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Video: 2NE1 Turns Up Backstage with the Cast of “America’s Next Top Model”

OMG! Our girls! Cannot wait to see them “turn up” the stage for the models! <3

2NE1 Turns Up Backstage with the Cast

Credits: PerfumeGeneration

Instagram: Joross Thanks his Best Friend Dara for “Flying All the Way from Korea to Attend the Wedding”

Awww, their friendship and bond that crosses over seas and entire countries.. ^_^ 


Thank you my best friend @daraxxi for flying all the way from korea just to attend the wedding.  I know you weren’t able to join us during the dinner because you had to go on your flight back to Korea already. Anyways very much appreciated :). #jorossandkatz You can visit or visit for more pictures and videos or visit #niceprintchannel


To everyone who laughed with us, cried with us, who were with us in our journey… Thank you very much!  #jorossandkatz visit #niceprintchannel in youtube for more pictures and videos.


Source: jorossandkatz

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Videos: Dara Among Guests in Joross Gamboa & Katz Saga Wedding Photos Video Compilation

Awww, the wedding photos look so nice and the wedding looked so warm and pretty.. <3 

Joross Gamboa & Katz Saga Wedding Photos by Nice Print Photography

Credits: NicePrintChannel

Article: Soompi ~ “2014 Golden Disk Awards to be Held in Beijing, Nominees Include EXO, 2NE1, CNBLUE, and More”

2014 Golden Disk Awards to be Held in Beijing, Nominees Include EXO, 2NE1, CNBLUE, and More


It has been announced that the ceremony for the 29th annual Golden Disk Awards (GDA), also known as the ‘Korean Grammy Awards,’ will be opening up in China this year.

The 2014 Golden Disk Awards is scheduled to take place over a span of two days, from January 14 to 15, at the MasterCard Center located in Beijing. In previous years, this awards show has also been held overseas in Osaka, Japan, as well as Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The list of nominees for the categories of Album Bonsang, Digital Single Bonsang, and Best New Artist have been revealed. The nominees for theDaesang (grand prize) categories have yet to be unveiled. Check out the full list below.

Nominees for Album Bonsang:
g.o.d – Chapter 8
GOT7 – Got Love?
INFINITE  Season 2
f(x) – Red Light
A Pink – Pink Blossom
2NE1 – Crush
2PM – Go Crazy!
B.A.P – First Sensibility
BTS – Dark and Wild
VIXX – Eternity
Block B – HER
BEAST – Good Luck
B1A4 – Who Am I?
Seo Taiji  – Quiet Night
Girls’ Generation – Mr.Mr.
TaeTiSeo – Holler
Akdong Musician – Play
CNBLUE – Can’t Stop
EXO – Overdose
Epik High – Shoebox
WINNER – 2014 S/S
Taemin (SHINee) – Ace
Taeyang (BIGBANG) – Rise
Toheart – The 1st Mini album
TEEN TOP – Exito

Nominees for Digital Single Bonsang:
2NE1 – “Come Back Home
g.o.d – “The Lone Duckling
HIGH4 ft. IU – “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms
Girl’s Day – “Something
Gary ft. Jungin – “Your Scent
HyunA – “Red
Kim Dong Ryul – “How I Am
Red Velvet – “Happiness
Park Boram – “Beautiful
Park Hyo Shin – “Wild Flower
Block B – “HER”
San E ft. Raina – “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness
Seo Taiji – “Sogyeokdong
Girls’ Generation – “Mr.Mr.”
Soyu x Junggigo – “Some
SISTAR – “Touch My Body
CNBLUE – “Can’t Stop”
IU – “My Old Story
Akdong Musician – “200%
EXO – “Overdose”
A Pink – “Mr. Chu
Ailee – “Don’t Touch Me
Epik High – “Happen Ending
WINNER – “Empty
K.Will – “Day 1
Taeyang – “Eyes, Nose, Lips

Nominees for Best New Artist:
Park Boram
Akdong Musician
Red Velvet
Eddy Kim
Bernard Park

Who are your personal picks for these three categories?




Credits: Soompi

Article: MTV Iggy ~ “The Rest of the Best: 2NE1′s Most Indispensable B-Sides”

The Rest of the Best: 2NE1′s Most Indispensable B-Sides


When 2NE1′s “I Am the Best” hit American radio waves last month, it fit perfectly with other top 40 songs with similar electronic hip-hop sounds popular today. This came right after the song reached number one on Billboard’s US World Digital Songs chart and was featured in a Microsoft commercial. Other than PSY, no other K-pop artist had gained American radio airplay before, making it a huge accomplishment for the quartet, especially since neither they nor their label YG Entertainment promoted it. However, the peculiarity of it all was the fact that “I Am the Best” is a three-year-old song that blew up in South Korea when it first came out. It launched 2NE1 to worldwide superstardom and became their signature song, and yet, it went largely unnoticed to mainstream America.

2NE1 has a very distinct brand which, sound-wise, revolves around an edgy hip-hop, electropop, and reggae fusion. Stylistically, the girls convey a fierce, self-empowered image with crazy fashion-forward styling that is unlike anything else in K-pop or the West. But even though “I Am the Best” is the diamond in their discography, they have lots of other jewels studding their albums. Their best songs aren’t exclusively the singles. So, we’ve come up with a list of 2NE1’s B-sides for anyone ready to dive deeper into their vibe.


This energetic dance track is tucked away in the greatness of their To Anyone (2010) album that saw hits like “Clap Your Hands” and “Can’t Nobody.” Even though, “I’m Busy” is heavy on the Auto-Tune and devoid of Bom’s power vocals shown in “It Hurts,” the production quality, subtle R&B influences, and constant tempo changes make this a fun track with lots of signature 2NE1 sass.


For their first full-length album, To Anyone, the 2NE1 members were given solos, but CL and Minzy teamed up for “Please Don’t Go.” This song proved that the maknaes (youngest members) were the best well-rounded performers in the group by showcasing their rapping, dancing, and singing talents. Despite the generation gap between members (Minzy is ten years younger than Dara and Bom), “Please Don’t Go” is a fast tempo, intense track that highlights their youthful energy.


2NE1’s second full-length album Crush (2014) is filled with experimental electro tracks, but with songs like “Baby I Miss You” the girls slowed it down and put the sass on hold. The minimalist and soulful track was written and co-produced by The Baddest Female (AKA CL) herself who showed a more natural and vulnerable side with yearning lyrics about a past flame with a younger guy.


CL asserted herself as a skilled artist in Crush by penning more than a few B-side songs, and “If I Were You” is another one of those. Maybe CL was broken hearted while writing this and the previous songs because there’s no trace of her or 2NE1’s fierceness anywhere. However, “If I Were You” is a delicate, vocally driven ballad stripped of over-the-top production that allows the emotions behind the lyrics to take center stage. Hey, even the baddest of the bad girls can get played, right?


“Good to You” is another post-breakup ballad written by CL, G-Dragon, and YG Entertainment producer Teddy in Crush. The 2NE1 ladies sing each of their parts staying true to their individual brands. Dara asks “why good girls like bad boys” very sweetly in the hook, and CL slow raps a sharp monologue in the outro. Moreover, the soulful R&B touches complement Minzy and Bom’s voices effortlessly, which drive the whole song. Despite the song being about getting dumped, “Good to You” has a dark sensual feel, especially on the chorus.


2NE1 revived their 2012 Japanese single “Scream” in Crush, with CL penning the Korean lyrics. This ready-for-the-dance floor electropop track with dense synths and intrinsic beats is pure earworm. Like “I’m Busy,” “Scream” is a fun, high-energy song. The track is about partying and drinking and not thinking about the fact that your ex wants you back, which is very appropriately paired with the overall sound. Because just as Minzy says, “turn off the boring music and pump it up.”


Aside from her lyric writing, if there’s anything that solidified the great expectations for CL’s upcoming solo American debut, it’s her overall performance of “MTBD.” The trap and hip-hop hybrid is probably the most twerktastic song in all of K-pop. The different tempos and heavy bass could very well cause — just as the title and lyrics suggest — a mental breakdown with its many sound layers. All of that paired with CL’s classic fierce rapping make for the perfect pop song. Because just as “I Am the Best,” “MTBD” is the future of what pop (and thus Western radio) will probably sound like within three years.

Credits: MTV Iggy

News: Tencent and YG Entertainment Strike Deal for Exclusive Digital Distribution of Psy, Big Bang, 2NE1 and More K-Pop Stars

Tencent and YG Entertainment Strike Deal for Exclusive Digital Distribution of Psy, Big Bang, 2NE1 and More K-Pop Stars


Korea and Japan aren’t the only countries in Asia with pop music markets, you know. The problem for China is that demand for its own homegrown Mandopop and Cantopop (Mandarin and Cantonese-language pop music, respectively) is not nearly as high at home as that for its more popular Korean neighbors and the music it produces. Chinese web giant Tencent stands to make a huge profit by entering a deal with Korean music label YG Entertainment—home to stars such as Psy, Big Bang and 2NE1—for sole distribution of some of Korea’s biggest acts online to the world’s largest population (from The Hollywood Reporter).

YG Entertainment has a talented portfolio of artists and this strategic partnership will instantly offer Korean fans in China a stream of high-quality music, songs and MVs [music videos],” said Tencent vice president Dowson Tong in a statement. “We look forward to launching exclusive YG content across our extensive services and raising our users’ experience to whole new levels.”

It’s a move similar to the deals that make Vevo the major provider of official music videos to services such as YouTube. The difference for YG is that China takes a much more hands-on approach to moderating content on video services such as YouTube, which helps prevent illegal versions of songs —which don’t result in royalty payments to performers—from being posted (but then again outright piracy in China is out of control).

Other hot products in China are Korean soap operas and fashions stemming from K-Pop. Tencent can’t do much about the clothes but be on the lookout for deals with Korean television producers with regards to streaming rights.

Credits: Music Times

Photo: Younha Shares a Warm Photo with “Senior of ‘Screening Humanity'” Dara ~ Happy Together Again!

Awww, warm senior Dara! Kekekeke, so so so nice and cute and warm.. <3


Younha: “A warm greeting picture between a senior and junior of ‘Screening Humanity’ show@krungy21 we look really not closeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Dara: “@younhaholic I’m the ‘Screening Humanity’ senior ^_^v YoonHa and Sandara who met in the Epik High concert are happy again today. (Screening Humanity st) kkk”


Source: @krungy21 @younhaholic

Translated by: @sumiinkim via Forever With Dara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: Lee Hyo-Sup Shares Pictures with Dara Having a “Birthday Dinner” ~ “Chatting and Laughing”

Awww, Dara celebrated her birthday with Hyosup and some other friends.. <3 Like I said a thousand times, I love their friendship.. Dara has this ability to be friends and STAY friends with people she has worked with or got the chance to know.. Etude happened around 2 years ago, but they still remained friends.. <3



“Our vitamin #Dara Dinner for Dara’s bday.We were laughing&chatting so it was exhausting. Dara bought meat today”


Source: Hyosup Instagram

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Instagram: Sweet Dara Shares Pictures of “#TeamDara Philippine Version” During her Birthday in the Philippines

Awwww, Dara really had a lot of fun during her birthday celebration in the Philippines, among friends and colleagues.. <3 They say that “home is where the heart is” and I truly believe that Dara considers the Philippines as her second home.. <310843900_1511806935758479_10158979_n

phil version aka


If I have Jjangmae in Korea, then I have Ana in the Philippines! (Watch KBS Human Theater) With my reliable manager ^_^  ^_^ jjangme in korea = ate ana banana in the phil. Jjangme’s loveteam partner @anatabatina

Jerry Telan, Dara’s road manager also uploaded a “Wacky version” of the group photo! So cute~!


Who is the wackiest among the Krungerz? Not 2NE1 but pambansang Krung Krung is keeping the fire burning amidst invisible walls @daraxxi @budingding@anatabatina @nhilanhils partly hidden @cherrypineda@brattynellah photo credit @budingding


Sources: @daraxxi and jerryvoyage

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Instagram: Eun-Jin and Min-Sun Share Photos with “Pretty Dara-Unnie” at Joross’s Wedding ~ “Congratulations!”

Kim Min-Sun and Kim Eun Jin are the two staff that came with Dara to the Philippines for Joross and Katz’s wedding.. ^_^ 

10817973_662831127171921_1557933103_n#philippines #Back to the Philippines #We look like octopuses next to pretty Dara-unnie #Dara-unnie who travels to the Philippines

10838454_580332855431205_1910444731_n@jorossandkatz wedding party ^^ joross congratulation ㅋㅋㅋ


Source: minsyoning + eeejin44

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


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