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Why hello there! Thanks always to the Blackjack-tographers for all the lovely, lovely photos! <3






More pictures after the cut!

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2NE1 Declines Invitations to Year-End Awards Ceremonies, Only CL to Attend SIA for Collab Stage


It has been revealed that 2NE1 will not be attending any of the music awards ceremonies that will be held at the end of the year.

On October 24, a representative of YG Entertainment told TV Report and Star News, “After releasing and promoting their second full-length album, [2NE1] has been receiving many invitations to attend awards ceremonies. However, we have respectfully turned them down. It is a great honor for a singer to be invited to an awards ceremony and be congratulated, but we have decided after much consideration that [taking time for] reflection, and refraining from activities is the right thing to do at this time.”

However, it has been confirmed that CL will be the only member in attendance at this year’s Style Icon Awards (SIA), opening up on October 28, in order to take part in a collaboration stage.

CL will be collaborating with American DJ Diplo, who has also produced for world-famous artists such as Usher, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown,and Bruno Mars, to put on a very special performance.

In terms of 2NE1’s upcoming activities, the YGE rep shared, “We are focusing on CL’s U.S. debut around the beginning of next year. With American reps visiting Korea these days, CL has been busy with recording. She will be going back and forth between her American promotions and 2NE1’s comeback.”

Credits: Soompi

Ooohhhh, her smile just lights up my world and I always want to smile whenever I see her flash her megawatt one.. <3 <3 <3 I love her airport fashion! I think it’s unique, fun, and yet fashionably put together.. <3 I love the splash of red over the neutral colors.. Gah, Sandara Park, my perfect bb.. <3



투애니원 산다라박, 독특한 면사포 패션으로 시


More and more of our glowing, beautiful goddess after the cut! <3
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Dara and Minzy went to the airport at the same time as Daesung and Epik High.. ^_^ 


Dara’s cute, cute smile for her sunbaes! <3


타블로-대성-투컷, 즐거운 수다 삼매경~

투애니원 산다라박, 남자들 사이에서 빛나는 미

Daesung fixing something on Dara’s veil, kekeke! ^^



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YG States that 2NE1 Will Not Be Attending Any Music Award Ceremonies This Year


2NE1 will not be attending music award ceremonies this year.

YG Entertainment told Newsen on October 24, “2NE1 decided not to attend any of the music award ceremonies at the end of this year.

2NE1 carried out promotions for its second album Crush in February. The group topped the music charts with its title song Come Back Home and also received awards on music programs.

2NE1′s leader CL was recently scouted by Justin Beiber′s producer′s Scooter Braun and is preparing to make a US debut in the spring. Park Bom halted activities in Korea after her controversy in June.

2NE1 attended the YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power in Beijing on October 19 at the Worker′s Stadium in Beijing.

The YG Family concert will continue in Taiwan on October 25.

Credits: Mnet


How do you guys feel about this? T_T

2NE1’s K-Pop Hit ‘I Am the Best’ Gains Spins at U.S. Radio Stations


New York and Boston stations have adopted the Korean banger into their playlists.

2NE1‘s “I Am the Best” continues making impressions in America as it begins picking up spins on stateside radio.

In the week ending Oct. 19, the electronic/hip-hop hybrid single was played 24 times on WBMP New York and 14 times on WODS Boston. Both stations published accompanying articles on their respective websites about the band and “I Am the Best,” with WODS Boston telling readers to listen for the song on air.

The airplay comes just two weeks after “I Am the Best” earned its best sales week yet in America (6,000 copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan) and topping Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart — a first for a Korean act other than PSY. “Best” is currently at No. 2 on the chart after selling 3,000 copies in the week ending Oct. 12. The single pushed another 3,000 the prior week.

“Best” originally began its upward climb after being used in a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet laptop ad, doing what any good sync should do and helping its accompanying music grow past its ad-watching audience.

The radio play of a non-English song, other than PSY, is particularly exciting for K-pop fans not to mention general world music fans. It’s also a major win for 2NE1 given the quartet’s strong appeal in the United States: The group featured on’s #willpower album, was Korea’s first female act to hold stadium shows in America and just last week member CL announced plans to push a solo career stateside with Scooter Braun.

Stay tuned to Billboard’s K-Town column for more 2NE1 chart moves.

Credits: Billboard

Okay, first, Dara’s outfit is so spot-on, I can’t even.. T_T Finally, a clear look at her awesome thigh-high boots.. <3 And awwww, I do understand where Dara comes from in her post.. It must be quite frustrating to see the kids battle it all out, when she knows how close they must be and know how hard the trainee life can be.. However, I am happy that the guys are finally set to debut next year.. Another group to look forward to.. <3


While watching Mix & Match, at that time, I thought that it was all quite cruel and I felt anger and frustration, especially when I saw how the kids cried; but they touched me when they performed live already, and all of them overflowed charisma, I was really impressed and I cried a little. But now, I have to vote to take members off, this feeling…. Kids.. Fighting ㅠ.ㅠ iKon, fighting!!! #Daranoona #love #iKon


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Awww, everyone on the tour must have grown so close to each other with all the time they spent together.. <3


AON final concert :( w.@daraxxi ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


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Dara-noona taking a pic with her hoobaes.. <3 Namtae is so cute, especially with the Harry Potter-esque glasses, kekeke.. And of course, our goddess sitting there so primly, like a proper little lady, looks not a day older than 20.. Seriously.. And awww, Jinwoo took the picture! Kekekeke, cutie line for the win! <3


Nice photo with Taehyun~ a nice atmosphere!!! with Taehyun photo by QT Jinwoo


Source: daraxxi

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