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Instagram: PR Director Dara Promotes Moonshot’s 2016 Spring Line “Go Glam”

PR Director Dara promotes Moonshot as well, of course! <3

#문샷 #moonshot

A video posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

#문샷 #moonshot


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Twitter+Instagram: PR Director Dara Promotes Penshoppe’s 2016 Spring Line


#PenshoppeSS16 #Dara


Stay fresh this Spring! X


Hello Spring! for


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Instagram: Sugarman Maknae MC Sandara Park Takes Photos with Episode 16’s Sugarmen and Showmen

Dara is so cute! <3 I can just imagine her being oh so cute and pretty and awkwardly shy, but warm and friendly to the guests.. Kekeke! <3


Kim Bum Soo vs Kim Tae Woo !!! Kim Tae Woo vs Kim Bum Soo !!! 🙀🙀🙀👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


After #SugarMan filming together with #KimEananim #Lizzunnie#SandaraPark ~ These 3 people are pretty and kind so it was a happy broadcasting~Thank you for making priceless memories~


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Instagram: Singer Bada Thanks Sandara Park for Coming to See her Musical, “Gone With the Wind”~ “Very Pretty Dara Came!”

Aww, Dara is such a supportive hoobae.. <3 I remember way back in 2009, just after Dara debuted with 2NE1, Bada said in a show in Arirang how she saw Dara in her documentary, Human Theater.. She said that she wanted to bring Dara to Korea herself and help her debut, because she found her so pretty and charming.. <3 And look at them now, so cute! <3


Yesterday during the last performance, very pretty Dara came over and I said, “Yea! I like 2NE1!!” Aren’t we pretty~ㅋㅋㅋ💕💕💕


Bada-unnie~ Gone with the Wind! I really enjoyed watching your good performance~!!! 😃👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 The sun will come out tomorrow~~~


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Instagram: Behind-the-Scenes Picture and Vid of our Penshoppe Model Sandara Park for S/S 2016

I AM LOVING THIS PHOTOSHOOT! <3 Well I love all her shoots so far, but this one shows a much more feminine side of Dara we don’t usually see much at all.. XD I love the outfits! I hope official pics come out soon.. <312501931_1709897839245422_1243514224_n

This was shot last year for Penshoppe S/S 2016 Collection.
SandaraちゃんとPenshoppeのSS16撮影🦄💓 She was the cutest angel ever👼🏻@daraxxi
#penshoppe #SS16 #retro #sandara#2ne1 #サンダラ #可愛い #天使#Sandara #best#Iwanttoworkwithheragain#verypretty#style #fashion #collection#shoot #撮影 #ソウル #Seoul #daralings#dara #sandarapark#SandaraXPenshoppe #moment#ygfamily #kpop #산다라박


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Official/ Photo+Video: Moonshot Cosmetics Releases Teasers of Beautiful, Regal Sandara Park for their New Spring 2016 Collection “Go Glam”

Ooohhhhh!!! Here’s our first look at GORGEOUSSSSSS Dara for Moonshot’s 2016 Spring Collection called, “GO GLAM.” ^_______^ Doesn’t she look so very pretty and regal? O_O Like a beautiful Orient princess.. <3

Dara will be promoting the “Go Glam” line which includes “G01 Go Glam,” “Powder Block P13 Galliano,” and “Cream Paint 808 Orange Soufflé” showing the bright spring colors.. ^_^ The line will be out on the 15th! <3



moonshot spring look with Sandara Park

moonshot ‘Go Glam’ spring look with Sandara park. 산다라박과 함께한 문샷의 ‘Go Glam’ 스프링룩 공개!

#moonshot #문샷 #sandarapark #산다라박 #spring #makeup #메이크업#cosmetics #kbeauty


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Photos/Official: Penshoppe Model Sandara Park Looks Stunning and Radiant for their Spring 2016 Collection

Oh helloooo gorgeous Dara! <3 THANK YOU PENSHOPPE! Keke! I really love model Dara! She looks great in the clothes, and from these pictures, can you really tell that she’s so petite in real life? She has great proportions to die for.. <3 

But really, they were filming this in late October – November last year, when Korea was freaking freezing.. And she had to wear these really light clothes OTL.. Our hard-working Dara! Fighting! ^^

1920-x-1080-dara (1)







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More under the cut!


Line: Hard-Working Dara Shares her Sleepless Nights and Wonders About a Crew Member who is a Blackjack

Please take care of your health, Dara-ya.. <3 Please stay safe and healthy, get rest when you can! We shall support you each step of the way, fighting! <3


What to do… I’m screwed ㅠ.ㅠ I also have shooting tomorrow so I must wake up early but earlier I went to Cheondoong’s room to watch a drama so I too didn’t know that I had fallen asleep. I was deeply asleep when Doongie returned home, he had to wake me up so I can go sleep in my room then after that I can’t sleep at all. I can’t do it if I’m awaken halfway?! Hmm..That’s why I decided to just write on my diary.

This was taken during dawn at our filming scene…I was very sleepy in this photo ㅋㅋ Script, hotpack, and energy drink..I’ve eaten my favorite biscuit until ramen boosyuh (it’s a korean snack: raw ramen as junk food) ㅋㅋ What kind of drinking party is this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it became like an alone farewell party ㅋㅋ If I exceed to 12 AM my soul might runaway ㅋㅋ Like Cinderella ㅋㅋㅋ I’m sleepy to death ㅋㅋ

Anyway! The movie is almost finished.. Well!!! One person from the movie’s art team confessed that he/she is a Blackjack…🙈 Oh no! When I heard about that, I thought about how will he/she ranked my attitude in the filming site (?) ㅋㅋ This is me well~ I’m always sincere and good-hearted so ^_^v hoot~ Even this time my work like Missing Korea was well filmed together with Blackjacks~!!!^.^ So now I can have a sound sleep again~~Help me~~Good night!!! Zzz😴😴😴

*I translated it into he/she coz Dara didn’t really mention who was she exactly pertaining to.


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Instagram: Supportive Hoobae Dara Watches iKON’s Concert with Minzy~ “If you Miss it, You Might Regret it”

Supportive Dara! <3 And I’m so happy to see Minzy there too! <3 Hmm, why do I have the feeling that Bom watched the concert with them as well? XD Anyways, congratulations to 2NE1’s dongsaengs, iKON for their successful concert! <3 Fighting fighting ya ya ya! <3 By the way, Dara’s caption is Bobby’s parts in Rhythm TA.. ^^


We came to see iKON’s concert~~
What’re you doing? Hurry and nod your head!!! Uh!!!
This isn’t a chance that comes every day!!!
If you miss it, you might regret it!
You’ll regret regretting it!
If you don’t wanna regret Don’t regret!
The things you’re gonna regret before you regret it!!! Argh~!!!


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Instagram: Adorable Dara Shows Off her “Cutie” Skechers Sneakers ~ “Have a Nice Day!”

Skechers posted this photo on their Facebook account as well.. ^^ 


Have a nice day!!! QT QT 👟#skechers

Have a nice day!!! QT QT 👟 #skechers #딜라이트_오리엔탈

A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on


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