One of the joys of screencapping videos is seeing Dara’s ethereal beauty! She looked especially breathtaking in the video and that’s made screencapping much more fun! See her different looks below! ^_^

Dara’s different emotions and looks when she poses makes her the perfect endorser, in my opinion. ♥


Dara’s bare shoulders! *drools*



I love this look the most!!! <333




Innocent Dara! ♥


To those who want to see and download 287 more HD caps, please go here! ^_^ 

More photos below! <3

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Oh maaaannnn, seriously so many people! I think they even got special security for the girls.. But it seemed the throng of people was just too great for the security, since you can see them being pushed when the girls came down to go to their car.. O_O

140731 2NE1 Arriving at Yangon International Airport in Myanmar

Credits: Eleven Myanmar

More pictures! There were a loooootttt of people at the airport, maaannnn, props to the Blackjacks who made sure the girls felt welcomed! <3 But there were some pictures I saw where Dara was frowning a bit and was looking a bit uncomfortable because she was being squished. T_T But with her tweet earlier, I think that everything’s fine and Dara is happy for the support.. ^_^







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Ooohhh, an alternative cover for Meg! Love it! And a big thanks to the photographer of Dara’s Meg magazine feature, Mr. BJ Pascual for these outtakes.. ^^

MEG Magazine exclusive covershoot with superstar outtakes!




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YAAAAAYYYYY! Dara finally tweeted again after more than a month of hiatus in Twitter! T_T And her first tweet is to show appreciation to all the Blackjacks who came to greet the girls at the airport! I love how she’s so witty and fun! She imitated the fansites in tagging their photos and even watermarked  her photo with her name! Kekeke, oh Dara, how we love you! ^_^



[Blackjack Myanmar Preview] Yangon International airport



Re-uploaded by: OhDara

OMG! Such a close fancam! Dara looks really really pretty!!! T_T The fans were calling her and so she looked at them and smiled her million dollar smile~~~ Kyaaa! Dara’s kindness is what makes her more beautiful! Sweet sweet Dara! <3

Credits: vallerenakyawt

Here are photos of the girls arriving in Myanmar! Waaaah! I really really love Dara’s look today! So feminine and so pretty! She looks like a princess~ <333 According to fanaccounts, Dara was really friendly! She had the most flowers too~ ♥ There are so many fans who waited for 2NE1 at the airport, and the 2NE1 girls were amazed with the fans’ fanchants! Great job Myanmar Blackjacks! ^_^


Dara and the bouquet, both soooo pretty! <3




More photos of Dara, and 2NE1 below! ^^

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Beautiful Dara! I love her look at the airport today! So casual, yet so feminine and so so pretty! <333



Source: @21SweetNovember
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Dara on SMTM’s episode 5! Their reactions when she came out were so precious! Keke! That fanboy though, I don’t blame him! Do you see how his whole face turned red when she came out? So cute! Haha! <333 

See Dara enjoying their performance in the video below! ^_^

TABLO: The last person we’re bringing in is a great person. Someone who has played on many stages. A girl friend who knows how to play. Ssssssss….. I won’t say her name. Please come in!

YUK JIDAM: Daebak! So pretty!

DJ TWOCUT: The reaction is very different.

TABLO: Look at Snacky’s face. When he came to this team, we asked him why and he said he wanted to see Sandara Park. 

DARA: Ah really? Thank you.

MASTA WU: I’ll just let you know that she didn’t come here because of Snacky Chan.

TABLO: Do you like her too much as if she’s a gift to you(?)

SNACKY CHAN: Ah I don’t know.


SNACKY CHAN: Sandara Park, my baby. Oh, crazy. Ugggggh!


DARA: I think enjoying (the stage) is the most important. Fighting!

Credits: daevelynn 이블린
Translations by: @kjop21_

OH MY GOSH! Dara is really so beautiful!!! I mean, I see her always but she never fails to make me stunned especially when it comes to her beauty! I swear, every look fits her perfectly! She is just mesmerizing! The perfect endorser! <333

Credits: Clubclio


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