Supportive YG Family is supportive! Dara, Tablo, and his wife Hye Jung attended the movie premiere of “Gangster Shaman” where Sean’s wife, Jung Hye Young, is a part of! Who else thinks Dara can pull of being Tablo and Hye Jung’s daughter? Keke! Baby-faced Dara! ^_^

“YG rapper, YG actress, YG goddess” 




Check out more photos of Dara, Tablo and Hye Jung after the cut! YG Family represent! ^^














Comments on: "Press Photos: 130102 Dara, Tablo, and Hye Jung Attend “Gangster Shaman” Movie Premiere" (21)

  1. dara your very supportive in yg family.It’s nice to see a united family helping each other.Keep up the good work dara.Love this couple tablo and her wife.

  2. aww.. I Love this!! Dara with Hye Jung unnie and tablo! woohoo!
    YG Family Jjang! :D

  3. how i wish that next time that dara would attend premiere,it would be her movie then…

  4. What a beautiful pictures of YG family! ^_^

  5. kyaaa..Dara its so ke ke..

  6. I did not realize how tall Tablo was until these photos!!

  7. It’s nice to see Dara out with other YG artists.

  8. iamsupercray said:

    omg.. they are just there to support yg family ok? why make an issue?.. there is NO issue here. period.

  9. tangerine_24 said:

    Hye Jung looked like she’s protecting her lady-boss :)

  10. dara looks beautiful:) Its quite funny that seans wife is in the drama but sean himself isn’t there instead he in the pension of gdragon in dolce vita having fun:)but still YG FAMILY for the win:)

  11. I LOVE YG FAMILY …………..

  12. looks like a happy family

  13. they look so cute……..with their large coats….a cute trio…with dara as the cutest one!

  14. Hye Jung looks like Nichkhun :) Dara is so gorgeous.

  15. Sandara Stark said:

    I remembered a few years ago, when Tablo was not with YG yet, his wife Hye Jung was in a play that Dara attended and posted in her me2day. It was a cozy picture of the two ladies thus I think they’re friends albeit casual. It’s nice to see the two of them together again.

  16. DARA beside TABLO, she looks like her little sister.. heheh..Hye Jung is also for pretty.. for a girl who already got kids :)

  17. You really need to stop with your delusions. These are just nice pictures of Dara, Tablo and his wife Kang Hye Jung, three fellow YG family members attending a movie premiere, there are no other people involved. If you want your head to stop hurting then stop making up all this nonsense and getting caught up in it.

  18. tangerine_24 said:

    Oh ghad..There’s a right place for your fanfictions dear. You’re obviously lost.

  19. Sandara Stark said:

    I trust Dara to do the right thing. After all, she is in a much better position to evaluate the circumstances than we are. If you have gripes about her presence and/or involvement in some endeavors-don’t. The choice is only hers to make. Now, for the rest of what you are saying, there is such a thing called God’s Justice. This one you leave with Him to take care of.

  20. Couldn’t agree more. Dara is so supportive to all the YG artisits and Thunder related shows, movies and performances!!

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