twisting the lyrics in 2NE1 Cl’s Baddest Female and getting the crowd to call him ‘oppa yah~ Oppa, oppa, oppa.’ CL took over the latter half, drowning the crowd with her charisma while continuing with MTBD.

As CL exited, G-Dragon popped up, dressed with his crazy wig from MichiGO, but to everyone’s surprise and laughter, the imposter turned out to be Seungri, revealing his own taken on Crayon. But not for too long as G-Dragon appeared to perform the rest of the song with Seungri, sometimes playfully bullying the Big Bang maknae for imitating him.


The familiar sounds of T.O.P’s Doom Dada filled the stadium, but it wasn’t T.O.P, but Sandara Park who appeared, holding a giant microphone with a mustache above her lips. She sang, “Doom Dara dibby dada, Sandara dibby dada,” making the audience roar with laughter. Winner’s Song Minho took over, rapping for the first half of the song, but the crowd went wild when the original rapper himself made a dramatic entrance to finish the song.

Adding a powerful rock sound to the concert, Daesung and Kang Seung Yoon belted out 2NE1’s Ugly, rewriting the lyrics to fit their situation. Team B joined Taeyang in a sexy performance of Ringa Linga while Minzy started off Lee Hi’s string of songs by singing 1-2-3-4 with the rookie, who calmed the atmosphere with Rose later on. Tablo and Taeyang brought Eyes, Nose, Lips to the table, as Epik High switched on the energy back with Up, singing with its featured artist, Park Bom.

Winner and Team B had all the older generation of fans dancing wildly as they paid homage to OG YG singers, Jinusean and 1TYM by singing Phone Number and Hot Ddeuguh.

Big Bang had everyone cracking up as the members did an obnoxiously hilarious parody performance of 2NE1’s I Love You, which included a lot of butt grabbing.


After singing along and going wild for three or so hours, the energy of the audience, which included everyone from children to the elderly, began to simmer down.

As if on cue, Psy popped up on stage, pulling thousands of people into his own 15-minute mini concert in a concert and making sure everyone was on their feet and jumping. He sang Right Now, Celebrity, Gentleman, Father, Champion, and topped it off, of course, with Gangnam Style.

While all the performances ahead of Psy were phenomenal beyond words, the Psy show within the YG Family concert was something else and everyone became exhausted after 15 continuous minutes of jumping, singing, and screaming at Psy’s command.

But the show continued and energy was revived as 2NE1 and Big Bang separately returned to the stage to deliver their final round of hit songs.

After Seungri addressed all the foreign fans in the audience, G-Dragon brought the attention back to the Korean fans, thanking them for keeping Big Bang in their thoughts despite not promoting in their home country for the longest time. He promised to stop playing and work hard on bringing a new Big Bang album before the end of 2014.


The last few stages brought all the YG artists to perform Go Away, Fantastic Baby and Gangnam Style together. A train was formed by the artists to gallop together across the stage for Gangnam Style as audience members danced along below it. Energy ran high on and off the stage and enthusiastic cheers continued until the YG artists bowed out.

The artists disappeared backstage and the thousands of people in the stadium began to empty out, but the lingering feelings of ecstasy continued as four and a half hours of spectacular live performances, a flawless mix of the old and new, quickly zipped through everyone’s heads as they reminisced about what exactly happened in that stadium.

Just like the festival′s slogan, ′Real Music Never Stops,′ the music continued even after the concert was over.

By the end of it all, being sardined in a mob of people and disgustingly rubbing sweat up against each other in the summer heat seemed totally and completely worth it.

Credits: MNet

Article: Korean Performer Lydia Paek Says she Looks Up to Sandara Park as an Artist

                   Korean performer Lydia Paek says she looks up to Sandara Park as an artist


Korean performer Lydia Paek recently visited the Philippines and performed for Filipino fans at Zirkoh last Thursday, August 7. Lydia remarked that she felt ecstatic to finally be singing live for her supporters in the country. “I’ve always felt like majority of my fans are Filipinos so I’m thankful for that and I just want to be here and be able to perform for them,” she said in an interview with Push and MYX.

The performer who was born and raised in the United States and moved to South Korea to pursue a career in music said that her style revolves around R&B and soul. “Overall I feel like it’s from the ‘80s and my favorite genre of music is ‘90s and R&B and soul. I also like pop, I love rock country but I think what I usually gear towards is R&B and soul.”

She stated that her main goal is to release songs that people would enjoy especially her fans here in the country. “I don’t where this journey is going to take me. My goal is to put my own music. I don’t know how it is going to evolve, I’m just going to keep on praying and make sure that I am following God’s path and know that He has a plan for me.”

Lydia continued, “When I become a singer like an artist professionally, the main thing is just to enjoy the music, nothing else nothing about the fame and the money. That my fans, they are able to enjoy it in the car and while they are walking or anything that’s my main goal.”

Lydia is a close friend of 2NE1 member and Star Circle Quest alum Sandara Park who came to watch her show in Zirkoh last Thursday. “She is all kinds of kindness, all kinds of cute. She is just such a great person. She’s one of the kindest and most humble, giving persons that I ever met and as a friend like she’s awesome, if there is a better word than awesome that would be it,” she said when asked to describe Sandara.

She also shared that she looks up to Sandara as an artist and as a performer. “As a co-artist she’s just so hardworking, she just want to get better every day and I respect that and I appreciate that and those type of personality with the urge to get better makes me want to do so much. As an artist she’s very hardworking and humble.”

Credits: Push.abs-cbn

Feature: All About 2NE1’s Hip-Hop Looks: Real Hip-Hop vs. Sexy Hip-Hop

All About 2NE1’s Hip-Hop Looks: Real Hip-Hop vs. Sexy Hip-Hop


[by MinJin Park] 2NE1 is one of Korea’s famous Hip-hop girl groups. Many people love 2NE1 for not only their powerful rap and musicality, but also for their fashion style.

Their style seems to be motivated by hip-hop. Hip-hop look is an element of hip-hop culture. Good examples would be a snapback, beanie as well as over-sized t-shirt, pants and necklace. However, today’s hip-hop look is a little bit different from the past. It is mix-matched with other fashion style.

Not to mention, celebrities do affect a fashion trend and especially idols play a huge role in creating a trend. Without a doubt, 2NE1 is one of idols affecting trends dramatically.

The whirligig of trend often makes many people confused what to buy or wear. Let’s learn what is in trend today and predict upcoming trend by identifying 2NE1’s style.

◆ Real Hip-Hop Look Never Goes Wrong – Dara & Minzy


There was a big boom from 1990s to early in 2000: A Real Hip-hop Look

Korea’s hip-hop musicians such as DJ DOC, Drunken Tiger and Untitle brought typical hip-hop fashion from New York, a hometown of Hip-hop.

2NE1’s Dara matched a loose shirt with a beanie. Both items were often used during the beginning stage of hip-hop look. Especially a big shirt can be a cute item for a small-sized woman.

Minzy also made her real hip-hop look with a typical hip-hop item, snapback. The cropped sleeveless shirt, destroyed jean and chain also boosted her hip-hop styling.

◆ Hip-hop Can Be Sexy Too – CL & Bom


Every summer, woman wears shorter and less. Hip-hop look is not an exception. Sexy hip-hop look, led by Lee Hyori in the beginning of 2000 is returned again for 2014 summer.

CL often appears in a sexy look with a cropped shirt and mini flare skirt to highlight her hotness. However, she becomes even sexier with hip-hop look. For instance, she wore a bikini with a bucket hat and sunglasses.

Bom completed her sexy hip-hop look with a loose jacket with typography printed. A pair of red mesh stockings was more than enough to make her look sexy.

Sexy hip-hop look can make a person sexy without much exposure.


Article: MeRadio Singapore Gig Review ~ “2NE1 is ‘All Or Nothing’ at their second solo concert”

Gig Review: 2NE1 is ‘All Or Nothing’ at their second solo concert


Korean girl group 2NE1 sure knows how to party, and they do it well! Though of course, they weren’t the only ones. Quoting the quartet’s leader CL, she declared, “You guys (the fans) really know how to party, and sing, and dance,” after the encore, visibly touched at the support shown throughout the two-hour gig. looks at how it was “all or nothing” for 2NE1 at their second solo concert AON World Tour in Singapore.

All  Giving their All

2NE1 opened their concert almost on the dot, crushing the stage with their latest hit ‘Crush’ and debut track ‘Fire’, effectively bringing emotions to an all-time high. The girls worked with concert directors Travis Payne and Stacy Walker yet again, where they divided the programme into four different sections according to colours.

Decked in fiery red military costumes, the ‘pink’ segment saw the girls’ more charismatic and masculine sides. By the time the third song ‘Clap Your Hands’ blasted out of the speakers, almost everyone was already on the balls of their feet and clapping along to its rhythm.

2NE1 then bared their souls in the ‘white’ segment, displaying their live vocals at the same time. Descending onto stage in swings adorned with white cloths, the quartet crooned to ballads ‘Missing You’ and ‘If I Were You’, before delving into a rousing unplugged version of their latest title track ‘Come Back Home’.


Red usually stands for ‘passion’ and ‘love’ and the girls exuded nothing less than sexiness during that segment. With a conviction, 2NE1 affirmed their love for Blackjacks (official fan club name) with songs like ‘I Love You’ and ‘Gotta Be You’. Four lucky fanboys even got a lap dance from each of the members; while one of them might have had a stoic expression on his face when sexy maknae Minzy danced around him, we’re pretty sure their hearts must be beating out of their chests. CL even ended her dance with her leg over the fan’s shoulder!

The quartet then plunged into the black segment, where CL called it a “rebellion” and who better to lead this insurgency than the fierce leader herself? The 24-year-old called out to her girls in the audience with the introduction ‘The Baddest Female’ and ‘MTBD’, before the other three 2NE1 members joined her on stage again. Their dancers morphed into motorcycles as the foursome rode on them for ‘I Am The Best’. The night then quickly came to an end with the rock renditions of ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Go Away’.

Or  To be Or not to be

Shakespeare wrote, “To be or not to be, that is the question,” in Act 3 Scene 1 of Hamlet, where the latter ponders over whether his existence. We could not help but be reminded of the quote when Dara continuously teased us throughout the concert about a return in the near future. Return, as in the group coming back to Singapore.

Dara first said that she loved our country’s food and weather before dropping hints that they might be coming back, but bringing with them their “family” this time. Of course we knew she was not talking about her younger brother Thunder from MBLAQ. With YG Family on their Power world tour this year, we had an inkling she just might be talking about that.

Then, she let on, “Wouldn’t that be ‘wow, fantastic baby’?” before droning “long time no see, long time no see”, the opening sentence of BIGBANG member T.O.P’s solo track ‘DOOM DADA’. However, the girls were not intending to go easy on their fans.

“It all depends on you guys tonight,” they said coyly. From the fans’ screams and roars, we think the possibility of 2NE1 returning to Singapore with their YG Family has just gotten significantly higher.


Nothing  Nothing but love for the girls

Jun 28 was a hot day, but the humid weather did little to stop Singapore Blackjacks from trudging around the stadium with slogans and stickers as they handed them out to fans. Not only did they instruct us when to hold up our phones with the pink stickers, the fan chants during the concert was so loud that 2NE1 was evidently overwhelmed by the love the fans were showing.

During the quartet’s performance of the song ‘Do You Love Me’, fans probably shouted themselves hoarse — we judged from the deafening roar, of course — when 2NE1 sang “do you love me” during the chorus, to which they got the response “yes!” from zealous fans. Wanting to hear the “little surprise” again, 2NE1 sang, “Do you love me?” during the encore, to which they received an equally resounding “yes”.



Article: XIN MSN ~ “Falling in Love with 2NE1 All Over Again”

Falling in Love with 2NE1 all over again

The zesty South Korean quartet epitomised girl power at their concert last night


In Dec 2012, 2NE1 blew us away with their New Evolution concert. Two years on, the South Korean quartet returned to our shores with their second world tour All or Nothing (AON) held at Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday night, flaunting a stronger and better side that proved why they are truly the best.

Despite 2NE1’s regular visits to Singapore, local Blackjacks (2NE1 fans) have never failed to give the ladies a warm welcome, according to Dara. Shortly after landing at the airport on Friday, the enthusiastic singer tweeted: “Wazzup Singapore?!? We’re here!!! Our Singapore Blackjacks are always very passionate!!!”  

And what’s even more amusing was how the hashtag #2NE1comeliao (so Singaporean!) – we believe it’s a wordplay on the group’s latest hit track “Come Back Home” – started trending after they arrived in Singapore.

On Saturday, 2NE1’s eventful schedule included a press conference at Square 2, as well as an exclusive Sound Check and Meet & Greet session with some lucky fans in the afternoon, before they finally took the stage at 7.15pm. The two-hour show opened with their new song “Crush” and debut single “Fire”, setting the house on party mode within minutes.

As we learned from a video that was shown during the concert, AON is conceptualised into four main themes – Pink, White, Red and Black. Although pink is considered a feminine colour, toy guns were used as props in this segment to show that women can be as strong as men. During the White section that is meant to portray the “pure and serene vibes of women”, slow-tempo tracks such as “Missing You”, “If I Were You” and “Come Back Home” (acoustic version) were performed. As for the Red and Black segments, they symbolise “love and sexiness” and “rebellion” respectively.

If we were to sum up the concert in two words, it has to be: girl power.

While 2NE1 is extremely popular among female fans, four lucky chaps, who were pre-selected to go on stage, went home with the biggest reward last night – each of them received a short but ultra-sultry lap dance from a member.

Onstage theatrics aside, 2NE1 pumped anticipation levels to the roof when the ladies hinted that they will return to Singapore with their “family” soon. YG Family concert on our little red dot? Yes, please.


Dara: The Kiiroitori fan who loves Singapore the most

Dara likes Kiiroitori, a Japanese cartoon character which means “yellow chick”, so much that she once used it as her profile picture on Twitter. Since then, she has received tons of Kiiroitori-related toys from her beloved Blackjacks.

Her love for the character was on full display when she performed with a Kiiroitori headgear thrown on stage by a fan during the encore segment, without caring if it matched with her black streetwear outfit. The 29-year-old even posted a photo of herself wearing it after the concert.

Arguably the most excited member on stage, Dara repeatedly declared her love for Singapore. “I’m so happy to be part of 2NE1. Thank you for making me feel this way!” she exclaimed.

Judging from her numerous social media posts to express her gratitude and affection for local fans (and chilli crab), we aren’t questioning Dara’s sincerity at all.

Credits: Xin MSN

Article: Today Online Music Review for “2NE1 All Or Nothing World Tour” in Singapore

Music Reviews: 2NE1 All Or Nothing World Tour


From elaborate sets to solo performances, the group gave Singapore their all

SINGAPORE — It would be easy to dismiss 2NE1 as yet another Korean pop act — especially when you see their elaborate stage design — but they are really anything but. Playing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday night, the four-member group, comprising CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom, set the stage on fire.

It is a mark of 2NE1’s strength as good entertainers that even though half of the audience probably couldn’t understand the mostly Korean lyrics, they were on their feet for most of the two-hour show. Starting with the title track of their newest album Crush, the girls appeared in glittery red and gold military-inspired outfits with a group of male back-up dancers dressed in pink. The set was energy-filled, fun and edgy — all trademarks of the group that pioneered a new, stronger brand of femininity in the K-pop scene.

The second set saw 2NE1 change into all-white outfits and entering the stage via silk swings, making it seem as if they were floating in from the clouds. Performing a laid back, acoustic version of Come Back Home, the members showed off their individual vocal strengths and they garnered loads of cheers when Dara introduced the song, Ugly: “We all feel a little ugly sometimes, on the inside and out, and this is to remind you that you are beautiful.”

After their third costume change (this time the girls came out dressed in their familiar urban streetwear) the group returned to performing their signature hip-hop sounds, complete with choreography. Minzy, in particular, showed off her agility — effortlessly doing a split before gracefully bouncing back up.

The girls also brought four lucky male fans on stage and sat them down in chairs as they danced provocatively around them. It was hilarious, to say the least, as the boys tried their best to look straight ahead instead of eyeing the shimmying performers in front of them.

2NE1 also performed some of their new singles and greatest hits, such as Scream, I’m The Best and a rock and roll version of I Don’t Care. However, they saved the best for last: When it seemed the girls had left the stage, they suddenly reappeared at the back of the stadium and walked along aisles to the stage to say hi to their fans. That up close and personal touch showed just how much range 2NE1 has: They can be tough, edgy performers, but also graceful, soulful singers who are capable of singing to a crowd of thousands as though it were an intimate, private session. If 2NE1 keeps producing shows like this one, they’ll be around for a long, long time.

Credits: Today

Article: AsiaOne’s The New Paper – Dara is Kpop’s… “Hayley Williams” ~ Agree or Disagree?

Seoul sisters: 2NE1’s similarities with Western pop’s biggest stars




How similar are they? Both ooze spunk.

2NE1‘s prettiest and most bubbly member Dara is one of the main reasons why these girls’ shows are filled with electrifying energy and boundless, mind-blowing fun.

Like how Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams is the perennial livewire of the US pop punk band, Dara never fails to light up the group’s performances. At 2NE1‘s last concert here in December 2012, she spontaneously pulled a hapless guy from the audience up on stage and kissed him on the cheek.

Williams, 25, is no stranger to doing things on the fly too. Back in 2010, during Paramore’s Honda Civic Tour in Phoenix, she reprimanded a boy in front of the entire audience when he kissed her without permission – after he was invited to do a sing-along with her.

“Don’t kiss me…That’s disgusting,” she scolded him.

Of course, Dara and Williams also grab attention with their flashy tresses. Redhead Williams likes having pink and green streaks in her hair, while Dara has changed her hair colour so many times we’ve lost count. Platinum blonde, bright blue, purple, auburn – you name it, she’s sported it.


Source: New Paper

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Article: SOKOREAL – “2NE1 Sets Jakarta on Fire with ‘All Or Nothing’ Concert”

[INDONESIA] 2NE1 sets Jakarta on fire with ‘All Or Nothing’ concert


June 8th, 2014 – The night Indonesian Blackjacks have been waiting for five solid years finally came. For the very first time, four-membered group 2NE1 set foot in Jakarta for their second World Tour, ‘AON: All Or Nothing’. 2NE1 members CL, Dara, Bom, and Minzy thoroughly went all or nothing through the concert’s four main segments, which were represented by the colors pink, white, red, and black.


2NE1 kicked off with a track from their latest album ‘Crush’ which instantly earned them a huge wave of cheers. They didn’t allow the high energy to wane the slightest as they continued to pump up the excitement with songs ‘Fire’ and ‘Clap Your Hands’. The image for the concert’s first segment, Pink for fierceness, was definitely shown during the next song ‘Pretty Boy’. In the midst of the performance, a huge battle tank model emerged and the girls got in to take a laser gun each, shooting the crowd with green lights which, if anything, attracted louder screams.


Turning the atmosphere around, 2NE1 then gracefully showed up on hanging swings in white attire to perform ‘Missing You’. The song was then followed by a chain of more ballads, ‘If I Were You’, ‘Come Back Home (Unplugged Version)’, and‘Ugly’ for the White segment of the concert.

Enough with the slow pace, 2NE1 then came back again full force with more energetic songs. This time though, the songs are all conveying the message of love and are complemented with sexier choreographies. The highlight was during ‘I Love You’when the members of 2NE1, accompanied by male back dancers, each performed a short solo dance.


Despite the fierceness they’ve shown during their performances, 2NE1 couldn’t help showing their cute sides during the ment. Dara said “I really want to go to Bali” and when Minzy asked “with who?”, she innocently replied “with my future boyfriend”,which caused the fans to go wild. Bom also multiplied the screams by tenfolds when she said “Do you guys love our songs? And do you guys love me? I love you too!”. Unfortunately, leader CL was absent from the ment as she was preparing for her solo stage. It was all dearly paid though, as she totally owned the stage with her solo songs, ‘The Baddest Female’ and‘MTBD’.

The concert is slowly reaching its peak. Next songs were the group’s most popular hits. On top of everything  else was ‘I Am The Best’ which was performed on motorbikes. Not only did they got the fans screaming along to the lyrics they knew by heart, the whole crowd also jumped and danced all through the song.


“I’ll never forget tonight. I don’t know why it took us so long to come here.” said CL, which was followed by Minzy’s assurance that they’ll be back again as soon as possible. Sooner than everyone wanted to, the concert was coming to and end. The last two songs were rock version of ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Go Away’, which kept up the atmosphere high until the very last.

Not long after 2NE1 bowed their thanks and exited the stage, fans started chanting “We want more!” which earned them more songs for encore. During ‘Lonely’, 2NE1 showed how eager they were to get closer to their fans by visiting the Festival and Gold class to shake hands with fans. It seemed as if Indonesian fans left them such good memories that Dara said “I love you guys as much as Nasi Goreng (fried rice), and Indonesia is totally one of my favorite countries!” and CL said “This is the best first impression I’ve ever got.”

As if fatigue was nothing, 2NE1 then performed two more upbeat songs, “Gotta Be You” and “Can’t Nobody”. But unfortunately this time, it really was the end. Each members bowed and waved their goodbyes, then took their leave.


Without doubt, 2NE1 have secured a position in everyone’s heart not only as an ordinary idol group, but as true performers who went 200% on stage. Always, it’s all or nothing.

SOKOREAL.COM would like to sincerely thank Synergism Entertainment for the chance to cover this event!



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