Words cannot express how surprised and happy I am with this photoshoot! Our Dara brings it for Vogue Korea! She is such a delightful mixture of fresh, innocent and fierce, versatile! 

I love this first picture of her! She’s like a mythical bird goddess who transformed into human goddess, kekekee! I love her make-up and her headdress. And what’s more, LEGS! XDDD


Oh wow, high fashion pic right here.. I like this face paint more than in her pic with CL-roo though. She’s carrying a jeweled jar of some sort, and we see her abs! Woohoo! Her belt reminds me a boxing champion’s belt too. XD


And because of this epic-ness, “Dara for Vogue Korea” trended worldwide! Awesome, right?! XD



Sources: @whitewood_cl for the scans and @SlippeRIN for the cap

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

IOh man, oh man, oh man! I love how 2NE1 went all courageous and DIFFERENT with this new concept photoshoot for Vogue! Given that Vogue is always a bit on the eccentric-fashionista side, this photoshoot is so very “2NE1!!!!” that it makes me so very happy! I can remember 2NE1′s Vogue Girl photoshoot four, three years back, and I can’t help but marvel at how they’ve grown!

I love the tribal “war paint” thing they have going on, and the flashy, printed clothes, with heavy accessories. ^^


And here’s DaRin! I am not too sure how I feel about their eye make-up and face paint, but our DaRin looks all kinds of awesome! Dara has a drum on her hand, and weee, DaRin legs! XD


Can I just say I love how Bom’s GOLD lipstick looks so good on her?! And her hairstyle is too cute! Minzy’s outfit thogugh! Is that a swmisuit?! Maknae Minzy going for th sexier clothes this time around! Dannnggg! 


Check out the girls’ individual pics after the cut!

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OH MY GOSH. I am loving this shot! Her pose is relaxed and cool, her eyes though are searching and feels like she’s looking right through you. T_T Loving her jacket with all the stars! And her hairstyle is jjang, and her leeeggsss so sexy! Her shoes though! O_O Those things need to come with a warning label.. XD



Source: @NOKIOv

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Ooohhh, I like the cool concept 2NE1 has for this shoot! I hope we get HQ pics soon! ^^ There’s DaRin and Bomzy aside from the group pics and the solo pics. ^_^ Love their fashion, it screams “2NE1″! Dara and her beanies are OTP, I swear. XD






Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Cute Dara! Her pretty smile for the ice cream! ^^



Source: 2NE1 Bar on Weibo

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Lee Sora is so tall! Kekekeke! Double Park are so so so cute.. T_T 



Check out after the cut for BTS photos! ^_^

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Yes, さんだらちゃん (Sandara-chan) is the cutest and kindest! ^_^ I find it endearing that she used さんだらちゃん instead of んだらちゃん (Dara-chan).. XD



Source: sakura6418

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

I am loving Dara’s bangs! She looks so cute and fresh with them. XD And as usual, Dara greeted the fans with a big smile on her face, fans on Weibo kept saying how pretty and thin she was. XD And she also got fan gifts, specifically the Kiiroitori plushie and the red bag that she holds in some of the photos. ^^ The uploaders said that the security were very strict, but she went to them when she saw them holding out stuff and got the gifts from them, though the security tried to stop her. XD Cute Dara! <3 

Dara Baidu Bar made sure that they made their presence known and showed how happy they were to see Dara. They had a hugeeee banner at the airport, and hand-held banners as well! ^_^


Here are some fan accounts from the airport:

* Every time Dara heard her name being shouted, she turned to where the voices came from and smiled and wave.

*It seems that she avoids wearing sunglasses at airports as much as she could so she can make eye contact with fans, and smile and wave at them.

* Bommie fans had a gift for her and kept shouting her name, Dara heard them, took the gift and passed it to Bom.

* The red bag in the picture is a gift for the dancers, fans asked Dara for help for passing it, and she heard them and walked towards them to get the gift. Security and Bom tried to hold her back because it was dangerous, as there were so many people in the crowd, but she still went anyway.

* Dara tried her best to get all the gifts fans handed out, ignoring security most of the time.

* It’s a bit dangerous for Dara to go to the crowds to get their gifts, so Bommie looked worried and held her hand sometimes.

*Minzy likes to wave her hands, Bom likes to smile, and Dara likes to touch the fans’ hands when she receives gifts.

权宝宝我爱你 who gave Dara the chick toy said that she totally bypassed security to get the toy and smile at her and look her in the eye. She said she was almost crying from happiness.

Credits: Weibo accounts via @daralove222








More pictures after the cut!

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Dara, Bom, and Minzy all arrived in China for their “All Or Nothing” concert in Beijing tomorrow! Because of a change in her schedule, CL will arrive at a later time.. ^^







More pictures after the cut!

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I think this was taken before or after their trip to Osaka.. 

[140417] First Starcall from Dara (Part 1-3)

[140417] Second Starcall from Dara (Part 1-3)

Credits: KHJnadette26LMH


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