Are you guys excited for this June/July? ^_^ Just look at the groups coming back! Wow! This will surely be exciting! I’m sure all of us are excited for our girls to come back! 

Be prepared for an exciting summer, because all the big groups are planning on making a comeback during the summer. So far, the big groups include Big BangWonder Girls2NE1BEAST, and T-ara.

Big Bang and Wonder Girls will be both making a comeback on June 3. 2NE1, BEAST, and T-ara are planning on coming back some time during late June and early July.

This news already has caught the attention of all major music companies since these groups usually take the top spot on music charts. These companies are now trying to gain more information on the concept and style of these groups’ new album.

2NE1 is planning on coming back in mid-June. During their last comeback, five songs from their album, “Don’t Cry” (Park Bom’s solo), “Lonely,” “I am the Best,“ “Hate You,” and “Ugly” took the top spots on the music chart right after they were released. Thus, there is a high possiblity that their upcoming comeback is going to give successful results.

BEAST, a group that is now one of the major idol groups in Korea, is planning on making a comeback in late June. One of their hit songs in their last album called, “On Rainy Days,” stayed on the top spot for a long time along with their other dance and ballad songs in the album.

Following BEAST and 2NE1 will be T-ara. T-ara is planning on coming back on July 7. Their last comeback consisted of the release of “Roly Poly” which is the song that was sold the most in 2011. They also released another hit song called, “Lovey Dovey” earlier this year. It has been announced that Jonte Monani, the person who created the choreography of “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, contributed to the making of the choreography of T-ara’s new song called “Day By Day.” In addition, T-ara now has eight members with a recent addition of the eighth member.

A representative from a music company commented, “In early June, Big Bang and Wonder Girls will be making their comebacks. In mid-June, 2NE1 is planning on making their comeback. In late June, BEAST is planning on making their comeback. In early July, T-ara is planning on making a comeback. With all these huge back-to-back comebacks during the summer, it will be definitely harder for the new idol groups to make their comebacks during the summer.”

Credit: Soompi

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    hahaha…I hope there would be a healthy competition among them. :)

  2. kissyvee said:

    2NE1!! NOLJA!!!
    Let’s Do THis!!!
    Super excited for my Queens Comeback!!
    YG FAMILY RULES!! <333

  3. 2NE1 ALL THE WAY THOUGH I can say it’s goin gto be a MAYHEM haha


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