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Fashion Feature: [STARCAST - What Should I Wear This Week?] An Early Summer Weather, Enjoy it Like the Stars

[STARCAST-What should I wear this week?] An early summer weather, enjoy it like stars


It is clearly spring and is a nice spring. It looks like the days in which it will be good to go outside are going to continue. The highest temperature is expected to be around 20 degrees Celsius. In one word, the spring that is like early summer is expected.

The second week of April that skipped spring, it will be ok to take out the see-through jacket and a half-sleeve shirt. It is not going to be awkward at all. The missing bottom look is okay also for sure. It is said that the days in which it is hot too wear hot pants is going to continue.

‘What should I wear this week’ that ‘STARCAST’ prepared. It is fashion for early summer that came all of a sudden.


▶ Thursday, April 17th | Lowest 9 degrees, Highest 20 degrees, Cloudy and then raining : There is not going to be that much change in temperature. It is expected that it will slightly get cloudy in the morning and rain in the afternoon. Taking the umbrella with you on the way to work is necessary.


Suggestion ① Mini look : On rainy days, we strongly recommend short clothes. It is easy to mess up the style due to the rain if you wear long pants. It can never happen with the shorts, just like Yoona. She went a step farther and wore a mini skirt made up of vinyl fabric.

The choice of shoes is also important. Since it is not going to rain in the morning, it is a little too much to wear the rain boots all day. In times like this, wear the boots with narrow ankles. It is good to wear a boxy t-shirt rather than a tight top. There is no need to worry about the body shape showing a little even when it gets slightly wet by the rain.


Suggestion ② Patch leggings & The baseball jacket: If concerned about the short clothes, there is a solution. Refer to ‘2NE1’ Bom. She wore leggings with a net patchwork to shorts. It can still look cool while decently covering the legs.

In the cloudy weather, give a point with vivid colors. It might look depressing if the prop is also dark. The colors such as neon orange high top shoes or pink mini bag are perfect. 


▶ Friday, April 18th | Lowest 10 degrees, Highest 16 degrees. Very cloudy : It is the day after spring rainfall. The temperature will go down a little. The rain stopped but the clouds will not go away so it is expected that the cloudy weather is going to continue.


Suggestion ① Rider jacket & camo pants: If the temperature drops a little, you have to especially pay attention to the outer clothes. It is easy to catch cold if you just wear light not thinking about the temperature. Try wearing a rider jacket. It is perfect for inconsistent spring weather.

What if you want to avoid the clothes that show the body shape? Wear a loose fit long shirt as an inner wear. It naturally covers the hemline. The vibe will get much more powerful if you match the military style skinny jeans. Unify the high top shoes with the color that is same as the jacket. It is for the style balance.


Suggestion ② Blouse & Cardigan: Do you want a simple style? Then we recommend blouse and cardigan, which are steady styles in between the seasons. Gu Ha Ra from ‘KARA’ wore a white blouse that match well with all cardigans. She looks neat and tidy but chic at the same time.

If the temperature rises a little, wear a cardigan. It will look cool in a chic way. If you are too lazy for that, tie it around the waist. It is European style. The skinny jeans that shows the body shape tightly matches the most to a blouse. 

Written by=Song Eun Joo(Dispatch)
Pictures=Dispatch DB

*Omitted parts not related to Dara and Bom. Read the full article here!


Source: Naver Star Cast

Article: Soompi – “2NE1 Takes China By Storm With “All Or Nothing” World Tour Concert”

2NE1 Takes China By Storm With “All Or Nothing” World Tour Concert


2NE1 successfully took the stage at its “All Or Nothing” world tour concert in Shanghai.

On April 11, 2NE1 performed at the Shanghai Grand Stage. The group began their concert with “Crush.” The members appeared on stage wearing gold uniform-like outfits and captured the audience with their charisma.

2NE1 continued the show with powerful performances of “Fire,” “Clap Your Hands,” and “Pretty Boy” as well as other hits. They also impressed the audience with their emotional vocals performing, “Missing You,” “If I Were You,” and the unplugged version of “Come Back Home.


This was the group’s first solo concert in China. The Chinese fans present at the concert sang along to a total of 18 hits performed by 2NE1 in Korean. Touched by their welcoming spirit, the members of 2NE1 gave their all adding an encore performance. The two-hour show ended in success.

Moreover, label mates and YG Entertainment’s new boy group, WINNER, took the stage as guest stars. The boys of WINNER performed “Go Up” and “Just Another Boy,” leaving a strong impression on the Chinese fans.

Immediately after finishing up their Shanghai concert, 2NE1 headed to Osaka, Japan for the “2014 YG Family Concert” to be held on April 12 and 13 at the Kyocera Dome.



Source: Soompi

Article: KpopStarz – “2NE1′s Dara Discusses Having A Thin Figure and Comfortable Style”

2NE1′s Dara Discusses Having A Thin Figure And Comfortable Style


2NE1‘s Dara shared about her thin figure as she guested on the April 9th broadcast of the KBS radio show “Lee So Ra‘s Music Plaza”.

The topic was about dieting and Dara shared, “I get stressed about my skinny body because I want volume.” DJ Lee So Ra gave an advice saying, “Drink a lot of milk and eat a lot of cheese,” and Dara responded that she will definitely try that diet.

Park Bom also shared, “I give Dara advise on how to doll herself up, but she hates it.” Dara replied by saying, “I like to wear comfortable, casual clothes. People seemed to like it when I dressed up like a girl once in a while.”

What do you like about Dara’s style? More girly or funky?


Source: KpopStarz

Article: KpopStarz – “2NE1 Meets ‘The Walking Dead’: Dara Uploads Instagram Photo With Steven Yeun!”

2NE1 Meets ‘The Walking Dead’: Dara Uploads Instagram Photo With Steven Yeun!


2NE1 may just have a new fan in “The Walking Dead” star Steven Yeun!

Recently, 2NE1 member Dara Park uploaded a selca on Instagram showcasing none other than Steven Yeun, who portrays Glenn on the widely popular show “The Walking Dead.”

“It was very nice meeting you,” wrote Dara on her Instagram.

It is unclear where this meeting took place, but given that “The Walking Dead” is currently on hiatus before season 5 begins, it’s possible the Korean-American actor is visiting Seoul.

After uploading the photo and tweeting about it, Steven Yeun not only re-tweeted the photo, but also began following Dara on Twitter!

Currently, 2NE1 is preparing to continue their promotions for their full-length album “Crush” with the follow-up single “Gotta Be You.”

According to YG-Life, a music video for the single will debut sometime this week.

In addition, the ladies of 2NE1 are will also hold a concert in Shanghai on April 11 as a part of their “All or Nothing” world tour.

But Dara is not the only 2NE1 member to receive some international love. Recently, leader CL also received a new follower on Instagram-international pop star Lorde!

Congratulations to 2NE1 for receiving more celebrity love than ever before!


Source: Kpopstarz

Article: Ttwigo – “2NE1′s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Thunder Show Off Their Closeness Again”

2NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Thunder show off their closeness again


2NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’ have once again showed off their close relationship, shortly after they formed a heart with their hands at his sister’s encore stage on Mnet’s music show “M! Countdown” that was aired on March 27.

The older sister had uploaded a photo that shows them at the backstage of SBS’s music show, “Inkigayo”, that was broadcast on March 30, on her Instagram.

The two idols’ promotional schedules take place at around the same time. Thunder recently released new single, “Be A Man”, with MBLAQ while Sandara is promoting “If I Were You” with 2NE1.

“#BeAMan #IfIWereYou #thunder #dara ,” wrote the idol, who is normally called Dara.

Meanwhile, MBLAQ are scheduled to appear on Mnet’s “M! Countdown Artist of Spring 2014” in Yokohama, Japan, and 2NE1 are set to hold the “All Or Nothing” world tour in Shanghai on April 11.


Source: Ttwigo

Article: Ttwigo – “2NE1`s Sandara Park and Super Junior Donghae Show Off Their Close Friendship”

2NE1′s Sandara Park and Super Junior’s Donghae show off their close friendship



2NE1′s Sandara Park has revealed her close friendship with Super Junior’s Donghae with a cute picture of them together that was taken at the backstage of SBS’ “Iinkigayo” on Sunday. It is quite a surprise since they are not from the same company.

“Together with my old friend Donghae that has been my friend for 10 years. It’s been a long time. It’s nice to see you. I’m looking forward for a cool performance in the future. Fighting!” said Sandara in her Instagram account that she uploaded on March 31.

Donghae also uploaded the same picture on his Instagram account to confirm their friendship with a caption that said: “Wow! It’s been 10 years already. Donghae & Dara”.

In the picture, Donghae is seen holding a copy of 2NE1′s latest album “Crush” to show his support to his friend, while Dara poses cutely making a V sign.

Fans who saw this pictures left comments, such as “I didn’t see this coming. YG and SM!”, “I wonder how they became friends” and “Donghae looks so shy being next to Dara”.


Source: Ttwigo


Article: LA Times – “Review: 2NE1 Showcases K-pop’s Bright Future in America with ‘Crush’”

2NE1 showcases K-pop’s bright future in America with ‘Crush’


K-pop has turned a corner in America. It’s gone from an underground Internet sensation to a genuine influence. The South Korean rapper G-Dragon has collaborated with Diplo, Missy Elliott and Skrillex; now the all-female quartet 2NE1 is the latest to shoot for a mainstream U.S. pop presence. “Crush” has one foot in each country’s pop music: K-pop’s neon melodies, with sounds from America’s trap and bass-music scenes. It’s the most coherent LP to come out of this generation of K-pop.

2NE1 pulled a Beyoncé with this record, keeping it secret until release day (It worked. “Crush” sold 5,000 copies for K-pop’s best debut in U.S. history on the Billboard 200). Singer-rapper-writer CL gets the album’s best track in “MTBD,” which is billed as a solo cut. It’s an eerie, 808-destroying stomper as good as anything on rap radio in America right now. “Crush’s” title track is a deliciously trashy electro-pop banger; “Come Back Home” tosses Atlanta trap drums, pop-reggae guitars and Robyn‘s bleary-eyed pleading into one song and makes it work. 2NE1′s softer side is convincing too: “Happy” is just as catchy as Pharrell’s single of the same title, and G-Dragon penned the regal ballad “Good to You.”

Commercial smash or not, “Crush” is doing more important work than crossing over — it’s ushering in K-pop’s future, in America and everywhere.


Source: LA Times

Article/Feature: Refinery29 – “Why Everyone Should Be Listening To The Badass Ladies Of 2NE1″

Why Everyone Should Be Listening To The Badass Ladies Of 2NE1


Fact: South Korean pop music has infiltrated American pop culture. After Psy‘s through-the-roof hit “Gangnam Style,” more and more K-pop artists and groups have crossed the Pacific and made their marks stateside. Girl group f(x) “welcomed” Anna Kendrick as as their newest member, Big Bang took over Brooklyn for two music videos, and there’s an entire section in Billboard dedicated to the K-pop scene. But, in an industry where the number of girl groups rival the number of instances in which Lady Gaga has made us go, well, gaga, it feels like all the ladies look and sound the same after a while. Perfectly executed singing and choreography with booty shorts, a cute-yet-sexy vibe, and a whole lotta hair flipping — it’s like they’re robots. Well, not 2NE1.

This four-member group is all about being badasses — and the more extreme, the better. Made up of Park Bom, Lee Chaerin (known as CL), Gong Minji (Minzy), and Sandara Park (Dara), the ladies produce some of the catchiest songs and most visually arresting music videos in the industry. If you don’t believe me, maybe this will convince you: The group’s second album, Crush, scored a #10 spot on the American iTunes chart when it debuted in late February, and the music video for the single “Come Back Home” has nearly 7.5 million views on YouTube. Not too shabby, eh?

So, what sets 2NE1 apart from the rest of the girl groups in the biz? Their ability mix multiple genres like hip-hop and dance with pop to create seriously catchy tunes, a fearless sense of fashion, and championing of girl power without any frills or sugar-coating. The quad prefers singing about being the best in the game over lost love (okay, there is a bit of that in their discography), kickin’ it on stage in Jeremy Scott’s wing sneakers over platform stilettos, sporting electric blue hair over blonde strands, and rocking grills over cutesy winks. Yes, there’s a good dose of sexiness in the mix, but it’s done with such an edge that you don’t realize it until you’ve watched the music video twice — which you will, trust me.

Even though I’ve no idea what 2NE1 is singing about, I can still appreciate the infectious beats, fashion porn, and general badass, IDGAF attitude that the group embodies. Keep doing your thing, 2NE1, and don’t stop the music.

Credits: Refinery29

Article: KpopStarz – “2NE1 Had its Share of Crises”

2NE1 Had Its Share Of Crises


2NE1 debuted in 2009 and have since then successfully established their own personal color. They are a group that is so well loved worldwide, and have thus been able to hold a 2nd world tour. Their moves are always confident and fearless. Although they’re a group that’s on a roll, they’ve had their own share of crises as well.

“For the past 2 years we’ve released 3 singles. It’s a different feel than an album. It’s not as intense. I think we’ve overcome a difficult hump during those 2 years. It was a time of waiting, and we often felt frustrated. We’re thankful towards each other because each member has worked that much harder. It was a period where we could have failed, but we all persevered and each member did her responsibility. That’s why we were able to come this far.”

2NE1′s 2nd album Crush is especially meaningful to 2NE1. It’s their first full length album in 4 years, and unlike their 1st album which contained previously released singles, the 2nd album is filled with new songs. “For us this album is like our first official album,” they said.

More than anything the process of working on the album until the release of the final product was special.

“With this album release it feels like we’ve gotten rid of the heaviness we’ve felt until now. And in that process the members have gotten much closer. As we recorded the self-composed songs, it took much longer because there are 4 members, but it was a meaningful time for us. We realized and came to a deeper understanding that we can’t do it without each other, and have developed thankfulness toward one another and created many great memories.”

Their longing for the album was quite great. They wanted to showcase a new performance but they couldn’t, and they were saddened by the fact that they didn’t have any new songs to perform for their 1st world tour in 2012. That’s why the girls decided to perform their new song at their world tour Seoul concert instead of a TV broadcast for their comeback.

And because of their longing, they were even more careful. They were more nervous because of their fans’ expectations, and they wanted to present a completed album that can be recognized. Since the album was long-awaited, they focused on making 2NE1-esque music that wouldn’t be a letdown.

“Our greedy aspirations are what took a long time. We really liked all the songs on our last mini album, and we felt like this new album couldn’t be any less than that. For the 2 years we prepared this album, it felt like we were trainees once again. It was a time in which we couldn’t spent doing nothing, but we never let go and continually did something, and our efforts really show in this album, I think.”

They’ve also had realizations through this time. “There’s been no group like 2NE1 in the past, and there’s no group like 2NE1 now, and there won’t be a group like 2NE1 in the future.”

The group is also excited about this world tour. “There’s nothing as exciting as a concert. Our goal is to hold an encore concert in Korea to wrap up our tour. We need to work hard so that our fans will come see us in order for this to happen. In the long run, bumps in the road will find us unexpectedly, and when it comes we want to overcome it and stay with each other for a long time.”


Source: KpopStarz

Article/Feature: Pulp Live – “10 Hot Reasons Not To Miss 2NE1′s AON Concert in Manila”



In many of 2NE1’s music videos, you would see them wielding a bat. Later on, you will realize that they use this for crushing charts and breaking records. From the moment they debuted as a group in 2009, these formidable femmes – CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy — have treated mediocrity with spite, choosing to blaze new trails in a music genre that was then dominated by four-letter words like “cute” and “sexy”. They wasted no time in creating a look, a vibe and a musical influence that was entirely their own – sharp, edgy, fierce and defiant. After sweeping scores of major awards from the Korean music industry, they flew to New York City where they were crowned MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World in 2011. The following year, they became the first K-Pop girl group to embark on a world tour, before promptly proceeding to do musical collaborations with the likes of and Snoop Lion.

Things fell quiet in 2013 when they busied themselves wrapping up their second studio album and dropping a few singles that tickled but did not exactly tantalize. Then, boom – their agency, YG Entertainment, announced a second world tour scheduled to kick-off in Seoul by March 2014. And oh, that long overdue second album? It will drop a few days ahead on CL’s birthday, since she composed three of the tracks. What followed was absolute bedlam. Their fans – known collectively as Blackjacks – started dusting off their light sticks, printing new banners and pinching their allowance to purchase concert tickets, digital tracks and hard copies of the new album, “Crush”.

Meanwhile, the tour concert entitled “All or Nothing” (AON) caught people’s fancy with its sleek, sci-fi themed cinematic teasers and creative promotions that had the otherwise elusive girls appearing on variety shows, staging fan meets, hamming it up in their own YouTube videos and basically inundating their personal social media accounts with an enticing trail of photos and other sneak peeks leading to the show. To date, AON has announced 15 performances covering 12 cities in nine countries, with more stops still on the drawing board. However, the most important concert date for Filipinos falls on May 17, when 2NE1 brings AON to Manila at the Mall of Asia Arena. It has been three years since they first visited for a gig called “The Party” and this is the first time they are coming for a full concert, leaving their Pinoy fans breathless with anticipation.

To get a preview of what’s in store for us in May, this writer flew to Seoul to watch both nights of their AON launch at the Seoul SK Handball Arena. Despite the freezing post-winter weather, 2NE1 burned down the hall and everyone in it with the kind of frenzied conflagration only they can conjure. Here are some of the hottest reasons why watching AON is good for you, your friends and the entire human race:

1. Dara’s goddess abs 

In a word: yummy. You wouldn’t believe someone as seemingly frail as her could carve a four-pack but she did it in just two months, following a strict exercise and diet regimen which called for giving up her favorite ramyun and pumping iron every day under the eagle eyes of their company’s captain trainer. Undoubtedly, all the hard work paid off. The minute the girls step out onstage, those glorious abs are practically stamped as “Today’s Special”. So yes, I’d like a serving of Sandara Park’s scrumptious prime cuts served on a stretch of silky smooth, slightly tanned, honey gold skin… please!





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