There are a couple of shots in the magazine that wasn’t released to the press.. ^_^ So here they are! Thanks to OhMyGoddess for fast HQ uploads! ^^

Excuse me your flawlessness, legs, legs, legs! <3 Sitting there, just chilling, and coming out like a total goddess..  Sandara Park, ladies and gentlemen! <3


Oh haiiii there! Looking oh so cool and not to mention, beautifully gorgeous! <3


Close-up look! ^^


More after the cut! HD scans of the HD media pics.. <3

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OH MY GOSH! So beautiful, so ethereal, so gorgeous! So everything that is good and wonderful in this world.. T_T Thank you Singles, bless you for this! T_T SO DAM BEAUTIFUL!!! <3

My, dare shall I say it, favorite shot of this spread.. <3 Look at her, just look at her.. T_T Like what the media is saying, she radiates “actress” force so much.. <3 My radiant Sandara Park! <3

Okay, so the press didn’t carry her interview just yet.. But they said that this particular Singles photoshoot of Dara’s is in collaboration with Singapore Airlines and the Grand Park Orchard Hotel.. ^_^ 

Do click on the photos to view in full HD glory! Seriously, the pics are sooooo HD/HQ! Praise the Lord for TopStarNews~! <3


They remarked on how this is a solo pictorial, and that it shows Dara as an actress and not part of 2NE1.. ^_^ It’s a different aspect of her.. But please, look at this photo and tell me there isn’t 2NE1 influence written all over her pose and even her clothes.. <3 


Ahhhhh! Look at her compact! That’s “HERA” right?! Is she going to endorse it next?! Previous Hera endorsers include Shin Min Ah, Kim Tae Hee and their current one is Jun Ji- Hyun.. ^_^ Look at that flawless, gorgeous face.. T_T 


Hiiiii there! <3 Her gaze and pose speak so well.. T_T 






Sources: Singles via Media Outlets

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Why hello there gorgeous! <3 OMG really can’t wait for Lee So Dam! So ready for actress Dara to make her debut and make her mark in the acting world.. ^_^




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Big Bang and 2NE1 Become Only K-Pop Groups to Win at ‘2015 YouTube Music Awards’



Big Bang and 2NE1 have made it to the list of 2015 YouTube Music Awards′s 50 winners as the only K-Pop groups, proving their popularity and status.

With the 2015 YouTube Music Awards ceremony coming up, YouTube tweeted unveiled the list of the 50 winners along with their music videos on March 2.

Big Bang and 2NE1 have made the list along with some of the most popular global artists, such as Sam Smith, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Big Sean, Lady Gaga, Drake and more.


YouTube wrote, “These are the artists with the biggest growth in views, subscribers and engagement over the last six months,” describing the artists as the “50 innovative acts that continue to make YouTube the place where artists and fans connect.”

The 2015 YouTube Music Awards will be a little different from other award ceremonies. Following the release of the winners list on March 2, it will be introducing the new music videos of renowned artists, such as Charli XCX and Ed Sheeran, as well as rising stars on March 23, continuing its celebration for the ceremony.

The list of the 50 winners and their videos are available on the official channel of 2015 YTMA.

Meanwhile, Big Bang is currently preparing for a new album to be released after three years while 2NE1’s CL is preparing for her debut in America. Sandara Park has been cast in the Korean-Chinese web drama Doctor Ian and will be meeting with the fans through acting.


Source: Mnet

Dara’s pages in Gangee look good! <3 Like I predicted, they will indeed follow her activities here in the Philippines. I’m not sure though if they did a formal photoshoot, but the pages look awesome already.. I like the title, “With The Star of the Time,” though maybe they should’ve changed it to the “With The Star Of All Time” Kekeke! <3 




B-xklJ3UMAMT4_vDara with  


After the KTO event on the 15th, he said that the ate at Gerry’s Grill with the staff, and that they ate “parfaits,” halo-halo! <3 Seriously, Dara’s free advertising of Gerry’s Grill is saving them thousands of pesos in ad fees.. Kekeke! XD






Check out more of  ‘s pics! <3 

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According to Littlestone, the drama would be shown on March 30! Le gasp! However, we do hope to receive teasers and maybe even a press con? Who knows, so excited what March would bring! <3


in the post production(editing) house…


“V” at the shooting~


Got autographs from Dara and Young-Kwang. (Undergo an autograph of DARA n Young-kwang.haha) ㅎㅎ



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Whey hello there shy So Dam.. <3 As expected, she was wearing extensions, and whoa, she did dye her hair black.. ^_^ But in the other pics, it showed her hair brown? So maybe she died it after? Kekeke! Anyways, cannot wait to watch “Dr. Ian,” we’re excited and so happy for it, Dara-ya! Sandara Park, fighting! Lee So Dam, fighting! <3


Title: Its Already last day of February

“My long hair cut was gorgeous (of course I’m using a fake extension keke) For So Dam role I only did simple transformation like dyeing my hair black, its just like the day before yesterday when I did my first shoot my heart was quivering that time.. February the coldest month has ended already.

This last 6 years has been remarkable and unique but I think I made a lot of changes in this So Dam transformation. I’m unfamiliar rider and also I don’t have power shoulder, my awkward appearance *keukeukeuk*

Meanwhile Blackjacks I wish that when you looks at my appearance you will see me as So Dam and not a Dara. Sometimes ago I went to newsroom to look at the pictures *kekeke* it was amazing and more fun!”



Source: Dara Line Play Diary

Translated by: @21GYDTS

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WHY HELLO THERE GORGEOUS! This picture gives me life and makes my Monday morning less sad, kekeke! <3 Lee So Dam is a gorgeous girl and I can’t wait to meet her character! <3 FIGHTING!


“The busy February has passed. There comes March. What will Happen in March? Looking forward to it ^.^”

We look forward to March too! Dara had a busy February, here’s to hoping for a productive March! <3


Source: Dara’s Weibo (@daraxxicn)

Translated by: @ssangparkCHINA

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According to some Detective Daralings, this was taken in her hotel room in Grand Orchard Park in Singapore.. ^_^ The lamp stand is super cool indeed! <3 And Dara looks like a hot femme fatale in the photo! <3


The stand is so cool #latepost

스탠드가 멋있다라 #latepost

A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on



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Happy birthday CL-roo! <3 Our billion dollar baby is now a billion dollar lady! Kekeke! I wonder who came up with the idea for the cake? Very witty!


Yo birrrrfday cake is right hurrrrrr #HBDCL #leadahwhoImissed #Chaerin’sbirthday

Auntie Dara who saw niece Pudding after a long time 




Source:  + daraxxicn on Weibo

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Dara is so cute! These were taken in January of last year, when Dara visited Rick Owens store in Seoul.. ^_^The second photo of Mr. Kim’s twitter DP.. ^^ So nice!



Dara-ssi, I hope that all your days will be full of happiness. Also full of promise. And as for R.O, we hope to be introduced to a more international market.



Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara / SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Awww, Dara is so sweet! She gave these mangoes to the “Dr. Ian” drama staff after she came from the Philippines.. <3


These mangoes
Dongsaengie Sandara Park from the <Dr. Ian> drama, gave them while we were editing.

I picked it up and I’ve been eating them continuously all throughout the night for a while already.


Source: 199oo12o

Translated and Re-uploaded by: BlacjkackBelle@OhDara / SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


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