Comments on: "Press Photos: 130131 2NE1 Performs “I Love You” at the 22nd High1 Seoul Music Awards" (36)

  1. she is looking so cool

  2. kekeke..I see alot of park sister picture in this event ^^…bom without shoes looks so shorter than the other girls ..^3^

  3. urgh.. i don’t know whats the problem with her style/dress/hair here i think she looks awesome as like ever.. please guys if you don’t have anything good to say please please i mean please refrain from commenting and keep your opinions to yourself.. wer her fans right .. please don’t fight.. their outfits as always has balance, because they are a girl group.. their not together to outshine each other, but to shine brightly together and bring out the best of each other.. and truth be told why the only girl group i like is 2ne1 is they are not like any other girl group ( which is cutesy.. sexy.. drop dead gorgeous.. perfect to the hell—> SUPERFICIAL <—— dara is more than that i admire how she carry herself and love what she do.. she's an exceptional beauty inside and out.. whatever she wear or does! her beauty is not just skin deep!

    • “their outfits as always has balance, because they are a girl group.. their not together to outshine each other, but to shine brightly together and bring out the best of each other.. ”

      Amen to this, they are group, they’re not Dara with the girls, or Dara with some girls, or Dara with the back-up. They are 2NE1. A group.

  4. Anyone knows if Dara still have the sidecut?

  5. Oh… Anyone knows if Dara still have the Sidecut? I don’t see her showing that side of the hair anymore ;~~

  6. xoxojulietx said:

    They actually lookg good here..compared to their other perf.. i love dara outfits the mosttt

  7. xoxojulietx said:

    I love dara outfits !! They actually looking g

  8. Omo~Ji Hye’s gotten…bigger. Bommie’s so cute performing barefoot.
    Do you guys think they’d wear something they don’t really like? I think they have a hand in deciding what to wear so don’t put too much blame on their stylists.

  9. Dara looks in keeping with her 2ne1 image, so re the rest of the girls. Sleek dark and stylish and a touch of unconventional. No one is held at gunpoint here, the girls are given clothes but it’s their choice to wear it.

    Wow Bom, good job. You lost a shoe but you were still very sassy and professional. I saw that tongue sticking out when they were in a huddle, Cute! I diddn’t notice during the performance that the shoe was missing until these pics. The girls did a good job ignoring the shoe on stage. hahaha :)

  10. i don’t care what Dara wears as long as it’s Dara, bcoz i genuinely love everything about her, i wouldn’t dislike her just bcoz of a little petty thing! no one or nothing can make me dislike her! and kudos to BOM she actually pulled it off! that’s professionalism there! and CL’s reactions are funny, what i notice about Minzy is she’s getting taller and taller! 2NE1!!! <3

  11. I actually love her look here What the heck?

  12. I totally love Dara’s outfit~ !! 2ne1 are surely proffesionals! Even though Bom lost her shoe, it’s not noticable at all that there was something missing. Their performance are always awesome!! I’m proud to be a BlackJack ^^

  13. The 2NE1 members are amazing despite that Park Bom’s shoes were on the center stage during their performance, the members still manage to perform well so with the back up dancers. They were very professional enough in handling those circumstances. Amazing. It’s a spectacular :D

  14. Ji-hye, the pretty back up dancer is becoming healthier and healthier in the 2nd pic

  15. Dara always looks good in anything she wears. She’s gorgeous enough to where she can wear a old potato sack and still look fantastic. Personally, I love her outfits. They always compliment her slim figure without making her look as thin as she really is. Her hair is always different and sands out on its own. It’s not like Dara is against wearing these outfits. She has said multiple times she likes the funky outfits and the crazy hairstyles. So it really isn’t anyone’s fault if you or anyone don’t like their outfits. It’s more of a personal opinion or taste.

  16. theyseemetrollintheyhatin said:

    Sorry but what do you want Dara to wear? I mean newsflash Dara is not a member of SNSD, Kara, Sistar and etc. She’s a 2ne1 member that means she will wear something that will defy the norm. 2ne1 means defying standards, so if you always (I mean always. I always see you complain here) criticize Dara for wearing something that is not of your taste then maybe you should stan someone else and not Dara. Sick and tired of you bringing negativity here.

    If I may add, style wise, Dara looks fabulous tonight. But then again you can never appreciate this kind of styling cause you want Dara to look perfect, beautiful, boring and normal.

    By the way, this is coming from a very looooooooong time Dara fan who have seen your comments way too much.

  17. love love dara’s outfit! but for Minzy, oh pls give a lighter color i mean she always wearing an all black dress.. why not give her a combination of black and white too, miss stylists pls!

    @QW… dara already in her late 20’s.. need to change too…

  18. I know you don’t like her hairstyles and outfit, but please refrain from commenting on OhDara if you’re just gonna comment on how bad she looks or whatsoever. Damn I’m so sick,I tried my best to just keep it to myself but I really can’t anymore. My dear, if you don’t like her style please just say somethig nice like “I like the scarf she was holding” or something good instead. This is how 2NE1 and Dara dress. I didn’t love her outfit here, but I like it nonetheless. I also believe that Dara can pull any outfit or hairstyle off. :)

  19. Yeah, same here! Dara is always fabulous no matter she wear.

  20. theyseemetrollintheyhatin said:

    Who cares? Dara doesn’t care. Why should you make a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to Dara’s styling. Stop always criticizing her. She’s a grown woman she knows what she is getting into. Dara loves to experiment with her looks. If you cannot accept that as a fan then you are disrespecting her.

  21. Avocadoie said:

    “kpop girl in sexy cute outfit” I could care less I liked 2NE1 more because they don’t even follow that stereotype. But it would have been much better if the style given to them are not just some random hairstyle and outfit that doesn’t bring out the best of them. I can imagine they’d look really really better with a different hairstyle and a different outfit.

  22. we love dara!!! simple..no matter what she wears that’s just something that can be taken off. her personality is what matter most. basing from what she wears or hairstyles, that’s so superficial.

  23. lolz to that.. that is why their just in korea.. well yep maybe they are also known in other countries but yet again their just so predictable they won’t last in the world wide market… 2ne1 is international now stands in whole different level than the so called korean genre (cutesy/gorgeous/perfect whatever) their uniqueness what sells the most with different variety of people
    not just for those near sighted people who only likes idols because of what their labels projects them.. dara won’t lose any fans well maybe those so called fans like yourself.. btw who needs superficial fans?

  24. stop saying she can pull any outfit/hairstyle!!!ugh…i think they held her at gunpoint to eccept those hideous outfit/hairstyle…lol…sigh….why must her?poor santokki…

  25. @yahoo.com said:

    why don’t you volunteer and be her stylist then…or go direct to the yg and tell them what you like for dara ….let see if everybody loves your style

  26. whatever B!!just stop arguing with me!!Stop following my comments!!ugh

  27. LOL…How can fans became YG stylist?!YG should hire Rachel zoe, she could make her look hot!!

  28. Avocadoie said:

    I agree with QW. It’s like 2NE1 members are like fashion victims. Their stylist should know better

  29. Whatever, I just don’t want to see your comments here on ohDara anymore if you’re just gonna criticize Dara’s hairstyles and outfits. I’m pretty much tired of seeing them all the time from you.

  30. my point in change is… do you still want dara wear those style in 2009 days?

    no way!

    for me her dress here is ok… sophisticated, at least for me…

  31. iniminimynimu said:

    why not? make imposible posible ,,,thats what yg said to dara she makes imposible posible,,,if dara can why cant you? am i right?

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